Journal of the Senate of the State of Michigan, Volume 1

John S. Bagg, printer to the Legislature, 1889
Includes extra sessions.

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Página 450 - AN ACT To establish agricultural experiment stations In connection with the colleges established In the several States under the provisions of an act approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and of the acts supplementary thereto...
Página 391 - The governor shall receive an annual salary of four thousand dollars; the judges of the circuit court shall each receive an annual salary of two thousand five hundred dollars; the state treasurer shall receive an annual salary of one thousand dollars; the superintendent of public instruction shall receive an annual salary of one thousand dollars ; the secretary of state shall receive an annual salary of eight hundred dollars; the commissioner of the land office shall receive an annual salary of eight...
Página 574 - Delaware shall have ceded to the United States exclusive jurisdiction over the same, during the time the United States shall be or remain the owner thereof, for all purposes except the administration of the criminal laws of said State and the service of civil process therein.
Página 662 - An act to establish agricultural experiment stations in connection with the colleges established in the several States under tho provisions of an act approved July 2, 1862, and of the acts supplementary thereto.
Página 100 - An act for the requiring of a civil license in order to marry, and the due registration of the same, and to provide a penalty for the violation of the provisions of the same," approved May 31, 1887, the same being section 6222c of Howell's annotated statutes.
Página 478 - Tennessee provides that the bank ' shall pay to the state an annual tax of one-half of one per cent on each share of the capital stock subscribed, which shall be in lieu of all other taxes.
Página 312 - November, in the year eighteen hundred and seventy-four; and the Secretary of State is hereby required to give notice of the same to the sheriffs of the several counties...
Página 478 - ... the Constitution of the United States which prohibits a State from passing any law impairing the obligation of a contract. Whatever is granted is secured subject only to the limitations and reservations in the charter or in the laws or constitutions which govern it.
Página 220 - ... the boards of supervisors of said counties. And the board of supervisors of each county in the upper peninsula is hereby authorized and empowered to give and pay to the circuit judge of the judicial circuit, to which such county is attached, such additional salary or compensation as may from time to time be fixed and determined by such board of supervisors.
Página 208 - The question being, shall the decision of the Chair stand as the judgment of the House, the House sustained the Chair.

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