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Página 301 - THE world is a bundle of hay, Mankind are the asses who pull; Each tugs it a different way, And the greatest of all is John Bull.
Página 377 - I have here offered, than that music, architecture, and painting, as well as poetry and oratory, are to deduce their laws and rules from the general sense and taste of mankind, and not from the principles of those arts themselves ; or, in other words, the taste i£ not to conform to the art, but the art to the taste.
Página 268 - I'd ha' you sober, and contain yourself, Not that your sail be bigger than your boat; But moderate your expenses now, at first, As you may keep the same proportion still; Nor stand so much on your gentility, Which is an airy and mere borrowed thing From dead men's dust and bones, and none of yours, Except you make or hold it.— Who comes here?
Página 336 - In a word, it is that spirit and that tenour of manners, which the Gospel of Christ enjoins, when it commands us to bear one another's burdens ; to rejoice with those who rejoice, and to weep with those who weep...
Página 330 - You must know that, one day last week, as Lady Betty Curricle was taking the dust in Hyde Park, in a sort of duodecimo phaeton, she desired me to write some verses on her ponies; upon which, I took out my pocketbook, and in one moment produced the following : " Sure never were seen two such beautiful ponies ; Other horses are clowns, but these macaronies : To give them this title I'm sure can't be wrong, Their legs are so slim, and their tails are so long.
Página 4 - ... a notice of such forfeit being due, with the name of the subscriber to the stake, and the name or description of the horse, with the name, or sufficient description of the stake, and the amount of the forfeit, shall be advertised in...
Página 334 - Th' unpeopled rivulet, and gladly hears The huntsman's early call, and sees with joy The jovial crew, that march upon its banks In gay parade, with bearded lances arm'd. The subtle spoiler of the beaver kind, Far off perhaps, where ancient alders shade The deep still pool, within some hollow trunk Contrives his wicker couch : whence he surveys His long purlieu, lord of the stream, and all The finny shoals his own. But you, brave youths, Dispute the felon's claim ; try...
Página 142 - Suddenly the appalling and murderous voice of an angry, blood-thirsty lion burst upon my ear within a few yards of us, followed by the shrieking of the Hottentots. Again and again the murderous roar of attack was repeated. We heard John and Ruyter shriek,
Página 4 - Horses are not entitled to start without producing a proper certificate of their age, if required, at the time appointed in the articles, except where aged horses are included, and in that case a junior horse may enter without a certificate as to age, provided he carry the same weight as the aged.
Página 141 - ... for the evening. The Hottentots, without any reason, made their fire about fifty yards from mine ; they, according to their usual custom, being satisfied with the shelter of a large dense bush. The evening passed away cheerfully. Soon after it was dark we heard elephants breaking the trees in the forest across the river, and once or twice I strode away into the darkness some distance from the fireside to stand and listen to them. I little, at that moment...

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