Economics for Beginners

Longman's, Green, 1878 - 171 páginas
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Página 123 - The natural price of labour is that price which is necessary to enable the labourers, one with another, to subsist and to perpetuate their race, without either increase or diminution.
Página 148 - Johnson appeared bustling about, with an ink-horn and pen in his button-hole, like an excise-man ; and on being asked what he really considered to be the value of the property which was to be disposed of, answered, 'We are not here to sell a parcel of boilers and vats, but the potentiality of growing rich, beyond the dreams of avarice.
Página 120 - The property which every man has in his own labor, as it is the original foundation of all other property, so it is the most sacred and inviolable.
Página 2 - It has made each particular nation regard the welfare of its neighbours as incompatible with its own; hence the reciprocal desire of injuring and impoverishing each other; and hence that spirit of commercial rivalry which has been the immediate or remote cause of the greater number of modern wars.
Página 122 - Secondly, the wages of labour do not, in Great Britain, fluctuate with the price of provisions.
Página 69 - If you were ignorant of this, that Credit is the greatest Capital of all towards the acquisition of wealth, you would be utterly ignorant.
Página 123 - The natural price of labour, therefore, depends on the price of the food, necessaries, and conveniences required for the support of the labourer and his family.
Página 79 - Act, and whose estate may prove to be insufficient for the payment in full of his debts and liabilities, the same rules shall prevail and be observed as to the respective rights of secured and unsecured creditors, and as to debts and liabilities...
Página 15 - This view does not essentially differ from that of A. Smith, since in this science the term Wealth is limited to exchangeable commodities, and it treats of them so far forth only as they are, or are designed to be, the subjects of exchange. But for this very reason it is, perhaps, the more convenient to describe Political Economy as the science of Exchanges, rather than as the science of National Wealth.
Página 122 - It regulates the money price of labour, which must always be such as to enable the labourer to purchase a quantity of corn sufficient to maintain him and his family either in the liberal, moderate, or scanty manner in which the advancing, stationary, or declining circumstances of the society oblige his employers to maintain him.

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