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vanities of this wicked world! but let my | A Prayer to conclude our Devotions for conversation, my heart, and my affections,

every Day in the Week, be chiefly employed about heavenly things. May thy fear be my only care, as the way ALMIGHTY God, who hast promised to glory ; for the more I serve thee, the 1 to hear the petitions of them that ask more blessed shall I be on earth, and greater in thy Son's name; I beseech thee merciwill be my blessedness in heaven. If I fully to incline thine ears unto me, who cannot serve thee day and night, with those have now made my prayers and supplicadevout women, Hannah and Elizabeth, in tions unto thee : And grant that those the temple, because of my worldly busi things which I have faithfully asked, acness and family affairs; yet, since I am re cording to thy will, may be effectually obdeemed to serve thee all my days, let me tained, to the relief of my necessities, and not be backward to keep, as well as I am to the setting forth of thy glory, through able, this week holy. Since thou will be. Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. stow an happy eternity for well spent time, let me be a careful manager of that inesti Our Father, &c. mable treasure. At all times make me to watch and pray, and walk circumspectly;

* The blessing. And let thy Holy Spirit assist aud strengthen me in my spiritual warfare. Let me so use The peace of God, which passeth all thy earthly blessings, that they may not understanding, keep my heart and mind hinder me from coming to thy table; even

in the knocoledge and love of God, and for the alone merits of him, who overcame

of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord; and the world for me, the captain of my salvation, thy dear Son Jesus Christ, my Lord.

the blessing of God Almighty, the FaAmen.

ther, the Šon, and the Holy Ghost, be

with me now and at the hour of death. Everlasting God, the fountain of all

Amen. blessings, be pleased to sow the good

someo***əx@ssoacos como seed of thy word in ny heart, and water it with the dew of thy heavenly blessing, that while I exercise myself in it day and night,

Tuesday's Meditations in the Morn. I may be like a tree planted by the water

. ing. side, bringing forth in all times and seasons, the fruits of a holy life. Lord, I am no Upon the most Holy Sacrament. longer mine but thine, therefore claim me as thy right, keep me as thy charge, (this

MANY there are in the world who night) and love me as thy child, and grant

M through carelessness and negligence, me such supplies of thy grace, that both in 1 or ignorance and indevotion, will not take my soul and body, I may evermore serve pains to prepare themselves for this special thee with all my strength and might, through part of the service of God, but abstain Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

from the Holy Sacrament. A miserable case it is, that we should, for mean and transitory things neglect heavenly ; let us consider whose creatures we are, why God hath sent us into this world, what he will require of us when we must appear before the judgment-seat of Christ. If in our

earthly affairs we often forget heavenly No. 26.


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things, good reason it is, that in heavenly penitent sinners in the way. Thanks be matters we should lift up our hearts towards unto thee, O Thou Creator and Redeemer heaven, and prepare ourselves to receive of Man, who to manifest-thy love to the this celestial banquet in a devout manner. whole world, hast prepared this feast, which Let us go to the Lord's table, and, if it be is our best and choicest provision for our possible, excite a greater love in our hearts spiritual journey, in this our earthly piltowards our Lord Jesus, than ever we felt grimage to the heavenly Canaan, od before. Let us offer up ourselves to him with strong and fervent desires. O how little is their love, and how weak is their

99sossec99900929983 devotion, that so easily absent themselves from the holy communion!

A Prayer on Tuesday Morning, by way of Oh! what satisfaction does it yield to a preparation for the Holy Sacrament. penitent and believing heart, to think upon the wonders of our dying master's love; and of the interest it has in his redemption. Eternal God, who wert pleased in And, oh! that my soul could imitate my I U mercy to look upon us, when we were Saviour! Oh that my heart might return in our blood, to reconcile us when we were the like love, in giving myself up entirely enemies, finding out a remedy for us, which to God's service! Gracious Lord, if I find mankind could never ask, even making an not present comfort in this blessed Sacra atonement for us by the death of thy son : ment, yet on thee will I wait ; if thou art | Let me never fall into those sins, and return pleased to defer thy consolations for the to that vain conversation from which the trial of my faith and love, 0 let not my all gracious and most merciful Saviour of faith fail, seeing I cannot wait too long for the world hath redeemed me, but let thy the grace I so much desire, and wbich I preventing grace dash all temptations in am assured I shall at last obtain ; for the their approaches ; let me grow in grace, Lord is good ; and where, O my soul, canst adding virtue to virtue, reducing my purthou better taste the goodness of the Lord, poses to acts, and increasing my acts till than this blessed Eucharist, the sacred they grow into habits, and my habits till feast of the Lord's goodness? The saints of they be confirmed in virtue. O God, be old, how have they come from this thy pleased to impart to thy servant a ray of table satisfied with good things, strong in thy heavenly light; open mine eyes, and faith to resist the temptations of satan! set all my sins before my face, that I may Why art thou then so heavy, O my soul, speedily and earnestly, and heartily repent and why art thou so cast down within me? of, and forsake them all; give me a due Is it because thou hast broken the covenant sense of my infirmities, that I may watch of thy God, and thereby forfeited his fa- against them, and whatsoever is wanting vour? Do not despair of a reconciliation, in me towards the understanding of any for will not the Lord, who is good, be as thing, whereby I may please thee, and pergracious to his enemies, as he requires us to fect my duty, I beg of thee to reveal that be to ours ? Our blessed Saviour, that good also unto me. Oh, that I may feel such a shepherd of the sheep, came to seek those strong sense of thine incomprehensible mathat are lost, and to raise up those that are jesty in my heart as may banish all vain and fallen; so tbat as sure as the Lord is good sinful thoughts. This week, O Lord, and and upright, merciful and faithful, so sure the rest of my life, I dedicate absolutely to it is he will not cast off the penitent, he thy service, and let me never be so base will not reject the humble, but will teach and ungrateful as to return to those sins,

which are now become the burden of my heart, this, as the disciples in another case: “ Are and grieve thy holy spirit ; which rent the you able (saith Christ) to drink of the cup flesh, and shed the blood of the Lord Jesus, that I shall drink of?We know how and which I have so often and so solemnly rashly they answered, “ We are able." St. protested against ; be pleased therefore, O Matth. XX. 22. my dearest Lord, to create in thy servant a great hunger and thirst after the things of Some unthinking wretches, if we ask thy kingdom, and the righteousness of it, them, Are ye able, are ye fit to receive that I may long for the bread of heaven, Christ in the Sacrament at his table, are so thirst after the fountain of salvation, and as confident of their worthiness and ability, that the hart panteth after the brooks of water, they are offended at the very question ! 80 my soul may desire thee, O Lord : 0 whereas it is justly to be feared they never kindle such a holy flaine in my soul, that yet bestowed a single hour in examining it may be meat and drink to me, to do thy their souls, and preparing their hearts for will, loving thee above all things in the so solemn a work. According to a man's world, worshipping thee witb the humblest preparation will be bis profit. Preparation adorations, and continually meditating upon is the seed preceding the harvest. He that that divine sweetness and eternal love and sows nothing, cannot expect to reap: And joy reserved in heaven for us ; to which I be that suws sparingly, shall reap sparingly: humbly hope to be brought by thine infinite 'Tis in receiving as in praying; be that mercies in him, who hath taught me to call prepares bis heart to pray, finds a favourable thee Father, and to say when I pray, Our answer to his prayers. Our most merciful Father which art in heaven, foc.

Redeemer extendeth his bounty and grace to devout communicants. Open thy mouth

wide, and I will fill it, Psal. Ixxxi. 11. Tuesday's Meditations in the Joseph said to his servant, fill the men's - Evening.

sacks with food, as much as they can carry,

Gen. xliv. 1. · How inuch more will our Preparation before the Sacrament, and

blessed Jesus be liberal to us in the Holy the Necessity of it,

Sacrament: Draw near to God, and he

will draw near to you, (Jam. iv.) and a D Reparation is a means to get the heart ricb blessing shall we carry away with us

I in order for receiving of the blessed from this storehouse of blessings. A holy Sacrament: Take heed to thy foot when life is a perpetual sacrifice, and he that so thou goest into the house of God, said the lives, keeps his beart as an holy altar, royal preacher ; but if such heed must be | always warm and glowing with devotion. taken when we come to the house, how 6 Whoso leadeth a godly life, he shall be my much more when we come to the table of servant.” Ps. ci. 9. Good actions beget the Lord? Sanctify yourselves (saith Samuel) in us greater fongings after grace, and and come with me to the sacrifice. Sanctifi good desires make us still do well, out of cation was necessary totheeating of the sacri. hope to have more grace: When a good fices under the law, much more now under man lifts up his heart to God, he finds the gospel is it required for our spiritually God ever present to his soul: the sweetness feeding on that great sacrifice for sin, of of such converse with God, and the power which all the Mosaical sacrifices were but of his grace consequent upon our hearty shadows. It was a devout saying of David, desires, engages and enables us to a holy Psal. xxvi. 6. • ] will wash my hands in conversation and a godly life; the happi. innocency, so I will compass thine altar, o ness of which is so great, that it excites us Lord.” Too many are as ignorantly bold ipl to do all we can to maintain a holy commu

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in order fake heed of God, saust be

a Whoso le

nion with our almighty creator, by a lively I beseech thee, the eyes of thy mercy upon faith in the son of his bosom; and to dread me, thy unworthy servant, who most being separated from his love.

earnestly desire the pardon and forgiveness

of all my sins and offences, in thought, Consider that it is a very dangerous word and deed. Thy blessings and benefits thing for those that fear God, to neglect I have abused ; thy judgments and punishattending on this ordinance. How hard ments not feared ; the means of my own went it with those, who being invited so salvation I have wretchedly neglected. lovingly by our Lord, nevertheless came not to his supper ? 'tis very dangerous to reject But, O Lord, with thee there is mercy, or neglect the Lord's bounty. There is a that thou mayest be feared ; thou art the punishment for them who ought to come, God of all comfort, merciful and loving, and come not, as well as for those who ready and willing to hearall penitentsinners, come not in a prepared manner, as they that in heart are sorrowful for their sins. ought.

B oloro It is some small comfort to me, that I find Dost


my heart melted into some tenderness and No man can come to this divine feast so contrition for my past sins. By this I hope worthily as he ought; do what we can, too thou hast not taken thy holy spirit from me; much dulness, deadness and distraction will and that thou wilt not forsake the work of be our companions ; but yet this is our en thine own hands ; but perfect that which couragement, that if the Lord sees a man concerneth me. As thou hast begun a set himself seriously to a preparation, he good work in me, I humbly hope thou will bear with many failings. Hezekiah wilt carry it on, to the Day of Jesus Christ. prays, " The good Lord pardon every one Turn my heart, O Lord, thąt I may loath that prepares his heart to seek God, the l and abhor that which is evil, and cleave to Lord God of his fathers, though he be not that which is good. It is not thy pardon cleansed according to the purification of the alone which I desire, but that I may be sanctuary :” And what was the success of his thoroughly renewed and changed in my prayer? “ And the Lord healed the peo- | mind, will and affections : I long for such a ple, and they kept the feast with great glad- portion of thy grace, as may over-awe and ness.” Behold how gracious the Lord is to such rule me in every thought, word, desire and whose hearts are set on preparation for his action of my whole life. In the name there. ordinances. Let us this week set our hearts fore of Jesus Christ, my blessed Redeemer, in order to serve God, that we may come I humbly prostrate myself before the throne devoutly to the Lord's Supper, and consider 1 of thy mercy-seat, that for his only sake, how well-pleasing it is unto the Lord Jesus, I thou wilt have compassion on me; I submit promising to serve him in holiness and myself to thy goodness, beseeching thee not righteousness all the days of our life.

to let my sins be a cloud between my prayer and thy pity ; but forgire and forget all my

transgressions, all my misdoings, let them seo900nereavesses

be sins of what condition soever, whether

sins of my youth, or sins of my riper age ; A Prayer on Tuesday Evening, before sins of my body, or sins of my soul ; secret the Holy Sacrament.

or open sins ; notorious or presumptuous

sins ; sins of pride, envy, hatred, malice, Merciful Father, who, according to the &c. Good Lord forgive them all, and of

multitude of thy mereies, dost so put | thy great goodness grant me perfect remisaway the sins of all those who truly repent, sion and absolution for the same, through tbat thou rememberest them no more; open, Jesus Christ.


transgression, but forgitbetween in

And now, O Lord, that I am on Sunday , so wise, or so happy, as to know the next) to receive the blessed Sacrament of excellency of this gift of the Lord, it would the body and blood of thy dear Son, how fill us full of wonder and adoration, joy shall I, that am so great a sinner, vile dust and thankfulness ! For the love of our and ashes, presume to approach thy table ; dearest Lord is written in the largest chaThou, O Lord, in thy gospel, hast given us | racters in these holy mysteries. In the an invitation, “ Come unto me all ye that Holy Sacrament, we may taste and see labour, and are heavy laden, and I will how gracious our Lord is; no love can be give you rest.” Lord I close with this most greater than that which is so exeeeding endearing invitation of thine. Wash me tho great as to bestow the greatest good upon roughly from my wickedness, and cleanse us ; and such was the charity of our Lord, me from my sins, and of thy gracious good- / who brings health to our souls in the Holy ness direct me in this great affair, with a re- Sacraments, gives us the bread of heaven, verend and awful fear of thy majesty, that yielding food, and health, and delight ; all the faculties of my soul and body may be love desires to do all good to its beloved intent, rightly to apprehend, and joyfully to objeot, and that is the greatest love which has receive this precious food, this bread of life; 1 given us the greatest blessing : And this and that by thy grace I may obtain the sacrament Christ designed for that purvirtue, fruit and benefits of thy death and pose, that he, who is not present to our passion ; and by the same the remission of eyes, might always be present to our spirit: all my sins, and everlasting salvation. love demands love again, and to desire to Amen! Lord Jesus. Amen.

be beloved, is of itself great argument of

love : And as God cannot give us a greater . 2009-02.000ss0e9s@osace

blessing than his love, so what greater deinon| stration of it can he give us than what was

| manifested in our Saviour's life and death? Wednesday's Meditations in the

Love hath no expression beyond this, and it : Morning

desires to be united unto its beloved object. Let it be our great desire and delight to come

to this Holy Sacrament ; for now the Lord Upon the most Holy Sacrament.

our God calls upon us, not only to draw uigh unto him, but to be one with Christ,

and Christ with us. What nation is so TATIIEN God gave his Son to die for great, who hath God so nigh' unto them, as

V oursins, it could not be but he should the Lord our God is in all things, which we give us all things else, appertaining to life, call upon him for ? Let us do honour to godliness and salvation. And therefore this God, express the homage and duty of reblessed Sacrament is a conveyance of all deemed servants, acknowledge his supreme felicities ; but as it was at first, so it bath dominion, give him thanks and worship, beg been ever since; “ Christ cameinto the world, pardon for our sins, pray for the divine and the world knew him not:" So Christ blessing and a supply of all our needs. Let hath commanded us to receive this Sacra us go, O my soul, and declare before angels ment, in remembrance of him ; and yet by and men, that we are christians indeed, and many he is not rightly understood, and less mean to live and die in Christ's holy religion. truly valued. But Christ may say to us, as And let us now take sbame to ourselves, that once to the woman of Samarla, Wo- we have at any time lived so as to contradict man, if thou didst know the gift of God, our belief, and let us fully resolve to love and who it is that speaks to thee, thou him better and better, by coning to his wouldst ask of him ;” and so, if we were table. He bath invited thee, be expects thee · No. 26.

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