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Mr C. Marson na. br. c. by Theon, out of Rebecca, by Comus
Major Martyn's b. c. Convulsion, by Alarm, out of Elf
Mr Meiklam’s b. c. Cleveland, by Fancy-boy, out of Modesty
Mr Merry's h. c. Saredon, by Verulam, out of Ridotto

b. c. Garibaldi, by Moss Trooper, out of Madame St. Clair Sir W. Milner's ch. c. The Golden Age, by The Era, out of Osbertov s dam Mr G. Morton's br. c. Captain Flash, by Fancy-boy, out of ch. m. by Valparaiso, out of

Helen Mar
Mr J. Murphy's b. c. by The Ugly Buck, out of sister to Johnny

ch. c. bro. to Russborough, by Tearaway, out of Cruiskeen
Mr F. P. Newton's b. c. Ocean Monarch, by The Sea, out of Young Mariop
Mr Newton's bl. c. Harry Bluff, by The Sea, out of Lady Gay Spanker
Mr A. Nichol's br. c. Norham,(dead) by Irish Birdcatcher, nut of Bee's-win
Mr S. O'Meagher's b. or br. c. Galtimore, by Simoom, out of Osprey
Mr G. Ongley's br. c. by Gilbert Gurney, out of Fama, by Dr. Syntax
Ld Orford's br. C. Alcoran, by Theon, out of Adelgund

b. c. Azael, by Arundel, out of Bay Dorothy
Mr. Osbaldeston's b. c. Clumsy Jack, by Touchstone, out of Queen of Beauty

b. c. The Sutler, by Touchstone, out of Camp-follower, Fugleman's dam

b. c. by Hetman Platoff dam (1841) by Camel-Lady Elizabeth, hy Lottery
Mr W. Overman jun.'s br. c. St Andrew, by Drayton, out of Speed, by Lottery
Ld Palmerston's b. c. Buckthorn, by Venison, out of Zeila, by Emilius
Mr Payne's br. c. Wingenund, by Lanercost, out of Valentine
Mr T. H. Pedley's ch.c. Wideawake, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Ætheria
Col Peel's br. c. The Nabob, by the Nob, out of Hester

b. c. Livermere, by Slane, out of Palmyra
b. c. Lapidist, by Touchstone, out of lo
b. o. Kingston, by Venison, out of Queen Anne

ch. c. Orpheus, by Orlando, out of Malibran
Sir R. Pigot's b. c. Filius, by Venison, out of Birthday, by Pantaloon

ch. c. Father Thames, by Faugh-a-Ballagh, dam by Bran, out of Active Mr H. B. Powell's b. or br. c. The Free-trader, by The Sea, out of Miss Cobden D of Richmond's b. c. Houlakin, by Lanercost, out of Reel

br. c. Harbinger, by Touchstone, out of Cuckoo

br. c. Home-brewed, by Chatham, out of Sherbet
Mr T. Robinson's b. c. by Venison, out of Glee
Mr Rogers's br. c. Theodine, by Theon, out of Prosody's dam
Mr Rolt's b. c. George III., by Venison, out of Arethusa, by Elis

ch. c. Horton Yates, by Epirus, out of The Lady of Pen-y-daren
Baron Rothschild's ch. c. by Phlegon, out of Marinella, by Soothsayer
Mr Rothwell's br. c. Emeryj-stone, by Touchstone, out of Ġulhane
Sir C. Rushout's b. c. Nonsuch, by Faugh-a-hallagh, out of Niobe, by Defence (h. b.)
Mr St. George's b. c. by Harkaway, out of Whim
Ld J. Scott's b. c. Hobbie Noble, by Pantaloon, out of Phryne
Mr J. Scott's ch. c. Phantom, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Ariel, by Liverpool

Don Carlos, by Don John, out of Valentina
Mr J. Singleton jun., na. br. c. Lazarus, hy Lanercost, out of Sally Snobs
Mr W. Stebbing's b. c. Young Hawthorn, by Lanercost, out of Alice Hawthorn

ch. c. Alfred the Great (late Fortunio) by Orlando, out of Dominus
ch. c. Ovando, by Orlando, out of Switch
b. c. Dogberry (late Serrano), by Orlando, out of Ninny

br. c. Glen 0., by Fancy Boy, out of Miss Gilmour
Mr H. Stebbing's br. c. Anchises, þy Fancy Boy, d (1841) by Physician-Little Bird
Mr Steer's c. The Bird of Prey, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Semiseria
Mr Stephenson's br. c. Caracara, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Yarico

-b.c. Fancy Bird, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Fancy Ld Strathmore's br. c. Showman, by Launcelot, out of Specimen

b. c. Chimney Sweep, by Touchstone, out of May Mr H. J. Thompson's b. c. Gujeerat, by Galaor, out of Pharniacopæia Mr Tilston's b. c. Lord of the Manor, by Auckland, out of Cecilia Mr Waller's b. c. Orelio, by Orlando, out of his Regalia's dam Mr Watson's ch. c. Child of the Mist, by Touchstone, out of The Ladye of Silverkeld Well

- bl. c. mbrose, by Touchstone, of Annette, by Priam Mr Watt's b. or br. c. San Benito, by Lanercost, out of Ohio

-- b. or br. c. Don Issachar (åead), by Launcelot--Barba (1845), by Lanercost Mr B. Way's b. c. Stapleton, by Slane, out of Chamois






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Mr Whitworth’s bl. c. Blackstone (dead), by Touchstone, out of Lady Mary
Mr Wigram's b. c. Peacock, by Alarm, out of Teleta
Mr Wilkin na. ch.c. Stratagem, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Benevolence
Mr Wilkinson's ch.c. Consultation (late Dringhouses), by The Doctor, out of Confusionée
Mr Williams's b. or br. c. Fancy Free, by Fancy Boy, out of Mrs. Fitzwilliam

ch. c. Xenophon, by Red Deer, out of Persian

b. or br. c. De Winter, by Ballinkeele, out of Venas, by Amadis Mr C. Winteringham's b. or br. c. Macedonian, by Y. Priam, out of Y. Bamboo's dam Mr J. F. Woffinden's ch. c. King of Trumps, by Velocipede, out of Mrs. Gill Mr Wreford's b. f. by Launcelot, out of Wedlock Ld Zetland's ch.c. Augur, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Castanette's dam The GRAND STAND PLATE of 100 sov., added to a handicap of 10 sov. each; the winner of any race after publication of the weights to carry 5lb. extra. Two miles and a quarter.—20 subs. Age. st. lb.

Age. st. lb.
Ballet Girl, by Earl of Richmond 5 Mouse, by Mus
Ban, The, by Don John

Musician, hy Lanercost

5 Blood Royal, by British Yeoman

Narcissus, by Gladiator .

5 Cariboo, by Venison

Normanton, by Sir Hercules Combatant, (h. b.) by Combat

Pelopidas, by Irish Birdcatcher Cobnut, (h. b.)

Presto, by Sleight-of-Hand Elthirun, by Pantaloon

Ringleader, by Paugh-a-ballaghi Follmw-me-Lads, by Epirus

Scarecrow, by Alarm Ingratitude, by Jerry

Story-teller, by Ascot Irene, by Epirus

Surprise (h. b.) by St. Lawrence 3 The Two YEAR OLD STAKES of 10 sov. each, with 50 added; colts &st. 716., tillies

8st. 31b. Any winner before starting to carry 5lb. extra. Half a mile.-13 subs. Mr J. Arnold's ch. c. by St. Martin- Mr Magenis's b. c. Pantomime Madelina

Mr Osbaldeeton's ch. c. by CotherstoneCount Batthyany's b. f. The Pearl

Camp-follower Mr E. R. Clark's b. c. Little Swift

Mr Payne's b. f. Gloomy Mr Douglas's ch. f. Playful

Ld W. Powlett's br. f. Guara Mr Greville's f. sis. to Frantic

Mr Reeves's b. c. Deerhound Mr Gulliver's ch. c. Chilton

Mr J. M. Stanley's ch. c. Massena Mr Howard's ch. f. Vaultress FRIDAY.–The OAKS STAKES of 50 sov. each, h. ft., for three year old fillies, 8st. 7/b.

each; the second to receive 100 sov. out of the stakes. The winner to pay 100 sov.

towards the expenses, and 30 sov. to the Judge. Mile and a half.-123 subs.
Ld Airlie's br. f. Kestrel, by Lanercost, out of Avis, by Camel
Mr R. B. Allardice's br. f. by Fancy-boy, out of Pelisse, by Spencer
Gen Anson's b. f. Bay Rosalind, by Orlando, out of Elopement
Mr G. Barton's bl. f. Anna Thillon, by The Doctor, out of Teflis

b.f. Lady Hesketh, by The Doctor, out of Lady Skipsey
Count Batthyany's b. f. Queen-bee, by Amorino, out of Mayfly, sister to Mouche

b. f. Susan, by Touchstone, out of Fanny, by Whisker Mr Bowes's ch. f. Irish Birdcatcher, out of Mickleton Maid

b. f. by Hetman Platoff, out of Maid of Lune

br. f. Dame Tattle, by Ithuriel, out of Ukraine
Mr Carew's br. f. Florence, by The Cure, out of Egeria, by Emilius
Mr F. Carr's br. f. Sweet Pea, by Touchstone, out of Pink Bonnet
Mr F. Clarke's b.f. Sabra, by Pantaloon, out of Pione
Mr E. R. Clark's ch. f. Lady in Waiting, by The Emperor, out of Peeress, by Priam
Ld Clifden's b. f. Rosary, by Touchstone, out of Crucifix

b. f. Copia (dead), by Lanercost, out of Plenty.

b. f. Seccatura, by Bay Middleton, out of Blue Devil
Mr James Cookson's br. f. Launceletta, by Launcelot, out of sister to Coheiress
Mr Copeland's ch. f. The Lady Amyott, by Faugh-a-Ballagh, out of Rosa, by Cain
Mr Dawson's br. f. Galvanism, by The Doctor, out of The Shadow
Capt Delmé's b. f. Tremble, by Alarm, out of Silverlock
Mr C. Dorrien s b. f. Carinetta, by Auckland, out of Charming Kate
Mr Douglas's ch. f. Miss Giddy, by Pantaloon, out of Rosa's dam, by Muley
Mr G. Drewe'sť. Volusia, by Sir Isaac, out of Vesta, by The Saddler
Ld Eglinton's b. f. Urania, by Idle Boy, out of Venus, by Langar

b. f. Veracity, by Lanercost, out of Rectitude Ld Exeter's f. by St. Martin, out of Scarf

Ld Exeter's f. by St. Martin, out of Macremma

b. f. by St. Martin, out of Toga

b. f. by St. Martin, out of Amima
Mr Farrance's b. f. by Ion, out of Christina, by Laurel
La Francis's b. f. Dorothea, by Lanercost, out of sister to Gasparoni
Mr Glasgow's b. f. by Alarm, out of Physalis

ch. f. by John o'Gaunt, out of Conspiracy
Mr Gratwicke's b. f. Maria, by The Merry Monarch, out of Stomacher
Mr Gregory's b, f. by Orlando, out of Clarissa's dam
Mr Greville's b. f. Greengage, by Alarm, out of Preserve

b. f. Chaffinch, by Alarm, out of Little Finch

b. f. Protection, by Slane, out of The Farmer's Daughter
Mr Harker's br. f. Patience, by Lanercost, out of Billet-doux
Mr Harrison's b. f. Needle, by Lanercost, out of Stitch
Sir J. Hawley's br. f. Misericorde, (dead) by Don John, out of Mendicant

b. f. Water Lily, by Touchstone, out of Cheshire Witch
b. f. Caloric, by Herman Platoff, out of Oxygen

b. f. Pluck, by Venison, out of Dauntless
Mr Hesseltine's bl. f. Catch'em, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Penang's dam
Mr H. Hill's br. f. Magnetic, by Touchstone, out of Jet, by Velocipede

ch. f. Canina, by Epirus, out of Miss Horewood
Mr Philip Hill's br. f. Actress, by Confederate, out of Celeste, by Camel
Mr R. Holmes's b. f. Laluge, by Epirus, out of Mulligatawny,
Mr Howard's br. f. Alhambra, by Cotherstone, out of Sequidilla
Mr Hussey's b. f. Lady Isabel, by The Baron, out of Red Rose
Mr Jepson's ch. f. Bess of Hardwick, by Ithuriel, out of Snowdrop, by Spencer
Ld Jersey's b. f. Sulky (dead), hy Bay Middleton, dam by Bizarre, out of Glenara

b. f. Janina, by Epirus, out of Joanna
Mr A. Johnstone's b. f. by Verulam, out of Margery, by Voltaire

br. f. Cotton Lady, by Annandale, out of Manilla
br. f. The Scourge, by Charles XII., out of Executrix
br. f. by St. Martin, out of Messalina
b. or ro. f. Helen Faucit, by Telemachus, out of Rebecca, Alice Hawthorn's d.

b. f. by Verulam, out of Quadron
Mr Jones's b. f. Travestie, by Touchstone, out of Steppingstone's dam
Mr E. Jones's b. f. Czarine, by Charles XII., out of Brenna, by Bran
Mr Kirby's b. f. Grand Duchess, by Iranercost, d. by M. Moloch-Miss Thomasina
La H. G. Lennox's b. f. Brawn, by Chatham, or Robert de Gorham, out of Oxonian's dam
Mr R. G. Lumley's b. f. hy Hetman Platoff, out of Infidelity, hy Voltaire

b. f. Flirt, by Hetman Platoff, out of Rackety Girl's dam
br. f. Senorita, by Hetman Platoff, ou tof Barcelona, by Cervantes

br. f. Medlock, by Hetman Platoff, d. by Blacklock-sis. to barefoot Mr Mare's b. f. sister to Hatherton, by Touchstone, out of Event

b. f. hy Lanercost, out of Lobelia
Mr W. Mercer's b. f. by Ratan, dam by Melbourne, out of Lisbeth, by Phantom
Sir J. B. Mill's b. f. Mary Blane, by Slane, out of Virginia

- br. f. Aitch Bune, by The Baron, out of Juliana
Sir C. Monck's br. f. Gossamer, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Cast-steel
Ld Orford's b. f. Sophistry, by Theon, out of Bettina
Mr Payne's ch. f. Hirsuta, by Cotherstone, out of Kalmia

b. f. Glenluce, by Slane, out of Glencairne

b. f. Freedom, by Cotherstone, out of Liberty Mr T. H. Pedley's ro. f. Trousseau, by Gameboy, out of Bridal Col Peel's b. f. by Touchstone, out of Hersey

ch. f. sister to Naphtha, by Slane, out of Iodine's dam

na. ch. f. Artichoke, by Archy, out of Sorrel, by Slane
Capt Pettat's bl. or ch. f. Lunette, by Barnacles, out of Temerity
Mr J. Powney's b. f. (dead) by Alarm, dam by Slane, out of Elissa
Mr Ramsbottom's b. t. Hot Cross Bun, by Alarm, out of Queen of Cyprus
D of Richmond's b. f. Red Hind, by Venison, out of Soldier's Daughter

b. f. Plumstead, by Chatham, out of Estelle
Mr Robinson's b. f. Athena Pallas, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Minerva
Sir C. Rushout’s b. f. Queen of Spain, by Spanish Jack, out of Combat’s dam (h. b.)
D of Rutland's b. f. Termagant, by Cotherstone, out of Virago
Mr J. Scott's b. f. Songstress, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Cyprian
Mr John Shepherd's ch. f. Alberta, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Memento
Sir S. Spry's br. f. Bastiliana, by Charles XI., out of Bastile

Mr W. Stebbing's b. f. Mary Ann, by Ithuriel, out of Lady Harriet, by Sir Hercules

b. f. by Lanercost, out of Princess Alice, by Bay Middleton
b. f. Sally, by Ithuriel, out of Sorella's dam

b. f. Laura Bell, by Lanercost, out of sis. to Sorella, Tricky's dam
Mr. Stephenson's b. f. Euphony, by Voltaire, out of Eulogy
Mr. H. Stephenson's b. f. Tame (late Redwing), by Freedom, or Red Deer, dam by Cain
Mr. H. J. Smith, jun., na. b. f. The Chase, by Venison, d. by Little Red Rover-Éclat
Mr H. J. Thompson's b. f. Gutpurba, by Defence, or Galaor, dam (1839) by Hindoo
Mr Walker's b. f. sister to Electricity, by Loadstone, out of Bourton's dam
Mr Waller's b. f. Octavia, by Orlando, out of Enterprise
Mr Watt's b. or br. f. Alisette (dead), by Launcelot, out of Cara
Mr Watson's br. f. France, by Cotherstone, out of Annette (wrong nom.)
Mr B. Way's b. f. Kate, by Auckland, out of The Gipsy Queen, by Dr. Syntax

br. f. Miss Conyngham, by Slane, dam by Whisker MrT. Wesley's br. f. Recommendation, by Counsellor, out of Newport's dam Ld Westminster's br. f. Plot, by Pantaloon, out of Decoy

b. f. Attack, by Touchstone, out of Ghuznee Mr G. White's b. or br.

f. Snowdrop, by Galanthus, out of Maid of Team Valley's dam Mr Whitworth's bl. f. Bilberry, by Touchstone, out of Lady Sarah

bl. or br. f. Tested, by Touchstone, dam by Colwick, out of Game-lass Mr Wilkinson's b. or br. f. The Shadow (late Knavesmire Witch), by Lanercost, out of

Mr Williams's b. f. La Tempesta, by Lanercost, out of Euterpeon, by Recovery
Mr C. Wood, jun's., b. f. by St. Lawrence, out of Killie Krankie, by Sheet Anchor
Mr Worthington's b. f. Jessica, by Launcelot, out of Collina

ch. f. Rachetée, by Irish Birdcatcher, dam (1844) by Pantaloon, out of Banter Mr Wreford's b. f. by Launcelot, out of Wedlock

b. f. by Venison, out of Wedding-day Mr R. Wright na. bl. f. Bird on the Wing, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Prairie Bird, by

Ld Zetland's ro. f. Golconda, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Coheiress, by Inheritor

1853. WEDNESDAY.–The DERBY STAKES of 50 sov. each, h. ft., for three year olds, colts

8st. 71b., fillies 8st. 21b.; the owner of the second horse to receive 100 sov, out of the stakes; the winner to pay 100 sov. towards expenses, and 30 sov. to the Judge. Mile

and a half.-200 subs.
Mr Abbot na. b. c. by Alarm, out of Gaiety, by Touchstone
Mr S. Adams's ch. c. by Merry Monarch, dam by Emilius out of Menalippe
Gen Anson's ch. c. by Don John, out of Potentia

- br. c. Hardbake, by Don John, out of Lollypop

b. c. by Tearaway, out of Margaret
b. c. Molasses, by St. Francis, out of Treacle

br. or bl. f. Mayfair, by Bay Middleton, out of Black Bess Capt Archdall's ch. c. Haynau, by Barrier, out of Medea

b.c. Pensioner, by Lanercost, dam by Bay Middleton, out of Apollonia
Mr J. Ayling's ch. c. Rattle, by The Fallow Buck, out of The Hamble
Mr H. Baker's ch.c. The Dandy, by The Ugly Buck, out of Maria, by Sir Hercules
Mr J. Barnard's ch. c. by Scamander, out of Dinah, by Clarion
Count Batthyany's b. c. Stone Plover, by Cotherstone, out of The Wryneck :

b. c. Brightwaltham, by Beverlac, out of Cecilia, by Comus
Mr Baxter's b. f. Peggy, by Pompey, out of Hawise
La Bolton's b. or br. c. Saquenay, by St. Lawrence, out of Amaranth, by Bay Middleton
Mr T. Booth's ch. c. by Verulam, out of Makeless, by St. Martin
Mr Bowes's b. c. West Australian, by Melbourne, out of Mowerina
Mr G. Braddell's ch, c. Breuk-o'-day Boy, by Harkaway, out of Rosetta
Mr W. H. Brook's br. c. by Lanercost, out of Moonbeam
Mr J. Brown na, b, c. Balrownie, by Annandale, out of Queen Mary, by Gladiator
Mr Robt. Brown's b. c. by Orlando, dam by Humphrey Clinker--Celeste, by Lottery
Mr Bumby's b. c. Ace of Trumps, by Assault, out of Portion, by Lot
Mr Burgess's b. c. by Dulcimer, out of Africa, by Scipio

ch. c. by Valentissimo, out of Chutnee, by The Saddler Ld Caledon's ch. c. by Simoom, out of The Queen (Shylock's dam)

b. c. by Simoom, out of Fortress (Old England's dam) Mr Carew's ch. c. Ninnyhammer, by Orlando, out of Ninny, by Bedlamite

Mr Carew's ch. c. by St. Martin, out of Madelina, by The Mole

b. c. Grapeshot, by Alarm, out of Volley
bic. Deerhound, by The Fallow Buck, out of Growl
b. c. Pantomime, by Lanercost, out of Buslesque

b. c. by War Eagle, out of Rigolette, by Jerry
Mr E. R. Clark's b. c. Little Swift, by Sir Tatton Sykes, out of Starlight Bess

b. c. Mr. Sykes, by Sir Tatton Sykes, out of sister to Gobbo
b. c. Blue John, by Sir Tatton Sykes, dam (1844) by Venison, or Elis
br. c. Early Bird (dead), by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Betsy Bird

br. c. by Alarm, out of Alkali
Ld Clifden's c. Feramorz, by Ion, out of Rose of Cashmere

b. c. Glengarry, by Cotherstone, out of Glenlui

b. c. Constantine, by Cotherstone, out of Crucifix Mr John Collingwood's b. c. Tweedside, by Magpie, out of Kate Kearney Mr nolly's ch. c. by Shawn Buidhe, ont of Zulima Mr J. Conroy's b. c. St. Andrew, by Lanercost, ant of Sultana Mr James Cookson's b. c. The Confectioner, by Sweetmeat, out of Lady Fanny, by Hum.

phrey Clinker Mr Rowland E. Cooper's b. c. The Friar, by Cowl, out of Allumette, by Taurus Mr W. Cooper's b. c. Dagobert, by Ion, dam (1849) by Langar, out of sister to Cobweb Mr Copeland's br. c. Tkë Adjutant, by Touchstone, out of Parade Mr T. Dawson's b. or br. c. Georgy, by Malcolm, out of Dervegild Mr Delamere's b. c. by Don John, out of a ch. m. by Plenipotentiary, out of Minima, by Rowton

br. c. by Paragone, out of Mr. Theobald's Pauline (h. b.)

b. c. by The Libel, out of My Dear Capt Delmé's b. c. Pharold, by Alarm, out of Lady Trampoline Ld Derby's br. c. Umóriel, by Touchstone or Melbourne, out of Verbena

ch. c. Hobby-horse, by Ithuriel, out of Tour de Force Mr C. Dorrien's ch. c. The Cavalier, by Chatham, out of The Queen, by Slane

ch. c. Golden Plover, by The Baron, out of Blackbird Mr Drinkald's ch. c. by Sleighit-of-hand, dam (1835) by Comus, grandam by Smolensko out of sister to Orphan

b. c. by Sleight-of-hand, dam by Comus, grandam by Tancredi or Richmond, out of Camillus

b. c. by Mathematician, out of Kitten
Mr J. G. Dixon's c. by Bay Middleton, out of Cestus
La Eglinton's b. c. Vanderdecken, by Bay Middleton, out of Barbelle

b. c. Erycthon, by Melbourne, out of Bellona
b. c. Strait Jacket, by Lanercost, out of Lunacy
ch. c. Sir Walter, by Faugh-a-Ballagh, out of Rosa

ch. c. The Fowler, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Roulette Ld Exeter's b. c. Filbert, by Nutwith, out of Celia

br. c. Nutpecker, by Nutwith, out of Amima
c. Hazlenut, by Nutwith, out of Macremma
ch. c. Cobnut, by Nutwith, out of Glenara
b. c. Nuthook, hy Nutwith, out of Toga
c. The Major, by Cotherstone, out of Drum-Major's dam
b. c. Husk, by Nutwith, out of Elegance

b. c. Walnut, by Nutwith, out of Silistria
Mr Francis's b. c. Tamerlane, by The Emperor, out of Mogulistan
Mr Featherstonhaugh's br. c. by Cotherstone, out of Maid of Lorette, by Simoom
Mr J. Gill's ch. c. by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Flower of the Tees
La Glasgow's br. c. Doublethong, by Assault or Birdcatcher, out of Miss Whip

br. c. (dead) by Lanercost, dam by Actæon, out of Ardrossan
Mr J. Godwin's br. c. (h. b.) by Sir Hercules, out of Dexterous, by Defence
Mr Gratwicke's ch. c. by Chatham, out of Projectile's dam

b. c. Gossip, by Chatham, out of Gabble
ch.c. Sittingbourne, by Chatham, out of The Landgravine

b. or br. c. Feversham, by Chatham, out of Mary
Mr Greville's b. c. Don Pacifico, by Don John, out of Despatch

b. f. Exhibition, by Bay Middleton, out of Industry
Mr W. Gulliver's b. c. Chilton, by Cowl, out of Blanche of Devon
Mr l's br. c. John Bull, by staff, dam by Pantaloon, out of Daphne
Mr J. Hare's ch. c. Whanghee, by Ratan, out of Alice, by Touchstone
Mr Harrison's b. c. by Melbourne, out of Giselle, by Emilius

b. c. by Melbourne, out of Susan, by Elis

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