Imagens das páginas

Mr C. Harrison's b. c. Mark Parvin, by Y. Professor, dam by Voltaire-Golden-drop
Mr Harris's c. by The Emperor, out of Odille
Sir J. Hawley's b. c. Haco (late Harold), by Old England, out of Dauntless,

br. c. Veteran, by Old England, out of Vat
b. or br. c. Warbler, by Don John, out of Cavatina
br. c. Friar Tuck, by Old England, out of Mendicant
b. c. Mocassin, by Cotherstone, out of Miami
b. c. North Pole, by Orlando, out of Enterprise
b. c. Orinoco, by Orlando, out of Regalia's dam
b. c. Alustang, by Melbourne, out of Lady Mary
- b. f. Bloomer, by Melbourne, out of Lady Sarali

ch. c. Massena, by Don John, out of Decision
Mr S. Hawke's b. c. Towton, by Melbourne, out of Cinizelli
Mr A. Heathcote's br. c. Condor, by Lanercost, out of Cytherea, by Camel
Mr Ritter Hibblethwaite's b. c. Broth of a Boy, by Fancy Boy, out of Clorinda

br. c. The Plunderer, by Picaroon, dam by E. O., out of Lucia, by Granby Mr Herbert's b. c. Letus, by Bay Middleton, ont of Miss Letty

ch. c. Grand Duke Michiel, by Sir Hercules, out of Empress, by Emilius Mr H. Hill's ch. c. Lambay, by Harkaway, out of Fidget, by Recovery

b. c. Ireland's Eye, by Harkaway, out of Alma's dam
Mr G. Hobson's b. c. by lon, out of Recruit's (late Thorough-good Sam) dam
Mr W. E. Hobson's b. c. Orestes, by Orlando, dam by Bay Middleton, out of Vitula
Mr Holiday's br. c. Sir Richard, by Picaroon, out of sister to Eboracum (foaled in 1840)
Mr R. Holloway's br. c. Brother to Yardley, by Sir Isaac, out of Mystery
Mr Hussey's b. c. Don Quixote, by Don John, out of Red Rose
Mr Irwin's ch. c. Knight of the Thimble, by Mickey Free, out of Recluse
Mr Jackson's br. c. Eaton, by Touchstone, dam by Bay Middleton, out of Nitocris
Mr Jaques's ch. c. Pitfall, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Barletta

bl. c. Catspaw, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Utopia
b. c. Dear-me! by Melbourne, out of Ennui

b. c. Anglo-Saxon, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Colocynth
Ld Jersey's b. c. Cheddar, by Cotherstone, out of Clementina
Mr A. Johnstone's ch. c. by Verulam, out of Madinella, by Malek
Mr L. Keegan's h. c. Cogniac, by Burgundy (h. b.).
Mr Lancaster Lucas's b. c. Rumour, by The Libel, dam by Reveller, out of Veil
Mr C. Liley's ch. c. Tavistock, by Oakley, out of Brenna, by Bran
Capt Little's b. c. Magnet, by Paragone, out of Well-a-day
Mr Lumley's ch. c. by Hetman Platoff, out of Infidelity, by Voltaire

ch. c. by Hetman Platoff, out of Maria, by Jereed
b. or br. c. by Hetman Platoff, out of Gazelle, by Tramp or Langar
br. c. by Hetman Platoff, dam by Blacklock, out of sister to Barefoot
br. c. by Hetman Platoff, out of Fuschia, by Don John

b. c. The Lion, by Hetman Platoff, out of the Lamb, by Melbourne
Mr H. Mann's b. c. Moscow, by Hetman Platoff, out of Miss Maria
Mr Mare's br. c. by Touchstone, dam by Discount-Blucher, out of Mervinia

br. c. by Touchstone, out of Breastgirth
Mr John Martin's b. c. Spread Eagle, by The Sea, out of Charlotte West
Mr Massingherd's b. c. Charon, by Archy, out of Styx
Mr Meiklam’s bl. c. The Hatchet, by Poynton, out of Consolation's dam
Mr W. Mercer's b. c. Singapore, by Ratan, dam by Melbourne, out of Lisbeth
Mr Merry's b. c. Craigends, by Moss Trooper, out of Hope

"ch. c. Edmund, by The Libel or Ratcatcher, out of Wilmot, sister to Wolidog Mr J. Morris's b. c. King David, by Assault, oat of The Slayer's Daughter.

br. c. Youthful Days (late Skymate), by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Playmate Mr Nichols's bl. f. Honey-dew, by Tonchstone, ont of Beeswing Mr Osbaldeston's ch. c. by Cotherstone, out of Camp-follower (Fugleman's dam) Mr C. A. Parker's ch. c. The Ace of Trumps, by lago, dam (1841) by Hampton, out of

sister to Voluna Mr Payne's br. c. Pindus, by Epirus, out of Wapiti

b. c. Speed the Plough, by Cotherstone, out of The Farmer's Daughter

b. c. War-whoop, by Lanercost, out of Valentine Mr Pedley's b. c. Gavotte, by Cotherstone, out of Sequidilla Col Peel's b. c. Talfourd, by Ion, out of Palmyra

ch. c. Osiris, by Slane, out of Io

b. c. by Orlando, out of Hersey Mr J. Powney's b. c. Cineas, by Touchstone or Epirus, out of Velleda Mr Ramsbottom's b. c. Jupiter Tonans, by Alarm, out of Queen of Cyprus

D of Richmond's br. c. by Touchstone, out of Refraction
Mr H. Robinson's c. by Melbourne, out of Lady Elizabeth, by Sleight-of-hand
Mr T. Robinson's b. or br. c. Jerry Kent, by Jericho, out of Ġlee
Mr J. Rogers's br. c. Jordan, by Jericho, out of Lady-love
Baron Rothschild's b. c. Gunnersbury, by Pantaloon, dam (1842) by Touchstone, out of

Mr R. Rowan's ch. c. Fionn-ma-Coul, by Clear-the-way, out of Narrah Mattah, by Noble
Sir C. Rushout's ch. c. Ethelbert, by Faugh-a-ballagh, out of Espoir, by Liverpool
Mr Sadler's b. c. Contentment, by Archy, out of Tranquillity, by Venison
Mr St. George's b. c. Ionic, by Ion, out of Diploma
Mr C. St. George's gr. c. bro. to Chanticleer, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Whim
Ld J. Scott's b. c. The Reiver, by Pantaloon, out of Phryne

b. c. Pug Orrock, by Pantaloon, out of Testy
Mr J. Scott's b. c. Rosenfeld, by Sleight-of-hand, out of Leaconfield's dam
Mr Singleton, jun., ns. br. c. Prio, by lago, out of Actual (Brown Fly's dam)
Mr W. Smith's b. c. by Slane, out of Olla (1845), by Mus
Mr T. Stanley's br. c. Jacob, by Faugh-a-ballagh, out of Vanilla, by Sheet Anchor
Mr H. Stebbing's br. c. Pickatree, by Picaroon, out of Royalty
Mr R. Stephenson's ch. c. Eulogist, by Irish Birdcatcher, 'out of Eulogy

ch. f. Vaultress, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Martha Lynn Ld Stradbroke's b. c. William Rufus, by Touchstone, out of Duvernay

b. c. by The Emperor, out of Coral Ld Strathmore's ch. c. Elmsthorpe (late The Major), by Orlando, out of sister to Denhall

ch. c. Sandhurst, by Chatham, out of Clementina Mr G. Sturt's b. c. Liscelles, by Touchstone, out of Cara Mr V. Surtees' br. c. Honeywood, by Sweetmeat, out of Maid of Team Valley's dam Capt Thelluson's ch. c. Rataplan, by The Baron, out of Pocahontas Mr Thomas's br. c. Young Beverlac, by Beverlac, out of Glance, by Venison Mr Thompson's br. c. Coomburland Sthatesmon,by British Yeoman, dam by Ilindoo, ou of Lanercost's dam

br. c. by British Yeoman, out of Nursling
br. c. Guicowar, by Galaor, out of Pharmacopæia

b. c. by Hindoo or Galaor, out of Stephanie, by Stumps
Ld Villiers's br. c. by Cotherstone, out of Joannina
Ld Waterford's ch. c. by Crescent, out of Kick-up-the-dust's dam
Mr Watson's br. c. Lorraine, by Lanercost, out of Duchess of Lorraine
Mr Watters's b. c. Lord Fauconberg, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Alice Hawthorn
Mr B. Way's b. or br. c. Brocket, by Melbourne, out of Miss Slick
Ld Westminster's b. c. Dupe, by Pantaloon, out of Decoy
Mr Wilkins's ch. c. The Curfew, by Red Deer, out of Sunset
Mr Wilkinson's ch. c. Hurworth, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Neasham's dam
Mr T. A. Wilkinson's b. c. Middlethorpe, by Picaroon, out of Confusionée
Mr Winch's br. c. Allington (h. b.), by Sir Hercules, out of Dexterous's dam
Lieut-Col Wyndham's ch. c. by Ithuriel, out of Olive Oil
Mr C. Wintringham's b. c. by Bay Middleton, out of Barba, by Lanercost
FRIDAY.—THE OAKS STAKES of 50 sov. each, h. ft. for three-year old fillies, 8st. 7lb,

each; the second to receive 100 sov, out of the stakes. The winner to pay 100 sov.towards expenses, &c., and 30 sov. to the Judge. Mile and a half.-146 subs. Mr W. Allen's b. f. The Queen, by Iago, out of Trickstress's dam Gen Anson's ch. f. Lady Margaret, by Ithuriel, out of Ellipsis,

br. f. Mayfair, by Bay Middleton, out of Black Bess
b. f. Athol Brose, by Orlando, out of Haggish
ch. f. Rumor, by Don John, out of Buzz

ch. f. by The Knight of the Whistle, out of The Abbess Capt Archdall's b. f. Phoebe, by Touchstone, out of Netherton Maid

b. f. Dudu, hy Melbourne, out of Oh! Don't !
Mr H. Baker's bl. or br.f. Telltale, by The Libel, out of Testatrix
Mr D. Balding's b. or br. f. Locket, by Ithuriel, out of Poll Maggot, by Voltaire
Mr G. Barton's ch. f. The Belle, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of The Biddy
Count Batthyany's b. f. The Pearl, by Alarm, out of Crown Jewel
Mr W. Baxter's b. f. Peggy, by Pompey, out of Hawise
Mr H. Bird's b. f. by Weatherbit, out of Azora, by Voltaire
Mr Bowes's ch. f. Auld Acquaintance, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Forget-me-not
Mr W. H. Brook's b. f. Incense, by Orlando, out of Idolatry
Ld Bruce's ch. f. by Archy, out of Split-vote, by St. Luke
Mr Burgess's ch, f, by Hautboy, out of Middle, by Bay Middleton

Mr Burgess's ch. f. by Hautboy, out of Clarkia, by Muley Moloch
Mr Carew's b. f. by Theon, out of Aliéna, by Touchstone
Ld Chesterfield's f. by Don John, out of Jemima
Mr J. Clark's b. f. (h. b.) Lady Emily, by Don John, out of Elcot's dam
Ld Clifden's b. f. Àltitude, by Cotherstone, out of Latitude

b. f. Estrella, by Bay Middleton, out of Plenary
b. f. Hybla, by Bay Middleton out of Beeswax
b. f. Psaltery, by Ithuriel, out of Concertina
b. f. Nicotene, by Ion, out of Prussic-acid
f. by Cotherstone, out of H.R.H.
b.f. Gloomy, by Bay Middleton, out of Blue Devils

b. f. by Ithuriel, out of Snowdrop, by Dr. Syntax Mr Jas. Cookson's br. f. Wings of a Dove (late The Quarry), by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Miss Betsey

br. f. Sweetness, by Sweetmeat, out of sister to Coheiress, by Inheritor

br. f. Pastrycovk, by Sweetmeat, out of Theano, by Waverley Mr R. E. Cooper's ch. f. Miss Tennyson,

by Slane, out of Queen of the May
Mr Copeland's br. f. Little Blossom, by Touchstone, out of Maid of Burghley
Mr Cowley's b. f. Idyl, by Ithuriel, out of Eclogue
Mr W.S.S. Crawfurd's b. f. by Cotherstone, out of Pic-nic
Mr W. Cuthbert's b, f. by Galanthus, out of Queen of Tyne
Mr Josh. Dawson's b. f. Anteverta, by Malcolm, out of Rockalda
Mr T. Dawson's ch. f. Itch, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Parasina

ch. f. Janey, by Malcolm, out of Lady Paramount

b. or br. f. Dear Polly, by Pompey, out of Slashing Molly Mr Delamere's ro. f. by Lanercost, out of Baleine

b. f. by Faugh-a-Ballagh, dam by Colwick, out of Mystery, by Lottery
Capt. Delmé's b. f. The Arrow, by Slane, out of Southdown (Alarm's dam)
Mr J. G. Dixon's b. f. Bountiful, by Bay Middleton, out of Charity, by Touchstone
Mr B. Drage's br f. Postulant, by Cowl, out of Liberty, by Langar
Ld Eglinton's ch. f. Elspeth, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Blue Bonnet
Ld Exeter's b. f. Nutgall, by Nutwith, out of Mecca

ch. f. Mrs. Nutting, by Nutwith, out of Wee Pet
b. f. Kernel, by Nutwith, out of Green Mantle
ch. f. Noisette, by Nutwith, out of Marmora
b. f. Phrygia, by Phlegon, out of Merope
ch. f. Dove, by Wood pigeon, out of Scarf
b. f. Vest, by Cotherstone, out of Cloak
b. f. The Nut, by Nutwith, out of Hydrangea

f. Margaret of Anjou, hy Touchstone, out of Margaret
Mr Fuller's b. f. Oak-leaf, by Oakley, out of Venilia
Mr Gaussen's ch. f. Bondwoman, by Ishmaelite, dam by Buzzard, out of Donna Maria
LA Glasgow's b. f. by Don John, out of Miss Sarah

b. f. by Don John, out of Physalis

b. f. by Don John, out of Conspiracy
Mr Gratwicke's b. f. O.conia, by Chatham, dam by Laurel, out of Flight
Mr Greville's b. f. Exhibition, by Bay Middleton, out of Industry

b. f. Flutter, by Alarm, out of Little Finch
b. f. Cuba, by Cothrerstone, out of Jamaica
b. f. Fright, hy Alarm, out of Brown Bess
b. f. Peach, by Alarm, out of Preserve

f. Frenzy, by Alarm, dam by Mulatto, out of Lunacy
Mr E. Griffiths's b. f. by Orlando, out of sister to Lugwardine
Mr Hadley na. b. f. by Touchstone, out of Agnes (Marion's dam)
Mr Hall's br. f. Basilique, by Faugh-a-ballagh, out of Europa, by Reveller
Capt 0. V. Harcourt's

b. f. Fairthorn, by Lanercost, out of Ellerdale's dam
Mr Harris's ch. f. by The Emperor, dam (1842) by Economist, out of Bangtail
Mrs. Hawke's b. f. by Melbourne, out of Paddy Bird's dam
Sir J. Hawley's b. f. Strawberry Hill, by Old England, out of Miss Twickenham

b. f. Huff, by Old England, out of Temper
b. f. by Don John, out of Cheshire Witch
br. f. by Slane, out of Venus

b. f. Bloomer, by Melbourne, out of Lady Sarah
Mr A. Heathcote's b. f. I'obolski, by Sirikol, out of Amata
Mr Ritter Hebblethwaite's ch. f. Rattlecap, by Ramadan-Darling, by Bay Middleton
Mr Herbert's br. f. Ada, by Sir Hercules, out of Adela
Mr R. Hesseltine's br. f. by Ithuriel, out of Little Bird (wrong nom.)

Mr R. Hesseltine's bl. f. by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Aspen
Mr J. A. Higgins's ch. f. Eliza, by Scamander, out of Joanna, by Touchstone
Mr Irwin's b.f. by Colwick, out of White Rose, by Plenipotentiary
Mr A. Johnstone's b. f. Prevention, by Verulam, out of Morsel
Mr L. Keegan's b. f. Helena, by Launcelot, out of Seagull's dam (h. b.)
Mr Lacey's b, f. Lady Alice, by Ion, out of Hinda, by Sultan
Mr C. Liley's br. f. Bracelet, by Touchstone, out of Manacle

b. f. Voucher, by Beverlac, out of Stamp
Mr T. Lister's br. f. Charming Woman, by Lanercost, out of Beverlac's dam

b. f. Desdemona, by Iago, out of Aveline, by Gladiator Mr Lancaster Lucas's b. f. by Old England, out of Mrs Bull, by Taurus Mr R. G. Lumley's ch. f. by Hetman Platoff, dam (1843) by Jereed-Lyndhurst's dam

b. f. by Hetman Platoff, out of Peggy, by Muley Moloch Mr Mare's b. f. by Touchstone, out of Kitty of Coleraine

ch. f. sister to Horton Yates, by Epirus, out of The Lady of Penydaren
Mr Meiklam's b. or br. f. Ada, by Poynton, out of Florence, by Velocipede
Mr Morris's br. f. Landscape, by Faugh-a-ballagh, dam by Heron, out of Saturnia
Mr J. Morris's b. f. Churity, by Melbourne, out of Benevolence, by Figaro
Mr A. Nichol's bl. f. Honey-dew, by Touchstone, out of Beeswing
Ld Orford's b. f. by The Emperor, out of Adelgund

f. by Bay Middleton, out of Exotic
Mr Osbaldeston's br. f. sis. to Mountain Deer, by Touchstone, out of Mountain Sylphi
Mr Payne's ch. f. Glenavon, by Slane, out of Glencairne
Mr C. Peck's b. f. Violante, by Melbourne, out of Stitch
Sir R. Pigot's ch. f. Koh-i-noor, by Slane, ont of Birthday, by Pantaloon

br. f. by Bay Middleton, out of Belle Sauvage
Mr John Powney's br. f. Amazon, by Touchstone, out of Grace Darling
Mr Ramsbottom's b. f. by Touchstone, out of Lady Geraldine
D of Richmond's br. f. by Touchstone, out of Cuckoo

b. f. by Lanercost, out of Estelle Mr J. Rickaby's br. f. by Touchstone, dam (1845) by Lanercost, out of sister to Maria, by

Whisker Mr J. Rogers's br. f. Ida, by Ion, out of Lady Day, by St. Hubert Baron M. Rothschild's b. f. Mentmore Lass, by Melbourne, out of Emerald Mr St. George's ch. f. by Irish Birdcatcher, dam (1845) by Hetman Platoff, out of Whim Mr John Shepherd's bl. f. Ethela, by Picaroon, out of Miss Matthews Mr C. Snewing's b. f. Ceres, by Ithuriel, out of Plenty Mr H. Stebbing's b. f. Lady Vernon, by Poynton, dam by Medora, out of Mosti

br. f. Askham Lass, by Poynton, out of Miracle Mr R. Stephenson's ch. f. Vaultress, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Martha Lynn

b. f. Valour, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Victress Ld Strathmore's

br. f. Ecstasy, by Touchstone, out of Miss Wilfred

bl. f. The Creole, by Sirikol, out of Zenobia
Mr G. Sturt's br. f. False Curl, by Bay Middleton, out of Conyngham's dam

f. Cinaminta, by Bay Middleton, out of Gipsy Queen, by Dr Syntax
b. f. Memory, by Ion, out of Retrospect

ch. f. Belgravia, by Robert de Gorham, out of Yawn Mr T. Taylor's b. f. by Orlando, out of Gamelass

ch.f. by Orlando, out of Maid of Avon, by Defence Ld Waterford's b. f. by Corranna, out of Red Rose Mr Wauchope's br. f. Catherine Hayes, by Lanercost, out of Constance

- b. f. Bridget, by Venison, out of Erato Mr Watson's b. f. by Lanercost, out of Treacherous Mr Watt's ch. f. Duchesse de Guise, by Magpie, out of Echidna Mr B. Way's br. f. Miss Woolgar, by Sir Hercules, out of Witticism Mr S. Webster's br. f. Lady Octavia, by Touchstone, out of Miss Beverley Mr G. Wentworth's b. f. Mabella, by Melbourne, out of Charlotte, by Perion Mr T. Williams's ch. f. by Cotherstone, dam by Camel (1841) out of Lady Elizabeth Mr F. Wilson's ch. f. Susanna, by Safeguard, out of Sarah Rebecca, by Touchstone MrT. Worthington's b. f. Jaquenetta, by Lanercost, dam (1944) by Pantaloon-Banter Mr Wreford's ch. f. by Epirus, out of Margellina

- f. by Cotherstone, out of Wedlock Mr R. Wright's ch.f. England's Beauty, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Prairie Bird





And the STEWARDS of the JOOKEP CLUB,}Stewards. Mr. CLARK, Judge.—Mr. E. HIBBURD, Clerk of the Course.-Mr HIBBURD, Starter. TUESDAY, June 8.- Third year of the SECOND TRIENNIAL STAKES of 10 sov. each,

with 100 added, for four year olds, colts 8st. Tlb., fillies &st. 416.; the second to receive

50 sov. out of the stakes.' Once round. 47 subs. Mr Bowes's ch. c. Ipsus

+ Mr W. $. P. Hughes's b. f. by Cowl-Ceb. c. Australind

landine ch. f. Epira

Mr Mare's b. c. Hatherton ch. f. Kalonga

br. f. Scandal + Mr W. H. Brook's b. c. Constellation

ch. f. Vanity *Ld Clifden's br. f. Coticula

*Mr Merry's b. c. Louis Napoleon b. c. Harpsichord

b.f. Maid of the Mountain b. f, Galaxy

Mr Payne's ch. f. Glendale Mr Dyson's b.c. The Partridge

ch.f. Catalpa b. c. Pavilion

ch. f. Citadel (dead) *+Lu Eglinton's br. c. Cnæus

Major Pitt's b. c. Hawthorn b. g. Pandemus

*Ld W. Powlett's br. c. Fochabers Ld Exeter's br. c. by Plenipo-Amima D of Richmond's b. f. (dcad) by Touchb. f. Melita

stone, out of Soldier's Daughter + ch. c. Midas

b. f. (dead) by Epirus–Prism ch. f. by Beiram, out of Datura Baron Rothschild's b. c. by Charles XII., d. *Mr Forth's b. c. Staplefield

(1842) by Touchstone-Languish Ld Glasgow's b. c. by Don John, out of Miss

ch. c. by Epirus-Emerald Whip

Ld J. Scott's ch. c. The Macaw *Mr Gratwicke's br, f. Hesse Homburg *

br. f. Miserrima + br.f. Anspach

** b. &. The Deceitful (late Mr. Mr Greville'sf. Tessera

Merryman) br. f. Ginevra

b.c. Knook Knoll Sir J. Hawley's b. f. Vermuth

Mr W. Shepherd na. b. f. Drill ch.c, Balsamo

Mr B. Way's br. f. Curl - ch. c. Leybourne

ch. f. Fortuna Won in 1850 by Aliserrima by two lengths, Mr. Merryman second, Cnæus third. An

asterisk is prefixed to the starters, Won in 1831 by Miserrima, by a length, Cnæus second, Cowl filly third. The starters are

denoted by an obelisk. The WELCOME STAKES of 20 sov. each, with a bonus of 5 sov, eachi, for colts $st, 7lb.,

and fillies Sst. 21b., then three years old ; the winner, before or after naming, of a sweepstakes amounting to 300 sov. including the winner's stake, and having not less than 10 subscribers, to carry 3lb. extra ; the winner of the Derby to carry 9lb., of the Oaks, the 2000 gs., or 1000 gs., 61b. extra. Swinley Course. 5 subs. to the stakes, and

10 to the bonus. Gen Anson's b. f. Bay Rosalind

Major Martyn's b. f. Lady Isabel Mr Carew's b. c. The Sutler

Sir R. Pigot's ch, c, Father Thames Ld H. Lennox ns. b. f. Flirt Second year of the THIRD TRIENNIAL STAKES of 10 sov. each, with 100 added, for

three year olds, colts 8st. 716., fillies 8st. 41b.; the owner of the second horse to receive

50 sov. out of the stakes. New Mile--47 subs. Gen Anson's br. c. by Orlando-The Princss Ld Eglinton's b. f. Veracity b, c. Bull's-eye

b. f. Uranic b. c. Rolando

*Ld Exeter's ch. c. Ilex b. f. Bay Rosalind

b. c. Lens *Mr J. Arber's br. f. Moultan Lass

Mr Fowler's br. f. Calot Capt Archdall's br. c. by Lanercost-Oh Mr Greville's b. f. Protection Don't

Captain Harcourt's b. c. Burndale Mr P. Pateman's ch. c. Dismay

Sir J. Hawley's br. c. by Old England D of Bedford's b. c. Weathergage

Science ch. c. Hugo

b. c. Bob Major Ld Clifden's b. c. Hymettus

Mr Hill's ch. f. Canina b. c. Hesperus

Mr Jaques's b. c. Snarler b. c. Magnes

Mr Mare’s b. c. by Venison---Breastgirth b. f. Rosary:

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