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Duties of School Board—continued.

(3.) Where no legal assessment for relief of poor,

levy and collect directly school rate in same
manner as if it were poor's rate.

§ 44

18. Borrow for school buildings, on security of school fund and rate, with consent of Board.

$ 45

19. Receive and administer income of property, &c.,

vested in heritors and kirk-sessions, or others, for

promotion of education, according to the trusts.
May depart from trusts, with consent of Board. 46
Receive each Martinmas town council's subscription

from common good for burgh school, and adminis-
ter it for purpose of promoting higher instruction. § 46

20. Receive bequests for education, and administer them

according to wishes of donors.

21. Appoint treasurer.

Preserve annual accounts of treasurer.

22. Appoint clerks and other officers.

Two or more school boards may appoint the same
treasurer or other officer.

23. Fix the fees to be paid in schools.

24 Provide teachers' houses (discretionary).

25. Appoint teachers, during pleasure,

26. Cause teachers appointed before passing of Act to be removed.

$ 60 (1.) By sheriff on charge of cruelty or immorality, or improper treatment of scholars.

$ 60 (2.) On report of H.M. Inspector in cases of in

competency, unfitness, or inefficiency, if their
judgment is confirmed by Board.

$ 60 Duties of School Board—continued.

27. Permit teacher to resign on condition of receiving

retiring allowance.

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28. Manage higher class schools with a view to promote

the higher education of the country. General provisions as to higher class schools.

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30. Put in force the clauses enforcing compulsory education.

$ 70 Appoint officer to report on parents who neglect to educate their children.

$ 70 Keep list of defaulters; summon and examine de

faulters ; if no reasonable excuse, certify to pro-
curator-fiscal of district; pay expenses out of
school fund.

§ 70

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32. Receive unexpended proceeds of parish school assess

ment for the year after the passing of the Act. $ 78 Receive money payable to Parliamentary schoolmasters.


$ 78

33. Take steps necessary, or as directed by Department,

for election of their successors.

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“ The Board of Education” shall mean the Board of Education for Scotland, established by this Act.

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Greater efficiency and convenience in the institution and organisation of schools and school boards..


Three years from the passing of the Act, with power to Her Majesty, by order in Council, to extend for two years more.

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Five members and secretary, appointed by the Queen, one to be chairman, two to be a quorum.

$ 3, sub-sec. 1


The Board and members responsible to the Scotch Education Department.

$ 3, sub-sec. 6

Duties and Powers.
1. Submit for consideration of Department the conditions

according to which, in their opinion, Parliamentary
grants may be most advantageously distributed in

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2. Keep minutes of proceedings, and submit report to

the Department to be laid before Parliament.

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3. Settle disputes a to area of school districts; or

Authorise school board to apply to sheriff of the

county to settle such disputes.

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4. Order burgh with population under 3000 to be dealt

with as part of the parish in which it or the greater

part thereof is situated.
Within Six Months of the passing of the Act-Order.

For list of small burghs united to parishes, cf. Appendix, p. 164.

Duties and Powers of Board—continued.

5. Determine number of members of school boards.

§ 12, sub-sec. 1

6. Frame and issue rules and directions for conduct of

first elections of school boards, and publish them in
the 'Edinburgh Gazette.'

§ 12, sub-sec. 5 Within Six Months of passing of Act.1

7. On failure of heritors and minister, or of town coun

cil, to take preliminary steps for first elections, require sheriff of county to do so. $ 12, sub-sec. 3 & 4 Within Three Months of the publication of Rules

for First Elections.

8. Order new election of members in place of those de

clared to be invalid if no quorum in school board;
or if school board do not appoint within three
weeks after declaration of invalidity.

§ 15 Order.

9. Order small parish to be united to an adjacent one.


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10. Order election of school board in a burgh for which

a school board had not previously been elected. $ 18 After Three Years from passing of Act-Order.

11. Order discontinuance of burgh school board, and the inclusion of burgh in the area of parish.

$ 19 After Three Years from passing of Act-Order.

Issued on January 21, 1873, cf. Appendix, p. 155.

Duties and Powers of Board—continued.
12. Nominate school board after expiration of twelve
months, if no school board elected.

§ 20 After Twelve Months from passing of Act.

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13. Receive report from school boards as to school accommodation.

$ 28 14. Approve determination of school board with or with

out qualification.
Or direct further report.

$ 28
Or direct inquiry.
Or direct additional accommodation to be pro-

vided, although not determined on by school

§ 28

15. Send requisition to defaulting school board ; and on

continued default, or unsatisfactory report, cause
inquiry; and give directions as to additional ac-
commodation, and recover expenses against default-
ing board.

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16. In determining as to accommodation, take into ac

count every school in parish or burgh ; call on
managers, &c., for documents and information ;
inspect schools and scholars.

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17. Require returns from time to time from school boards

with a view to making an educational census. § 31

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19. On failure of school board to supply returns, appoint

inspectors and recover expenses from defaulting
school board.

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20. Appoint inspectors of returns.

8 34 21. Sanction change of site or discontinuance of public

school in any parish or burgh.

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