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shall, when he wong to the truth

commands: so that they are utterly inex- , societies, as the vilest of malefactors. cusable. But it is no wonder, when men Nay, to such an absurd height of malice have given themselves wholly up to be go- | will their superstition carry them, that they verned by worldly affections, passions, and will even fancy they promote the service vices, they should act contrary to all the of God, and the cause of religion, when reason and evidence in the world. For they most barbarously murder and destroy this is but the natural consequence of you. But I have warned you of all this obstinate and habitual wickedness; and beforehand, that ye may prepare and forbereby is only fulfilled in me what holy tify yourselves against it ; and that when David long since prophetically complained it cometh to pass, ye may remember, I of, that they hated him without a cause. foretold it to you, and your faith in me But notwithstanding all the opposition

may thereby be strengthened. that wicked and incorrigible men will make It was needless to acquaint you with against my doctrine, there will not be these scenes of sufferings, while I was with wanting powerful promoters of it, who shall | you. But now being about to leave you, effectually overcome all opposition. For I think it necessary to acquaint you what the comforter, whom I said I will send you things are likely to come upon you after from heaven, even that Spirit of truth, my departure, and also at the same time, which cometh forth, and is sent from the what comfort you may expect to support Father, shall, when he cometh, with won you under them. derful efficacy bear testimony to the truth of my doctrine, and cause it to be spread

Now I must mention the malancholy through the world with incredible success. part, namely, that I am going from you, Nay, and ye yourselves, also, though now

and that great temptations will befal you 80 weak, fearful and doubting, shall then in my absence ; this, indeed, ye readily very powerfully bear testimony to the truth apprehend, and suffer your hearts to be of all the things, whereof ye have been

overwhelmed with grief at the thoughts of all'along present with me, have been eye. it. But the comfortable part of my diswitnesses from the beginning.

course, namely, that my departure is only

in order to return to him that sent me, and Thus have I warned you beforehand, of l that I will soon a

that I will soon after send you the Holy the opposition and persecution ye must

Spirit, and the other advantages that will expect to meet with in the world, that

thence result to you, are neither considered, when it cometh, ye may not be surprized

nor are you solicitous about them. Neverand terrified so as to be discouraged there

theless, if ye will listen, I will plainly tell by from persisting in the performance of

you the truth. Ye are so far from having your duty.

reason to be dejected at the thoughts of my You must expect, particularly, that the departure, that, on the contrary, it is really chief priests, and rulers of the Jews, men profitable and expedient for you that I of great hypocrisy and superstition, zealous should now depart; for such is the order for their ceremonies and ritual traditions, and dispensation of Providence towards but careless to know and obey the will you, and the appointment of my Father's of Omnipotence in matters of great and eternal and all wise council, that before I eternal obligation, and invincibly preju go and take possession of my kingdom, the diced against the spiritual holiness and Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, canpurity of my doctrine: these, I say, you not be sent unto you but when I am demust expect will excommunicate you as parted from you, and have all power in . apostates, and cast you out of all their heaven and earth committed unto me, then

I will send him unto you. And when he | Howbeit, when the Spirit of truth, whout cometh he shall abundantly support and | I promised you, is come, he shall enlarge comfort you under all your troubles : shall your understandings, remove your prejupowerfully plead your cause against your dices, and instruct you in all necessary adversaries; and shall, with wouderful effi and divine truths, to enable you to go cacy, cause the doctrine of the gospel to through that great work, which I have bespread and prevail in the world against all gun in person, and which I will carry on opposition. He shall particularly, and in by your ministry, for the Spirit is not to a most extraordinary and convincing man: begin any new work, or to found any new ner, make the world sensible of the great doctrine of himself. But as I have taught ness and heinousness of a sin of which they and will teach you only in my Father's were not aware; of the righteousness and name, so the Spirit shall instruct you only justice of a dispensation they did not under in mine and my Father's will, and in things stand, and of the execution of a most re necessary to promote and carry on the markable judgment they did not expect. same design.

First, by wonderfully attesting and confirming the truth of my doctrine, by the gift of tongues, and other wonderful signs, he shall convince the world of the greatness and heinousness of their sins, in disbelieving and rejecting me.

Every thing that he does shall be only in order to manifest my glory, and establish my religion in the world : even as every thing that I have done has been to manifest my Father's glory, and reveal his will to mankind. For as all that I have taught is only what I received from my Father, so all that the Spirit shall teach you, is only what he receives from me.

Secondly, by demonstrating, that my departure out of the world was not perishing and dying, but only returning to my Father, in order to be invested with all power both in heaven and earth, he shall convince the world of the righteousness and justice of my cause, and of the excellency of that dispensation, which I preach and declare to mankind.

Lastly, by mightily destroying the power of the devil and the dominion of sin, and propagating the doctrine of true religion in the world, with wonderful efficacy and success, he shall convince men of my power and authority to execute judgment upon moine enemies, for the establishment of my kingdom upon earth.

Whatsoever, I say, the Spirit shall teach you, is only what he receives from me ; for receiving from my Father, I call receiving from me, and teaching his will, is teaching mine : seeing all things that the Father hath are common to me, and all power and dominion by him committed to me.

And now be careful to remember what matter for comfort I have given you, and support yourselves with it under the approaching distress. It is now, indeed, but a very little while before I shall be taken away from you; nevertheless let not this cause you to despair; for after I am departed, it will be also a little while before I appear to you again ; forasmuch as my being taken away from you is not perishing, but only returning to my Father.

There are yet many other things here: aster to be done in relation to the settling and establishing of my church, which if it were proper, I would now acquaint you with, but ye are not yet prepared to understand and receive them. :

At these last words of Jesus, the disciples were greatly disturbed and troubled, not understanding his true meaning, that in a very short time he would be taken from with inexpressible joy, and which never ibem by death ; and that after having over. shall be taken from you any more; there come death, by a glorious resurrection, he will be no necessity that I should then conwould appear to them again, before his | tinue long with you in person, to instruct ascension into heaven. Not understanding | you upon every occasion, as I have now this, I say, they enquired one of another, done with my own mouth. For besides what can he mean by telling us, that in a that the Holy Spirit will be sent to instruct very little time he shall be taken out of our you in all things necessary, my Father sight; and that in a very little time more himself also will hear your petitions, and we shall see bim again, and this because he be ready to grant you whatsoever you shall goeth to the Father? We cannot under | desire of him in my name, and as being my stand the meaning of all this.


Jesus observing their perplexity, and | Hitherto ye have asked nothing of God knowing that they were desirous of asking in my name; but from henceforth put up him, replied, Why are ye thus disturbed your petitions in my name; and whatsoever and perplexed about what I told you? Is ye shall so ask for the glory of God, and in it a thing so very hard to be anderstood, | order to enable you to go through the work that I said, within a very little time I should of your ministry successfully, shall certainly be taken away from you, and that within a be granted you: that your joy, which will very little time more I should appear to you begin at my appearing to you again after again ? Verily, verily, I tell you I must my death, may be completed by the wondervery soon depart out of this world. Then ful success and efficacy of your own ministry. the world, who are your enemies, will rejoice and triumph over you, as if they had These things I have told you at present, destroyed me, and wholly suppressed you; | imperfect and obscurely, according as your andye, for your parts, will be overwhelmed capacities are able to bear them. But the with grief and sorrow. But within a short time is coming, when I will speak to you time I will return to you again; and then with more openness, freedon), and plainness, your sorrow shall be turned into exceeding the whole will of my Father concerning the great joy.

nature and establishment of my kingdom,

and what things, and in what manner ye Even as a woman when she is in labour, ought to pray unto him for. hath great pain and sorrow, for the present, but as soon as she is delivered forgets all her At that time ye shall with firm assurance sufferings, and greatly rejoices at the birth pray to nay Father in my name for what ye of her son; so ye, while ye are under the want. And I need not tell you, that I will immediate apprehension of my departure intercede with the Father on your behalf; from you, and during that time of distress for besides the love he has bore for me, and and temptation, which shall befal you in my the power and authority my prayers have absence, will be full of sorrow and anxiety within him, he has moreover of himself a of mind: but when I return to you again, | great love for you, and a ready disposition then ye shall rejoice with joy unspeakable to grant your prayers, because ye are beand full of glory, and no power or malice come grateful and acceptable to him, by of man shall ever be able to take from you your love towards me, which ye have shewn any more the cause or continuance of it. in embracing willingly that holy doctrine

which I have revealed to you from him. But though I shall return to you again, and your hearts will thereupon be filled To conclude: the sum of what I have No. 15.

3 L

told you is briefly and plainly this, I came foretold both what distress will befal you, down from heaven from God my Father, and and how ye shall terminate your victory have lived upon earth, in the state of frail over all your enemies. You must, indeed, and mortal man, that I might reveal to man: expect to meet with much affliction, but kind the will of my heavenly Father, and let not this discourage you. I have subthe way to attain eternal life and happiness; dued the world ; follow my examples, and and now, having finished this great work, I partake of my reward. : am about to leave this world, and return

Having thus finished his discourse, “ Jesus again to my Father, from whence I at first

lifted up his eyes to heaven, and prayed, saycame.

ing,” Oh Almighty Father, now the time

of my suffering, for which I was sent into These last words of Jesus, being more

the world, is arrived; I intreat thee to supplain and express than any he had before

port me under it, and make me triumph spoken, so that now the disciples clearly

over death by a glorious resurrection and perceived that the departure he had so often

ascension into heaven; that by this means mentioned was no other than his actual

theglory may redound to thee, and cause tby going out of this world, they replied, Now,

will to be believed and obeyed through all the Lord, you speak plainly, and without any

world, to the salvation of mankind, according figure; so that we apprebend fully what

to the full intent of that office and power you mean. And now that our curiosity is

with which thou didst originally invest me. satisfied, you have likewise greatly con

In order to the bringing about this great firmed our faith; having given us a certain

design of salvation, I have declared thy token whereby we are assured that you

will to mankind. I have published thy preknow all things, even the hearts and secret

cepts, and discharged the great mission in. thoughts of men; since you have answered

trusted to me; I have preached thy docus a question which gave us great perplexity; |

trine of repentance to salvation, and have and were desirous to ask your opinion, but

finished the work which thou sentest me to were afraid: but now we are convinced you

do, to the glory of thy name upon earth ; are endued with true divine power, and did, indeed, come forth from God. To which

and now, to complete the great design, do

thou, O Almighty Father, likewise glorify Jesus answered, And do you now at length

me with thine ownself. Support me under firmly believe in me? Are you resolved to

my sufferings : Let me prevail and triumph continue steadfast in this faith? Do you

over death, by a glorious resurrection, and think yourselves able to persevere immove

exalt me again to the same glory in heaven, ably in the profession of it? Be not confi

which I had with thee before the creation dent of your own strength; but pray that ye

of the universe. I have manifested thy will may be delivered from temptation in the

to the disciples, the men that thou gavest time of distress, such as will come upon you

me out of the world. To those persons thou much sooner than ye expect. For I tell

didst in thine infinite wisdom appoint, that you, that ye will all of you within a few hours

tby truth should be made known. Thereutterly forsake me, and fly in hopes to se

fore to them I have revealed the mysteries of cure yourselves, leaving me alone. And

thy kingdom, the precepts of tby gospel, yet I should not stay alone, since my Father

and the doctrine of thy salvation. is with me, who is more than all. I have, therefore, acquainted you with these things And this doctrine they have willingly beforehand, that your minds may be fur embraced, steadfastly adhered to, and sinnished with sufficient matter of comfort and cerely obeyed: As they are fully satisfied strength to bear you up under all tempta and convinced, that what I taught them as tions, from the consideration of my having from thee was really a divine doctrine taught

that ye ! I the off the


me out oisciples,

finite de

by thine immediate appointment and com. The world, indeed, will persecute and. mand; and that I did not preach any hu. hate them on this account, as my doctrine man invention or institution of men, but is repugnant to the lusts, and affections, the was really sent by thy divine authority and passions, designs, and inclinations of worldcommission.? yootava ovisi o disposto a species ly men, it must necessarily be that the - PE fet mitt rote

s trains the materia vicious and incorrigible world will oppose For these persons, therefore, I now pray, and persecute them, as it has before perthat as thou hast begun the work of their secuted me, I beseech thee, therefore, take salvation, by my preaching and revealing to them under thy particular care, to support them thy will, while I have been present them against the vileness and oppression of with then, here upon earth, so also that thou an evil world. I do not desire that thou wouldst preserve them when I am departed shouldst take them out of the world, but from this world, and complete the work of preserve them in it to be instruments of thy their salvation by my resurrection and ascen- word, thy glory, and to be teachers of thy sion into heaven, after my death. I do not truth ; nor suffer them to be either destroyed pray for the unbelieving impenitent world, by the malice and violence, or corrupted by but for those who have embraced that most the evil customs and opinions, of a perverse holy doctrine which thou hast taught them and wicked generation. through me by my preaching; for those who tot have glorified, and will glorify my name, They are of a temper and spirit very difby their ministry, and who consequently are ferent from the current affections and comto be esteemed as thine own, in common mon dispositions of the world, according to with me. I am now about to leave the the example of purity which I have set world, in order to return to thee; but these before them. Do thou preserve and inmy disciples, who continue after me, I re crease in them that moderation and candour commend to thy divine protection, when of mind, cause them to be thoroughly affectI am gone : endue them with powers to ed and impressed with that true doctrine so persevere in preaching and practising the frequently recommended to them from my truth, and to deliver the same holy doctrines mouth, so as to express it visibly in their which I have given to them, that so they lives and practice, and to promote it zealousmay remain inseparably united to me, as 1 ly in their preaching, that they may, both by I am to thee. So long as I have been with word and good example, become worthy them in the world, I have watched over and successful ministers of my gospel. them, and kept them from falling away, | Lots operating

in, both by example, preaching, and continual For as thou hast sent me into the world admonition, according to the power and au- to reveal thy will to mankind, so send I thority which tliou didst commit to me, por these apostles to continue preaching the has one of my apostles iniscarried under my | same doctrine begun by me. And the princare, except that perfidious traitor, who, cipal design of my exemplary life, constant as the scripture foretold, has ungratefully / teaching, and now voluntarily offering myconspired with my enemies to destroy me, self to death; for it is to sanctify and enable and will perish according to his deserts. them to preach with success and eflicacy for While I have continued with my disciples, the salvation of men. Neither pray I for these I have watched over them and preserved my apostles only, but for all others, who them under mine own eye ; but now, I am shall, by their preaching and practice, pro. going to leave the world, I beseech thee to mote thy true religion ; and being converted keep and assist them by thy good Spirit; from the world, may, by their sincere endeaand let the expectation of their continuing vours, go on to reform others, convincing the under thy special care and protection, be world of the excellency of their religion, their comfort and support in my sbsence.

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