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Ranxine, W. J. Macquern. Miscellaneous Scientific Papers. 8ve,
Sarine, Robert. The Electric Telegraph. 8vo.

Schouw, Joachim F. The Earth, Planets, and Man: Popular Pic-
tures of Nature. And Sketches from the Mineral Kingdom, by
Francis von Koboll. Translated by Professor Henfrey. Cr. 8vo.

Science Lectures At South Kensington. By Captain Abnoy, Pro-
fessor Stokes, Professor Alexander, B. W. Kennedy, F. T. Bramwell,
Professor F. Forbes, H. C. Sorby, J. T. Bottomley, Sydney H.
Vines, Professor Carey Foster. Vol. I. Post 8vo.

Scoppern, J. Stray Leaves of Science and Folk-lore. 8vo.

Shoolrred, J. N. Electric Lighting, and its Practical Application,
with Results from existing Examples. With Illustrations.
Cr. 8vo.

Somerville, Mary. Molecular and Microscopic Scieneo. 2 vols.
Post 8vo.

1— On the Connection of the Physical Sciences. Cr. 8vo.

Stewart, Balfour. Lessons in Elementary Physies. Cr. 8vo. On the Conservation of Energy; being an Elementary Treatise

on Energy and its Laws. Post 8vo. Streeter, Edwin W. Precious Stones and Gems, their History and

Distinguishing Characteristies. Illustrated with Coloured Plates,

Phetographs, &c. 8vo.
Tait, P. G. Lectures on some Recent Advances in Physical Science.

Cr. 8vo.

Thomson, Sir W. Reprint of Papers on Electro-staties and Magnetism. 8vo.

and Tait, P.G. Elements of Natural Philosophy. Part L 8vo.

Todhunter, I. Natural Philosophy for Beginners. 2 vols. 18mo.
Tyndall, John. Address delivered before the British Association at
Belfast. 8vo.

Essays on the Floating Matter in the Air, in relation to Putrefaction and Infection. Cr. 8vo.

— Contributions to Molecular Physies in the Domain of Radiant

Heat. 8vo.

Fragments of Scionco for Unscientific People: a Series of

Detached Essays, Lectures, and Reviews. 8vo. 1 On Sound: a Course of Six Lectures delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Post 8vo.

Researches on Diamagnetism and Magne-orystallio Action,

including the Question of Diamagnctic Polarity. 8vo.

Six Lectures on Light, delivered in America in 1872-73.

Post 8vo.

The Forms of Water in Clouds and Rivers, Ice, and Glaciers.

Post 8vo.

Urquhart, T. W. Electric Light: its Production and Use; em-
bodying Plain Directions for the Working of Galvanic Batteries,
Electric Lamps, and Dynamo-electric Machines. Edited by F. 0.
Webb, M.I.C.E., M.S.T.E. Post 8vo.

Virchow, ^Rudolf. The Freedom of Science in the Modern State.

London, 1881. A g
London, 1867. —

London, 1850. —

London, 1878. —
London, 1870. —

London, 1879. —

London, 1869. —

London, 1835. —

London, 1878. —

London, 1873. —

London, 1877. A b

London, 1876. A g

London, 1884. —

Oxford, 1873. —

London, 1877. —

London, 1874. —

London, 1881. —'

London, 1872. — .

London, 1871. —

London, 1867. —

London, 1870. — .

London, 1873. —

London, 1872. —

London, 1880. — .

Loudon, 1878. —


AiBy, Sir George Riddell. Popular Astronomy. Fcp. 8vo. London,
Astronghical Society, Monthly Notices of the Royal. Vol. XLIII. 8vo. London,
Brewster, Sir David. More Worlds than One; the Creed of the Philo-
sopher and the Hope of the Christian. Post 8ve, London,
Chamrers, George F. Descriptive Astronomy. 8vo. London,
Crossley, Gledhill, and Wilson. A Handbook of Double Stars, for

the use of Amateurs. 8vo. London, Dsllen, W. The Portable Transit-Instrument in the Vertical of the

Pole Star. Translated by Cleveland Abbe. 8vo. Washington,
Eclipse Oi The Sun: Report on Observations of the Total Eclipse of
[Jib, the Sun, 7th August, 1869. Conducted under the Direction of

Commodore B. F. Sands, U.S.N. 4to. Washington,
Forres, George. The Transit of Venus. Post 8vo. London,
Guillemin, Am6dee. The Hoavens: an Illustrated Handbook of

Popular Astronomy. Edited by J. Norman Lockyor. Imp. 8vo. London, Herschel, Sir John F. W. Outlines of Astronomy. 8vo. London, The Telescope. 12mo, Edin.,

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Herschel, Sir John F. W. Treatise on Astronomy. Cr. 8vo.

Hind, J. R. An Introduction to Astronomy; to which is added an

Astronomical Vooabulary, containing an Explanation of Torms in

use at the present day. Cr. 8vo. Ledger, E. The Sun: its Planets and their Satellites. Post 8vo. Lewis, Sir George Cornewall. An Historical Survey of the Astronomy

of the Ancients. 8vo. Lockyer, J. Norman. Astronomy: Elementary Lessons. 12mo. ■ Contributions to Solar Physies. Roy. 8vo.

1. A Popular Account of Inquiries into tho Physical Constitution of the

Sun, with a special reforenco to recent Spectroscopic Researches.

2. Communication to the Royal Society of London and the Fronch Academy

of Sciences; with Notes.

Elementary Lessons in Astronomy. Cr. 8vo.

Star-gazing, Past and Present: an Introduction to Instrumental

Astronomy. 8vo. Studies in Spectrum Analysis. Cr. 8vo.

Nasmyth, James and Carpenter, James. The Moon, considered as a
Planet, a World, and a Satellite; with Illustrations of Lunar Objects,
Phenomena, and Scenery, produced from Drawings made with the
aid of Powerful Telescopes. 4to.

Newcomr, Simon, Popular Astronomy by. 8vo.

Plurality Op Worlds, an Essay; alse, a Dialogue on the same Subject. Cr. 8yo.

Pobchet, F. A. The Universe; or, The Infinitely Groat and the Infinitely Little. 8vo.

Proctor, Richard A. Essays on Astronomy: a Series of Papers on Planets and Meteors, the Sun and Sun-surrounding Space, Stars and Star Cloudlets; and a Dissertation on the approaching Transits of Venus. Preceded by a Sketch of the Life and Work of Sir John Herschel. 8vo.

Familiar Scienco Studies. Cr. 8vo.

Flowers of the Sky. 12mo.

Myths and Marvels of Astronomy. Post 8vo.

Our Place among the Infinities: a Series of Essays contrasting

our little Abode in Space and Time with the Infinities around us. Post 8vo.

Other Worlds than Ours: the Plurality of Worlds studied under

the light of recent Scientific Researches. Post 8vo. Pleasant Ways in Science. Cr. 8vo.

■ Saturn and its System: containing Discussions of the Motions (Real and Apparont) and Telescopic Appearance of the Planet Saturn, its Satellites and Rings; the Nature of the Rings; the "Great Inequality" of Saturn and Jupiter; and the Habitability of Saturn. To which aro appended Notes on Chaldean Astronomy, Laplace's Nebular Theory, and the Habitability of the Moon; a Series of Tables, with Explanatory Notes; and Explanations of Astronomical Terms. 8vo.

Science Byways: a Series of Familiar Dissertations on Life in

other Worlds, Comets, and the Sun, &c., &c. To which is appended an Essay entitled "Money for Science." Post 8vo.

Star Atlas, shewing all the Stars visible to the naked eye, and

fifteen hundred objects of interest, in twelve Circular Maps on the
Equidistant Projection; with two Index Plates, in which the six
Northern and the six Southern Maps aro exhibited in their Proper
Relative Positions. Folio.

• Studies of Venus-Transits. 8vo.

The Borderland of Science. Post 8vo.

• The Orbs around us: a Series of Familiar Essays on the Moon

and Planets, Meteors and Comets, the Sun, and Coloured Pairs of Suns. Post 8vo.

— The Moon, her Motions, Aspects, Scenery, and Physical Condition; with three Lunar Phetographs, and many Plates, Charts, &c. Post 8vo.

■ The Universe and the Coming Transits: presenting Researches into and New Views respecting the Constitution of the Heavens; together with an Investigation of the Conditions of the Coming Transits of Venus. 8vo.

■ Transits of Venus. A Popular Account of last and Coming.

Transits, from the First Observation by Horrocks, A.d, 1839, to the
Transit of A.d, 2012, Post 8vo.

London, 1833. A d

London, 1863. —
London, 1882. —

London, 1862. —
London, 1876. —
London, 1873. A g

London, 1877. A d

London, 1878. —
London, 1878. —

London, 1874. —
London, 1878. —

London, 1854. A g

London, 1883. A f

London, 1872. A d
London, 1882. —
London, 1879. —
London, 1884. —

London, 1876. —

London, 1876. — , London, 1884. —

London, 1865.
London, 1875.

London, 1870.
London, 1882.
London, 1873.

London, 1872.
London, 1873.

London, 1874.
London, 1874.

Proctor, Richard A. The Poetry of Astronomy. Cr. 8vo.

Treatise on the Cycloid and all Forms of Cycloidal Curves, and

on the Use of such Curves in dealing with the Motions of Planets,

Comets, &c., and of Matter projectod from the Sun. Post 8vo. Roscge, Henry E. Spectrum Analysis: Six Lectures delivered in 1868

before the Society of Apothecaries of London. With Appendices,

Coloured Plates, and Illustrations. 8vo.
Rosse's, Earl of, Monster Telescopes, Descriptions of. By T. Woods.


Schellen, Dr. H. Spectrum Analysis in its application to Terrestrial
Substances, and Physical Constitution of the Heavenly Bodies.
Translated from the German by Jane Caroline Lassell. Edited,
with Notes, by William Huggins, LL.D., &c. 8vo.

Secchi, P. A. Le Soleil: Expose des Principales Decouvortes sur la
Structure de cet Astre, son Influence dans l'Univers, et ses Rela-
tions avec les autres Corps Celestes. 8vo.

Werr, Rev. T. W. Celestial Objocts for Common Telescopes. Cr. 8vo.

Whewell, William. Astronomy and General Physies. Cr. 8vo.

London, 1879. A d

London, 1878. —

London, 1873. —
London, 1845. —

London, 1872. —

Paris, 1870. E d
London, 1881. A d
London, 1878. —


Attwood, George. Practical Blowpipo Assaying. Cr. 8vo.

Bolley, Dr. P. A. Manual of Technical Analysis: a Guide to the
Testing and Valuation of the various Natural and Artificial Sub-
stances employed in the Arts and Domestic Economy. By Dr.
Benjamin Paul. Cr. 8vo.

Cooke, Josiah P. The New Chemistry. Cr. 8vo.

Daniell, J. Frederic. An Introduction to the Study of Chemical
Philosophy. 8vo.

Jghnston, James F. W. The Chemistry of Common Life. Post 8vo.

and Cameron, Charles A. Elements of Agricultural Chemistry

and Geology. Cr. 8vo.

Jones, Francis. Practical Chemistry. Fcp. 8vo.

Lierig, Justus. Animal Chemistry; or, Organic Chemistry in its
Application to Physiology and Pathelogy. Edited by William
Gregory. 8vo.

Mitchell, John. Manual of Practical Assaying. Post 8vo.
Pasteur, L. Studies on Fermentation; the Diseases of Beer, their

causes, and means of preventing them. 8vo.
Roscge, Henry E. Lessons in Elementary Chemistry: Inorganio and

Organic. Fcp. 8vo.
Schutzenreroer, Professor. Fermentation. Post 8vo.
Stockhardt, Dr. J. A. The Principles of Chemistry, illustrated by

Simple Experiments. Translated by Dr. Peirco. Cr. 8vo.
Watts, Henry. Dictionary of Chemistry and the Allied Branches of

other Sciences. Assisted by Eminent Contributors. Being the

Record of Chemical Discovery down to the Year 1881. 9 vols. 8vo. Wislicenus, Dr. Johannes. Adolph Strecker's Shert Text-book of

Organic Chemistry. Translated and edited by W. R. Hodgkinson

and A. J. Greenaway. 8vo.

London, 1880. A 6

London, 1857. —
London, 1874. Ag

London, 1843. A e
Edin., 1880. —

London, 1877. —
London, 1873. —

London, 1842. —

London, 1846. A 6

London, 1879. —

London, 1878. —

London, 1876. A g

London, 1859. A 6

Lond., 1863-81. —
London, 1881. —

London, 1845.


Arrott, Francis. Results of Twenty-Five Years' Meteorological
Observations for Hobart Town; together with a Two Years'
Register of the Principal Atmospheric Meteors, and Aurora Aus-
tralis; to which is added a Meteorological Summary for Adelaide,
Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, &c., &c. 4to. Hobart Town, 1866.

Daniell, John Frederic. Elements of Meteorology. 2 vols. 8vo.

Dove, H. W. The Law of Storms, considered in connection with the
ordinary Movements of the Atmosphere: with Diagrams, and
Charts of Storms. Translated by R. H. Scott. 8vo.

Fitzroy, Rear-Admiral. The Weather Book: a Manual of Practical
Meteorology. 8vo.

Flammakion, Camille. The Atmosphere. Translated from the French.
Edited by James Glaisher. Roy. 8vo.

Harris, W. Snow. On the Nature of Thunderstorms. 8vo.

Herschel, Sir John F. W. Meteorology. 12mo.

Howard, Luke. Essay on the Modification of Clouds. 8vo.

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London, 1862. —

London, 1863. —

London, 1873. —

London, 1843. —

Edin., 1861. —

London, 1682. —

Jinman, G. Winds and their Courses: or, A Practical Exposition of
the Laws which govern the Movements of Hurricanes and Gales;
with an examination of the Circular Theory of Storms, as pro-
.. pounded by Redfield, Sir W. Reid, Piddington, and others. 8vo.

Meteorolooical Orservations on Days of Unusual Magnetio

1. Made at the British Observatories, 1840 to 1814. 2 vols. 4to.

2. Made at Toronto. in Canada, 1840 to 1848, with Abstracts of Observa

tions to 1855, inclusive. 2 vols. 4to.
8. Made at St. Helena, 1840 to 1849. 2 vols. 4to.

i. Made at the Cape of Good Hope, 1841 to 1846, with Abstracts of the

Observations from 1841 to 1850, inclusive. 4to.
6. Made at Hobart Town, in Van Diemen's Land, and by the Antarctic

Naval Expedition, 1841 to 1850, inclusive. 2 vols. 4to.
11. Illustrative Charts appended to " Storms of the British Islands." By
Rear-Admiral Fitzroy, F.R.S. 4to.

All the above Observations. &c., printed by order of H.M. Government, under the superintendence of Lieut.-Col. Edward Sabine, R.A. Meteorolooy, Modern. A Series of Six Lectures delivered under the

auspices of the Meteorological Society, 1878. Post 8vo.
New Zealand: Meteorological Remarks, from 1851 to 1854. By

Captain Byron Drury, R.N. 4to.
New Zealand Museum And Geolooical Survey Department.
Meteorological Reports, 1868-78; together with Abstracts of all
Meteorological Returns for New Zealand prior to that date. By
James Hector, M.D., F.R.S. 2 vols. 8vo. (See also New Zealand
Statisties, 1864 to date.)
Reid, Liout.-Colonel. The Progress of the Development of the Storms,
and of the Variable Winds, with the Practical Application of the
Subject to Navigation. 2 vols. 8vo.
Shepherd, George. The Climate of England, its Meteorological
Character explained; with Meteorological Tables for the Years
1856-61. Illustrated by a Chart of tie Constellations and Solar
System: with Appendix. Cr. 4to.
Smith, R. Angus. Air and Rain: the Beginning of a Chemical Clima-
tology. 8vo.

Swainson, C. Handbook of Weather Folk-lore, with Notes. 12mo.

London, 1861. A O

London, 1843-51. —

London, 1845-57. —

London, 1847-00. —

London, 1851. —

London, 1850-52. —

London, 1861. —

London, 1879. — n. d. —

N.Z., 1871-77. —

Lond., 1849-50. —

London, 1861. —

London, 1872. —

London, 1873. —

London, 1850. A e

Paris, n. d.
N. York, 1858.

London, 1834. —
London, 1865. —

Montreal, 1876. —


Anstead, David T. An Elementary Course of Geology, Mineralogy, and Physical Geography, Post 8vo.

Beudant, M. F. S. Cours Elementaire d'Histoire Naturelle: Mineralogie, Geologic. 2 vols. cr. 8vo.

Blake, W. P. Geological Reconnaissance in California. 4to.

Boase, Henry S. Treatise on Primary Geology; being an Examina-
tion, both Practical and Theoretical, of the Older Formations. 8vo.

Camprell, J. E. Frost and Fire: Natural Engines, Tool Marks, and
Chips. 2 vols. 8vo.

Canada: Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection of the Economic
Minerals of Canada, and Notes on a Stratigraphies! Collection of
Rocks. 8vo.

Canada, Geological Survey of. Report of Progress from its Commence

ment to 1882. Illustrated by woodeuts in the text. 13 vols. roy.

8vo. Montreal, 1866-82.

-—— Geological Survey of. Report of Progress for the Years 1877-78,

1878-79. 2 vols. roy. 8vo. Montreal, 1879-80.

— Plans of various Lakes and Rivers, to accompany the Geological

Reports. 4to. Toronte, 1857.

• Reports of Explorations and Surveys, 1877-79. 2 vols. 8vo. Montreal, 1879-80.

Chapman, Edward J. Practical Mineralogy; or, A Compendium of the

Distinguishing Characters of Minerals. 8vo.
Conyreare, W. D., and Phillips, W. Outlines of the Geology of

England and Wales. 8vo.
Crawford, J. Coutts. Essay on the Geology of the North Island of

New Zealand. 8vo.

Geological and other Reports. Fcp. folio.

Croll, James. Climate and Time in their Geological Relations: a

Theory of Secular Changes of the Earth's Climate. 8vo.
Cuvier, M. Essay on the Theory of the Earth; with Mineralogical

Illustrations, by Professor Jameson. 8vo.
Dana, James D. Corals and Coral Islands. Roy. 8vo.
—■ Manual of Goology. 8vo.

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London, 1843. —

London, 1822. —

Duned., 1865. —

Well., 1861-4. —

London, 1875. —

Edin., 1822. —

London, 1872. —

London, 1870. —

Dana, James D., and Brush, George Jarvis. System of Mineralogy.
Roy. 8vo.

Darwin, Charles. Geological Observations on Coral Reefs, Volcanic

Islands, and on South America. 8vo. The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of

Worms. Cr. 8vo.

Davison, Simpson. The Gold Deposits in Australia; their Discovery,
Development, and Geognosy. With a Disquisition on the Origin
of Gold in Placer-deposits and Quartz-vein-stones. 8vo.

Daureny, Charles. A Description of Active and Extinct Volcanoes, of
Earthquakes, and of Thermal Springs; with Remarks on the
Causes of these Phenomena, the Character of their respective
Products, and their Influence on the Past and Present Condition
of the Globe. 8vo.

Dawkins, W. Boyd. Cave-hunting: Researches on the Evidence of
Caves respecting the Early Inhabitants of Europe . 8vo.

De La Beche, Sir H. T. The Geological Observer. 8vo.

Donelly, Ignatius. Ragnarok: The Age of Fire and Gravel. 8vo.

Duclos. De Aquis Mineralibus Galliae. l6mo. Lugduni Batavorum, 1085.

Engleiteld, Sir H. C. A Description of the Principal Picturesque
Beauties, Antiquities, and Geological Phenomena of the Isle of
Wight. With additional Observations on the Strata of the Island,
and their Continuation in the adjacent Parts of Dorsetshire, by
Themas Webster, Esq. 2 vols. imp. 4to.

Figuier, Louis. The World before the Deluge. The Geological
portion carefully revised, and much original matter added, by W.
H. Bristow. 8vo.

Forres, Professor James D. Travels through the Alps of Savoy and other parts of the Pennine Chain: with Observations on Glaciers, &c. Imp. 8vo.

Geikie, Archibald. Geological Sketches at Home and Abroad. 8vo. Text-book of Geology. Roy. 8vo.

Geikie, James. Prehistoric Europe: a Geological Sketch. Roy. 8vo.
■ The Great Ice Age, and its Relation to the Antiquity of Man,

London, 1871. A e
London, 1851. —
London, 1881. —

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London, 1848. —

London, 1874. —

London, 1851. —

London, 1882. —

London, 1816.

London, 1869.

London, 1843.
London, 1882.
London, 1882.
London, 1881.

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London, 1874. —

Geolooical Magazine; or, Monthly Journal of Geology: with which is incorporated "The Geologist." Edited by T. Rupert Jones and H. Woodward. 2 vols. 8vo.

Geolooy, Scepticism in, and the Reason for it. By Verifier. Post 8vo.

Great Britain, Memoirs of the Geological Survey of, and of the
Museum of Practical Geology. Mineral Statisties of the United
Kingdom of Great Britain for the Years 1851 to 1862. 12 vols.

Haast, Julius von. Geology of the Provinces of Canterbury and West-
land: a Report comprising the Results of Official Explorations.

Report on the Headwaters of the River Rakaia; with Twenty

Illustrations, a Map, and Three Appendixes. Fcp. folio. Report of a Topographical and Geological Exploration of the

Western Districts of the Nelson Province. 8vo.
Hector, Dr. J. (See "New Zealand Geological Survey.")
Hochstetter, Dr. F. von. Geology of New Zealand; in explanation

of the Geographical and Topographical Atlas of New Zealand.

Translated by Dr. C. F. Fischer. 8vo. Geologie von Neu-Seeland. " Beitrage zur Geologie der Provinzen

Auckland und Nelson. 4to. New Zealand; its Physical Geography, Geology, and Natural

History. Translated by Edward Sauter, A.M. 4to. How, Henry. The Mineralogy of Nova Scotia. 8vo.

India: Geological Survey, Records of, 1867-70. Roy. 8vo. Calcutta, 1868-70. .

Memoirs of the Geological Survey of. Published under the

direction of Themas Oldham, LL.D. 10 vols. roy. 8vo.

Memoirs of the Geological Survey of: Calcutta Museum Catalogue. Roy. 8vo.

Pakeontologia Indica; being Figures and Descriptions of the

Organio Remains procured during the Progress of the Geological
Survey of India. Published under the direction of Themas
Oldham, LL.D. 6 vols. imp. 4to.

Ireland, Geological Survey of, for the Years 1843 to 1862. 3 vols.
roy. 8vo.

Lond., 1864-5.
London, 1878.

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Christch., 1879. —
Christch., 1867. —
Nelson, 1861. —

Auekl., 1864. —

Wien, 1864. —

1867. — Halifax, 1869.

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