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Patin, 11667, O. Etudes sur les tragiques Grecs. Par M. Patin. 2 tomes.
Paris, 1841.
Quin, 13463, O. Life of James Quin, comedian; with the history of the
stage from his commencing actor to his retreat to Bath. Portrait.
London, 1766.
Schlegel, 8545, D. A course of lectures on dramatic art and literature. By
Augustus William Schlegel. Translated by John Black. London,
1846. (Bohn's standard library.)
Styles, 6649, D. The stage; its character and influence. By Jno. Styles,
D. D. London, 1838.
Wilson, 7844, D. Our actresses; or glances at stage favorites, past and present.
By Mrs. C. Baron Wilson. Portraits. 2 vols. London, 1844.
Wood, 10804, D. Personal recollections of the stage; embracing notices of
actors, authors and auditors, during a period of forty years. By Wm.
B. Wood. Portrait. Philadelphia, 1855.
Note.—For other lives of actors, dramatic authors, &c., see BIOGRAPHY,
and in the index Wemyss, Mathews, Garrick, Siddons, doc.


AEschylus, 10032, D. The Agamemnon of AEschylus; translated from the Greek,

by William Peter, A. M. Philadelphia, 1852. Gift of the auths.

Aristophanes, 6109, D. Essay on “The birds” of Aristophanes, by J. W.

Süvern. Translated by W. R. Hamilton, F. R. S. London, 1833,

Euripides, 1405, F. 6. Addenda and corrigenda to the edition of Euripides by F. H. Egerton. Oxford, 1796.

Patin, 10667, O. Etudes sur les tragiques Grecs. Par M. Patin. 2 tomes. Paris, 1841.

Raoul-Rochette, 10071, O. Théatre des Grecs, traduit par le P. Brumby: revue par M. Raoul-Rochette. 16 tomes. Paris, 1826.

Schonaeus, 9271, D. Terentius Christianus sive Comoediae dua Terentiano stylo

conscriptae, Autore C. Schonaeo. Cantabrigiae, 1632. Seneca, 9283, D. L. & M. Annaei Senecae Tragoedia cum notis T. H. Farnabii. Amsterdami. Sophocles, 11123, D. 1. Electra; a tragedy, as translated from Sophocles; with notes by Mr. (Lewis) Theobald. Distinguishing also the varia. tions as performed at Drury Lane. Frontispiece. London, 1776.


Addison, 11110, D. 6. Cato; a tragedy. By Joseph Addison. London, 177%
11118, D. 4. The drummer; or the haunted house. A comedy.
By Joseph Addison. London, 1777.
Andrews, 13482, O. 5. Dissipation; a comedy. By Miles Peter Andrews
Esq. London, 1781.
Arne, 3433, D. Vol. 6. The cooper. By Dr. Arne. Edinburgh, 1792.
1847s, 0.7. The guardian outwitted. A comic opera. (By Dr. Arno)
London, 1766.

Aytoun, 10809, D. Firmilian; a spasmodic tragedy. By T. Percy Jones. (W. E. Aytoun.) New York, 1854. Baker, 2664, Q. 2. The fine lady's airs; or an equipage of lovers. A comedy. By the author of the Yeoman of Kent (Thomas Baker). London, 1709. Baillie, 9450, O. Dramas by Joanna Baillie. 3 vols. London, 1836. Bale, 13281, O. Wol. 2. Kynge Johan; a play. By (Bishop) John Bale. Edited by J. P. Collier. London. Printed for the Camden Society, 1838. Banks, 11121, D. 1. The Albion Queens; or the death of Mary, Queen of Scots. A tragedy. By Mr. (John) Banks. London, 1777. — 11121, D. 2. Anna Bullen; or virtue betray'd. A tragedy. By Mr. (John) Banks. London, 1777. Barnes, 97.02, D. Plays, prose and poetry. By Charlotte M. S. Barnes. Philadelphia, 1848. Gift of the author. Barrett, 7822, D. A drama of exile, and other poems. By Elizabeth Barrett. 2 vols. New York, 1844. (See Browning, p. 1240.) Bate, 3433, D. Vol. 4. The rival candidates. By Dr. (Henry) Bate. Edinburgh, 1792. Beaumont and Fletcher, 13474, O. 3. . The royal merchant; a comedy. Founded on Beaumont and Fletcher. London, 1768. 13478, O. 2. The chances; a comedy. With alterations (by Garrick from Beaumont and Fletcher). London, 1773. 11111, D. 2. Rule a wife and have a wife; a comedy. By Beaumont and Fletcher. London, 1776. 11122, D. 5. The chances; a comedy. As altered from Beaumont and Fletcher, by the Duke of Buckingham. London, 1777. 11125, D. 2. Philaster; a tragedy. As altered from Beaumont and Fletcher. London, 1778. 13471, 0.4. The same with alterations. London, 1763. 11100, O. The works of Beaumont and Fletcher, the text formed from a new collation of the early editions. With notes and biographical memoir. By the Rev. Alexander Dyce. 11 vols. London, 1843. Bell, 11108 to 11127, D. Bell's British theatre, consisting of the most esteemed English plays. 20 vols. (each vol. containing 5 plays, and each play having an engraving of one or more actors of the 18th century in character.) London, 1776 to 1778. (The plays are also catalogued separately.) Bickerstaff, 13470, O. 4. Love in a village; a comic opera. By Isaac Bickerstaff. London, 1763. --— 13472, 0.3. Daphne and Amintor; a comic opera in one act. (By I. Bickerstaff.) London, 1765. -— 13473, 0.5. Love in the city; a comic opera. By (I. Bickerstaff.) London, 1767. — 13475, 0.1. Lionel and Clarissa; a comic opera. (By L. Bickerstaff.) London, 1768. — 13475, 0.2. The hypocrite; a comedy. Taken from Molière and Cibber, by the author of the alterations of the Plaindealer (Bickerstaff.) London, 1769. -— 13476, 0.5. 'Tis well it's no worse; a comedy. (By I. Bickerstaff.) London, 1770. -- 3433, D. Vol. 1. The sultan; or a peep into the seraglio; a farce. (By Bickerstaff.) Edinburgh, 1786. -— 3433, D. Vol. 2. Thomas and Sally. By Isaac Bickerstaff. Edinburgh, 1792.

Bickerstaff, 3433, D. Vol. 3. The padlock. By I. Bickerstaff. Edinburgh, 1792. 13544, 0.2. The royal garland; an occasional interlude. London, 1768. 13482, O. 2. The padlock; a comic opera. London. —— 3433, D. Vol. 5. He would if he could. By Isaac Bickerstaff. Edinburgh, 1792. 3433, D. Vol. 5. & 13549, O. 1. Daphne and Amintor, altered from the “Oracle” of Monsieur St. Foix and Mrs. Cibber. By I. Bickerstaff. Edinburgh, 1792, and London, 1765. 3.433, D. Vol. 6. The Ephesian matron; the absent man; the romp, altered from Love in the city, and the Recruiting sergeant. By I. Bickerstaff. Edinburgh, 1792. — 13472, O. 1. The maid of the mill; a comic opera. By Isaac Bickerstaff. London, 1765. Boker, 8841, D. Calaynos; a tragedy. By George H. Boker. Philadelphia,

9336, D. Anne Boleyn; a tragedy. By George H. Boker. Philadelphia, 1850. Brooke, 13469, O. 4. The earl of Essex; a tragedy. By Henry Brooke. London, 1761. 11125, D. 5. Gustavus Vasa, the deliverer of his country; a tragedy. By Henry Brooke. London, 1778. Brown, 13469, O. 2. Barbarossa; a tragedy. (By John Brown.) London, 1755. 11117, D. 2. Barbarossa; a tragedy. By the Rev. Dr. (John) Brown. London, 1777. Buckingham, 2664, Q. 3. The rehearsal. By George, Duke of Buckingham. 7th edition. London, 1701. 11122, D. 4. The rehearsal. By the Duke of Buckingham. To which is added a key, or critical view of the authors and their writings exposed in this play. London, 1777. -3433, D. Wol. 6. The rehearsal, by the Duke of Buckingham; o into an afterpiece of three acts, by R. Wilson. Edinburgh, 1792. Bulwer, 10913, D. See Lytton, p. 1245. Burgoyne, 13483, 0.3. The heiress; a comedy... (By General Burgoyne.) London, 1786. 13479, O. 2. The maid of the oaks. (By General Burgoyne.) London, 1774. o 3433, D. Wol. 6. The same, altered into an afterpiece of two acts. Edinburgh, 1792. Burney, 3433, D. Vol. 2. The cunning man; a musical entertainment. By Dr. C. Burney. Edinburgh, 1792. Carey, 3433, D. Vol. 2. Crononhotonthologos. By Henry Carey. Edinburgh, 1792. - *} Vol. 4. The contrivances. By Henry Carey. Edinburgh, — 3433, D. Vol. 5. The dragon of Wantley. By H. Carey. Edin. - burgh, 1792. Carlell, 13466, Q. The deserving favorite; a tragi-comedy. As it was presented by his late majesty's servants. Written by Lodowick Cariell, Esq. London, 1659. Centlivre, 11111, D. 1. The wonder, a woman keeps a secret; a comedy. By Mrs. Centlivre. London, 1776. 11113, D. 1. A bold stroke for a wife; a comedy. By Mrs. Centlivre. London, 1776. o

Centlivre, 11115, D. 5. The busy body; a comedy. By Mrs. Centlivre. London, 1776. 3433, D. Vol. 6. The host; from Mrs. Centlivre's “Man bewitch'd, or the devil to do about her.” Edinburgh, 1792. Cibber, 2664, Q. 4. The careless husband; a comedy. By C. Cibber. 2d edition. London, 1705. — 11113, D. 4. Love makes a man; or the fop's fortune; a comedy. By Colley Cibber. London, 1776. – 11113, D. 5. She wou'd and she wou'd not; or the kind impostor; a comedy. By Colley Cibber. London, 1776. – 11126, D. 5. The lady's last stake; or the wife's resentment; a comedy. By Colley Cibber. London, 1778. — 3433, D. Vol. 4. Flora; or hob in the well. By Colley Cibber. Edinburgh, 1792. —3433, D. Vol. 5. Damon and Phillida. By C. Cibber. Edinburgh, 1792. — 11115, D. 3. The careless husband; a comedy. By Colley Cibber. London, 1777. – 11118, D. 1. The refusal; or the ladies' philosophy; a comedy. By Colley Cibber. London, 1777. — 11124, D. 5. Love's last shift; or the fool in fashion; a comedy. By - Colley Cibber. London, 1777. — 11120, D. 5. The double gallant; or the sick lady's cure; a comedy. By Colley Cibber. London, 1777. — 11121, D. 4. Ximena; or the heroic daughter; a tragedy. By Mr. Cibber. London, 1777. Coffy, 3433, D. Vol. 2. The devil to pay. By Charles Coffey. Edinburgh, 1792. — 3433, D. Vol. 5. The boarding-school. By C. Coffey. Edinburgh, 1792. * Colman, 13474, O. 1. The English merchant; a comedy. By George Colman. London, 1767. — 13479, 0.1. The man of business; a comedy. By George Colman London, 1774. — 3433, D. Wol. 2. The musical lady. By George Colman. Edinburgh, 1792. — 3433, D. Wol. 3. Polly Honeycombe. By G. Colman. Edinburgh, 1792. – 13469, O. 5. The jealous wife; a comedy. By George Colman. London, 1761. – 13472, O. 6. The clandestine marriage; a comedy. By George Colman and David Garrick. London, 1766. – 13453, O. The iron chest; a play. By George Colman, the younger. With a preface and postscript. (Portraits of G. Colman and John Kemble inserted by E. D. Ingraham.) London, 1796. Autograph of Wm. B. Wood. — 3433, D. Wol. 1. The deuce is in him; a farce. By G. Colman. Edinburgh, 1786. Congreve, 2664, Q. 1. The double dealer. By Mr. Congreve. 2d edition. London, 1706. - 11110, D. 4. The mourning bride; a tragedy. By W. Congreve. London, 1776. – 11115, D. 2. Love for love; a comedy. By W. Congreve. London, 1776. — 11118, D. 2. The way of the world; a comedy. By Wm. Congrewe. London, 1777.

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Congreve, 11120, D. 2. The double dealer; a comedy. By Congreve. London, 1777. — 11109, D. 4. The old bachelor; a comedy. By W. Congreve. London, 1778. — 10425, O. See Wycherley, p. 1270. Conrad, 9890, D. See p. 1241. Cowley, 13480, 0.2. The runaway; a comedy. (By Mrs. Cowley.) London, 1776. 13.8%, 0.4. Who's the dupe? a farce. By Mrs. Cowley. London, 1779. — 13482, O. 7. The belle's stratagem; a comedy. By Mrs. Cowley. London, 1782. 13482, O. 8. More ways than one; a comedy. By Mrs. Cowley. London, 1784. Core, 7971, D. Saul; a mystery. (By Arthur Cleveland Coxe.) New York, 1845.

Crisp, 11125, D. 3. Virginia; a tragedy. By Mr. (Harry) Crisp. London, 1778. Crown, 2664, Q. 5. Sir Courtly Nice; or it cannot be; a comedy. By Mr. (John) Crown. London, 1703. Croxall, 13549, O. 4. The fair Circassian; a dramatic performance, done from the original (Song of Solomon). And occasional poems. (Attributed to Dr. Samuel Croxall.) 7th edition. London. Cumberland, 13472, O. 2. The summer's tale; a musical comedy. London, 1765. - —— 13476, 0.3. The brothers; a comedy. (By Richard Cumberland.) London, 1770. 13477, 0.2. The West Indian; a comedy. By (R. Cumberland.) London, 1771. — 13477, O. 3. The fashionable lover; a comedy. (By R. Cumberland.) London, 1772. —— 13478, O. 6. The note of hand; or trip to Newmarket. (By R. Cumberland.) Frontispiece. London, 1774. —— 13479, O. 3. The choleric man; a comedy. By R. Cumberland. London, 1775. 13480, 0.4. The battle of Hastings; a tragedy. (By R. Cumberland.) London, 1778. — 13483, O. 1. The mysterious husband; a tragedy. By Richard Cumberland. London, 1783. 13483, O. 2. The Carmelite; a tragedy. (By R. Cumberland.) London, 1784. D'Avenant, 13448, O. The witts; a comedie, presented at the private house in Blacke Fryers, by his Majesties servants. The authour William D'Avenant. London, 1636. (Original edition.) 13460, O. The tragedy of Albovine, king of the Lombards. By Wm. D'Avenant. London, 1629. (Original edition.) Davie, 10790, D. 2. Woman's witchcraft; or the curse of coquetry; a drama. . tic romance. By Corinne L’Estrange (Mary R. Davie). Philadelphia, 1854. Gift of the author. Dekker, 11477, O. Patient Grissil; a comedy. By Thomas Dekker, Henry Chettle and William Haughton. Reprinted from the black-letter edition of 1603. London, 1841. Printed for the Shakspeare Society. Delap, *::: O. 1. Hecuba; a tragedy. (By John Delap, D.D.) London, 2. o Dennis, 13454, O. Remarks on a play (by Sir R. Steele) called the conscious lovers; a comedy. By Mr. Dennis. London, 1723. Dibdin, 3183, D. Vol. 4. The deserter. By C. Dibdin. Edinburgh, 1792.

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