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By amount of Duplicate Receipts for Drafts issued under acts

of Legislative Assembly, approved February 15th, 1842, de. livered to the Secretary by the Treasurer, on the surrender to him, by the Secretary, drafts equal in amount to the du. plicato receipts delivered to him,

$19,520 33 By amount of doplicate receipts for drafts issued by Secreta.

ry and Treasurer, uoder act approved February 15th, A., D. 1842, unredeemed in the tiands of Treasurer.

16,672 18 By error, drafts over issued,

118 16

$36,310 67


Of A. P. FIELD, Secretary of the Terr itory.,


Madison, April 11th, 1843.'s To the Hon. the Speaker of the House of Representatives :

Sir :-Owing to my long absence from the Territory on busi.. ness of a public nature I am prevented from making to your hon. orable body, a detailed report in regard to the amount of scripissued in the form required by a resolution passed some time since, calling for the Treasurer's report upon the same suhject. I have. however examined his report, compared it with the register which was kept by me of the scrip issued, the amount surren. dered to him, and the amount outstanding, and find that his re. port furnishes all the information to the Legislature that I could give them upon the subject. Shortly before my leaving for Wash. ington City, I surrendered to the Treasurer $19,520,30, which had been paid by me, and took his receipt for the same, together with a list of the scrip thus surrendered.

I was prevented from cancelling it at that time in consequence of the necessity of my leaving for Washington before the season became so advanced as to prevent my travelling. Since my re. turo I have compared the scrip that he bas reported to you, and

find it to be the same in amoun: and description with that sur. rendered.

It will br prrccived that the amount surrendered to the Treasurer fell short of the appropriaiion I received from the Treasury Department, sowe four hundred and cighty dollars, but that difference was made up in the payment of claims for which individuals refused to take scrip. Three of the meters of tho last Legislature, to wil: Messrs Tripp, Dewey and Sutherland, declined taking scrip and were paid upon their certificates, vhich amounted to some seven hundred dollars.

In regard to the amount of scrip issued to me, and placed in my hands to pay interest on bonds, bemg thirty five hundred dollars. I beg leave to state as near as I can arrive at the amount, I have paid out thirty-three hundred dollars, leaving in my hands a balance of two hundred dollars yet to be applied to that purpose. The interest on bonds issued by the Territory for Legislative expenses amounts to sis thousand dollars, leaving a balance yet due, of interest for which vo scrip has been paid, of some twenty five hundred dollars. I will endeavor as early as possible, to make out a more detailed report in regard to both these subjects for the information of both branches of the Leg. islature.

I beg leave most respectfully to ask your honorable body io, take into consideration this duly imposed upon mne by the Legis. lature, of issuing scrip, registering it, paying it on!, redeeming it, and cancelling it, was a most arduous and difficult task, that it was an extra service and that the compensation allowed was wholly inadequate and insufficient, and that it is but just that such additional allowance be made to me proportional to the du. ties I have thus performed.

I have the honor to be, sir, .
Your obedient Servant,

A. P. FIELD. .

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When and where held, 3, 219.
ACCOUNT3, presented and referred

Bigman, Nelson 175.
Bird, Win. D. 177.
Bird, I. W. 202.
Boyles, Alfred 178.
Boyles, Joshua 204. •
Boyles, J. & A. 211.
Dougherty, R. 225.
Daggert, W. D. 323.
Eiky, Wm. 178.
Eastian, D. T. 265.
Follett, B. 178.
Finch, C. D. 307. '
Field, A. P. 308.
Hosmer, James E. 178.
Jones, David 178.
Knapp, J. G. 153.
Kellogg, L. F. 176.
Lemon, James 125.
Lemon, George 177.
Lindsay, Thomas 178.

Lambert, David 212, 260, 313,
McKinney, Jacob 173.
Marsh & McKinney, 202.
Prentiss, Wm. A. 52.
Reed, Harrison 177.
Ream, R. L. 253.
Sholes, C. L. 115.
Sholes, Chs. C. 178.
Sholes, H. 0. 120.
Southwick, David 175.
Shillinglaw, Thomas 177.
Shackelford, B. 177.
Seymour, Wm. N. 236.
Starr, Elisha 303.
Taylor, Jonathan 178.
Vanbergen, S. M. 177.
Walker, G. H. 3:22. .
Ward, J. & L. 323.
Ward, J. 178.

Whiiney, D. M. 134;
ATTENDANCE of members 3, 4, 46, 47, 60, 75, 76, 89, 219.

On taking the chair 12, 13, 120.
On leaving the chair 217, 218, 452.

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No. 1. To change the time of holding courts in certain coun.'

ties of the second judicial district. Introduced
50 ; proceedings 5:3, 91; 115, 116; reported
120 ; passed H. of Reps. 121 ; passed Council
122; laid on the table 123; referred to the com.

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