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Defaulting school boards, as to invalid elections, xii. xiii. xlix. lx. 12.
proceedings on failure to make returns, Jcxl Ivi. 22.
refusal to fill up forms and admit inspectors, xix. 22.
failure to maintain and keep efficient any school provided by them, xxi.
lvii. 22; or to provide such additional school accommodation as may
be necessary, xxi. 1. 22.

"Scotch Education Department" shall mean the Lords of any Commit-
tee of the Privy Council, appointed by her Majesty, on education in
Scotland, viii. lviii. 2.
"Board of Education " shall mean the Board of Education for Scotland

established by this Act, viii. liii. 2. parish, v. 2; parish school, 2; burgh, v. 2 ; burgh school, 3 ; public school, 3; teacher, 3 ; Parliamentary grant, 2; parent, 2 ; Her Majesty's inspectors, 2. Delegation of powers of school boards under this Act to managers shall be

lawful, 15. Denominational schools may receive Parliamentary grants, but are not considered to be public schools, 3. denominational inspection ceases at the passing of this Act, 3, 41. Her Majesty's inspectors may visit and inspect under certain provisions, 21. can only be transferred, not sold, to school board, xxii. li. lvii. 23, 25. procedure for transference, xxii. 25. Normal schools not affected by this Act, 44. Department, the. See Scotch Education Department, Diary, school, Code, p. 108.

Dick Bequest, right of teachers to participate in, not prejudiced, xviii. Discontinuance of change of site of any school under management of school

board, xxii. 1. Ivi. 22. Disputes as to the area of school districts, vii. liv. 7.

regarding the election of school boards, summarily determined by the sheriff, xii. xlix. 12. District, general and special sense of the term, v.; preliminary procedure for

election of school boards in, 158. District school, constitution of, v. 6; every parish and every burgh is constituted a school district, v. 2, 3, 13. election within twelve months after the passing of this Act of a school board, v. xlviii. 6; may be formed by two or more school boards detaching portion from their parishes, and uniting them into districts, vi. lv. 13 ; such districts are deemed parishes, vi. 13; consent of the sheriff must be given to this arrangement, vi. 1. 13; dispute as to, vii. liv. 7. Districts, school, summary of provisions for constitution of, v.-vii.

list of inspectors of, 176. Documents of the Scotch Education Department, authentication of, xlvi. 41. Dumfries Academy deemed a higher class public school, xxxix. 52.

provisions applicable to, xl. xii. 37-40, 52. Duration of Board of Education to be three years from the passing of this Act, with power to Her Majesty, by Order in Council, to extend for two years more, ix. liv. 4.

Duties and powers of school boards, appoint chairman, xv. xlix. 15; other
officers, xvi. xxviii. xlix. 31, 32.
supersede heritors and minister in all powers, obligations, and duties,
vested in or incumbent on them in regard to parish schools, xvii. xlix.
supersede town councils in all powers and duties vested in them in re-
gard to burgh schools, vii. xlix. 17.
Duties, summary of the principal duties of the Board, Department, and
school boards, in order of time, lix. lx.

Ecclesiastical superintendence over public schools abolished, and all
connection between public schools and the Church severed, xvii.
xlix. 16.
Edinburgh High School, deemed a higher class public school, xxxix. 52.

provisions applicable to, xl. xli. 37-40, 52.
Education, national, Parliamentary efforts to establish, i.
Education Bill, account of its progress in Parliament, i.
Education Act, general scope and leading principles of, ii. iii.
Education, Order in Council appointing the Committee of Council on, 96.
appointment of Board of Education, 96; of Scotch Education Depart-
ment, vii.
Education Department, Scotch, appointment of, vii.; numbers of, vii. viii.
denned to mean the Lords of any Committee of Privy Council appointed
by Her Majesty on Education in Scotland, vii.
Education compulsory—

School boards to put in force the clauses enforcing, xvi. xlv. liii. 46.
to appoint officer to report on parents who neglect to educate tha

children, xvi. xliv. liii. 46.
keep list of defaulters; summon and examine defaulters; if no reason-
able excuse, certify to Procurator-Fiscal of district; pay expenses out
of school fund, xxiv. xlv. liii. 46.
Sec also Compulsory clauses.
Education Code (1873), 97.

Educational requirements, the first duty of every school board to ascertain,
xix. 7, 18.

Elections Of School Boards :—

First election.

election of school board within twelve months after the passing of this
Act, v. xlviii. 6, 7.

rules and directions for conducting, to be framed and issued by Board of
Education, and published in the 'Edinburgh Gazette' within six
months, xi. lv. 7.

number of members, x. xlviii. lv. 7; each school board must con-
sist of not less than five, and not more than fifteen members,
x. xlviii. 8.

candidates, x. 8; any one not being a teacher in a public school is eligible
as a member, x. xlviii. 10; no qualification as to age, sex, residence,
or ownership requisite, and same person may be elected member of
two or more boards, x. xlviii. 8.

Elections Of School Boardscontinued.

electors, qualifications of, x. xlviii. 8.

elections conducted in accordance with rules issued by the Board of Education, xi. lv. 10.

elections, first, rules for, in parishes, 156; in burghs, 162; time for, in parishes, 156; in burghs, 162.

election, majority of votes, in case of equality returning officer to determine, and dispute to be settled by sheriff summarily, xii. xlix. 12.

notice of election to be sent to person elected by returning officer ; also time and place of first meeting, not later than fourteen days after election, xii. xlix. 13.

on failure of heritors and minister, or of town council, to take preliminary steps for election, the Board of Education may require sheriff of county to do so within nine months, xi. xlviii. lv. lx. 7.

election of school board in a burgh for which a school board had not previously been elected, may be ordered by Board of Education after three years, xiv. lv. lx. 14.

invalid elections. If quorum exist—i.e., if three members duly elected—school board shall appoint in place of those declared invalid. If no quorum, or if school board fails for three weeks to appoint, Board may order new election of as many members as may be necessary, xii. xlix. lv. 12.

election of successors; school board to take steps necessary for, or as directed by Scotch Education Department, xiii. liii. lviii. lx. 11.

list of parishes in which election failed, 175. Election subsequent to first.

Scotch Education Department to appoint time (after three years) for election of school board, subsequent to the first, having regard to the circumstances of the localities, xiii. xiv. liii. lviii. lx. 10, 11; general rules for election of members, 51.

in default of election of school board subsequent to the first taking place, the Scotch Education Department may order an election, lviii. 5; or allow existing school board to continue in office, lviii. 5; or nominate a school board, lviii. 5. Electors of school boards, general qualifications of, x. 8, 51; to comprise owners and occupiers of lands of £i and upwards, annual value, entered in latest valuation roll, x. xlix. 8, 51. Elementary instruction, higher class schools relieved of giving, as far as practicable, xxxvii. 39. Elgin Academy deemed a higher class public school, xxxix. 52; provisions

applicable to, xl. xii. 3;, 40, 52. Employers of children under the age of thirteen shall be deemed to undertake the duty of a parent, and liable to same extent, xliv. 47 ; exceptions, xiv. 47. Establishment of school boards within twelve months after passing of Act, i.e. before August 1873, a school board shall be established in every parish and burgh, v. xlviii. 6.

evening schools, xxiii. li. 26.

infant schools, xxiii. li. 26.

industrial schools, xxiii. li. lvii. 26. Evening scholars, Code, 116.

Evening schools, establishment and maintenance of, for instruction of scholars above thirteen years of age, xxiii. li. 26 ; schoolroom vested in school board may be used, xxiii. 26; or rooms suitable for the purpose may be hired, xxiii. 26; such to be deemed public schools, xxiii. 26; annual grant to, Code, 105; special provisions for, 116. Evidence of orders, &c., of the Scotch Education Department, xlvi. 41. Examination of schools by Her Majesty's inspectors of schools, xix. 21.

of higher class schools, xxxviii. 89-41; expenses incident to, xxxix. 39. Examination of teachers, xxxv. 35.

candidates for certificate of competency shall be examined according to

regulations issued by the Scotch Education Department, xxxv. 35. university degrees may come in place of examination, xxxv. 35. Examination for certificates, Code, p. 109. syllabus of subjects of, Code, p. 118-9. standards of, Code, p. 106. specific subjects of, Code, p. 122. of candidates for admission into training college, 114. of students in training college, 115. Exemptions from attending school, xlv. 47.

Existing schools may be taken into account by Board of Education and school
board, in considering and determining school accommodation, xx. 1. 20.
transference of, to school board, xxii. li. lvii. 23; consent to trans-
ference necessary, xxii. li. lvii. 24.
Expenses of Scotch Education Department, how fixed and defrayed, 3.

of school board, including those incident to the election thereof (but not
including the expenses of any member or candidate), shall be paid out
of school fund, xxiv. 10, 27, 52.
of higher class shall not be paid out of school fund, except the expense
of annual examinations, and of repairing, enlarging, &o., the school
building, xl. 41.
of members or candidates of school board, not to be paid out of school
fund, xxiv. 27.

Fees paid in all public schools (not higher class schools), under the manage-
ment of school boards, to be fixed by the school boards, xxiv. xxvii.
lii. 32, 33; and collected by the treasurer, xxviii. 33; and paid into
the school fund, xxviii. 33.
in higher class schools, are fixed by the teachers in the schools, with the
approval of the school boards, xxxviii. 33.

Females, if otherwise qualified, may vote as well as males, x.

Finance And Parliamentary Grants.

Fund (school) to be established in every parish, and treasurer appointed,

xxiv. xxviii. li. 31. revenue, the various sources of, xxiv. xxix. liii. lx. 22, 28, 32, 41, 46, 49. expenditure, chief items of outlay, xxiv. xxxv. xlv. 18, 23, 27, 32,

34, 39, 47. rates, school, power of school boards to impose, and mode of levying

xxv. xxvL li. 27. borrowing power of school board, xxiv. xxvi. lii. 28. fees, school, how fixed, paid, and accounted for, xxiv. xxvi. liii, 32, 39.

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funds, certain other, over which the school board have power of administration, xxvii. lii. 29.

bequests, existing, how vested and administered, xxvii. 29.

bequests, future, power given to school boards to receive, xxviii. 30.

treasurer, appointment and remuneration of, xxviii. 31, 32 ; duties of, xxviii. 81.

accounts to be transmitted by treasurer annually to accountant of the Board of Education, xxviii. lvii. lx. 31, 32.

inspection of, by ratepayers, &c, permitted, xxix. lvii. 31.

time for transmission of first accounts by treasurer, xxix. 31.

accountant, his duties, xxix. 32; his office shall bo in Edinburgh, xxix. 32.

grant, Parliamentary, the provisions of, xxix. 5, 41.

receive bequests for education, and administer them according to wishes of donor, xxviii. lii. 30.

abstract of receipts and expenditure to be received from every school board by the Board of Education, and transmitted to the Scotch Education Department, xxix. lvii. lviii. 32; to be laid before Parliament, xxix. lvii. lviii. 32. Form of a conveyance for transference of a school to a school board, 126. Forms required for the purpose of obtaining returns, shall be supplied to the

school boards by the Board of Education, xxi. 22. Form of Agreement between school board and pupil teacher, Code, p. 120. Free Church schools may be transferred to school boards, xxii. li. lvii. 24, 25; not by purchase, but only as a gift, 25.

procedure for transference, xxii. 25. Funds and revenues of higher class schools, 38; sources and administration of, xxxvii. 38 ; Board of Education may require a statement of the funds, &c, and application of the same, xxxix. lvii. 37. Funds of school boards established, xxiv. li. 27.

funds for behoof of public schools to be transferred to school boards, xxvii. lii. 29, 30.

school boards to receive and administer unexpended proceeds of parish school assessment, for the year after the passing of this Act, xxiv. liii. 49.

receive money payable to Parliamentary schoolmasters, xxiv. xxxiv. liii. 49.

receive and administer income of property, fee., vested in heritors and kirk-sessions, or others, for promotion of education, according to the trusts, xxvii. lii. 29.

may depart from trusts, with consent of the Board of Education, xxviii. lii. 29.

receive at Martinmas town council's subscription from common good for
burgh school, and administer it for purpose of promoting higher in-
struction, xxvii. lii. 29.

Gifts of property or funds for behoof of schools may be received and admin-
istered by school board, xxviii. lii. 30.
Girls' schools. See Heritors' girls' schools.
Girvan considered a separate school district, v. 2, 51.
Glasgow High School deemed a higher class public school, xxxix. 52.

provisions applicable to, xl. xli. 37, 40, 62.
Graduates in arts and science, Code, 109 ; of Scotch Universities, 111.

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