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Capt Harcourt's b. c. Burndale

| Mr J. Scott's b. f. Songstress *Mr Meiklam's br. f. Evadne

br. g. Don Carlos - - b. c. Cleveland

| *Mr Wrather's bl. f. by Trueboy, - Miss Mr B. Plummer's b. c. Young Hawthorn 1 Lydia

Won in 1851 by Evadne, beating Trueboy filly by a length : only two run. PRODUCE STAKES of 25 sov. each, h. ft., for two year olds, colts 8st. 71b., fillies 8st. 41b.;

31b. and 5lb. allowed, &c. ; if four start, the second to save his stake, T.Y.C.-7 subs. La Eglinton's b. c. Erycthon

| Mr B, Plummers b. c. Lord Fauconberg Mr Merry's b. c. Craigends (5lb.)

1 (31b.) Sir C. Monk's b. c. by Touchstone-Gar - - b. c. Axwell (5lb.) land

Mr Wentworth sbr. f. Mabella Mr Pedley ns. ch. f. by Velocipede

Cracker (31b.) The NORTHUMBERLAND PLATE of 200 sov., added to a Handicap Stakes of 15 sov. each,

10 ft., and only 5 if declared by a day to be named when the weights are published. The second to receive 50 sov, out of the stakes, and the third to save his stake. The winner to pay 23 sov. towards expenses. A winner of a Handicap subsequent to the declaration of the weights, of 200 sov. or upwards, to carry 6lb. extra ; of two of that value 9lb. extra; the winner of the Derby or Chester Cup 9lb., of the Oaks 6lb. extra; no horse to carry more than 9lb. extra. Weights to be declared by the 14th of March. -2 miles. Age, st. lb. 1

Age. st. lb. Alp, The, by The Provost 6

Knook Knoll, by Sir Hercules
Backbiter, by Gladiator or Don

Lady Eden, by Auckland . 5
John .

aged By LANERCOST, b. f.out of Jemima 3 Bird-on-the-Wing, by Birdcatcher 3

Mark Tapley, by The Hydra 5 Bethgelert, by Lanercost.

Merry Bird, by Irish Birdcatcher 3 By BIRDCATCHER (Irish) b. c., out

Miss Ann, by The Little Known 6 of Flower of the Tees . . 3

Miserrima, by Pantaloon Caracara, by Irish Birdcatcher

Mouse, by Mus Calculator, by Camel .

Musician, by Lanercost. Castaway, The (late Capt. Grant),

By MORGAN RATTLER, br. g. by Freney .

Countess. Captain Flash, by Fancy Boy · 3 Nancy, by Pompey Chief Justice, by The Hydra . 5

Neasham, by Hetman Platoff Chatterbox, by Magpie :

Orelio, by Orlando . Confessor, The, by Cowl.

Paquetta, by The Provost Conrad, by Lanercost .

Pelopidas, by Irish Birdcatcher. Cossack, by Hetman Platoff .aged Phantom, by Irish Birdcatcher. 3 Constellation, by Lanercost

Proctor, The, by The Provost Colsterdale, by Lanercost

Rachetée, by Irish Birdcatcher. Duxbury, by Lanercost

Ringleuder, by Paugh-a-ballagh 4 Elthiron, by Pantaloon.

Russborough, by Tearaway. . England's Glory, by Emilius or

Sally, by Ithuriel. Clarion.

Sledmere, by Sleight-of-hand Galvanism, by The Doctor

St. Michael, by Delirium Goldfinder, by Faugh-a-ballagh 4

Snowdrop, by Galanthus. Gujeerat, by Galaor .

Songstress, by Irish Birdcatcher Goliah, by Touchstone .

Stafford, by Faugh-a-ballagh Gholab Singh, by Defence or Galaor

Stilton, by Cotherstone Hafed, by Hetman Platoff

Story Teller, by Ascot . Haricot, by Mango or Lanercost

Sutler, The, by Touchstone Haresfoot, by Thistlewhipper ,

Tame, by Freedom or Red Deer High Sheriff, The, by Red Deer 3

Tragedian, by Lanercost. Hothorpe, by Cotherstone .

Trickstress, by Sleight-of-hand. 4 Hungerford, by John o'Gaunt . 4

Vivandière, by Voltaire Ischia, by Ithuriel

Young Altisidora, by Henriade aged Jack Leeming, by Voltaire

Young Hawthorn, by Lanercost 3 John Dory, by Alpheus. . 6 | Young Troublesome, by Dr Woods 4 THURSDAY.-The GATESHEAD or LOTTERY STAKES of 10 sovs. each, with 50 added,

for three year olds, colts 8st. 71b., fillies 8st 4lb.; the second to save his stake. Two

miles.-14 subs. | Mr Bowes's ch. c. Daniel O'Rourke

| Mr Dawson's ch. c. The Varmint Mr W. H. Brook's br. e, The Brahmin | Ld Eglinton's ch.g. Pelopidas

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76 NEWTON, LICHFIELD, BATH AND SOMERSET, 1852. La Eglinton's b. c. The Sheltie

Mr A. Nichol's bl. f. Miss Sarah -- b.f. Veracity

Mr Pedley's ch. c. Stratagem Mr Merry's b. c. Garibaldi

Mr B. Plummer's b. c. Byker, - b.c. Happy Joe

Mr J. Scott's br. g. Don Carlos Sir C. Monk's br. f. Gossamer

| Ld Zetland's ch. c. Augur The GOLD CUP STAKES of 10 sov. each, for three year olds 6st. 101b., four 8st. 5lb., five

9st., six and aged 9st. 3lb.; m. and g. allowed 3lb.; the winner of the Northumberland Plate to carry 3lb. extra. Gentlemen taking a nomination, and not starting, to be subject to the payment of 3 sov., which will be given to the second horse. The

winner is expected to subscribe to this Stake for the following year.-Two miles. Mr T. E. Headlam na. br, f. Evadne, 3 yrs | Mrs. Ogle na. br. c. Bethgelert, 3 yrs Mr J. H. Hinde na. bl. c. Lucio, 3 yrs

Mr W. Ord na, b. f. Burndale, 3 yrs Mr Martinson's br. f. Nancy, 4 yrs

| Mr S. Parker na. b. f. Songstress, 3 yrs Mr Meiklam's b. c. Stilton, 3 yrs

Ld J. Scotts b. f. Miserrima, 4 yrs Mr Merry's b. m. Miss Ann, 6 yrs

Mr Wentworth's ch.c. Azeth, 4 yrs - ch. c. Ringleader, 4 yrs

| Mr Wrather na. b. c. The Proctor, 4 yrs To close and name for the MEMBERS' PLATE HANDICAP and GRAND STAND STAKES on Wednesday, in

the week following York Spring Meeting, and for the CONVIVIAL and AMATEUR WELTER STAKES and CORPORATION PLATE, on Wednesday in the week after Chester races.

NEWTON. The Earl of STRATHMORE, Mr. DRINKALD, and Mr. LEIGH-STEWARDS. The GOLBORNE PARK STAKES of 10 sov, each, h. ft., with 50 sov. added, for three year

old fillies, 8st. 3lb.: the winner of the Oaks 71b., or of any other being a handicap) of the clear value of 100 sov., 3lb.; of 200 sov. or more, 5lb. extra, but not to be accumulative; the winner to pay 10 sov. towards expenses. No course

mentioned.-7 subs. Mr Copeland's ch. f. The Lady Amyott | Mr Wadlow's b, f. Miss Lavinia MrJ. Eyke's br. 1. My Fancy

Mr Wilkin's ch. f. Sarah Ellis Mr J. Shepherd's ch. f. Alberta (

Mr Worthington's b. f. Jessica Mr Thirlby's b. f. Mary Ann The NEWTON Sr. LEGER STAKES of 10 sov. each, with 50 added, for three year olds,

colts 8st. 71b., fillies and geldings 8st. 3lb. The winner of the Derby lb. ; of the Oaks or any Sweepstakes (not a handicap) in that year of 300 sov. 5lb. extra. T'he winner to

pay 10 sov, towards expenses. Mile and a half.-7 subs. Mr Barton's b. c. Bethgelert

| Mr Harrison's br. c. The Majo ch. c. Scipio

Mr Keegan's ch. f. Matilda Mr Copeland's b. c. The Corporal

Mr Osborne's b. c. Prince Patrick (dead) Mr Cotgreave's b. c. Allan-a.dale

LICHFIELD. PRODUCE STAKES of 10 sovs. each, with 20 added, for three year old colts 8st. 61b., fillies

8st. 3lb.; 3lb, allowed, &c. No course mentioned.--6 subs. Mr Copeland's b. c. The Corporal (31b.) | Ld Warwick's b. c. (dead) by Pantaloon – br. g. The Director

Katherine Mr Flintoft's b. f. Ibis (3lb.)

Mr White's ch. f. Quicksight, late Amy

Mr J, Bell is a subscriber, but did not name.


Sir J. IIAWLEY and Mr. GRATWICKE, STEWARDS. Mr. CLARK, Judge.--Mr. E. ReYNOLDS, Secretary.--Mr, HIBBURD, Starter. TUESDAY, May 18.-The LANSDOWN TRIAL STAKES of 15 sov. each, 10 st., with 50

added; three year olds 7st., four 8st. 71b., fire 9st., six and aged 9$t. 3lb ; m. and g. allowed 3lb. The winner to be sold for 600 sov. if demanded in the usual way, unless

exemption from being sold is claimed at the time of entrance, and horses for which this
claim is made to carry 9lb. extra. The winner to pay 5 sov. towards expenses, &c,
One mile.-9 subs.
Age. 1

Age. D. of Bedforl's b.g. Bordeaux .

Mr Payne's b, c, Faux Pas
Mr Delamere's br. c. Guy Mannering | Mr Powney's ch. c. Lamartine .
Mr Farrance's b. f. Terpsichore.

Ld J. Scott's bl. f. Kilmeny
Mr Fiennes' b, c. Old Rowley.

Mr J. M. Stanley's br. h. Abdallah Mr Hill's ch, h. Pitsford. .

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The BIENNIAL STAKES of 10 sov, each, with 50 added, for two year olds, colts 8st. 7lb.

fillies and geldings 8st. 4lb.; the second to save his stake, and the winnerto pay 5 sovs. towards expenses. T. Y. C.-12 subs. Capt Archdall's b. f. Phæbe

| Sir J. Hawley's ch. c. Massena Mr Drinkald's b. c. by Mathematician- Mr Howard ns. b. c. Cineas Kitten

Mr Payne's ch. f. Glenavon Mr Fuller's b. f. Oakleaf

Mr J. Powney's br. f. Amazon Mr Gratwicke's b. f. O.conia

D of Richmond's b. f. by Lanercost--Estelle Sir J. Hawley's f. by Old England-Dark- / Mr Sadler's b. c. Charon

- br. c. Contentment


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The SOMERSETSHIRE STAKES of 25 sov. each, 15 ft., and 5 only if declared on or before

the 20th of April, with 100 added. The winner to pay 15 sov. towards the Judge and expenses; the second horse to receive 50 sov. and the third to save his stake. The winner of the Newmarket Handicap or Chester Cup to carry 71b., and if both stakes

141b. extra. Two miles and a distance.-62 subs. Weights to be declared on or before 169'the 5th of April. Age. st. lb.)

Age, st. lb. Abdallah, by The Provost

Knook-Knoll, by Sir Hercules, Australind, by Sleight-of-Hand.

Knight of the Shire, by Sir HerBacton, by The Hydra.

cules .

. . 3 Ballet Girl, by The Earl of Rich

Lamartine, by Epirus . . 4 mond

Madame Wharton, by Car. Pust 4 Ban, The, by Don John

Mark Tapley, by The Hydra. Bardolph, by Orlando .

Marlburough Buck, by Venison Benita, by The Baron .

Merlin, by I. Birdcatcher . - Black Doctor, by The Doctor ·

Miss Bundy, by Venison Captain Flash, by fancy Boy ..

Montague, by Philip the First , 6 Cardinal Wiseman, by Car. Puff

Mouse, by Mus. Chief Justice, by The Hydra.

Musician, by Lanercost. Cluthworker, by The Prime War

Narcissus, by Gladiator. den .

Old Rowley, by Merry Monarch 3 Cub-nut (h. b.) . .

Pitsford, by Epirus : Confessor, Thé, by Cowi

Queen of Spain, (h. b.) by Constantine, by Sir Hercules

Spanish Jack. Coryphee, by Venison.

Reaper, The, by Cotherstone . 4 Darkness, by Young Sultan

Rosja ty, by Bay Middleton : 3 Ella, by Gilbert Gurney.

Runnymede, by Faugh-a-Ballagh 4 Ephesus, by Epirus

Russburough, by Tearaway Ethelwolf, by Haugh a Ballagh 3 Sir Robert, by 'Tariff (h. 6.) 5 Exeter, by Robert de Gorham .

pot, by Meteor . Ferret, by Ratcatcher. .

Storyteller, by Ascot Fugleman, by The Saddler .

Teddington, by Orlando . Grand Duchess, by Lanercost.

Terpsichore, by Epirus. Grosvenor, by Touchstone .

Tom Pinch, by Perion. Haresfoot, by Thistlewhipper

Uncle Sam, by St. Francis Hothorpe, by Cotherstone

Waterfall, by Cataract. Hugo, by Weatherbit :

Woodiark, by Venison. Hyacinth, by Bay Middleton . 3

Young England, by Gladiator. 5 Ingratitude, by Jerry m e

Young Troublesome, by Dr. King of Oude, by Smallhopes, 5 | Woods.

Mr Carew did not name.


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WEDNESDAY.The W ESTON STAKES of 10 sov. each, with 50 added, for two year olds, bricolts 8st, 9lb., fillies and geldings 8st. 4lb. ; 3lb. and 5lb. allowed, &c. The winner to iti pay 5 sov, towards expenses, &c. T.Y.C. Straight half mile.-14 subs.

Mr Armstrong's ch. f. sis. to Iracundus Mr J. Powney's b, c. Cineas (311)
D. of Bedford's bl. c. Nathan (51b)

Mr Osbaldeston's ch. c. by CotherstoneMr Bickham's b. f. Bountiful (3lb)

Mr Delamere's bl. or br. f. Madume Landeau Mr J. M. Stanley's ch.c. Massena
Mr Farrance's ch. f. by Epirus-Margellina

b. f.' by Old England-Darkness Mr Howard's ch, f. Vaultress

MrN. J. Sturt's ch. f. Psaltery Mr Payne's b. f. Gloomy

| Mr Treen ns. f, by Sir Flercules-Dextrous Ld w. Powlett's ch. f. by The Libel-Are- dam.

thusa The CITY CUP, being 100 sov. in specie, added to a sweepstakes of 10 sov, each; three year olds 7st., four 9st. 5lb., five 9st. 13lb., six and aged 10st. 4lb.; m. allowed 4lb. g. 71b.; horses got by Arabian, Persian, or Turkish stallions, or out of Arabian, Turkishi, or Persian mares allowed 18lb., if both 36lb. ; horses bred in America, or on the continent of Europe, allowed 14lb. ; horses (those hereunder specified as carrying extra weight excepted) never having won 50 sov., including their own stake, at any one time in 1852, previously to the day of starting, allowed 4lb. ; four year olds and upwards, never having won or received as second horse 100 sov., including their own stake, at any one time in 1851 or 1852 previously to the day of starting, and not having heen placed in the Derby or St. Leger of 1851 (tliose hereunder specified as carrying extra weight excepted) allowed Tolb.; five years old and upwards, never having won er received as second horse 100 sov., including their own stake, at any one time in 1850, 1851, or 1852, previous to the day of starting (those hereunder specified as carrying extra weight excepted) allowed 16lb.; maiden three vear olds allowed elb. ; maiden four year olds, not having been placed in the Derby or St. Leger of 1851 (those hereunder specified as carrying extra weight excepted) allowed 14lb. ; maiden five year olds (those here. under specified as carrying extra weight excepted) allowed 18lb.; maiden 6 year olds and upwards (those hereunder specified as carrying extra weight excepted) allowed 281b. The second horse in any stake having received 100 sov. including his own stake, not to be considered maiden. The winner of the Port Stakes in 1852 to carry 5lb. extra; the winner of the Ascot, Goodwood, or Doncaster Cups, or the Derby or St. Leger of 1851, to carry 5lb. extra. Neither the allowances of weight for not winning nor the penalties of extra weight for winning, or for running second, are to be accumulative; horses having won abroad, and winners of matches only, not to be considered winners in this stake. The winner to pay 10 sov. towards the Judge and expenses; the second horse to save his stake; to start at the Red post, and go once round, about two miles and a half.-19 subs.

Age. Mr B. Austin's b. f. Miss Talbot

Mr Parkinson's cl. g. The Adder Mr G. Bush's b. c. Australind.

Mr Parr's ch. g. Clothworker. Mr T Dawson's b. c. Tom Pinch

Mr W. Reeves' br. g. Normanton Mr Farrance's br. c. Claverhouse

Mr Robinson's b. m. Selina . Mr Fletcher's b, f. St. fiilda ..

Sir C. Rushout's b. f. Queen of Spain. Mr Goocli's b, c, Surprise (h. b.)

Mr Stanley's b. m. sis. to Clothworker Mr Hewitt's bl. f. Madame Wharton. Mr J, M. Stanley's br. c. Storyteller . Mr Howson's h. y. The Falconer

- br. h. Abdallah Mr Magenis's ch. c. The Ban .

5 Mr Woolcot's b. f. Kate . b. f. Ingratitude . The COUNTY MEMBERS' PLATE, the DYRUAM STAKES, and the ARISTOCRATIC Handicar, close and name on the Ist of May.


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Age. ||

BEVERLEY, HULL, AND EAST RIDING, 1852. WEDNESDAY, June 7.-HOLDERNESS Hunt STAKĖS of 5 sov. each, with 25 added, for hunters. Gentlemen riders. Two miles.-9 subs.

Age. Mr W. Baxter's b. g. A.Y. . . 5 Mr Cranswick's br. m. Diana, (h.b.) . 5 Mr Bellwood ns. gr. m. Little-thought-of Mr Cunningham's br. m. Little Quéen. 6

(late The Colonel's Gift, h. b.)" : 5 | Mr T. Lister's b. m. Cogia (h.b.) . 6 Mr C. Boynton's ch. g. Bravo (h. b.). 4 Mr J. Simpson's bl. f. by Picaroon . Mr Broadley's br. 9. The Squire of

View Halloo's d. (h.b.) . . 4 Malton . . . . . aged | Mr C. L. Thorp's b. y. Chorister . aged The BISHOP BURTON STAKES of 10 sov. each, h. ft., with 50 added, for two year olds, colts

8st, 6lb., fillies st. 21b. A winner once before starting to carry 3lb., twice 5lb, extra,

the second te save his stake, and the winner to pay 5 sov. to the fund. T.Y.C.

Il subs.
Mr Bell's b. f. Ann Eliza

| Mr Martinson's b, c. Newland Buck
Sir H. Boynton's br. f. Wings of a Dove Mr J. Osborne's b. c. Lambton
Mr H. Brown's b. c. Broth-of-a-Boy

- ch. f. Exact Mr J. Dawson na. b. f. Anteverta

Mr J. Packer's br. f. Lndy Mowbray Mr Fryer's b. c. Nestor

Mr Wilkin's ch.c. by Velocipede - Luxury Mr T. Lister's br. f. Polly Match-Mr T. Lister's br. f. Charming Iloman, agst Mr Martinson's b. c. Bell Tinker. + T.Y.C.500.

THURSDAY.-The IIULL STAKES of 10 sov. each, h. ft. with 20 added, for two year

olds, ('st. 71b., and three, 8st. 7lb.; fillies and geldings allowed 3lb. A winner in 1852 before starting to carry 3lb., twice, 5lb. extra. Three-quarters of a mile.-9 subs.

Age. Mr Fryer's b. c. Nestor .

| Mr J. Packer's br. f. Lady Mowbray Mr T. Lister's br. f. Polly

| Mr Pedley's b. c. Conrad

. 3 Mr Martinson's br. c. Newland Buck

Mr H. Stebbing's bl. c. Sir Charles MrJ. Osborne's br. f, Lady Agnes . 3 i Napier .. ch. f, Exact

2 Mr Wise's br. c. Broughton


TUESDAY, March 31.-The BELVOIR CASTLE STAKES of 15 sov. each, 10 ft., with 80

added, if three horses start, for three year olds, colts 8st. ilb., fillies st. 5lb.; maidens at the time of naming allowed 3lb., having started twice at that time 5lb., and thrice or more ilb.; the winner of any stake or plate, value 300 sovs., in 1851 or 1852 to

carry 71b. extra (matches and handicaps excepted). One mile.-10 subs. Count Batthyany's br. c. The Munk (3lb.) | Mr Meiklam's b, f. Evadne Mr Crawfurd's b. c. The Fledgiing

Mr J. Osborne's br. f. Lady Agnes Ld Derby's b. c. Longbuw (31b.)

i Mr Parkinson's b. c. Odessus (alb. Mr Greville's b. f. Adine

Mr Payne's br. f. Moultan Lass Mr Joseph Jaques's b. f. Eneratta

Mr Robson's ch, c. Bardolph The GRANBY LIANDICAP of 20 sovs. each, 10 forfeit, and 5 only if declareil, &c. The

winner to subscribe to this stake for 1853, and to pay 15 sovs, to the Racing Fund.

Granby Course, about a mile and a half.-51 subs., 32 of whom declared. Age. st. lb. Mr R. M. O. Massey na. ch. h. Alonzo, by Alpheus .

5 12 8 Mr T. Parr's ch. g. Clothworker, by The Prime Warden.

6 11 13 Mr White na. ch, h. Chief Justice, by The Hydra.

5 11 10 Mr T. B. F. Hildyard na. ch.c. Lough Bawn, by Magfie

. 4 11 6 Mr H. G. Surtees na, b. g. Agis, by Safeguard

aged 11 6 Mr Crawfurd's br. h. Darkie, by Sir Hercules Mr Burnaby na. ch. g. Sir Robert (h. b.) by Tariff .

• 5 11 5 Mr Atkinson na. ch. h. bro. to Dough, by Tearaway

. 5 11 4 Sir Thomas Whichcote na. b. c. Faux-pas, by Taurus

• 4 11 3 Ld Wilton's br. g. Herbert, by Venison i

. 6 11 1 Mr F. Villiers na. b. h. Loadstone, by Touchstone

aged 11 0 Mr C. Neave na. b. h. Warwick, by Slane . .

. 5 10 13 Count Batthyany's br. y. Jack in the Corner, by The Conjuror

5 10 12 Mr H. G, Greaves na. ch. l. John of Berwick, by Bretby.

5 10 11 D of Kutland na. b.g. Eolus, by Don John

4 10 11 Mr Caldwell's b. m. Estafette, by Slane .

5 10 3 La Colville na. ch. h. Don Juan, by Don John

6 10 2 Capt W. M. Wood na. ch. f. Ischia, by Ithuriel .

4 10 1 Mr J. W. M. Gilmour na. b. g. Cyclops, by Venison

4 9 13 WEDNESDAY. A GOLD CUP, added to a Handicap Sweepstakes of 20 sov. each, 10 ft.

and only 5 if reclared, &c. The winner to subscribe to this stake and the Granby handicap for 1853, and to pay 15 sov. to the The winner of the Granby to carry 10lb extra. Two miles,–19 subs. 10 of whom declared.

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