American Journal of Education, Volume 3

Wait, Greene, and Company, 1828

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Página 726 - holders, they shall set up a Grammar School, the master thereof being able to instruct youth so far as they may be fitted for the University.
Página 244 - encouragement of literature—it is the precursor and protector of free institutions under which we may confide as the- conservative power, that will watch over our liberties and guard them against fraud, intrigue, corruption, and violence.—A good system of common education may be considered as the ' palladium of our freedom,
Página 590 - who has a journey before him, twenty miles in length, which he is to perform on foot, will not hesitate and doubt, whether he shall set out or not, because he does not readily conceive how he shall
Página 40 - to the ground ? To learn these things, and to reflect upon them, fills the mind, and produces certain as well as pure gratification. But if the knowledge of the doctrines unfolded by science is pleasing, so is the being able to trace the steps by which
Página 39 - vats,— and of the brisk and acid flavour of Seltzer and other mineral springs ? Nothing can be less like than the working of a vast steam engine, and the crawling of a fly upon the window. We find that these two operations are performed by the same means, the weight of the
Página 258 - and Pronouncing Tutor ; containing Rudiments of Orthography and Pronunciation on an improved plan, by which the Sound of every Syllable is distinctly shown according to Walker's Principles of English Orthoepy ; with progressive Reading Lessons, designed for the use of Schools in the United States. By BD Emerson, Principal of the Adams Grammar School. Boston.
Página 321 - 1828. The Secretary of State respectfully submits to the legislature, the annual report required of him by ' An act to provide for the building an asylum for the deaf and dumb in the city of New-York,' passed March 23d, 1827. The second section of the act referred to, declares
Página 732 - the history of the United States, book-keeping by single entry, geometry, surveying, and algebra ; and shall employ such master to instruct a school in such city, town, or district for the benefit of all the inhabitants thereof, at least ten months in each year, exclusive of vacations in such convenient place, or alternately at such places in such city, town, or district, as the
Página 321 - such improvements as he shall deem expedient; and to report annually to the legislature on all the matters aforesaid, and particularly the condition of the schools, the improvement of the pupils, and their treatment in respect to their board and lodging.
Página 361 - its students to any degree or degrees in any of the faculties, arts and sciences, and liberal professions, which are usually permitted to be conferred in any Colleges or Universities, in America or Europe. It is supplied with a complete Philosophical and Chemical apparatus. The library consists of about 10,000 volumes. Course of Instruction.

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