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N.B.—Where more than one Inspector is employed in the same District, the name of the Chief Inspector is printed first. The Names of the Inspectors' Assistants are printed in italics.


* The Chief Inspector of this district to be also Inspector of Training Schools, t The Parliamentary Division of South Lanarkshire as defined by the " Representation of the People (Scotland) Act," 1888, Schedule B. t The Crinan Canal will be the boundary between North and South Argyll (Mainland'.



Aberdeen New Grammar School deemed a higher class public school, xxxix. 52. provisions applicable to, xl. xli. 37-40, 52. Accommodation, school. See School accommodation. Accountant to Board of Education, appointment of, xxix. lvii. 32. duties of, xxix. 32. office shall be in Edinburgh, xxix. 32.

abstract of receipts and expenditure to be prepared and reported annually, xxix. lvii. lviii. 32. Accounts of school boards to be transmitted to accountant to Board of Education by respective treasurers, xxix. lvii. lx. 31, 32. time to which accounts are to be made up, xxix. lx. 31. inspection of, by Board of Education, by any school board member, or by

ratepayers, xxix. lvii. 31. printed at expense of school boards, xxix. lvii. 31. Act (Education), progress of, through Parliament, i. short title of, 50, interpretation of, 2. Acts repealed by this Act, xlvi. 1, 49, 50, 134.

Administration of trusts upon which schools are held, conditions on which transference to school board may be made, xxii. lLJlvii. 23, 24. consent to transference may be given by majority of not less than twothirds of administrators of such trusts, xxii. 24; at meeting duly summoned for that purpose, 24 ; persons whose consent is required need not be parties to the conveyance, 24; validity of the transference shall not be subject to challenge, unless challenge made judicially within six months of recording, 25 ; the transference may be effected by an ordinary disposition duly recorded, xxii. 24; no stamp or other duty required, xxii. 24. Admission into Training Colleges, Code, p. 114. Ages of children required to attend school, xliv. xlv. 45, 46. Agreement, form of, between school board and pupil teacher, 120.

* The Roman Numerals refer to the Summary: the Arabic Figures, to the Act and Appendix.

Agreement, form for cancelling engagements of pupil teachers, 121.

form of, on change of managers, 121.
Alloa, considered a separate school district, v. 2, 51.
Annual grant, conditions of, Code, p. 103.
to Day Schools, Code, p. 104.
to Evening Schools, Code, p. 105.
to Training Colleges, Code, p. 114.
reduction of, Code, p. 107.
Annual report of proceedings by the Scotch Education Department to he laid

before Parliament, xxxi. xlvi. lix. 48.
Appointment of Committee of Council on Education in Scotland by Order in
Council, vii. 96.
Board of Education, viii. ix. 96.
chairman of school board, ix. xv. xlix. 15.
managers of schools by school board, xv. 16.
treasurer to school board, xv. xxviii. xlix. Hi. 31.

persons to make returns on failure of school board to do so, xxi. lvi. 22.
inspectors of returns, lvi. 22.
officers to make inquiiy on failure of school board to report, or if report

is unsatisfactory, xx. 1. lvi. 20.
clerks and other officers of school board, xv. xlix. lii. 32.
returning officer for first elections, 156, 162.
Area of a parish and of a burgh defined, v. vi. 3, 7.

disputes regarding, and as to area of school districts, settled either by the
Board of Education or sheriff of the county, vii. liv. 7.
Argyll, county of, special provisions in regard to annual Parliamentary grant
to schools in parishes in, xxx. 23, 42.
for reduction of, 107.
for building grants, 101.
Argyll, written ballot papers may be used in parishes of, 159.
Assessment of school-rate, regulations for levying and collecting the same
along with assessment for relief of the poor, xxv. li. Ix. 27.
where no legal assessment for relief of poor, to be levied and collected
directly in same manner as if it were poor's rate, xxv. lii. 27.
Assessments, clauses of poor-law Acts relating to assessments, 57.
Assistant Teachers, Code, p. 109, 113.
Attendance, calculation of, Code, p. 105, 128.
Audit of school board accounts by accountant of Board of Education, xxix.

Ayr Academy deemed a higher class public school, xxxix. 52.
provisions applicable to, xl. xli. 37-40, 52.

Ballot, poll to be by, 159.

Ballot paper, form of, 161.

Ballot paper, written, may be used in certain counties, 159.

Bathgate considered a separate school district, v. 2, 51.

Bequests to parochial schools, rights of teachers of any existing parish school,

or powers of trustees not prejudiced, xviii. 17.
Bequests, school boards may receive and administer, xxvii. 30.

wishes and intentions of the donors to be carried out, xxviii. lii. 31.

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