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thanksgiving and imitation, from this lowly, he himself hath said, that he will have this most humble behaviour.

mercy upon 'bim, and our gracious God

will abundantly pardon." Let us give him . O most good and gracious Jesus, thou thanks, even for this good mind, which be coming to the garden of Olives, beganst to hath put into us, and for all the hope we be sore amazed and very heavy; whereupon have, that he will continue us in it to eterthou saidst to thy disciples, " My soul is nal life. sorrowful unto death; and he was withdrawn from them about a stone's cast, and kneeling down and praying, said, Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me,

A Soliloquy, or preparatory Prayer on nevertheless, nut my will but thine be

Thursday Evening, before tlie Holy Sa. done.” ..

crament. Whence is this, that in a cold night my Lord is sweating in the open air? What Blessed Jesus, what shall I render sweat is this wbich flows in such abundance unto thee, for the favours which thou from his blessed body, so that it runs and | hast done me! Grant me thy meekness and trickles down to the ground, like drops or loving gentleness, to the end that I may clods of blood ?:· Whence is it? We may find grace before thee. The prayer of the soon know, it is our sin causeth this blood bumble and meek bath always pleased thee. shed; our guilt this sweat: Adam sinned Command me (Lord) what thou wilt, help. in a garden, Christ there sweat for it, to ing me with thy grace duly to accomplish deliver us from more exquisite torments. what thou commandest. O Saviour of the He suffers this agony and bloody sweat for world, I confess that I am foul and defiled a time, that we should not endure the pains' with innumerable sins, from which I canof hell for ever; he did thus sweat for ano. | not wash myself; for to sin was mine, but ther's guilt, and shall I not weep and la- | to pardon them is thine; wherefore once ment for my own? If instead of the pains more wash me from mine iniquity, and of repentance, I take pleasure in sin, will cleanse me from my sio ; that I may come not this turn to my exceeding great loss ? | holy and clean to thy table, and thereby Yes ; but for my comfort, if I be contrite have fellowship with thee and never lose and sorrowful for my sins, I may escape thy friendship. And since thod (Lord). the wrath to come; and may hope, by the didst desire so much to eat the last supper virtue of this agony of Jesus Christ, to be with thy disciples, I also desire earnestly to delivered from the bitter pains of eternal eat the same with thee. O King of heaven, death.

who standest at the door of our hearts

knocking, desiring vehemently that thy Let us dwell in love, and we shall be voice may be heard, and that the gate of happy; for see how our Lord would en our hearts may be opened ; that entering gage thee, O my soul, by these bonds in into us, thou mayst sup with us, and we which thou art going to tie thyself, to love with thee, be favourable unto me. Come, the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and Lord, into my house, for my heart is ready, thy neighbour as thyself. Let us go then my heart is ready to receive thee. My soul and wait upon him, and shew him the love thirsteth for thee, O Jesus; O that I may that we bear unto him : be not discou- taste the joy that I so desire! O that I raged, “ for when the wicked forsakes his were satisfied with thy likeness, in all holi. way, and the uurighteous man bis thoughts, ness and virtue! for this I do hunger and


endship. With theee, and


Confession of Sins out of the Holy | because of thy displeasure; neither is there

Bible, for Friday Morning... any rest in my bones by reason of my sin.


1 Confess, O Lord, Ds

And what shall I now say, or wherein is

shall I open my mouth? That I was shapen in wickedness, and

What shall I answer, seeing I have done in sin did my mother conceive me. Psal.

these things ? li. 5.

Out of the deep do I call unto thee, O That my heart is rebellious, like a de

* Lord; Lord hear my voice. Psal. cxxx. ceitful bow. Hos. vii. 16.

If thou, Lord, shouldst be extreme to That I am a person of unelean lips.

mark what is done amiss, O Lord who may Is. vi. 5.

abide it? Et That my tongue hath devised mischiefs.

Enter not into judgment with thy servant, Psal. lii. 2.

O Lord, for in thy sight shall no man living be justified.

position des 3HIET That mine eyes are evil, prone to lust and vain desires. St. Mark vii. 2

Behold, O Lord, though I have sinned,

yet I humble myself uuder thy mighty hand ; That my members have been instruments I am thine, O save meluas di sini unto sin. Rom. y. 19. s

orom, l.

1 se more than any otherapy : 1,

Spare the humble and contrite sinner, for That my feet are swift to evil. Rom. behold I judge myself.. FILEM TER S ii. 15.

O taste and see how gracious the Lord is ; I bave sinned against thee, O Lord, and blessed is the man that trusteth in him. in thy sight, not fearing thy majesty."

For thy mercies, O Lord, are sweet and My sins, () Lord, are great and very comfortable, yea, better than life itself. grievous, therefore fearfulness and trem- Matt. ii. 28. triecien Sofre e st en bling are come upon me. :

. Come unto me all ye that labour and are They are a burden too heavy for me to heavy laden, and I will give you rest. etiam bear; they are more in pumber than the hairs of my head, and my heart hath fail. I come not to judge the world, but to ed me.

save the world. John xii. 47. 4 csię

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A Prayer for Friday Morning, of Confes-
sion of Sins to God, before the Holy

A Prayer out of the Psalms.
Most glorious and holy Lord God,

who art the searcher of hearts and trier Great and glorious Lord God, king of the reins, behold I prostrate myself, with U of glory, who dost acknowledge him all humility, before thy divine majesty. O to be a blessed man, that abhorreth the way cast me not a way from thy presence. I am of sinners, and dotb meditate in thy law day polluted and become loathsome in thy sight, and night ; teach thou me to hate the conthrough nine own corruption : (here name versation of the wicked, and to study thy your particularsins.) O thou great and glo. precepts; and seeing that with all humility rious, O thou just and righteous judge, I do of heart I do call unto thee with my voice, here prostrate myself at the bar of thy justice, hear me, have mercy upon me, and hearken not knowing what to answer thee; my con unto my prayer. Keep me as the apple of science witnesseth against me, and thy law an eye ; hide me under the shadow of thy condemus me: Who! Oh, who sball plead wings, cleanse me from my secret faults, for me? Wilt not thou, blessed Jesus, be and keep thy servant from presumptuous my surety, and my Saviour? Wilt not thou sins. 0 remember not the sins of my undertake my cause, who art my advocate ?: youth, but deal graciously with thy poor Wilt not thou procure my pardon, who art servant. Forigve the offence of thy serrant, my mediator ? O blessed Jesus! Be How and cover all my sins: Let thy merciful kind. my Jesus: And seeing thou art able to save ness, O Lord, be upon me, like as I do put unto the uttermost all them that repent them my trust in thee. Deliver me out of all my truly of their formersins, and cast themselves | fears, and say unto my soul, I am thy salupon thy mercy ; O save thou me, or else I vation. Thou art the God of my strength; perish. And that I may truly please thee, let not my steps, go out of thy paths, but 50 O plavt in my heart gentleness and patience, order my steps in thy word, that I may evera meek and loug-suffering spirit, that I more love righteousness, and haie iniquity. may never be transported with anger ; Teach me, O Lord, the way of thy statutes, never be disordered by peevishness; never and Isball keep them unto the end ; give indulge thoughts of revenge: But may with me understanding, and I shall keep thy meekness receive all injuries that shall be law; yea, I shall observe it with my whole done to me, and patiently bear every cross heart; make me to go in the path of thy accident, and with charity return blessing commandments; for therein do I delight. for cursing : Good for evil; kind words for Amen. foul reproaches; that living all my days with meekness and charity, keeping peace with all men, and loving my neighbour as

of unlok the butternity;

A Prayer.

ther from heaven or from earth: insomuch

that he was forsaken, not only of his disciBlessed Jesus, the Lord of life, prince ples and friends, but also of his heavenly

of glory, and captain of our salvation, father. This is that forsaking, which our who hast vanquished satan, and all the pow Saviour signified upon the cross, when he ers of darkuess ; ( give victory to my l said, “ My God, my God, why hast thou languishing soul in her spiritual conflict ; | forsaken me?” For (as concerning the bond guide me with thy counsel, sustain me with of union) the divine nature in our Lord never thy grace, refresh me with thy comforts, forsook the human, to which it had been preserve me in thy love, and crown me with united from all eternity; yet, as touching thy glory. O Jesus, grant, I beseech thee, the consolation and ease of our Saviour's that so long as I am in the darkness of this pain and torments, it did wholly forsake the misty desert, the eyes of my mind may, same. We read that the martyrs, when with devout Stephen, be often fixed upon they went to sufferdeath, shewed themselves heaven, aud contemplate the most shining very courageousand joyful; butour Saviour, light and brightness of thee, O God, and though the very fountain of all grace and that I may always praise thee for ever and strength, (through whose virtue the martyrs ever. Amen.

had sueh strength and courage as to be able to do what they did) trembled and sweat even drops of blood when he went to suffer pains and torments for us. The light and joy of God's countenance caused the mar

tyrs to triumph and be glad: but from our Friday's Meditations in the Even Saviour Christ all consolations were with

drawn at that hour, that so he might drink ing:

the cup of his father's wrathi, pure, and

without mixture of any manner of ease or Upon the Passion of Jesus Christ.


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HIS is one of the highest exercises of a

Consider moreover, the profound bumi. 1 christian to meditate often upon the

lity, wherewith the most high and only be- : holy passion of our Saviour, and endeavour gotten Son of God vouchsafed to be contemnourselves to imitate some part of that which

ed, and less esteemed thau Barabbas; and is there represented unto us : For it is mani. to be crucified upon a cross between two fest that all the perfection of a christian's thieves, as though he had been a captain life, consisteth in imitating, and following

and ring-leader of malefactors. the example of our Saviour Christ. Whereto the apostle St. Peter exhorteth us, saying, Consider his wonderful patience in the Christ suffered for us, leaving us an exam midst of so many reproachful injuries and ple that we should follow his footsteps; who torments, and withal, his great magnaniwhen he was évil spoken of, did not speak mitv, in that he offered himself so willingly evil again ; and when he was tormented, | into the hands of his enemies, and suffered did not threaten his tormentors, but delivered the greatest pains and conflicts that ever himself unto hin that did most unjustly con- il were suffered in the world. . demn him ; be suffered his bitter pains without any mixture of ease or consolation : Consider his most fervent charity which He was deprived of all manner of ease or passeth all understanding, by the which he consolation that might come unto him, ei- was moved to offer bimself a sacrifice for the

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