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At the judgment of his eye,
All the universe would die.

Brighter, broader lightnings flash,

Hail and rain tempestuous fall; Louder, deeper thunders crash,

Desolation threatens all; Struggling NATURE gasps for breath In the agony of death.

GOD OF VENGEANCE, from above

While thine awful bolts are hurld, O remember thou art Love!

Spare! O spare a guilty world ! Stay Thy flaming wrath a while, See Thy bow of promise smile!

Welcome, in the eastern cloud,
Messenger of Mercy still !

Now, ye winds! proclaim aloud,

“ Peace on Earth, to Man good will!" NATURE ! God's repenting Child, See thy Parent reconciled!

Hark! the nightingale, afar,

Sweetly sings the sun to rest,
And awakes the evening star

In the rosy-tinted west :
While the moon's enchanting eye
Opens Paradise on high !

Cool and tranquil is the night,

NATURE's sore afflictions cease, For the storm, that spent its might,

Was a covenant of peace: VENGEANCE drops her harmless rod ! MERCY is the POWER OF GOD!



On the Prospect of Invasion.

O For the death of those

Who for their country die,
Sink on her bosom to repose,
And triumph where they lie!

How beautiful in death
The WARRIOR's corse appears,
Embalm'd by fond Affection's breath,
And bathed in Woman's tears !

Their loveliest native earth

Enshrines the fallen brave;
In the dear land that gave them birth
They find their tranquil grave.

But the wild waves shall




And the blue monsters of the deep
Be surfeited with prey !-

No !--they have 'scaped the waves,
'Scaped the sea-monsters' maws ;
They come ! but O shall GALLIC SLAVES

By ALFRED's Spirit, No!
-Ring, ring the loud alarms;
Ye drums awake, ye clarions blow,
Ye heralds, shout “ To arms !"

To arms our Heroes fly;
And, leading on their lines.
The BRITISH BANNER in the sky,
The star of conquest shines.

The lowering battle forms

Its terrible array;
Like clashing clouds in mountain-storms,
That thunder on their


The rushing armies meet;
And while they pour their breath,
The strong earth shudders at their feet,
The day grows dim with death.

-Ghosts of the mighty dead !
Your children's hearts inspire:
And while they on your ashes tread,
Rekindle all



The dead to life return;

Our Fathers' spirits rise !
-My brethren ! in your breasts they burn,
They sparkle in your eyes.

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