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Colry, Major-Goneral. Abstract of the Principal Lines of Spiritlevelling in Ireland. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1855.

HaWes, J. H. Manual of United States Surveying. System of Rectangular Surveying employed in subdividing the Sections and restoring the Lost Corners of the Public Lands. Illustrated with Forms, Diagrams, and Maps. 8vo. Philad., 1873.

Heale, Theophilus. Principles and Practico of Surveying. 8vo. Well., 1871.

Jackson, Lowis d'A. Aid to Survey Practice, for reference in Surveying,
Levelling, and Setting-out, and in Routo Surveys of Travellers by
Land and Sea. Cr. 8vo. London, 1880.

James, Colonel Sir H. Abstract of the Principal Lines of Spirit-
levelling in England, Scotland, and Wales. 3 vols. and 1 vol.
plates, 4to. London, 1861.

Triangulation. Account of the Observations and Calculations of the
Principal Triangulation, and of the Figures, Dimensions, and
Mean Specific Gravity of the Earth as derived therefrom. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1858.

Yolland, Captain W. Account of the Measurement of the Loch Foyle
Base, in Ireland, with its Verification and Extension by Triangu-
lation; together with the various Metheds of Computation followed
by the Ordnance Survey, and the requisito Tables. 4to. London, 1847.

Astronomical Observations made with Airy's Zenith Sector (1842

to 1850), for the Determination of the Latitudes of various Trigonometrical Stations used in the Ordnance Survoy of the British Isles. Folio. London, 1852.

Military Arts.

Army And Navy Calendar, 1882-83. 8vo.
Army List for 1859-79. 38 vols. 8vo.

Army Reoulations, and Instructions for the Guidance of Officers of
the Purveyors' Department. 8vo.

of 1861-68. 2 vols. 8vo.

Artillery. Manual of Artillery Exercise. 8vo.

Bayonet Exercise. New Edition, 1857. Cr. 8vo.

Boouslawski, A. V. Tactical Deductions from the War of 1870-71.
Translated from the German by Colonel Lumley Graham. 8vo.

Brarazon, Captain. Soldiers and their Science. Cr. 8vo.

Burn, Colonel. A Naval and Military Technical Dictionary of the
French Language; in two Parts, French-English and English-
French, with Explanations of the various Terms. Cr. 8vo.

Burton, R. F. The Book of the Sword. Roy. 8vo.

Canngn, Richard. Historical Records of the British Army.

51 vols.


1st Royals,

2nd Koyal Scots Greys.
2nd Queen's Bays,
srd Dragoons.
3rd Light Dragoons.
4th Dragoon Guards.
5th Dragoon Guards,
0th Dragoon Guards,

6th Dragoons,
7th Hussars.
9th Lancers.
12th Lancers.
13th Light Dragoons,
14th Light Dragoons.
15th Hussars,
16th Lancers;

London, 1882.
Lond., 1859-79.

London, 1861.
Lond., 1861-8.
London, 1861.
London, 1861.

1872. London, 1860.

London, 1863.
London, 1884.

Lond., 1837-51.

And of the following Regimonta of Foot—viz., tho 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 23rd, 31st, 34th, 36th, 39th, 42nd, 46th, 56th, 61st, 71st, 72nd, 73rd, 74th, 86th, 87th, 88th, and 92nd Regiments. Carmichael-Smith, Major-General Sir James. Memoirs upon the Topographical System of Colonel Van Gorkum: with Remarks and Reflections upon various other Metheds of representing Ground. 8vo. London, 1829.

Cavalry. Instructions for Hussars and Light Cavalry acting as such

in the Time of War. Cr. 8vo. London, 1799.

Colomr, Captain J. C. R. The Dofence of Great and Greater Britain:

Sketches of its Naval, Military, and Political Aspects. 8vo. London, 1880.

Correard, J. Recueil sur les Reconnaissances Militaires. 8vo. Paris, 1845.

Daniel, R. P. Histoire do la Milico Francoise. 2 tomes. Paris, 1721.

D'arcon, Chevalier Michaud. Military and Political Considerations.

Translated into English by Lieut.-Colonel Foster. 8vo. London, 1815.

De Malortie, General. A Treatise on the Attack and Defence of

Fortified Places. 8vo. London, 1824.

De Puyseour, M. le Marechal. Art de la Guerre par Principes et par

Regies. 2 tomes 4to. Paris, 1749.

Dress.. Regulations for the Dress of General, Staff, and Regimental

Officers of the Army. 8vo. London, 1861.

Eliot, William Granville. Treatise on the Defence of Portugal; with a Military Map of the Country. To which is added a Sketch of the Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants, and principal Events of the Campaigns under Lord Wellington. 8vo. London, 1811.

Greener, W. W. Moder n Breech-loaders, Sporting and Military.

Poet 8vo. London, 1871.

Hamley, Edward Bruce. The Operations of War Explained and Illustrated. 4to. London, 1866.

Hart, Colonel H. G. The Army List, Militia List, and Indian Civil Service List: exhibiting the Rank, Standing, and various Services of every Regimental Officer in the Army serving on full pay, including the Royal Marines, the Indian Staff Corps, and Local Indian Forces, &c., &c. 43 vols. Lond., 1859-84.

Inpantry, Field Exercise and Evolutions of; as revised by Her

Majesty's Command, 1870. 8vo. London, 1870.

Jacori, G. A. L'Artillerio do Campagne. 8vo. 1845.

Jackson, Robert. A View of the Formation, Discipline, and Economy

of Armies. 8vo. London, 1845.

Jervgis, Sir W. F. D., G.C.M.G., C.B., &c. The Defenco of New

Zealand, An Address by. Folio. Well., 1884.

Landmann, Isaac. The Principles of Artillery, reduced into Questions and Answers for the uso of the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich. 8vo. London, 1808.

Macdougall, Lieutenant-Colonel P. L. The Theory of War; illustrated by numerous Examples from Military History. Cr. 8vo. London, 1858.

Maclaren, Archibald. A Military System of Gymnastic Exercises for

the use of Instructors. Post 8vo. London, 1862.

Military Train Manual. 8vo. London, 1862.

Mowatt, Robert. Manual of Artillery, Volunteers, and Cadets of New

Zealand. Sq. 16mo. Well., 1875.

Muller, John. A Treatise containing the Elementary Part of Fortification. 8vo. London, 1799.

Musketry Instructions, Annual Report on the, carried on at the Scheol of Musketry; and of the Progress of Musketry Instruction in the Army. 8vo. London, 1861.

■ Regulations for conducting the Musketry Instruction of the Army. Post 8vo. London, 1859.

New Zealand. Rules and Regulations for the Competition for the

General Government Prizes, 1873-74. 12mo. Well., 1872-3.

Army List. 8vo. Well., 1874, 1878,1882-3.

General Government Prizes, 1873, Rules and Regulations

for the Competition for. Fcp. 8vo. Well., 1872.

. Militia And Armed Constarulary, Acts and Regulations

affecting the. Cr. 8vo. Well, 1869.

Riple Association: First Annual Report. Fcp. 8vo. Well., 1879.

Volunteer Drill-manual. Small 4to. Well., 1883.

Volunteer Force, Regulations for the. Fcp. 8vo. Well., 1883.

O'eyrne, Rob. W. The Victoria Cross. Post 8vo. London, 1880.

Queen's (the) Regulations And Orders Por The Army. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond., 1863-8.

Remond, Le General Baron. Taotique appropriable au Perfectionne

ment des Armes-a-feu Portatives. 8vo. Paris, 1853.

Armes de Feu. 8vo. Paris, 1853.

Riple. Instructions for Mounted Rifle Voluntoers; by autherity of

the Secretary of State for War. Cr. 8vo. London, 1860.

Proceedings of the National Rifle Association, 1860,1862,1866,

1868. 9 vols. 8vo.

Santa Cruz, Marquis de. Reflexions Militaires Politiques. Traduites

de l'Espagnol. 11 tomes. Schaw, Colonel H. Defence and Attack of Positions and Localities.

Cr. 8vo.

Serastopol, Siege of. An Account of the Artillery Operations con-
ducted by the Royal Artillery and Royal Naval Brigade before
Sebastopol, in 1854 and 1855. Compiled by W. Edmund M. Reilly,
C.B. 4to.

Engineers' Operations. Maps and Plans. 1 case 4to.

Journal of the Operations conducted by the Corps of Royal

Engineers. Published by order of the Secretary of Stato for War.

London, 1881.
Paris, 1738.
London, 1882.

London, 1859.
London, 1859.

London, 1859.

2 vols. 4to.

Springpield Riple, Carrine, And Army Revolvers, Description and

Rules for the Management of. National Armoury. 8vo. Springfield, Mass., 1874. Simes, Themas. The Military Guide for Young Officers. Post 8vo. Hardwicke, Herbert Junius. Medical Education and Praotice in all

Tyndade, Lieut.-Colonel W. Treatise on Military Equitation. 8vo.

Upton, Major-Goneral. The Armies of Europe and Asia; embracing
Official Reports on the Armies of Japan, China, India, Persia, Italy,
Russia, Austria, Germany, France, and England. Accompanied by
Letters descriptive of a Journey from Japan to the Caucasus. 8vo.

Viollet-le-duc, E. Annals of a Fortress. 8vo.

Volunteer Force, Regulations for the. Dated War Office, 19th
January, 1861.

Wellington, Field Marshal the Duke of. The Principles of War

exhibited in the Practice of the Camp, &c. 8vo. Whitworth, Sir Joseph. Guns and Steel. Roy. 8vo.

London, 1781.
London, 1797.

London, 1878. London, 1875.

London, 1861.

London, 1815.
London, 1873.

Naval Arts and Navigation.

Arrot, Lieutonant-Colonol Henry L. Experiments and Investigations to develop a System of Submarine Mines for defending the Harbours of the United States. 4to. "Wash., 1881.

Admiralty Instructions for the Governmont of Her Majesty's Naval

Service. Cr. 8vo. London, 1802.

to Shipping Masters, under " The Merchant Shipping Act, 1854."

8vo. London, 1855.

Admiralty Manual for ascertaining and applying the Donations of

the Compass caused by the Iron in a Ship. 8vo. London, 1862.

Alaska: Coast Pilot of Alaska, from Southern Boundary to Cook's

Inlet, by George Davidson. Imp. 8vo. Wash., 1869.

Almanac. Nautical and Astronomical Ephemeris, from 1850 to 1877.

38 vols. 8vo. Lond., 1850-77.

Merican Lloyd's Reoister of American and Foreign Shipping,

Standard Surveys, and Record of Signal Numbers. Oblong 4to. N. York, 1870.

Atlantic Ocean, General Examination of. By C. Philippe do Kcrhallet, Captain Imperial French Navy. With Nautical Directions for avoidmg Hurricanes, and a Memoir on the Currents of the Atlantic. Translated from the French by R. H. Wyman, Captain U.S.N. 8vo. ' Wash., 1870.

Bowditch, N. The American Practical Navigator. Roy. 8vo. Wash., 1883.

Brassey, Sir Themas. The British Navy; its Strength, Resources,

and Administration. Vols. 1, 2, 3, and 5. Roy. 8vo. Lond., 1882-3.

British Code List for 1872, for the Uso of Ships at Sea, and for
Signal Stations. Prepared by John J. Maye, Esq., Registrar-General
of Shipping and Seamen. Roy. 8vo. London.

Burn, Colonel. Naval and Military Technical Dictionary of the Frenoh
Language; in two Parts, French-English and English-French.
Post 8vo. London, 1863.

Collisions At Sea, Regulations for preventing. 8vo. Well., 1882.

Commercial Code Op Signals for the Use of All Nations; with the British Vocabulary. Compiled by John T. Foster, Staff Commander, R.N. Roy. 8vo. London, 1865.

Douglas, Sir Howard. On Naval Warfare with Steam. 8vo. London, 1860.

Edwin, Lieutenant R. A. Traverse Table; with simple and brief

Methed of correcting Compasss Courses. Roy. 8vo. Portsm., 1871.

Findlay, Alex. George. A Directory for the Navigation of the South Pacific Ocean; with Descriptions of its Coasts, Islands, &c., from the Strait of Magellan to Panama, Behring's Strait, Japan, and these of New Zealand, Australia, &c.; its Winds, Currents, and Passages. 2 vols. roy. 8vo. Lond., 1863-70.

Gulp 6tream: Papers on the Eastern and Northern Extensions of the Gulf Stream. From the German of Dr. A. Petormann, Dr. W. von Freeden, and Dr. A. Miihry. By E. R. Knorr. 6 Parts. 4to. Wash., 1871-5.

Harrour And Quarantine Reoulations for the Provinco of New

Munster, New Zealand. 12mo. Well., 1851.

Harrouks Op Refuge: Reports, 1857, 1859, 1864. 3 vols. folio. Lond., 1857, '59, '64.

Marryat, Captain. The Universal Codo of Signals for Mercantile
Marine of all Nations. With a Selection of Sentences adapted for
Convoys, and Systems of Geometrical Night and Fog Signals, by
G. B. Richardson. Roy. 8vo. London, 1858.

Mediterranean Sea: A Summary of its Winds, Currents, and Navi-
gation, compiled by Captain A. Lo Gras, I.F.N. Translated with
additional extracts by R. H. Wyman, U.S.N. 8ve, Wash., 1870.

Mercantile Navy List (Brown), 1858, 1859, 1861, 1861,1881. 5 vols.
roy. 8vo.

New Zealand General Harrour Reoulations, and By-laws for
Harbours where there is no Harbour Board. 8vo.

Lights And Foo-signals, Regulations respecting; and Steering

and Sailing Rules. 8vo.

Mercantile Marine, Regulations for the Examination of

doers in the. 8vo.

Ercantile Marine, Regulations relating to the Examination of Masters and Mates in the. 8vo.

Pilot, The. Compiled by G. H. Richards and F. J. Evans,

from Surveys made in H.M. Ships "Acheron" and "Pandora," Captain J. Lort Stokes and Commander Byron Drury. Ed. 4. Including also the Chatham Islands and the OS-lying Islands southwards of New Zealand. Roy. 8vo.

Receivers Of Wreck, Regulations for the Conduct of. 8vo.

Norie, 1. W. Complete Epitome of Practical Navigation. 8vo.
Sleeman, C. W. Torpedoes and Torpedo Warfare. 8vo.
Very, Lieutenant E. W. Navies of the World. Roy. 8vo.

[table][merged small]

Medical Art.

Attken, Dr. William. The Science and Practice of Medicine. 2 vols. 8vo.

Ashurst John, M.D. International Encyclopedia of Surgery. Vol. I. 8vo.

Beale, Lionel S. Disease Germs, their Naturo and Origin. Post 8vo.

Kidney Diseases, Urinary and Calculi Disorders, their Nature

and Treatment. 8vo. Machinery of Life. Post 8vo.

On Life, and on Vital Action in Health and Disease. Post 8vo.

Slight Ailments, their Naturo and Treatment. 8vo.

The Microscope in Medicine. Ed. 4. 8vo.

Beaney, James G. Diseases of the Hip-joint. 8vo.

History and Progress of Surgery. Sm. 4to.

Blyth, Alexander Wynter. A Dictionary of Hygieno and Public Health, comprising Sanitary Chemistry, Engineering, and Legislation, the Dietetio Value of Foods, and the Detection of Adulteration. 8vo.

Braun, Dr. J. On the Curative Effects of Baths and Waters; being a Handbook to the Spas of Europe. With a Sketch on the Balneotherapeutic and Climatic Treatment of Pulmonary Consumption, by Dr. L. Rohden. An Abridged Translation from the German Edition, with Notes by Hermann Weber, M.D., &c.

British Medical Journal, being the Journal of the British Medical
Association. Edited for the Association by Ernest Hart. 26 vols.

Buck, Albert H. Hygiene and Public Health. 8vo.
Cahrick, George L. Koumiss, or Fermented Mare's-milk. Cr. 8vo.
Carter, Robert B. Eyesight, Good and Bad. Cr. 8vo.
Corpield, W. H. Health. Post 8vo.

Cyclopedia Op Practical Medicine; comprising Treatises on the
Nature and Treatment of Diseasos, Materia Medica and Thera-
peuties, Medical Jurisprudence, &c., &c. Edited by John Forbes,
M.D., F.R.S.; Alexander Tweedie, M.D., F.R.S.; John Conolly,
M.D. Revised, with numerous Additions, by Robley Dunglison,
M.D. 4 vols. roy. 8vo.

Dowse, Themas Stretch. On Brain and Nerve Exhaustion, Neura-
sthenia, its Nature and Curative Treatment. 8vo.

Dunglison, Robley. Medical Lexicon: a Dictionary of Medical
Science. 8vo.

Ferrier, David. The Localization of Cerobral Disease. 8vo.

Fotheroill, J. Milnor. The Practitioner's Handbook of Treatment;
or, The Principles of Therapeuties. Ed. 2. 8vo.

Fowler, Robert. Medical Vocabulary: a Concise Explanation of the
Terms used in Medicine and its Accessory Sciences. 12mo.

Gardner, John. Househeld Medicine; containing a familiar Dosorip-
tion of Diseases, their Nature, Causes, and Symptoms, the most
approved Metheds of Treatment, and Rules for the Management
of the Sick-room. Adapted for Family Use. 8vo.

[blocks in formation]

Parts of the World. 8vo.
Holmes, Themas. System of Surgery, Theoretical and Practical. In

Treatises by various Authers. Ed. by Themas Holmes. 5 vols. 8vo.
Humphrey, G. M. A Treatise on the Human Skeleton. Roy. 8vo.
Lrog, J. Wickham. On the Bile, Jaundice, and Bilious Diseases.

Roy. 8vo.

Leprosy, Report on, by the Royal College of Physicians; prepared for
Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Colonies; with an
Appendix. 4to.

Macpherson, Dr. John. The Baths and Wells of Europe, their Aotion
and Uses; with Notices of Climatic Resorts and Diet Cures.
Post 8vo.

Maudsley, H. On Responsibility in Mental Disease. Post 8vo.

• The Physiology and Pathelogy of Mind. 8vo.

Medical Directory for 1874, and General Medical Register; including London and Provincial Medical Directory, the Medical Directory for Scotland, Ireland, and Practitioners resident abroad possessing British Qualifications, and a Medical Directory of the Army, Navy, and Mercantile Marine; also Statistical and Genoral Information respecting the Universities, Colleges, Scheols, Hospitals, &c. 8vo.

Medical Enquirer, 1875-76. Imp. 8vo.

Meryon, Edward. History of Medicine; comprising a Narrative of its
Progress from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time, and of the
Delusions incidental to its Advance from Empiricism to the dignity
of a Science. Vol. I. 8vo.

Munre, W. Leprosy. 8vo. »

Naval Hygiene. By Joseph Wilson, Surgeon, United States Navy.

With an Appendix: Moving Wounded Men on Shipboard; by

Albert C. Gorgas, Surgeon, United States Navy. 8vo.

Practical Suggestions. By Albert Leary Gibson, M.D. Post 8vo.

Pharmaceutical Register of New Zealand for 1883. 8vo.
Pharmacopoeia Collegii Regalis Medicorum Londinensis. Cr. 8vo.
Phillips, Charles D. F. Materia Medica and Therapeutios (Vegetable

Kingdom). 8vo.
Quain, Richard. A Dictionary of Medicine. 2 vols. 8vo.
Radclippe, Charles B. Dynamies of Nerve and Muscle. Post 8vo.
Reynglds, J. Russell. System of Medicine . 5 vols. 8vo.
Richardson, Dr. Benjamin Ward. Diseases of Modern Life. Post 8vo.
Ruscenreroer, W. S. W. A Report on the Origin and Therapeutic

Properties of Cundurange. 8vo.
Russell, J. Rutherford. History and Heroes of the Art of Medicine.


Sirson, F., Collected Works of. 4 vols. 8vo.

Squire, P. Companion to the Latest Edition of the British Pharmacopoeia. 8vo.

Stanley, Edward. The Hunterian Oration. Roy. 8vo.

Sutre, Sigismund. Lectures on the Mineral Waters, and on their

Rational Employment for the Cure of certain Chronic Diseases.

Cr. 8vo.

Thomson, Dr. Antheny Todd. London Dispensatory: a Practical Synopsis of Materia Medica, Pharmacy, and Therapeuties. Ed. 11. Edited by Dr. A. B. Garrod. 8vo.

Thompson, Sir H. Clinical Lectures on Diseases of Urinary Organs. 8vo.

Trousseau, A. Lectures on Clinical Medioine, translated by P. V.

Bazire and Sir John Rose Cormack, K.B., &c. 5 vols. 8vo.
Tuke, Dr. Daniel H. Illustrations of the Influence of the Mind upon

the Body in Health and Disease, designed to elucidate the Action

of the Imagination. 8vo. Venereal Disease, Report of the Committee appointed to inquire into

the Pathelogy and Treatment of. 8vo. Vivisection Scientifically and Ethically Considered, in Prize Essays.

By James Macaulay, A.M., Rev. Brewin Grant, B.A., and Abiathar

Wall. 8vo.

United States Op America: The Medical and Surgical History of the
War of the Rebellion. Part II., Vol. II.: Surgical History. Pre-
pared under the direction of Joseph K. Barnes, Surgeon-General,
United States Army, by George A. Otis, Assistant Surgeon, United
States Army. 4to.

London, 1880. A i

Lond., 1870-1. —

Camb., 1858. —

London, 1880. —

London, 1867. —

London, 1873.
London, 1871.
London, 1868.

London, 1874.
Liverp., 1875.

London, 1861.
Manch., 1879.

Wash., 1870. —

Wash., 1871. —

Well., 1884. —

Londini, 1851. —

London, 1874. —

London, 1884. —

London, 1871. —

Lond., 1871-9. —

London, 1876. —

Wash., 1873. —

London, 1861. —

London, 1881. —

London, 1883. —

London, 1839. —

London, 1851. —

London, 1852. —

London, 1876. —

Lond., 1868-72. —

London, 1872. —

London, 1867. —

London, 1881. —

Wash., 1876. Ai

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