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Mr. Dendfs Guide Books.

Guide to the Islets of the Channel: viz. Jersey,

Guernsey, Alderney and Sark. With Illustrations. Cloth extra (published at 41. 6'/.), reduced to is. 6J.

Hand-Book of the Hebrides. Illustrations. Cloth

extra (published at 51. 6'/.), reduced to 31.

Beautiful Islets of Britaine—South of the Clyde:

viz. Wight, Scilly, Man, Arran, Bute, &c. Numerous Illustrations. Cloth extra (published at 10s. (ui.), reduced to 21. 6d.

The above three Books bound in One Volume, offered at 51.

"We are delighted to join Mr. Dendy in his trips."—Atbenaum.

The Philosophy of Mystery. By W. C. Dendy,

Esq. Svo. cloth (published at iz1.), reduced to 61.

M We have the greatest pleasure in recommending the elegant and laborious work of Mr. Dendy, who has succeeded in combining a vast mass of information, the result of scientific research, with a most pleasing and entertaining style, from which few can fail to derive instruction, while all will receive entertainment."—Times.

** The ideal representatives of an intellectual and a material philosophy are drawn with fancy and elegance; and are embellished with a great deal of various reading. We give the Author's clever summary of the rational causes of ghosts.1'—Athtnesum.

"We will venture to aver, that so curious and amusing a book has never issued from the medical press of this or any other country. It reminds us, in every page, of the erudite burton, whose * Anatomy of Melancholy' is so well calculated to drive away the vapours from the most confirmed hypochondriac.

"The research displayed in this volume is so varied and extensive, that we are absolutely astonished how a young medical man in full practice could have spared time from his professional studies and labours for the construction of a work exploring almost every labyrinth in the boundless fields of metaphysics,. &c.

"High as was our opinion of Mr. Dendy's talents and acquirements, we had no idea of the extent of his erudition and researches till the present Work came under our observation. It will assuredly stamp him as one of the most literary characters in the profession at the present time."—Dr. James Johnson's Journal. - ^ ;.

London And Eton.: BICKERS AND SON,

Chiswick Press:—Printed by Whittingham and Wilkins, Tooks Court, Chancery Lane.

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