Journal of the House of Representatives of the Second Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Iowa....: Special Session ... July 13, 1840

Historical department of Iowa, 1902 - 116 páginas

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Página 12 - And twenty thousand dollars, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury, not otherwise appropriated, is hereby given to the said Territory, which shall be applied by the Governor and Legislative Assembly to defray the expenses of erecting public buildings at the seat of government.
Página 22 - An act to incorporate medical societies for the purpose of regulating the practice of physic and surgery in this state...
Página 5 - ... on the part of the house, to wait upon his excellency the governor, and inform him that the two houses are temporarily organized and ready to receive any communication he may have to make to them.
Página 91 - Council that a committee of two be appointed, to act in conjunction with a similar committee to be appointed by the...
Página 8 - Council, to wait upon his Excellency the Governor and inform him that the two Houses are organized and ready to receive any communication he may have to make to them; Which was agreed to.
Página 92 - Resolved, That the thanks of this Association be tendered to Z. Richards, Esq., our retiring President, for the able and impartial manner in which he has presided over the deliberations of this body.
Página 13 - I presume that they will both pass together, and probably the present session of Congress. I therefore suggest to the Legislative Assembly, the expediency of providing by law, for taking the sense of the people of this Territory, on the subject of a Convention, at the ensuing annual election.
Página 12 - Act supplementary to an Act to locate the seat of government of the Territory of Iowa, and for other purposes...
Página 34 - State, of the five per cent, of the net proceeds of the sales of the public lands within the...
Página 64 - House, the adoption of the following resolution: Resolved, That the Committee be discharged from the further consideration of the subject referred to them.

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