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WINTER, retire!
Thy reign is past ;
Hoary Sire !
Yield the sceptre of thy sway,
Sound thy trumpet in the blast,
And call thy storms away ;
Winter, retire!
Wherefore do thy wheels delay ?
Mount the chariot of thine ire,
And quit the realms of day;
On thy state
Whirlwinds wait ;
And blood-shot meteors lend thee light;
Hence to dreary arctic regions
Summon thy terrific legions ;
Hence to caves of northern night
Speed thy flight.

From halcyon seas
And purer skies,
O southern breeze!
Awake, arise :
Breath of heaven! benignly blow,
Melt the snow;
Breath of heaven! unchain the floods,
Warm the woods,

And make the mountains flow.

Auspicious to the Muse's prayer,
The freshening gale
Embalms the vale,
And breathes enchantment through the air :
On its wing
Floats the Spring,
With glowing eye, and golden hair :
Dark before her Angel-form
She drives the Demon of the storm,
Like gladness chasing Care.

Winter's gloomy night withdrawn,
Lo! the


romantic Hours Search the hill, the dale, the lawn, To behold the SNOW-DROP white Start to light, And shine in Flora's desart bowers, Beneath the vernal dawn, The Morning Star of Flowers !

O welcome to our isle,

Thou Messenger of Peace !

At whose bewitching smile
The embattled tempests cease :
Emblem of Innocence and Truth !
Firstborn of Nature's womb,
When strong in renovated youth,
She bursts from Winter's tomb;
Thy parent's eye hath shed
A precious dew-drop on thine head,
Frail as a mother's tear
Upon her infant's face,
When ardent hope to tender fear,
And anxious love, gives place.
But lo! the dew-drop flits away,
The sun salutes thee with a ray
Warm as a mother's kiss
Upon her infant's cheek,
When the heart bounds with bliss,
And joy that cannot speak !

-When I meet thee by the way,
Like a pretty, sportive child,
On the winter-wasted wild,
With thy darling breeze at play,
Opening to the radiant sky
All the sweetness of thine.

eye ;
-Or bright with sunbeams, fresh with showers,
O thou Fairy-Queen of flowers !
Watch thee o'er the plain advance
At the head of FLORA's dance ;
Simple SNOW-DROP! then in thee
All thy sister-train I see :
Every brilliant bud that blows,
From the blue-bell to the rose :
All the beauties that

On the bosom of the Year,
All that wreathe the locks of Spring,
Summer's ardent breath perfume,


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