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St. Michael and St. George. 8
vols. •

Sir Gibbie. 3 vols.

The Princess and the Goblin.

The Vicar's Daughter. 3 vols.

The Wiso Woman.

Themas Wingfold, Curate. 3

Wilfred Cumbermedc. 3 vols.

Macdonald, George—continued.

Donal' Grant. 3 vols.

Guild Court. 3 vols.

Malcolm. 3 vols.

Marquis of Lossio. 3 vols.

Mary Marston. 3 vols.

Paul Faber, Surgeon. 3 vols.

R maid Bannerman's Boyheod

Robert Falconer.

Seaboard Parish.
Macleod, Norman. Character Sketches. Post 8vo.

Old Lieutenant and his Son. Cr. 8vo.

Reminiscences of a Highland Parish. Cr. 8vo.

The Starling: a Scotch Story. Cr. 8vo.

Maitland, Edward. By-and-by : an Historical Romance of the Future.

Post 8vo. Higher Laws. Post 8vo.

The Pilgrim and the Shrino; or, Passages from the Life and

Correspondence of Herbert Ainslie. Post 8vo.
Mallock, W. H. The New Paul and Virginia; or, Positivism on an

Island. Cr. 8vo.
Marryatt, Captain. Novels. 18 vols. cr. 8vo.

Dog Fiend. Peter Simple.

Frank Mildmay. Phantom Ship.

• Jacob Faithful. Pirate; and The Three Cutters.

Japhet in Search of a Father. Poacher.
Midshipman Easy.
Mission; or, Scenes in Africa.
Newton Forster.

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Privateersman; Adventures by
Sea and Land in Civil and
Savage Life.
Rattlin the Reefer.
Settlers in Canada.

Pacha of Many Tales.

Percival Keene.
Martineau, Harriet. Deerbrook: a Novel. 12mo.

Forest and Game-law Tales. 3 vols. fcp. 3vo.

■ — The Hampdens. Cr. 8vo.

The Hour and the Man. 3 vols. cr. 8vo.

Mathehs, Helen B. Novels. 7 vols. post 8vo.

As he comes up the Stairs. Land of the Leal.

Cherry Ripe. My Lady Green-sleoves. 3 vols

Comin' thre' the Rve.
Maxwell, W. H. Wild Sports of the West. 12mo.
Melville, G. J. Whyte. Novels. 38 vols.

Bones and I; or, The Skeleton at Home.

Brookes of Bridlemere. 3 vols.

Cerise: a Tale of the Last Century. 3 vols.

Contraband; or, A Losing Hazard. 3 vols.

Digby Grand: an Autobiography.

Gladiators: a Talo of Rome and Judaea. 3 vols.

Good for Nothing.

Holmby House: a Tale of Old Northamptonshire.
Interpreter: a Tale of the War.
Kate Coventry.

Market Harborough; or, How Mr. Sawyer went to the Shires.
M. or N. 2 vols.

Queen's Marios: a Romance of Holyrood. 2 vols.
Sarchedon: a Legend of the Great Queen. 3 vols.
Satanella: a Story of Punchestown. 2 vols.
Uncle John. 3 vols.
White Rose. 3 vols.

Tilbury Nogo; or, Passages in the Life of an Unsuccessful Man.

2 vols.
The True Cross.
Merivale, Herman C. Faucit of B.tlliol. 8 vols. cr. 8vo.
Middi.emas, Jean. Scaled by a Kiis. 3 vols. post 8vo.
Mitford, Mary Russell. Our Villago; Sketches of Rural Character

and Scenery. 2 vols. cr. 8vo.
Montgomery, Florence. A Very Simple Story; and Wild Mike. Cr. 8vo.
Mcrray, Hon. Charles Augustus. Hassan; or, The Child of the
Pyramid. 2 vols. post 8vo.

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Ngel, Lady Augusta. From Generation to Generation. 2 vols. cr. 8vo. O'flanagan, J. R. The Munster Circuit: Tales, Trials, and Traditions. Post 8vo.

Old Celtic Romances. Translated from the Gaelic by P. W. Joyce,

LL.D. Cr. 8vo.
Oliphant, L. Altiora Peto. Cr. 8vo.
Oliphant, Mrs. Margaret. Works. 70 vols.

Edin., 1883.
London, 1879.

Adam Graeme, of Mossgray.

Minister's Wife. 3 vols.
Miss Marjoribanks.
Mrs. Arthur. 3 vols.
Ombra. 3 vols.
Perpetual Curate.
Pheebe, Junior. 3 vols.
Rector and the Doctor's Family.
Saint Francis Assisi.
Salem Chapel.
Sir Tom.
Son of the Soil.
Squire Arden. 3 vols.
The Wizard's Son. 3 vols.
Three Brothers. 3 vols.
Valentine and his Brother. 3

Whiteladies. 3 vols.
Young Musgrave. 3 vols.

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Athelings. 3 vols.
At his Gate.
Brownlows. 3 vols.
Curate in Charge. 2 vols.
For Love and Life. 3 vols.
Harry Muir. 3 vols.
He that will not when he may.
8 vols.

Hester: a Story of Contempo-
rary Life.

Innocent. 8 vols.

In Trust: The Story of a Lady
and her Lover.

John: a Love Story. 2 vols.

Kate Stewart.

Magdalen Hepburn. 3 vols.
May. 3 vols.

PadDOCk. Mrs. A. G. The Fate of Madame La Tour. Cr. 8vo.
Palgrave, W. Gilford. Hermann Agha: an Eastern Narrative.
2 vols. post 8vo.

Pai.tock, Robert. The Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins. 2 vols.

Parr, Mrs. Adam and Eve. Cr. 8vo.
Payn, J. Thicker than Water. Cr. 8vo.

Pemrer, A. Pericles Brum; or, The Last of the Dc Veres. Cr. 8vo.
Porter, Jane. The Scottish Chiefs. Cr. 8vo.
Privatl Secretary, The. 3 vols. cr. 8vo.

Pyke, Vincent. The Story of Wild Will Enderby; and The Adventures
of George Washington Pratt. 8vo.

and Talrot, Therpe. White Hood and Blue Cap. Post 8vo.

Reade, Charles. Novels. 21 vols. post 8vo.

Autobiography of a Thief and It is never too late to mend.

A Woman-hater. 3 vols.
Christie Johnstone.
— Doublo Marriage; or, White
Foul Play.

Good Stories of Man and other

Griffith Gaunt; or, Jealousy.

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Hard Cash.

Love me little, love me long.
Peg Woffington.
Put yourself in his Place.
Single Heart and Double Face.
Terrible Temptation. 3 vols.
The Cloister and the Hearth.
The Jilt; and other Stories.
Trade Malice, a Personal Narra-
tive; and The Wandering

Rees, W. L. Sir Gilbert Leigh; or, Pages from the History of an

Eventful Life. 2 vols. post 8vo.
Richardson, Samuel. Works. With a Skotch of his Lifo and Writings,
by the Rev. Edward Maginn. 19 vols. post 8vo.
Clarissa Harlowe. 8 vols.
Pamela; or, Virtue rewarded. 4 vols.
Sir Charles Grandison. 7 vols.
Riddell, Mrs. J. H. Works. 29 vols. post 8vo.


Home, Sweet Home.
Joy after Sorrow.
Mortomley's Estate.
The Earl's Promise.
The Race for Wealth.
The Rich Husband.

3 vols.

London, 1878. D C
London, 1811. —

Lond., 1866-75. D a

8 vols. 3 vols.

3 vols.

Austin Friars. 3 vols.
Earl's Promise. 3 vols.
Far above Rubies. 3 vols.
Frank Sinclair's Wife
other Stories. 3 vols.
Her Mother's Darling. 3 vols.
Ropotini Kuruhe, Ho Korero Tipuna Pakeha no mua ke. (" Robinson

Crusoe " in Maori.) 8vo.
Ross, Mrs. Helen. Winifred Martin. Post 8vo.

Sagas from the Far East; or, Kalmouk and Mongolian Traditionary
Tales. Post 8vo.

Schweidler, Mary. The Amber Witch. (Colonial and Home Library,
Vol. VI.)

Scott, Michael. Cruiso of the Midge.

Tom Cringle's Log. Cr. 8vo.

Scott, Sir Walter. Waverley Novels.

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Anne of Geierstein.
Betrothed; The

Black Dwarf; A

Bride of Lammermoor.
Count Robert of Paris.
Fair Maid of Perth.
Fortunes of Nigel.
Guy Mannering.
Heart of Mid-Lothian.

25 vols. 8vo.
Old Mortality.
Peveril of the Peak.

Highland Quentin Durward.
Legend of Rob Roy.

St. Ronan's Well.
Surgeon's Daughter; Castle

Talisman; The Two Drovers;
The Tapestried Chamber;
The Laird's Jock; Aunt Mar-
garet's Mirror.

Seouin, Alfred. Black Crusoe. Roy. 8vo.
Shelley, Mary W. Frankenstein. 12mo.
Shorthocse, j. H. John Inglesant: a Romance. 2 vols. 8vo. Little Scheolmaster Mark. Cr. 8vo.

Skelton, John. The Crookit Meg: a Story of the Year One. Cr. 8vo.
Smart, H. Social Sinners. Cr. 8vo.
Smedley, Frank E. Novels. 4 vols. 8vo.

Frank Fairleigh; or, Scenes from the Life of a Private Pupil.

Fortunes of the Colville Family.

Harry Coverdale's Courtship.

Lewis Arundel.

Smith, William. Therndale; or, The Conflict of Opinions. Post 8vo.
Smollett, Tobias. Novels. 8 vols. 8vo.

Atom, The History and Adventures of an.

Ferdinand, Count Fathem, The Adventures of.

Humphrey Clinker, The Expedition of.

Peregrine Tickle, The Adventures of; in which are included

Memoirs of a Lady of Quality. 2 vols.
Roderick Random, The Adventures of.
Sir Lancelot Greaves, The Adventures of.
S ■uthey, Robert. The Doctor, &o. 7 vols. 8vo.

Sterne, Laurence. (See " General Literature—Ancient and Modern.")

Stanley, Henry M. My Kalulu. Cr. 8vo.

Sterndale, Armitage. The Afghan Knife. 3 vols. cr. 8vo.

Stowe, Mrs. H. Beecher. Old Town Folk. 3 vols. post 8vo.

Poganuc Poople. Cr. 8vo.

Uncle Tom's Cabin. Post 8vo.

Stcrgis, Julian. An Accomplished Gentleman. Post 8vo.
Swift, Dean. (See " General Literature—Ancient and Modern.")
Tautpheocs, Baroness (n(e Montgomery). At Odds. Cr. 8vo.

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Taylor, Bayt.rd. The Story of Kennett. Post 8vo. N.York, 1867.

Taylor, Colonel Meadows. A Noble Queen: a Romanco of Indian

History. Cr. 8vo. London, 1880.

Confessions of a Thug. Cr. 8vo. London, 1873.

Ralph Darnell. Cr. 8vo. London, 1879.

Tippoo: a Tale of the Mysore War. Cr. 8vo. London, 1879.

Tara: a Mahratta Tale. Cr. 8vo. London, 1874.

Seeta: a Novel. Cr. 8vo. London, 1878.

Thackeray, Miss. Novels. 7 vols. Lond., 1869-81.

Bluebeard's Keys.

Miss Williamson's Divagations.

Old Kensington.

Story of Elizabeth.

To Esther; and other Sketches.

Toilers and Spinsters; and other Essays.

The Village on the Cliff.
Thackeray, William Makepeace. Works. 25 vols.

Adventures of Philip on his Way through the World. 3 vols.

Christmas Books: Mrs. Perkins's Ball; Our Street; Dr. Birch.

English Humourists of the Eighteenth Century.

History of Esmond. 3 vols.

History of Pendennis. 2 vols.

Irish Sketch-book.

Kickleburys on the Rhine.

Lovel the Widower.

Miscellanies, Prose and Verso. 4 vols.

Notes of a Journey from Cornhill to Grand Cairo.

Rose and Ring; or, The History of Prince Giglio and Prince

Roundabout Papers.

The Newcomes. 2 vols.

The Virginians: a Tale of the Last Century. 2 vols.

Vanity Fair: a Novel witheut a Hero.

Memoirs of Barry Lyndon; and The Fatal Boots. 8vo.

— Works. New Edition in 26 vols. 8vo.

Vols. I., II. Vanity Fair.

Vols. III., IV. Pendennis.

Vols. V., VI. The Newcomes.

Vol. VII. Henry Esmond, Esquire.

Vols. VIII., IX. Virginians.

Vols. X., XI. The Adventures of Philip.

Vol. XII. Hoggarty Diamond, &c.

Vol. XIII. Christmas Books.

Vol. XIV. The Book of Snobs; and Sketches and Travels in

Vol. XV. Burlesques.

Vols. XVI. Paris Sketch-book; and Little Travel and Roadside

Vol. XVH Yellowplush, &o.
Thorrurn, S. S. David Leslie. A Story of the Afghan Frontier.

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London, 1879. —
Lond., 1883-5. —

2 vols. post 8vo. Thorpe, Benjamin. Yule-tide Stories.

and German. Cr. 8vo. Trafford, F. G. George Geith of Fen Court.

Phemie Keller. 3 vols. post 8vo.

Trail, Mrs. In the Forest; or, Pictures of Life and Scenery in the

Woods of Canada. Fcp. 8vo. Trollope, Antheny. Novels. 50 vols. 8vo.

From the Swedish, Danish,
3 vols. post 8vo.

American Senator.
An Eye for an Eye.
Ayala's Angel.
Barchester Towers.

Brown, Jones, and Robinson.
Can you forgive her? 2 vols.
Claverings. 2 vols.
Dr. Wortle's Scheol. 2 vols.
Eustace Diamonds. 3 vols.
Framley Parsonage. 3 vols.
Golden Lion of Granpere.

Harry Heathcote of Gangoil.
He knew he was right. 2 vols.
John Caldigate. 3 vols.
Kept in the Dark.
Last Chronicles of Barset. 2

Lotta Schmidt; and other

Marion Fay. 3 vols.
Nina Balatka: the Story of a

Maiden of Prague. 2 vols.

(in 1).

London, 1879. —

London, 1853. Db
London, 1864. D a
London, 1866. —

London, 1882. D d
Lond., 1864-63. —

The Duke's Children: a Novel.

3 vols.
The Prime Minister.
The Way we live now.
Vicar of Bulhampton.
Why Frau Frohman raised her

Prices; and other Stories.

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Trgi.lope, Antheny—continued.
Orley Farm. 2 vols.
Phineas Phinn.
PUineas Redux. 2 vols.
Ralph the Heir.
Sir Harry Hotspur.
Small House at Allington.

The Fixed Period.
Tnorxope, Frank. Captain Haverty's Wooing.
Tuckey, Janet. Joan of Arc, the Maid. 12mo.
Twain, Mark. A Tramp Abroad. 2 vols, post 8vo.

■ The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Tom Sawyer's Comrade).

Cr. 8vo.

——— The Cheice Humorous Works of. Post 8vo. The Stolen Whito Elephant, &c. Cr. 8vo.

and Warner, C. D. The Gilded Age: a Novel. 3 vols, post 8vo,

Tytler, Sarah. Novels. 5 vols, post 8vo.
Noblesse oblige.

Oliver Constable, Miller and Baker. 3 vols.
The Huguenots.
Wat.msley, Hugh Mulleneux. Branksomo Done: a Sea Tale
cr. 8vo.

The Ruined Cities of Zululand. 2 vols. cr. 8vo.

Walpole, Horace. The Castle of Otranto: a Gothic Story. Translated by William Marshall, from the Original Italian of Onuphrio Muralto. 8vo.

Warrurton, Eliot. Darien; or, The Merchant Prince. Cr. 8vo.

Reginald Hastings; or, A Tale of the Troubles in 164—. 3 vols.

cr. 8vo.

The Crescent and the Cross. Cr. 8vo.

Warren, Charles. The Templo or the Tomb. 8vo.
Warren, Samuel. Diary of a Late Physician. Post 8vo.

Ten Theusand a Year. Post 8vo.

White, D'Aubigne. Patty's Dream. 3 vols. cr. 8vo.

Whitecross And The Bench: a Reminiscence of the Past. Post 8vo.

Whittaker, Captain Frederick. Away Westward, &c. Edited by

Captain Mayne Reid. Cr. 8vo.
Wilson, George H. Ena; or, The Ancient Maori. Cr. 8vo.
Wood, Mrs. Henry. Novels. 27 vols, post 8vo.

London, 1880.
London, 1880.
London, 1880.

London, 1884.
London, 1881.
London, 1882.
London, 1874.
Lond., 1866-80.

3 vols.

A Life's Secret.
Bessie Raine.

Court Netherleigh. 8 vols.
Done Hollow.
East Lynne.

Elster's Folly.
George Canterbury's Will.
Johnny Ludlow. Ed. 4.
Johnny Ludlow. Second Series.

3 vols.
Lady Adelaide.
Yates, Edmund. Novels. 44 vols.
A Righted Wrong. 3 vols.
A Waiting Race. 3 vols.
A Black Sheep. 3 vols.
Broken to Harness.
Business of Pleasure. 2 vols.
Cast Away. 3 vols.
Dr. Wainwright's Patient. 3


Forlorn Hope. 3 vols.
Yonge, Charlotte M. Novels. 22 vols
Caged Lion.

Chaplet of Pearls; or, The Whito and Black Ribaumont

Christmas Mummers; and other Stories.

Countess Kate; and The Stokesley Secret.

Daisy Chain; or, Aspirations.

Heartseaso; or, The Brother's Wife.

Heir of Redclyffe.

Lord Oakburn's Daughters.
Mildred Arkell.
Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles.
Orville College.
Oswald Cray.
Pomeroy Abbey.
Shadow of Ashlydyat.
St. Martin's Eve.
The Channings.
The Master of Greylands.
Vorner's Pride.

Impending Sword. 3 vols.
Kissing the Rod. 3 vols.
Land at Last. 3 vols.
Nobody's Fortune. 3 vols.
Pages in Waiting.
Rock Ahead. 3 vols.
Running the Gauntlet.
Silent Witness. 3 vols.
Yellow Flag. 3 vols,
post 8vo.

London, 1873.
London, 1872.

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