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Shetland, special provisions in regard to annual Parliamentary grant to
schools in parishes in, xxx. 23, 42; reduction of grant, Code, 107.
provisions for building grants, 101.
written ballot papers may be used in parishes of, 159.

Side schools

included in the definition " parish school," xvii. 8; become vested in
school boards, xvii. 16,17; may be discontinued, changed, or sold, 23.

Site of any school may be discontinued or changed by school board, with
sanction of Board of Education, xxi. 22.

Small parishes may be added to adjacent parishes, vi. 13.

Special provisions, Code, 116.

Specific subjects of secular instruction, Code, 122, 123.

Stamp duties, &c, xxii. 24; note on, 88.

Standard of education which now exists in public schools shall not be lowered,

Standard of examination for teachers in all public schools, except the higher
class public schools, shall be fixed by the Scotch Education Depart-
ment, 35.
for teachers of higher class school fixed by school boards, xxxviii. 37-38;
qualification of examiners, 37, 38.

Standards of examination, Code, 106.

State-aided school, the word not defined, but may be taken to mean any
school in receipt of Parliamentary grant, 10.

Statistics relative to schools in Scotland, published by the Education Com-
mission in 1865, 19.

Status of teachers, minute modifying 66th article of Code as to, 130.

Stirling High School deemed a higher class public school, xxxix. 52.
provisions applicable to, xl. xli. 37, 40, 52.

Students, examination of, in training colleges, Code, 115.

"Subject to inspection," meaning of, 2.

Subjects, specific, of secular instruction, 122-3.

Subscription schools can only be transferred, 23.

"Suitable and available : " the points which should be considered in determin-
ing what schools are "suitable and available," for the instructing of
children, 21.

Summaries of the principal provisions regarding—
Board of Education, liii. lvii.
School Boards, xlviii.-liii.
Scotch Education Department, lviii. lix.

Summary of the principal duties of the "Board," "Department," and
"School Boards," in order of time, lix. lx.

Supplementary rules of Code, Code, p. 124-5.

Syllabus of subjects of examination, Code, 109.

Table of specific subjects of secular instruction, 122-3; Code to lie on table
of Houses of Parliament, Code, 41.

Teachers :—

Definition of, xxxii. 3.

teachers of parish and burgh schools .in office, their existing rights
protected, xxxii. 18, 30, 34.

teachers appointed after the passing of this Act hold office under school

boards, xxxiii. Hi. 34.
vacancies between the passing of this Act and the election of the school

boards to be filled up temporarily, xxxiii. 49.
teachers' houses, how maintained, xxxiv. 33 ; school board may provide

(discretionary), xxxiv. lii.
salaries of teachers of Parliamentary schools continued as long as they

hold office, xxxii. xxxiv. ,34, 49.
certificates of competency must be held by the principal teacher in every

public school, xxxiv. 34; who shall be deemed holders of such at the

passing of this Act, xxxv. 34.
examination for certificates of competency, xxxv. 35 ; regulations for

conducting, xxxv. 35.
university degrees, candidates who have taken a degree will not require

to be examined in subjects comprised in the degree, but must satisfy

examiner of skill in teaching, xxxv. 35.
retiring allowances, conditions of granting, xxxv. liii. 37.
registrar to perform statutory duties imposed upon schoolmasters not

relating to teaching, xxxvi. 48.
Schoolmasters' Widows' Fund not affected by this Act, xxxvi. 49.
removal or dismissal of teachers, xxxii. lii. lvii. 34, 36.
teacher of a public or State-aided school not eligible as a member of a

school board, lviii. 10.
teachers transferred cannot compel school boards to fulfil contracts

made with school-managers, 25.
inexpedient to appoint as clerk or treasurer, xvi.
assistant, Code, p. 109, 113.
Time - tables specifying hours at which religious instruction is given, to

be prepared in each public and State-aided school, under approval of

the Scotch Education Department, xliii. lix. 44.
hours for such instruction, xliii. 44.
minutes of Scotch Education Department as to approval of, 126-8;

when signed by Inspectors regarded as property of school, 128.
Time, order of, summary of the principal duties of the Board, Department,

and school boards, in order of time, lix. lx.
Title ; short title of Act, 50.
Town Councils, procedure of, in regard to first elections of school boards, xi.

10, 162.
funds or property vested in, for behoof of schools, to be transferred to

school boards, xxvii. lii. 29.
sums, such as it has been the custom to contribute to schools out of the

common good or other funds under their charge, shall be paid annually

to the school board, xxvii. lii. 29.
superseded, with respect to all powers and duties in regard to schools,

by school boards, vii. xvii. xviii. xlix. 17.
burgh schools transferred from, and vested in school boards, xvii. 17.
Training colleges, definition of Code, 113; grants to, 114; admission into,

114-5; examination of students in, 115.
Transference of existing schools from heritors, xvii. xxii. li. 16, 17, 23, 24;

from magistrates and town councils, xvii. xxii. li. 17, 23, 24.

Transference of a school to a school board, form of conveyance for, 126.
Treasurer to school board—

appointment of, at first meeting, xv. xxviii. xlix. lii. 31.

inexpedient to appoint teacher as, xvi.

duties of, xxviii. 31.

accounts of, shall be made up and transmitted to the accountant of the

Board of Education, xxviii. 31.
annual accounts shall be preserved by the school board, and be open to

inspection of members of board and ratepayers, xxix. lii. 31.
two or more school boards may appoint the same treasurer or other officer,
xvi. xxviii. lii. 32.
Trust deeds of schools, Code, 102.

Trusts; Board of Education may give consent to school boards to depart from
trusts administered by them, xxvii. lii. lvii. 29.

Union of small burghs with parishes, 164.

United Presbyterian Church schools may be transferred to school boards, xxii.
24, 25; not by purchase, but only as a gift, 25; procedure for transfer-
ence, xxii. 25.
United parishes esteemed one parish, vi. 7.

preliminary proceedings in case of election of school board for, 158.
University degrees may come in place of examination for a certificate of
competency, xxxv. 35.
graduates in arts or science, Code, 109, 111.

members of council of a Scotch University though not graduates may
receive certificates, Minute, 130.

Vacancies in school board to be filled up by school board nominating a person
to supply vacancy, xiii. xlix. 11.
in office of teacher in parish or burgh schools occurring before a school
board has been elected can only be filled up temporarily, xxxiii. 49.
Valuation Roll, how prepared, 8.
Voters, illiterate, no provision for assisting to record their votes in parishes

and school districts, xii. 160, 163.
Votes to be taken by ballot, as prescribed by schedule in parishes, 158.
and directed by Ballot Act in burghs, 163.
method of counting, 158, 160, 163.
validity of, 160.
Voting, mode of, 158-161,163.
Voting, rules for, xii. 7, 10, 52, 159.

Wick and Pulteneytown considered a separate school district, v. 2, 51.
Written ballot papers may be used in parishes of the counties of Argyll, In-
verness, Ross, Cromarty, Orkney, and Shetland, 159.



Public School. 8.B.D.;

The following questions must be answered by the solicitor, and must be signed by him as well as by the correspondent on behalf of the school board.

N.B.—The attention of the Solicitor is particularly requested to the Acts for facilitating the Conveyances of School sites 4 & 5 Vict. c. 38; 12 & 13 Vict. o. 49, and 13 Vict. o. 13.

1. Is the site Eeu or Leasehold I1 1.

2. Is it to be given, or to be sold 1 2.

3. "What is the name of the Grantor or Vendor 1 3.

4. What is his Title to the Property t 4.

5. Is the estate in any manner settled or charged? 5.

6. If so, what are the nature and extent of the 6.

charge; what is the annual value of the
Property charged, and will the Mortgagee
join in the Grant?

7. If the owner possess only a Life Interest, is 7.

there any person next entitled to an Estate
of inheritance in remainder, who is compe-
tent and willing to join in the Grant?—
(Vide Act 4 and 5 Vict., c. 38, s. 2.)

1 A Leasehold Site is not accepted by their Lordships when a Freehold Site can bo obtained; and no Lease for a shorter term than 99 years, or with more than a nominal rent, is admissible. Clauses for re-entry must be qualified, so as to be inoperative until the Money granted towards the erection of the School shall have been repaid to the Lords of Her Majesty's Treasury. The term of the Lease should be specified in this Form; and it should be stated whether the conditions required will be complied with.

8. If the Grantor's Estate is entailed, has any 8. decreet from the Sheriff been obtained under 3&4 Vict., c. 48?

If so, the same, or a copy of it, should be forwarded.

Signed this day of 187


(Correspondent on behalf of the
School Board of

Instructions As To The Preparation Of The Draft Of The FeuCharter Or Disposition Which Must Be Submitted To The Scotch Education Department, For The Approval Of Their Counsel, Before The Deed Is Executed.

The Solicitor's attention is directed to the Acts relating to the Conveyance of Sites for Schools (4 & 5 Vict. cap. 38; 12 & 13 Vict. cap. 49; and 13 Vict. cap. 13).

1. The legal estate (bare trusteeship) of Schools should be vested in the School Board, who, as a Corporate Body (35 & 36 Vict. c. 62, s. 22) are competent under the Act 4 & 5 Vict. c. 38, to hold the trust in perpetuity.

2. The Deed of Conveyance must declare the land to be held for the site of a Public School, for a playground or residence for the Teacher, and for no other purpose whatever.

3. When the Draft of the Deed has been prepared, it must be transmitted to their Lordships, in order that it may be submitted to their Counsel, for his perusal.

4. When the Draft has been returned, approved by their Lordships' Counsel, it may be executed and registered according to the law of Scotland. No alteration whatever may be made in the Draft thus approved, except under the written sanction of their Lordships; otherwise the School Board will be unable, bond fide, to sign the Certificate of the fulfilment of the conditions on which their Lordships' Grants are made and accepted; which Certificate contains the following clause, viz. :—" That the entire premises have been conveyed to the Board by the Deed approved in Draft by your Counsel."

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