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ORDERS--for printing 300 copies of report relative to holding

session, 30.
That the Governor's message be referred to a se.

lect committee, 90.
To appoint a committee of three to revise rules,

92. libet
To transmit documents and papers to Council

relative to stationery, 112,
For printing 100 copies of act authorizing elec.

tion of officers of Territory of Wisconsin, 165. '
For printing 200 copies of report of Library

committee and document C. 174.
Report [marked H.] 226.


Of inhabitants of Iowa county for road, 50, 86.
For divison, 283, 287.
or inhabitants of Green county, for road 86,

· of inhabitants of Walsvorth county, to repeal

school law 86, 93.
For division, 93.

To restrain the killing of deer, 235, 236.
. Of inhabitants of Brown county, to repeal town
• government, 120.
of inhabitants of Rock county, for road, 115,

of inhabitants of Grant county, relative to a

division, 155.
Or inhabitants of Dane county, to organize the

town of Clinton, 130.
For road 155, 193.
Roof on Capitol, 291.

To bave tax remitted 306.
Or inhabitants of Milwaukee county, to connect

lake Muskego and root river, 126, 151.
Relative to schools, 144.
Relative to partition lines 109, 165.
For additional term of district court 322.
Of inhabitants of Portage county, for organiza

tion, 76.
Of inhabitants of Manitowoc county, relative to

acts of justices of peace, 184.
Of inhabitants of Dodge county, for road, 200.
Of inhabitants of township six north range,

to be organized 52.
Or inhabitants of town of Warren for division,

86, 114. -
of inhabitants of town of Rochester relative to

a dam, 120.
Of inbabitants of town of Aztalan to change the
· boundary, 200.
of inhabitants of town of Racine for harbor, 158.
Of inhabitants of Racine relative to admission of

attorneys, 213.
Of inhabitants of town of Burlington relative to

a dam 212.
Of inhabitants of town of Waterford relarive to

waterpower 270.
Of inhabitants of town of Meacham relative to

change of name, 313.
Of supervisors of Milwaukee county relative to

town and county gov't 136.
Of members of bar of Milwaukee county relative

of George McWilliams relative to his removal

from office, 108.
Of Edwin Hart relative to his removal from of.

fice, 108.
Of Robert D. Lester to be remunerated for taking

census, 113.
Of Elizabeth Harlow for divorce, 120.
Of David Brown for additional pay, 125.
Of E. M. Williamson to occupy a room in capi.

tol, 194.
Of David L. Wells to build a dam, 212.
Of Calvin Frink for a ferry, 288.
Or Rebecca P. Farrington for divorce, 294.
Of Wm. C. Bryant for ferry, 334.
Of Wisconsin Territory relative to school law.


of Jefferson and Walworth counties for road, 325.
PARKER, LUTHrn, elected canal commissioners, 207.

RESOLUTIONS— Adopting rules of last session 5.

To inform Gov. of temporary organization 7.

50, 76.
Requesting opinion of Judges of Sup. Court 7.
Entitling John M. Capron to seat 9.
Allowing seats to reporters 9, 87.
Employing Knapp & Delany to do the inciden.

tal printing 11.,
Relative to defraying expenses of present session,

29, 32, 33, 111.
Removal of Gov. 31, 41, 43, 45.
Relative to printing copies of report of committee

to inform Governor 30. .
Granting Ms. Capron leave to change bis vote,87.

Authorising a loan for the redemption of lands

sold for taxes, 39.
In reference to the clection of commissioner of

public buildings, 40, 42. "
To adjourn present session, 44, 46, 64, 67, 75,

To the Hon. A. G. Ellis, 45, 75, 217, 450.
To inform the Council, &c. 48.,
To transmit to the President of the Senate and

Speaker of the House of Representatives of the
United States, copies of committee's report

relative to removal of Governor, &c. 35. 65.
To request Governor certain information, rela.

tive to expenses, 48,
To grant use of Hall to Dane county bible So.

ciety, 52.
To request of Librarian a report relative to the

Library and expenditures, 52,55, 84. "
Allowing certain persons seats within the bar, 87.
To appoint a committee to examine Library, 89.
To revise rules for government of both houses, 93.
Relative to finishing roads, 93.
Relative to printing Governor's Message, 98.
Relative to Gov's message, 99.
To printing copies of standing rules, 102.
Upon the memorials of George McWilliams and

Edwin Hart, 108, 109.
Relative to bills and memorials to be presented to

Governor, 109.
To have demands against Territory presented, 109.
To meet at 9 each day, 109
Demanding certain articles of Librarian, 112.
Granting use of Ha!1, Ter. Temp. Soc. 119.

To refer Gov. message to various eom. 124.
To amend Journal of the House of the oth inst.


Requesting Gov. to inform if any members re.

ceived pay for more than seventy.five days at

said session, 131.
Relative to the seat of Andrew E. Elmore, 137,

Relative to the disagreement between the Execu.

tive and Legislative Assembly, 139, 141. '
Relative to the Executive refusing to receive a
· bill, 143.
To invite Rev. Mr. Clark to officiate as Chaplain,

Empowering committee upon D. Baxter's com-

munication to administer oaths to witnesses,

150, 345.
Relative to the protest of Alonzo Platt, 152.
To enquire into the expediency of abolishing the

office of Attorney General, 157.
That the militia committee revise the militia law

and report, 161.
That the committee on finance enquire relative to

assessing property for territorial expenditures,


To Grant use of Hall to hold convention, 164.
• That the committee on finance ascertain the

amount due by and to the Territory, 164.
Providing for a joint convention of the two hou.

ses for the destruction of certain cabal bonds,

To refund Marshall M. Strong, for apprehending

criminals, 176.

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