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"Of our ship we made a house;
"By a boat we got our living,
"In which our father went to fish.
"Fish had we to eat.

"Turbot, salmon and mullet, 445

"Whale, porpoises and mackarel,

"In great plenty; and in abundance

"We had bread and good fish.

"The fish we exchanged for bread,

"Men brought us in plenty. 450

"And when we had money,

"My father then became a salter.

"While he lived, he and my mother

"Nourished you well, better than my brother.

"And I remained and took a husband. 455

"He has kept me in great honour.

"He was a merchant, he knew how to eross the sea.

"He knows well how to buy and sell.

"In Denmark was he the other day,

"And heard many pray, 460

"That if he found you, you should come,

"And claim the land.

"Truly we counsel you to go.

"Take your two lads with you,

"Let them be with you to serve you. 465

"If good befal you, send us word,

"We will follow, if you will,

"If God gives you back your inheritance."

Said Haveloc and his wife. "We will give you a right good recompence, 470 "We will do more than you ask, "If God gives us back our inheritance, "And the lads we will take with us, "By God we will think well of it." The lady replied: "Truly, 475 "Here you will remain till you have a wind:

"And if I can, before you go,

"You shall be clad in better clothes."

They remained then, tarrying there,

They were clothed honourably. 480

They tarried there until the wind came,

And then they went on board the ship,

And Dan Alger, the merchant,

Made the bargain for them.

He gave them garments, he and Kelloc. 485
For Haveloc's crew

He stowed away enough victual for them,
He would not have it fail for three months.
Bread and wine and flesh and good fish,
He put in their ship in great plenty. 490
Directly the ship was afloat,
The steersman was right busy.
Two ships there were, in truth.
.They spread their sails to the wind;
So far have they floated and steered, 495
That they have arrived in Denmark.
In the country at which they landed,
They went to a town,
There they sought horses and carts,
And caused their belongings to be carried thither. 500
The merchants all returned,
With their tackle, to the two ships,
And Haveloc and his wife,
Went to the town to lodge.

There dwelled a rich man, 505
Sigar Estalre was his name,
Steward was he to king Gunter,
And justice of his land.

But now it was so that he kept himself quiet,

And he hated this rich king greatly, 510

506. Steallere, A. S. for steward.

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