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sins of the world ; and to suffer death, that, thy father into this vale of misery, and to be might give life, not only to his friends, be conceived by the Holy Ghost, and to be but also to his enemies, even to those very born of the Virgin Mary. persons that shed his most precious blood.

Chuse, I beseech thee, my heart for thy Consider bis most abundant mercy, which dwelling place; adorn it, replenish it with extended itself so far forth, as to take upon spiritual gifts, and wholly possess it. him all the miseries and debts of the world, and to make satisfaction for them, as if they O that I were so devoted unto thee, that had been particularly his own debts.

I might never alienate my affections, or turn

away my mind from thee! I adore thee, Consider that most perfect obedience most dear Redeemer, who being born in the which he shewed towards his father, whom

depth of winter, didst not refuse to be wraphe obeyed unto death, even the death of the ped in swaddling clothes, and to be laid in cross ; where finally bowing his head, he | a manger : offered up unto him his most holy soul, giving us thereby to understand, that the work of Grant, O Lord, that I may always stand his obedience was then perfectly fulfilled. / in thy sight, truly humble, and truly poor Let us in all possible instances, do as our in spirit. Saviour himself com inanded us, St. John xiii. 15. " I have given you an example,

O blessed Jesus, who didst suffer thyself, that as I have done, so should ye do like- | upon the eighth day, like other children, to wise,”

be circumcised, and being yet an infant, to

shed thy precious blood : O Lord Jesus receive my spirit ; ( thou, who art the resurrection and the life, receive

And, for our singular comfort wouldst be my soul. O light of mine eyes, enlighten

| called Jesus, which signifieth a Saviour: me with saving truth ; O God of all comfort, rejoice my heart. O'word of the fa

O that it would please thee to admit me ther, instruct me in saving knowledge.

ein saving knowledge O 0 (being circumcised from all bad thoughts, light eternal, shine thou upon my mind, that

nou my mind, that words and works) into the number of thy I may understand thee, know thee, and

children. love thee.

O sweet Jesus, whom the wise men, with

a devout seeking, found by the direction of worrororura

a star, and having found, fell down and worshipped ; offering unto thee gifts of gold,

frankincense and myrrh : Derout Meditations upon the Life and Passion of our Saviour Jesus Christ;

Grant that I may offer daily unto thee for Friday Evening.

| the gold ofbright-shining charity; the frauko incense of sweet-smelling devotion ; and

the myrrh of religious mortification. Kneeling say,

O holy Jesus, who for our sakes Sweet Jesus, praise, honour and glory | wouldst be subject to the law, and to give

be to thee, who, for iny sake, didst us an example of humility, wouldst be carvouchsafe to come down from the bosom of ried to the temple by thy mother, and be

redeemed with an offering ordained for such | Give me grace constantly to persevere in as were poor.

prayer, and let no temptation, I beseech

thee, defile me, but rather let temptations Where just Simeon and Anna the pro purge me, and join and unite me unto thee, phetess, rejoicing greatly at thy presence, that I may cleave to thee alone. gave very glorious testimonies of thy dignity:

Grant that I may embrace all men with

chearful love and charity, and readily fore Mercifully grant that all pride and vain give those that offend me. glory may decay and die in me, and that I may walk before thee in all lowliness and O sweet Jesus, who coming to Jerusalem humbleness of mind, all the days of my life. in a meek and gentle manner, didst ride Amen, Amen.

upon an ass, and, amidst the praises which were sung by the people that came to meet

thee, didst pour forth tears, bewailing the horrororronnanron

approaching ruin of the city, and destruction of those ungrateful souls that dwelt

therein : Meditations upon the Life and Passion of

. Grant that I may never prefer any thing our Saviour Jesus Christ, continued.

before thee.


JESUS! praise, honour, and glory be O blessed Jesus, who according to the

to thee, who staying in the temple law, didst eat the paschal lamb with thy disfor the space of three days, with great ciples, and giving them an example of hugrief and care of heart, wast sought after mility, and charity, kneeling upon the by thy holy mother, and at length, with ground, didst wash their feet, and having great joy, found by her sitting in the midst washed them, didst wipe them with the of all the doctors, both hearing them, and towel wherewith thou wast girded : asking them questions :

O may thy divine example pierce my Be pleased to impart thyself to me in heart, and utterly cast down in me all pride such sort, that I may never be separated, and loftiness." from thee, nor ever be deprived of thy comfort.

o Jesus, who with an unspeakable cha.

rity didst institute the sacrament of thy body O Lord, who didst not disdain to be bap- and blood: tized by thy servant John the Baptist in the river Jordan:

Grant that when I approach that table

of life, I may with a chaste affection, sinWho, likewise for our sakes, abiding | gular humility and purity of heart, receive amongst wild beasts in the desarts, and fast- | thee. ing forty days and forty nights, and persevering in prayer, didst permit thyself to be Grant that thy word may be truly pleastempted by satan :

ing to me, and sweeter than the honey and

the honey-comb to my soul. And overcoming him, was honoured with the ministry and service of angels :

o Jesus, who going forth with thy disci

ples beyond the river Cedron, didst enter No. 27.

5 N

into a garden, where thou foresawest thou ! Grant, I beseech thee, that the desire of shouldst be taken : ::! O'? 19. 16!!!.9994.57 revenge may never have place in my


Give me grace to forsake my own will, and always love and follow thine! 937: ! !

O that thou wouldst bestow upon me the grace of true patience. Amen.

o Jesus, who immediately before thy passion, did begin to fear, to grieve, and to be sad, taking upon thyself our weakness :

o Jesus, who falling upon the ground, didst pray unto thy father, and humbly of. | Meditations upon the Life and Passion of feredst up thyself wholly unto him, saying,

our Saviour Jesus Christ, continued. “ Father, not my will, but thine be done :"

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and kneeling down in a scornful manner, o Jesus, who didst hang (thy hands and saluted thee, saying, Hail, King of the feet being pierced) several hours upon the Jews.

shameful cross, and shedding thy precious

blood, didst endure unspeakable torments Plant, I beseech thee, in my heart, the

throughout thy whole body: memory of thy passion. O Jesus, who notwithstanding thou wast

O Jesus, who wast so kind even to thy declared innocent by Pilate the Judge,

bitterest enemies, that thou didst pray unto nevertheless was content to hear the furi

thy father for them, saying, “ Father, forous outcries of the Jews, by which they de

give them, for they know not what they

do." manded that thou shouldst be crucified: O Prince of Peace! who, being led out

Give me, I beseech thee, the grace of with two thieves, didst carry the cross with

true meekness and patience, by which I great pain upon thy sacred shoulders, and

may, according to thy commandment and didst not refuse to be driven by a rude mul.

example, love and pray for my bitterest titude, to be urged and hastened onward

enemies. to Mount Calvary :

O Jesus, who didst submit to the death of And being weary and faint, didst lan

the cross, and recommending thyself to thy guish under thy burthen :

heavenly father, and bowing down thy

venerable head, yielded up the ghost : Give me tears of devout compunction, and of holy love, which may melt my hard

Prepare me, I beseech thee, for the hour heart, and make it grateful unto thee.

of death. Grapt that with fervent devotion I may

Thou, O dearest Saviour, by laying down embrace all crosses ; and may humbls

thy life for thy sheep, hast shewed thyself low thee unto death.

to be the good shepherd : O Jesus! who having thy shoulders bruis.

Thou didst die, O thou only begotten Son ed with the weight of thy cross, didst at

of God! Thou diedst, O my beloved Savilength arrive weary at the place of execu.

our, that I might live for ever! tion :

O how great hope, how great confidence Where wine mingled with gall was offer may every devout soul now repose in thy ed thee to drink :

death, and in thy blood!

Where thou wast cruelly stretched out I glorify and praise thy holy name, acupon the wood of the cross, and fastened knowledging my infinite obligarions to thee. with nails to the same:

| O sweet Jesus, who being with great la• Grant, O Lord, that with a devout and mentation of thy friends taken down from grateful mind, I may consider this thine the cross, wast anointed with precious ointe unspeakable charity, with which of thinements, wrapt in fine linen, and buried in own accord thou didst stretch forth thine a new tomb: Grant that I may pass through arms, and willingly offeredst thine hands the grave and gate of death to my joylal and feet to be pierced.


0 Jesus, praise, honour, and glory be to thee, who, forty days after thy resurrection, didst gloriously ascend into heaven in the sight of thy disciples, where thou sittest at the right hand of the Father, blessed for ever.

Grant that I may in heart and mind thither ascend, and with thee continually dwell.

O may I seek, and savour those things which are above, and not those things which are here upon earth.

wounds heal me, thy virtues amend me, thy death quicken me ; and now that I am preparing my soul to come to thy table, grant that I may have a sweet remembrance of thy love, to encourage my hope, to ex. cite me to my duty, and to give me ani bumble confidence to look up unto thee for thy pardon, and for the grace of thy holy spirit, to enable me to please thee better hereafter. Multiply thy blessings upon me, sweetest Jesus, increase in die true religion, sincere and fervent devotion in my prayers and patience in troubles, and grant me whatsoever is necessary to my soul's health, or conducive to thy glory, that I may never more live unto myself, or to the world, but to thee only; and by the refreshments of an boly hope, be led through the paths of this mortal life to the possession of thy kingdom, O blessed Jesus, who with the Father and the Holy Ghost, livest and reignest ever one God, world without end. Amen.

O my most merciful Lord God, grant that I may so innocently pass the course of this miserable life,

That when my soul departs out of the prison of my body, I may be admitted into thy presence,

And be received into thy everlasting joy ;

. And with all the saints bless and praise thee for ever. Amen.


Saturday's Meditations in the Morn,


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U pon the most Holy Sacrament,

Holy Jesus, I adore thy mercies, and

thy incomparable love, who for our IHAT a deal of cost and pains do we sakes didst suffer such inexpressible tor

bestow upon these wretched bodies tures, which cannot be remembered with- of ours, only to make them pleasing and out the deepest sorrow and compassion : lovely in the eye of some beholders, as miPity me, O Lord, pity thy sorrowful ser- serable, perhaps, as ourselves: And yet vant, turn thy merciful eyes towards me, when we have done all, we way appear O must merciful Redeemer; for my sins contemptible in those eyes from whom we are great, and I am full of sorrow and | desired most approbation: Whatever beshame, and feel the burthen of them; comes of the outward man, let it be my which is too heavy for me to bear: O gra care, blessed Lord, that my soul be clothed cious Lord, who hast done so much for me, with thy righteousness, and that I may to purchase me blessings on earth, and an come holy to thy table ; so shall I be sure inheritance in heaven, speak the word only, to be safe, blessed, and amiable here, and and thy seryant shall be whole ; let thy | glorious for ever hereafter.

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