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“Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly ed down his kead to save me: He stretch· in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your ed forth his arm to preserve me: He shed

souls," St. Mait. xi. 29. O heavenly mas his most precious blood for my redemption : ter and pattern, how am I astonished, when He is lifted up from the earth, that he may I consider thy humility, thy poverty, thy draw all men unto him. O my Lord, draw meekness, thy resignation, in the midst of me to thy table, that I may admire and love injuries, oppressions and wrongs ! It must be thee, let me go with the devoutest affection thy almighty grace which must enable me to to testify how much I value thy kindness, to follow thy example, and tread in thy steps, profess the sincerity of my faith to thee; and to which our nature is so averse: For this my most dutiful love unto thee; and I will grace I now pray, through thy merits and render unto thee, O Lord, my most hearty mediation, O Jesus. Amen.

thanks, that thou wilt admit me to that ho

nour; I will hope in God and praise him, Blessed God, how great was our misery?

who is the health of my countenance, and how great was thy mercy? when nothing

my God; Blessed be God, who hath not could save us from ruin but the death of thy cast out my prayer, nor turned his mercy son! I see by this how hateful sin is to thee;

from me. make it so to me I beseech thee.-May I never flatter myself that thy mercy will save ine, if I continue in sin, wben thou sparedst not thine own son, when he put himself in

A Prayer, on Saturday Morning, to Jesus the place of sinners! May I never provoke Christ, for our due receiving of the Holy thy justice; may I never forget thy mercies, Sacrament. and what thy son has done for me!

All-sufficient Saviour, teach me by thy Blessed art thou, O my most merciful and great and good example, to practise loving Lord; all the angels praise thee, O obedience and submission to thy divine will God, for evermore.

and pleasure: I humbly beseech thee, so

to prepare my soul for the due receiving of Now, when the solemnity of the holy the holy sacrament, that I may thereby obeucharist is celebrated, it is a day when the tain remission of my sins, and all other benesons of God come to present themselves befits of thy passion. Pardon, O Lord, parfore the Lord, and we may be sure salandon my unpreparedness to come to so will also come among them, not only to ac- 1 holy and divine an ordinance. O may cuse every unworthy receiver, but even to thy word and sacrament always so influence tempt the worthiest that receive; tempt him and dispose my heart, lhat I may thereby with wandering and worldly thoughts, with be sanctified and renewed unto all holy obeflat and dull affections; yea, it may be, with dience to thy will, mortilying my sinful spiritual pride, with formal hypocrisy, or corruptions, and being renewed in thy image, impure imaginations: Now that we be not in holiness, righteousness, sobriety, truib, ensnared by satan's devices, we must strive knowledge, faith, and temperance. O to keep our souls fixed and intent upon Christ blessed Jesus, by thee let me bave access to in the sufferings of his passion; we must thy heavenly father: Let thy innocence and contemplate the power of his resurrection, purity procure pardon for my uncleanness and the glory of his ascension, and the benefits and disobedience : Let thy humility exiinof his intercession : For as often as I think guish my pride and vanity; thy meekness sofof the Lord's passion, I perceive the love of ten and correct my anger, and thy charity coo God in the forgiveness of my sins. Christ bow. | verihe muliilude of my sins; and dochou, of No. 27.


with wandil affection

Many word anoine an esso

formal by we be ni

thine infinite mercy, immediately after this lite, receive my soul into everlasting joy and felicity, there to reign with thee for ever. Amen.

my infirmities: “Heal me, O Jesus, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for thou art my praise. In the multitude of thy mercies will I go unto the altar of God, even unto the God of my joy and gladness." Clothe me, O Lord, « in the wedding garment, and be unto me wisdom and righteousness, and sanctification and redemption.”

Saturday's Meditations in the Even


Upon the most Holy Sacrament.

A Prayer on Saturday Evening, to Jesus I Have confessed, this week, my sins to

Christ, for our due receiving of the 1 thee, O God; and I hope thou hast for

Holy Sacrament. given the wickedness of my sins; do not contend in judgment with thy servant: “ For “I ORD, remember me in thy kingdom :' if thou, Lord, shouldst mark iniquities, who O Lord, lay not the sins of mine enemies shall abide it? He that spared not his own to their charge; Lord, lay not my own sins son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall to my charge; but by thine agony and he not with him also freely give us all bloody sweat, by thy head crowned with things?" Rom. viii. 32. This is, indeed, thorns, and smitten with fists and staves, by O God, a sure pledge of thine infinite love thine eyes full of tears, and thine ears pierced for thy poor creatures.--Upon this I de with slanders and revilings, by thy face pend when my heart is in heaviness for my iniserably defiled with spittle, by thy mouth sins:-- This my refuge when I remember | moistened with vinegar and gall, by thy my sins, and thy divine justice.--- make | neck bending under the weight of the cross, me truly sensible of this thy great love ; | by thy back torn and furrowed with scourges, and give me the graces which that love sees by thy loud and bitter cry, smy God, needful for me, for Jesus Christ's sake, the my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" by son of thy love. Amen.

thy heart wounded with a soldier's spear, by

the water and blood streaming from that How greatly hast thou loved us, Othou wound; by thy body broken and thy bload good father, who sparedst not thy only son, shed for me; by the saving and significant but deliveredst him up for the ungodly! How memorials of thy love and sufferings, “ forgreatly hast thou loved us, seeing he, wbo give, O Lord, the offences of thy servant, thought it no robbery to be equal with thee, and cover all my sins. Take away all thy was made subject unto death, even the death displeasure, and turn thyself from thy wrathof the cross : and therefore do I justly repose ful indignation. Turn me, O God, my Sa. my hope in thee; and I trust thou wilt heal | viour, and let thine anger cease from me.” all my diseases, else should I despair, for Grant me, dearest Lord, such a sense of thy many and great are the diseases of my soul; sufferings, as may fill my soul with love and but greater is the cure which thou hast pro- | gratitude towards thee, for those inestimable vide for them. Behold, O Lord, I cast all blessings thou hast purchased for me: and my care upon thee; let my soul live, and it I give such a sight of my sins, which occasion shall praise thee, and I will consider the ed all thy sorrows, as beartily to bewail and wonderful things of thy law. Thou knowest detest them, and such a faith in that full,

perfect, and sufficient sacrifice, oblation and breadth of the love of Christ! Who can satisfaction which thou hast made for the sins sufficiently admire it, that so grear a majesty of the world, that I may so importunately should stoop so low, and suffer so much, plead the merit of it, in this commemoration for his lost and miserably undone creatures, of that sacrifice, as to render thee gracious and on purpose to advance us to so blessed a propitious to me a miserable sinner. O Lord condition? hear, my prayers, and let my cry come unto thee, Amen.

O ye blessed host of heaven, who rejoice at the conversion of one single sinner, adore and praise my crucified Saviour, who died for the sins of the world, adore and praise

that unknown sorrow, that wonderful love, Sunday's Meditations in the Morn

which you yourselves must needs admire. ing.'

O my gracious Lord, my heart is now

full of the sense of ihy love ; and wbat have Upon the most Holy Sacrament. . I to return to thee, but love again? Tis all

I have to offer thee; accept it, o merciful

Lord, imperfect as it is. And do thou N OST thou rightly understand, O my daily heighten iny sense of thy love to me,

U soul, the unspeakably great dignity of that I may daily heighten my love to thee. this blessed ordinance ? Behold thou art go. ing to feast with the king of kings! What O thou infinite lover of souls, with all an bonour, what felicity is this? How hap- my heart I love, I praise, I adore thy love py mayest thou be, if this sacrament kindles

| to me; but, alas! I can never do it enough. in thee a fervent love to thy dear Redeemer ? Jo do thou at last, gracious Lord, translate and can it do less ? Behold here is represent

me to thy kingdom of glory, that there I ed the greatest love that ever was vouchsaf

may love thee to the utmost capacity of a ed to men : Here Christ entertains tbe devout

creature, and praise thee to all eternity.

creature and praise thee soul with bis choicest blessings, and opens the Amen, Lord Jesus, Amen, Amen. windows of heaven to rain down this celestial manna for us to eat. To thy holy tem O Lord, make me earnest and zealous ple, O my God, I am now going, to renew in thy service; and as thou hast sent thy my baptismal vow, and to enter into a solemn son to bring us to thyself, do thou likewise covenant with thee, and do faithfully pro

send thy holy spirit to sanctify me for thymise to resign myself entirely to thee, to be self; and then I, who of myself am natufaithful to thee, and to live up to those laws

rally prove to evil, shall, by the assistance which my Saviour hath established with his of thy grace, run the way of thy commandown blood.


Draw near with faith, ye contrite souls, Let neither the flesh, the world, nor the and take this holy sacrament to your com- | devil, prevail with thee, O christian, to fort ; let your sorrow be turned into joy, / neglect this dying command of Christ, Do and your fear into faith and hope ! go and this in remembrance of me: Is this rememoffer' up your best praises to the Father, bering thy dearest friend, to think of bim who contrived this glorious redemption ; to solemnly but once or twice a year? Should. the Son who effected it; and to the Holy est thou not remember him as often as thou Ghost, who gives us the benefit thereof. hast an opportunity ? Should thy Saviour 0! the height and length, depth and I remember thee no oftener than thou dost his

death and passion, how fearful would thy con. | passes are grown up even · unto heaven. I dition be? Canst thou represent his love too have wrought all these great provocations, often to thy mind and affections Art thou which I have confessed this week, and afraid of thinking too much of his love? hating to be reformed, have cast thy words Art thou afraid of being too much devoted behind me, and quenched thy spirit within to his service ? Considering how dull, how me. dead thou often art, thou hadst need come frequently to the sacrament, to have thy O Lord, I am become out of measure heart made tender, broken, and contrite for sinful: And since I have thus chosen death, thy sins. Art thou afraid of renewing thy I am most worthy to take part of it. This, repentance, thy faith, thy hope, thy charity this, O Lord, ought in justice to be the por100 often? The oftener thou dost resort to tion of my cup; To me belongs nothing this blessed communion, the greater will be but shame and confusion of face : But to thy acquaintance with the best of friends; thee, O Lord God, belongeth mercy and forno person is more welcome at this table, than giveness, though I have rebelled against the humble and broken-hearted ; and none thee. O remember not my sins and ofmeet with more favourable reception than the fences, but according to thy mercy think poor in spirit; these our crucified Jesus upon me. And now that I am this day to will most graciously receive. O come then, receive the blessed sacrament of thy preci. let us go into the house of the Lord, and ous body and blood, O Lord, I beseech our most merciful Redeemer will say unto thee, let thy holy spirit seal unto my soul us, Be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven all the blessings contained in the sacrament, you.

that by the merits of thy death and passion, all my sins may be fully remitted and forgiven, that the curse and judgment which they have deserved may never overtake me

in this life, or condemn me in the world A Prayer on Sunday Morning before the which is to come. My steadfast faith is, i Communion at home.

that thou hast died for my sins, and risen again for my justification. This I believe, O Lord, help thou mine unbelief,

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nessoire love o wis lifeord,

Blessed and eternal Jesus, thou true Work in me, I beseech thee, an unfeigned

lover of our souls, who art ever pleas repentance, that I may beartily bewail my ed with our love and hearty affection to former sins, and loath them, and serve thee thee, and wouldst have us delight ourselves henceforth in newness of life ; and let my in the thoughts of thee ; who gavest thyself soul never forget the infinite love of so sweet a sacrifice for our sins, and thy most preci. a Saviour, that hath laid down his life to ous body and blood for our spiritual food redeem so vile a sinner. And grant, Lord, in this holy sacrament; who didst so love that having received the seals and pledges us who were thine enemies, that thou den of my comniunion with thee, thou mayest siredst to reconcile us to thy offended father, henceforth so dwell by thy spirit in me and becamest man for our sakes, that we and I so live by faith in thee, that I may might endeavour to live in holiness before carefully walk all the days of my life in thee all the days of our life: O give me godliness and piety towards thee, and in grace to imitate thy divine virtues. But, christian love and charity towards my neighO Lord, I am ashamed, and blush to lift bours; that living in thy fear, I may die in up my face towards thee, for mine iniquities thy favour, and, after death, be made para are increased over mine bead, and my tres. I taker of eternal life, through thy merits, o

Jesu, my only

y' only Lord, my Saviour and 1 A Thanksgiving for Christ's Suff Redeemer, to whom be glory for ever. which may be used before the Communion Amen.

Service begins, if time permit.

Thou, my crucified Saviour, glory be to sooooooooooorrrosa

thee, for causing thy sufferings to be

i registered in the gospel : There I have read, Having entered into the Church with duel and remember the works and triumphs of

Reverence, wemay, at our first kneeling litby almighty love, for wbich I will always
docon, present ourselves to Almighty adore and praise thee.
God, in one of these or the like short

I remember, O gracious Lord, how thou,

1. who ihoughtest it no robbery to be equal “ I ET the words of my mouth, and the with God, wast made in the fashion of frail

meditations of my heart, be now and man, of the vilest and most contemptible of ever acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, men ; for thou tookest on thee the form of a my strength and my redeemer.” Psal. very servant ; I remember how many rexix. 14.

proaches, and contradictions, and blasphe

mies, and persecutions, thou didst endure Or, « O Lord prepare my unprepared from a wicked and perverse generation ; heart for prayer !"

and all this to save us sinful men.

. “O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee! " O Lord Jesus, was ever sorrow like unshall all flesh come.”

to thy sorrow? worthy art thou, O Lamb,

that was slain, to receive power, and riches, : « How amiable are thy tabernacles, O and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and Lord of hosts ! My soul hath a desire and I glory, and blessing." Rev. vii. 12. longing to enter into the courts of the Lord ; my heart and my flesh rejoice in the living I remember, O gracious Lord, how thou God.”

didst endure a most bitter agony, and didst

sweat great drops of blood falling to the Lord, I am now in thy house : Accept, I ground ; how thou, who art God above all, pray thee, of me and my services ; and dis blessed for ever, wast treacherously betraypose my heart to seriousness, attention and ed, apprehended, and bound as a malefactor ; devotion, and grant that I may receive the how thou wast set at nought by Herod, and Holy Sacrament with faith, thanksgiving and

his men of war, and forsaken of all thy discicharity. Be pleased to assist, with thy holy ples, and denied by Peter ; and all this to spirit, both minister and people ; and bless save us sinful men. . us in the use of thy boly ordinances for Jesus Christ his sake. Amen.

“O Lord Jesus, was ever,” &c. I remember, how thou, O God of truth, wast accused by false witnesses ; how thou, whom all the angels adore, wast blindfolded, and buffeted, and mocked, and spit upon, and stripped naked, and scourged ; and all this that we might be healed by thy stripes, and all this to save us sinful men.

: “ O Lord Jesus, was ever," &c. No. 27. ' ..

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