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Página 195 - That a committee of two on the part of the senate and three on the part of the house, be appointed to...
Página 199 - That a committee of three on the part of the house and two on the part of the senate be appointed to wait upon his excellency, the governor...
Página 192 - Commonwealth ; and that the Senators and Representatives of this State, in the Congress of the United States, be requested to use their best efforts to...
Página 172 - The foregoing act having been presented to the governor for his approval, and not having been returned by him to the house of the legislature in which it originated, within the time prescribed by the constitution of the state, has become a law without his approved.
Página 74 - It may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, contract and be contracted with...
Página 141 - ... if the jury believe from all the evidence in the case that the sale was made in good faith, under the belief that such prescription and statement were true.
Página 180 - ... in which shall be kept for public inspection, books in which shall be recorded the amount of capital stock subscribed, and by whom: the names of the owners of its stock, and the amounts owned by them respectively: the amount of stock paid in.
Página 179 - ... presumptive evidence of the incorporation of such company, and of the facts therein stated.
Página 34 - City, or of the county, in which he may offer to vote, for six months next preceding the election, shall be entitled to vote, in the ward or election district, in which he resides, at all elections hereafter to be held in this State...
Página 25 - June in each year, which information shall be used by the said board of public works in fixing the value of the property of such person or public service corporation for assessment for the purpose of taxation as provided by law.

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