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Iron And Coal: Reports on the Mineral Deposits of the Colony of New
Zealand. Addressed to the Minister for Public Works, and pub-
lished by the Order of the Government; with Maps and Plans.
Post 8vo.

Judd, John W. Volcanoes: What they are, and what they teach.
Cr. 8vo.

Kinahan, G. H. Valleys and their Relation to Fissures, Fractures,

and Faults. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo. Kingsley, Charles. Town Geology. Cr. 8vo.

Looan, Sir W. E. Geological Survey of Canada. Figures and Descrip-
tions of Canadian Organic Remains. Roy. 8vo.

Lyell, Sir Charles. Manual of Elements of Geology; or, The Ancient
Changes of the Earth and its Inhabitants. 8vo.

Principles of Geology; or, The Moder n Changes of the Earth

and its Inhabitants, considered as illustrative of Geology. Ed. 11. 2 vols. 8vo.

Macculloch, John. A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, including the Isle of Man; comprising an Account of their Geolo

London, 1879.

London, 1881.

London, 1875.
London, 1872.

Montreal, 1858.

London, 1865.

gical Structure, with Remarks on their Agriculture, Scenery, and Antiquities. 2 vols. 8vo. Plates and maps, 4to. Mantell, Gideon Algernon. Geological Excursions round the Isle of Wight, and along the adjacent Coast of Dorsetshire, illustrative of the most interesting Geological Phenomena and Organic Remains. Cr. 8vo.

m Petrifactions and their Teachings; or, A Handbook to the Gallery of Organic Remains in the British Museum. Cr. 8vo.

The Medals of Creation; or, First Lessons in Geology and the

Study of Organic Remains. 2 vols. cr. 8vo.

The Wonders of Geology; or, A Familiar Exposition of Geological

Phenomena. 2 vols. cr. 8vo.

Marsh, George. The Earth as modifiod by Human Action. 8vo.

Miller, Hugh. Cruise of "The Betsy;" Geological Rambles in Scotland. Post 8vo.

Edinburgh and its Neighbourheod, Geological and Historical;

with the Geology of the Bass Rock. Post 8vo.

Footprints of the Creator; or, The Asterolopis of Stromness.

With Memoir by Louis Agassiz. Post 8vo.

Old Red Sandstone; or, New Walks in an Old Field. Post 8vo.

Sketch-book of Popular Geology. Ed. by Mrs. Miller. Post 8vo.

Testimony of the Rocks; or, Geology in its bearings on the two

Theologies, Natural and Revealed. Post 8vo.

Morris, John. Catalogue of British Fossils, comprising all Genora and
Species hitherto described, with reference to their Geological Dis-
tribution and the Localities in which they have been found. 8vo.

Murchison, Sir R. I. Outline of the Geology of the Neighbourheod of
Cheltenham. 8vo.

Siluria: a History of the Oldest Rocks in the British Isles and

other Countries: with a Sketch of the Distribution of Native Gold.

New Zealand Museum And Geological Survey Department.
Colonial Museum and Laboratory Reports. 3 vols. 8vo.
Geological Survey. Report of Geological Explorations during

1866-79. By James Hector, M.D., C.M.G., F.R.S. Illustrated.

12 vols. 8vo.

Nicol, James. Manual of Mineralogy; or, The Natural History of the
Mineral Kingdom. Post 8vo.

Otago: Report on the Geology and Gold Fields of Otago. By F. W.
Button, F.G.S., &c., and G. H. F. Ulrich, F.G.S.; with Appendix
by J. G. Black, Professor of Chemistry in the Otago University, and
J. MoKerrow, Chief Surveyor. 8vo.

Pemrer, G. H. Earth's Earliest Ages, and their Lessons for Uso; in-
cluding a Treatise on Spiritualism. Cr. 8vo.

Phillips, John. Life on the Earth; its Origin and Succession. Cr. 8vo.

Treatiso on Geology. (Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia.) 2 vols.

cr. 8vo.

Richardson, G. F. An Introduction to Geology and its associate
Sciences, Mineralogy, Fossil Botany, and Palaeontology. Edited
and enlarged by T. Wright. Cr. 8vo.

Scrope, G. Poulett. The Geology and Extinct Volcanoes of Central
France. 8vo.

Lond., 1867-73. —

London, 1819. —

London, 1854. —

London, 1851. —

London, 1848. —

Lond., 1857-8. —

London, 1874. A C

Edin., 1869. F b

Edin., 1869. —

Edin., 1869. —

Edin., 1869. —

Edin., 1869. —

Edin., 1869. —

London, 1843. A e

London, 1843. —

London, 1867. —

Well., 1866-83. —

Well., 1865-83. —

Edin., 1849. —

Duned., 1875. —

London, 1876. —

London, 1860. —

London, 1842. —

London, 1855. —

London, 1858. —

Scrope, G. Poulett. Voleanoos; the Character of their Phenomena,
their share in the Structure and Composition of the Surface of
the Globe, and their relation to its Internal Forces. With a De-
scriptive Catalogue of all known Voleanoes and Voleanic Forma-
tions. 8vo.

Shaler, Nathaniel S., and Davis, William M. Illustrations of the
Earth's Surface: Glaciers. Imp. 4to.

Shepard, Charles U. Treatise on Mineralogy. 8vo.

Trimmer, Joshua. Practical Geology and Mineralogy; with Instructions for the Qualitative Analysis of Minerals. 8vo.

Tyndall, John. The Glaciers of the Alps; being a Narrative of Excursions and Ascents, and an Account of the Origin and Phenomena of Glaciers. Cr. 8vo.

Vestioes of the Natural History of Creation. 8vo.

Viollet-le-dug, E. Mont Blanc: a Treatise on its Geodesical and
Geological Constitution. 8vo.

Winchell, A. Sparks from a Geologist's Hammer. Cr. 8vo.

Woods, Julian Edmund. Geological Observations in South Australia, principally in the South-east of Adelaide. 8vo.

London, 1862. A 6

Boston, 1881. —

N'haven, 1852. —

London, 1841. —

London, 1860. —

London, 1853. —

London, 1877. —

Chicage, 1881. —

London, 1862. —

Physical Geography.

Chamrers, Robert. Ancient Sea-margins as Memorials of Changes in

the rolative Level of Sea and Land. Roy. 8vo. Edin., 1848. A 6

De Rance, Charles E. The Water-Supply of England and Wales. 8vo. London, 1882. —
Geikie, Archibald. Physical Geography. 12mo. London, 1878. —

Haughton, Rev. Samuel. Six Lectures on Physical Geography. 8vo. Dublin, 1880. —
Herschel, Sir John F. W. Physical Geography. (From the " Encyclo-
paedia Britannica.") Cr. 8vo. Edin., 1861. —
Hull, E. Contributions to the Physical History of the British Isles.

Roy. 8vo. "London, 1882. —

Jghnston, A. K. Physical Atlas of Natural Phenomena. Folio. Edin., 1856. —

Jordan, William Leighton. The Ocean: its Tides and Currents and

their Causes. 8vo. London, 1873. —

Maury, M. F. The Physical Geography of the Sea. Roy. 8vo. London, 1858. —

— The Physical Geography of the Sea, and its Meteorology. Post

8vo." London, 1877. —

Nicols, Arthur. Chapters from the Physical History of the Earth: an

Introduction to Geology and Palaeontology. Post 8vo. London, 1880. —

Ramsay, A. C. The Physical Geology and Geography of Great Britain.

Post 8vo. " * London, 1872. —

Reclus, Elisee. The History of a Mountain. Translated from the

French by Bertha Ness and John Lilli6. Cr. 8vo. London, 1881. —

Somerville, Mary. Physical Geography. 8vo. London, 1877. —

Thomson, Sir C. Wyville. The Voyage of the " Challenger:" a Preliminary Account of the General Results of the Exploring Voyage of H.M.S. "Challenger" during the Yoar 1873 and the Early Part of the Year 1876. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1877. —

(See also " Hochstetter " and " Novara," ante.)


Arlett, William H. English Trees and Tree-planting. 8vo.
Agrostooraphia: A Treatise on the Cultivated Grasses, and other

Herbage and Forage Plants. Roy. 8vo.
Bentham, George. Flora Australiensis: a Description of the Plants of

the Australian Territory. 7 vols. — Flora Hong-Kongensis; a Description of the Flowering Plants

and Ferns of the Island of Hong-Kong. 8vo. Bentley, Robert, and Tkimm, Henry. Medicinal Plants. 4 vols.

roy. 8vo.

Berkeley, M. J. Introduction to Cryptogamie Botany. 8vo.
Buchanan, John. Manual of Indigenous Grasses of New Zealand.
Roy. 8vo.

Carpenter, Dr. William B. Vegetable Physiology and Systematic

Botany. Edited by Dr. Lankester. Cr. 8vo.
Colense, William. Essay on the Botany of the North Island of New

Zealand. 8vo.
Coniper^t:, A Manual of the. Roy. 8vo.
Cooke, M, C. Freaks and Marvels of Plant-lifo. Post Svo.

London, 1880. A d

London, 1877. —

Lond., 1863-79. —

London, 1861. —

London, 1880. —

London, I860. —

Well., 1880. —

London, 1860. —

Duned., 1865. —

London, 1881. —

London, n, d. —

London, 1875. A g

Cooke, M. C. Fungi, their Nature, Influences, Uses, &c. Edited by

the Rev. M. J. Berkeley, M.A. Post 8vo. Curtis, W. The Botanical Magazine; or, Flower Garden displayed. In which the most ornamental Foreign Plants cultivated in the Open Ground, the Greenheuse, and the Stove are accurately represented in their Natural Colours; to which are added their Names, Class, Order, Generic and Specific Characters, according to Linnaeus; their Places of Growth and Timo of Flowering; together with the most approved Methed of Culture. 50 vols. m 29. Roy. 8vo. London, 1787-1823.

Darwin, Charles. Insectivorous Plants. London, 1875.

On the Various Contrivances by which British and Foreign

Orchids are fertilized by Insects, and on the Good Effects of Inter-
crossing. Post 8vo.
■ The Different Forms of Flowers on Plants of the same Species.


Post 8vo.

The Effects of Cross- and Self-fertilization in the Vegetable

Kingdom. Cr. 8vo.

The Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants. Post 8vo.

The Power of Movement in Plants. Post 8vo.

Downing, A. J. The Fruits and Fruit-trees of America. Roy. 8vo.

Famous Parks And Gardens Op The World, Illustrated. Imp. 4to.

Figuier, Louis. The Vegetable World; being a History of Plants, with their Botanical Descriptions and Peculiar Properties. 8vo.

Gilpin's Forest Scenery. Edited by Francis George Heath. Post 8vo.

Gordon, George. The Pinetum; being a Synopsis of all the Coniferous Plants at present known, with Descriptions, History, and Synonyms, and a Comprehensive Systematic Index. 2nd edition, considerably enlarged', and including the former Supplement; to which is added an Index of Popular Names, English and Foreign. 8vo.

Greenhouse Favourites: a Description of Cheice Greenheuse Plants, with Practical Directions for their Management and Cultivation. Illustrated. 4to.

Heath, Francis George. Sylvan Spring. 8vo.

Trees and Ferns. 12mo.

Hervey, A. R. Sea-Mosses. Cr. 8vo.

Hooker, Joseph Dalton. The Botany of the Antarctic Voyage of Hor Majesty's Discovery Ships "Erebus" and "Terror," in the Years 1839-43, under the command of Sir J. C. Ross. 6 vols. roy. 4to.

Auckland Group and Campbell's Island.

Fuega, the Falklands, Kerguelon's Land, &C.

New Zealand Flora. 2 vols.

Tasmania. 2 vols.

Handbook of the New Zealand Flora; a Systematic Description

of the Native Plants of Now Zealand, and the Chatham, Kermadec's, Lord Auckland's, Campbell's, and Macquarie's Islands. 8vo.

Himalayan Journals; or, Notes of a Naturalist in Bengal, the

Sikkim, and Nepal Mountains, &c. 2 vols. 8vo.

Hooker, Sir William Jackson. Species Filicum; being Descriptions of the known Ferns, particularly of such as exist in the Auther's Herbarium, or are with sufficient accuracy described in Works to which he has had access. Accompanied with numerous Figures. 6 vols. 8vo.

Lindley, Dr. John. Vegetable Kingdom; or, The Structure, Classification, and Uses of Plants. 8vo.

and Moore, T. The Treasury of Botany; a Popular Dictionary

of the Vegetable Kingdom; with which is incorporated a Glossary of Botanical Terms. 2 vols. fcp. 8vo.

Lindsay, W. Lauder. Contributions to New Zealand Botany. 4to.

Observations on New Zealand Lichens. 4to.

Loudon, Mrs. British Wild Flowers. Ed. 3. Roy. 4to.

Mueller, Baron Ferd. von. Select Plants readily eligible for Industrial Culture or Naturalization in Victoria, with indications of their Native Countries and some of their Uses. 8vo.

Select Extratropical Plants, readily eligible for Industrial Culture or Naturalization. 8vo.

MfiLlefl, Professor Hermann. The Fertilization of Flowers. Rl. 8vo.

Oliver, D. Lessons in Elementary Botany. 10mo.

Pinetum Britannicum: a Descriptive Account of all the Hardy Trees of the Pine Tribe cultivated in Great Britain. Folio.

London, 1877.
London, 1877.

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Paxton, Sir Joseph. Botanical Dictionary; comprising the Names,

History, and Culture of all Plants known in Britain: with a full

Explanation of Technical Terms. Revised and corrected by Samuel

Hereman. Roy. 8vo.
Pickering, Charles. Chronological History of Plants: Man's Record

of his own Existence illustrated through their Names, Uses, and

Companionship. 4to.
Plues, Margaret. British Grasses; an Introduction to the Study of the

Graminese of Great Britain and Iroland. Post 8vo.
Prior, R. C. A. On the Popular Names of British Plants; being an

Explanation of the Origin and Meaning of the Names of our

Indigenous and most commonly cultivated Species. 8vo. Provancher, Abbe L. Flore Canadienne; ou, Description de toutes

les Plantes des Forets, Champs, Jardins, et Eaux du Canada.

Vol.11. 8vo.

Rorinson, W. Alpine Flowers for English Gardens, Post 8vo.
Sachs, Julius. Texthook of Botany, Morphelogical and Physiological.

Translated and annotated by Alfred W. Bennett, M.A., &c., assisted

by W. T. Thiselton Dyer, M.A. Roy. 8vo.
Scoppern, Dr. J. Outlines of Botany; including a Description of

Mosses, Lichens, Fungi, Ferns, and Seaweeds. 8vo.
Seehann, Bertheld. Flora Vitiensis: a Description of the Plants of

the Viti or Fiji Islands, with an Account of their History, Uses, and

Properties. 4to.
Sierold, Dr. Flora Japonica. Imp. 4to.

Sowerry, John E. British Wild Flowers; Illustrated. Described,
with an Introduction and Key to the Natural Orders, by C.
Pierpoint Johnson. Reissue: to which is added a Supplement
containing lately-discovered Flowering Plants, by John W. Salter,
A.L.S., F.G.S.; and the Ferns, Horsetails, and Club-mosses, by
J. E. Sowerby. Roy. 8vo.

English Botany; or, Coloured Figures of British Plants.

Vol. XI.: Gramineae. Roy. 8vo.

The Grasses of Great Britain. Roy. 8vo.

The Useful Plants of Great Britain: a Treatise upon the Principal Native Vegetables capable of Application as Food, Modicine, or in the Arts and Manufactures, by C. Pierpoint Johnson. Roy. 8vo.

Stephenson, John, and Churchill, James M. Medical Botany: Illus-
trations and Descriptions of the Medical Plants of the London,
Edinburgh, and Dublin Pharmacopoeias, comprising a Popular and
Scientific Account of Poisonous Vegetables indigenous in Great
Britain. New edition, edited by Gilbert T. Burnett, F.L.S. 3 vols.
Roy. 8vo.'

Sweet, Robert. Flora Australasica; or, A Selection of Handsome or
Curious Plants, natives of New Holland and South Sea Islands;
containing Coloured Figures and Descriptions. Roy. 8vo.

Williams, Benjamin S. The Orchid-grower's Manual; containing brief Descriptions of upwards of 140 Orchidaceous Plants. Cr. 8vo.

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Catalogue Op The Fossil Reptilia Op South Africa in the Collection of the British Museum. 4to.

D'orrigny, M. Alcide. Paleontologie ct Gdologie. 2 tomes.

Hector, Dr. Fossil Reptiles of New Zoaland. 8vo.

Nicholson, Henry Alleyne. A Manual of Palteontology for the use of
Students. 2 vols. 8vo.

Owen, Richard. Palaeontology; or, A Systematic Summary of Extinct
Animals, and their Geological Relations. 8vo.

Researches on the Fossil Remains of the Extinct Mammals of

Australia, with a Notice of the Extinct Marsupials of England. 2 vols. 4to.

Phillips, Jghn. Figures and Descriptions of the Palaeozoic Fossils of

Cornwall, Devon, and West Somerset. 8vo.
Southall, James C. The Epoch of the Mammoth and the Apparition

of Man upon the Earth. Post 8vo.

London, 1867. A 6

Paris, n. d. Ed

N.Z., 1877. —

London, 1879. A 6

Edin., 1860.

London, 1877. —

London, 1841. —

London, 1878. —


General Treatises.

Agassiz, L., and Gould, A. Outlines of Comparative Physiology,

touching the Structure and Development of the Races of Animals,

Living and Extinct. Edited by Dr. Wright. Cr. 8vo.
Aristotle. History of Animals. In Ton Books. Translated by R.

Creswell. Cr. 8vo.
Bastian, H. Charlton. The Beginning of Life; being some account

of the Nature, Modes of Origin, and Transformations of Lower

Organisms. 2 vols. post 8vo.
Biart, Lucien. Adventures of a Young Naturalist. 8vo.
Buckland, Frank. Log-book of a Fisherman and Zoologist; with

numerous Illustrations. Post 8vo.
Carpenter, Dr. W. B. Animal Physiology. New edition, theroughly

revised, and partly rewritten. Cr. 8vo. Zoology; being a Systematic Account of the General Structuro

of the Principal Families of the Animal Kingdom, and Forms of

Fossil Remains. 2 vols. cr. 8vo.
Cox, James C. A Monograph of Australian Land Shells, with plates.

Roy. 8vo.

Cuvier, Baron. The Animal Kingdom; with additional Descriptions,
by Edward Griffith, Major Charles H. Smith, and Edward Pigeon.
16 vols. 4to.

Fleming, John. Philosophy of Zoology. 2 vols. 8vo.
Helm, H.F. American Roadsters and Trotting Horses. Roy. 8vo.

W. Zoological Exorcises for Students in New Zealand.

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An Introduction to the Study of


H. Physiography:
Post 8vo.

- The Crayfish: An Introduction to the Study of Zoology. Post8vo. Jones, Themas Rymer. General Outline of the Organization of the

Animal Kingdom, and Manual of Comparative Anatomy. 8vo.
Le Grand, Antonius. Historia Naturae, variis Experiments et Ratio-
ciniis elucidata secundum Principia stabilita in Institutione
Philosophic. Small 4to.
Lewes, George Henry. Studies in Animal Life. Cr. 8vo.
Milne-edwards, M. Cours E1émentaire d'Histoire

Zoologie. Cr. 8vo.
Mivart, St. Goorge. On the Genesis of Species. Post 8vo.
Owen, R. On the Anatomy of Vertebrates. 3 vols. 8vo.

Roport of the Zoological Collections made in the Indo-Pacific

Ocean during the Voyage of H.M.S. " Alert," 1881-82. 8vo.
Rolleston, George. Forms of Animal Lifo. Illustrated by Descrip-
tions and Drawings of Dissoctions. 8vo.
Van Beneden, P. J. Animal Parasitos and Messmates; with Illustra-
tions. Cr. 8vo.

Van Der Hoven, J. Handbook of Zoology. Translated by the Rev.
W. Clark. 2 vols. 8vo.

Wallace, Alfred Russol. The Geographical Distribution of Animals;
with a Study of the Relations of Living and Extinct Faunas, as
elucidating the Past Changes of the Earth's Surface. 2 vols. 8vo.

Wood, J. G. Homes witheut Hands; boing a Description of the
Habitations of Animals, classed according to their Principle of
Construction. With New Designs, by W. F. Keyl and E. Smith. 8vo.

Petland Revisited. Cr. 8vo.

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Verterrated Animals.
1. Mammals.

Bell, Thomas. History of British Quadrupeds, including the Cetacea.

Second Edition, revisod and partly rewritten by the Auther, assisted

by Robert F. Tomes and Edward Richard Alston. 8vo.
Berjeari, P. Charles. Varieties of Dogs as they are found in Old

Sculptures, Pictures, Engravings, and Books. 8vo.
Berkeley, Hon. Grantley F. Fact against Fiction: The Habits and

Treatment of Animals practically considered; Hydrophebia and

Distemper; with somo Remarks on Darwin. 2 vols. 8vo.
Coues, Elliott. Fur-bearing Animals: a Monograph of North American

MustelidK. 8vo. "Washington, 1877.

London, 1874.
London, 1866.

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London, 1874. A f

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