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Duties and Powers of Board—continued.

Compel school boards to maintain and keep effici-
ent schools founded by them. § 36

22. Sanction transference of denominational and sub

scription schools. § 38

23. Sanction establishment of industrial schools. § 41

24. Sanction combination of school boards. § 42

25. Give consent to school boards to borrow money. § 45

26. Give consent to school boards to depart from trusts administered by them under § 46. § 46

27. Inspect accounts of school boards; order accounts

to be printed at expense of school boards. § 48

28. Appoint accountant. § 50

29. Keceive abstract of receipts and expenditure of each

school board, and transmit to Department to be
laid before Parliament. § 51

30. Confirm judgment of school board as to dismissal of

teachers in public schools appointed before Act. § 60

31. Kequire from school boards a statement of the funds

and revenues of higher class public schools, and application of the same. § 62, sub-sec. 3

Approve of school boards draining elementary in-
struction out of higher class schools. § 62, sub-sec. 4

Determine disputes as to fees to be paid in higher
class schools. § 62, sub-sec. 5

Approve school board's determination to increase
number of higher class schools. §§ 62 & 63



"Scotch Education Department" shall mean the Lords of any Committee of the Privy Council appointed by Her Majesty on Education in Scotland. § 1

Duties and Powers.

1. Appoint day (failing third Friday in October) for first

meeting of the Board; and fix place of meeting. § 4

2. Determine from time to time the rates and conditions

according to which Parliamentary grants may be

Frame and issue the minutes containing the
rates and conditions. §§ 5 & 67

3. Appoint time for election of school boards subsequent

to the first, having regard to the circumstances of
the localities. § 13

General Order.

4. In default of election of school board subsequent to

the first taking place, order an election. § 4

Or allow existing school board to continue in

Or nominate a school board.

Receive and lay before Parliament abstract of receipts
and expenditure of each school board. § 51

Duties and Powers of Department—continued.

6. Make regulations as to examinations of candidates for

certificates of competency. § 57

7. Grant certificates of competency. § 58

8. Frame and issue the minutes containing the rates and

conditions of distribution of Parliamentary grant. § G7

9. Inquire as to new denominational schools. § 67

10. Eegulate building grants. § 67

11. Approve of time-tables in public and State-aided

schools. § 68

] 2. Eeport to Parliament. § 75

N.B.—After three years (or five, if the term of the Board's endurance should be extended), all the powers and duties of the Board devolve upon the Department. § 3, sub-sec. 6




1872. 1872. Regulations for the examination of candidates for \ Immediately after

certificates of competency to be made by the V tne passing of the Department. )

First meeting of Board of Education. October 18th, § 4.

1873. 1873. Order of Board for union of small burghs with ) By February 6,

their parishes.1 j|Ui

Rules of Board for first election of school boards.2 ] ., „ , .'

I § 12, sub-sec. 5.

1 Order, cf. Appendix, p. 164.

1 Issued January 21, 1873, cf. Appendix, p. 155.


Board require sheriff of county to take preliminary <
steps for conduct of first elections on failure of {
old managers of parish 'and burgh schools to do so. j

School hoards must be elected in every district, j
If any failure Board nominates. I

Estimates of deficiency in school fund to be sent (
to parochial boards. I

Town councils of each burgh pay over to school j
board annual contribution from common fund, i

Application for building grant transmitted to j
Department. (


Eeports on state of education in each district to, be transmitted to Board.2

Treasurers of school boards transmit first accounts j to accountant of Board. \


Board to order election of school board in a burgh' for which a school board had not previously been elected,;

Board to order discontinuance of a burgh school j board, and the inclusion of burgh in area of! parish. ]

Termination of endurance of Board's term of] office, unless extended by Order in Council. I

Department to appoint time for election of school] board subsequent to the first. |


i Three months after
publication of rules,1
i.e., 21st April.
§ 12, 3 and 4.

I By August 6th,


I By June 12th, ;§44.

1 At Martinmas,


By December 31st, § 67.

1873 or 1874. Within 9 months of election of school boards. In no case later than May 6, ,1874,127.

1874. January 1st, § 49.

1875. Not before August 6, 1875, § 18.

Not before August 6, 1875, § 19.

August 6th, § 3.

Three years after first election of school board, § 13.

1 Issued January 21,1873, cf. Appendix, p. 155.

2 This duty will be in many cases discharged before the end of 1873. But in other cases it will not be discharged till 1874. Eeports from every school board must be transmitted before the 6th of May 1874.




An Act to amend and extend the provisions of the Law of Scotland on the subject of Education.[6th Augus( 1872.]

WHEREAS an Act was passed by the Parliament of Scotland, in the First Parliament of King William, in the year one thousand six hundred and ninety-six, intituled Act of "Act for settling of Schools:" 1696.

And whereas another Act was passed in the session of the forty-third year of the reign of His Majesty King George the 43 G. 3. c. Third, chapter fifty-four,1 intituled " An Act for making better 54. "provision for the Parochial Schoolmasters, and for making "further regulations for the better government of the Parish "Schools, in Scotland;" and another Act was passed in the session of the first and second years of the reign of Her present. Majesty, chapter eighty-seven,2 intituled "An Act to 1 & 2 Vict. "facilitate the foundation and endowment of additional 0. 87. "Schools in Scotland;" and another Act was passed in the session of the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth years of the 24 & 25 reign of Her present Majesty, chapter one hundred and seven,3 Vioto.107. intituled "The Parochial and Burgh Schoolmasters (Scotland) "Act, 1861:"

And whereas it is desirable to amend and extend the provisions of the law of Scotland on the subject of education, in such manner that the means of procuring efficient education for their children maybe furnished and made available to the whole people of Scotland:

And whereas it has been the custom in the public schools of Scotland to give instruction in religion to children whose

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