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1.—Holy Scriptures.

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BOOK of Enoch the Prophet, an Apocryphal Production,

translated from an Ethiopic M. S. in theBodleianLibrary;

by Archbishop Lawrence. 1821. New Translation of the Epistle of Paul to the Romans, with

a Commentary and an Appendix of Various Dissertations;

by the Rev. Moses Stuart, M.A. 1833. Spanish New Testament. Madrid, 1823.

2.—Dictionaries of the Holy Scriptures.

Under this head no Book! hare entered the Library since the Publication of the last Catalogue, (vide page 5.)

3.—Introductions to the Study of the Holy Scriptures,
State of the Text, and History of Translations;
Commentaries, Expositions, Harmonics, Para-
phrases, Illustrations of the Prophecies, Biblical
Criticism, Sj-c.

An Authentic Account of our Authorized Translations of the
Holy Bible, and of the Translators: with testimonies of
the excellence of the Translation; collected by the Rev.
Henry John, M.A. Malton, 1834.

Apocalypse of St. John, or Prophecy of the Rise, Progress,
and Fall of the Church of Rome, the Inquisition, the
Revolution of France, the Universal War, and the Final
Triumph of Christianity; by the Rev. Geo. Croly, M.A.


Biblical Researches and Travels in Russia, including a Tour in the Crimea, and the Passage of the Caucasus, with

Observations on the State of the Rabbinical and Karaite
Jews, and the Mahomedan and Pagan Tribes inhabiting
the Southern Provinces of the Russian Empire; by E.
Henderson. 1826.

O.j |] Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews; by the Rev.

Moses Stuart, M. A. 1833.

0.| li Discourses on the Prophecies, in which are considered, its
Structure, Use, and Inspiration, being the Substance of
12 Sermons preached in the Chapel of Lincoln's Inn, in
the Lecture founded by the Rt . Rev. W. Warburton; by
John Davison, B. D. 1825.
0.| II Dissertations introductory to the Study and right understand-
ing of the Language, Structure, and Contents of the
Apocalypse; by Alex. Tillock, L.L.D. 1823.

D.| II Ernesti's Institutes, or Biblical Interpretation, translated from

the Institutii Intcrpretis of J. A. Ernesti; by Charles H.

Terrot, A. M. 2 vols. 1833.

0.| I! Essays, On some of the Difficulties in the Writings of St.

Paul, and in other parts of the New Testament; by

Richard Whately, D. D. 1828.

Genesis sive Mosis Prophetae Leber Primus ex Translationc
Joannis Clerici, cum ejusdem paraphrasi perpetua, Com-
mentario Philologico, Dissertionibus Criticis quinque et
Tabulis Chronologicis. Amsterdam, ciaicoxcm.

0.| || Helon's Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, or Picture of Judaism in the
Century which preceded the Advent of Our Saviour,
translated from the German of Frederick Strauss. 2 vols.


0.| II Illustrations of Biblical Literature, exhibiting the History and

Fate of the Sacred Writings from the earliest period to

the present Century, &c.; by the Rev. James Townley.

3 vols. 1821.

0. || Jewish, Oriental, and Classical Antiquities, containing Illus-

trations of the Sacred Scriptures; by the Rev. D. Guildford

Wait, L.L. B. &c. 1823.

0.| 21 || Letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of St . Davids, on a Passage

of the second Symbolum Antiochenum of the Fourth

Century, as an evidence of the Authenticity of John ch. v.

8 v.; by Bishop Burges. 1825.

I | -I

1181 | D.j ![ Manual of Notes upon the New Testament, collected from Sermons, Charges, and Theological Treatises, shewing, in conformity to the Sacred Text, The Doctrines of the United Church of England and Ireland. 1832. New Translation of the Epistle of Paul to the Romans, with a Commentary and an Appendix of Various Dissertation; by the Rev. Moses Stuart, M. A. 1833. 0.| 18,19:| Observation, Letters, &c.: on the circulation of the Apocrypha;

by the British and Foreign Bible Society. 1825. 0.| i| Oriental Illustrations of the Sacred Scriptures; collected from the Customs, Manners, Rites, Superstitions, Traditions, Parabolical, Idiomatical, and Proverbial forms of Speech, Climate, Works of Art, and Literature of the Hindoos, during a Residence in the East, of nearly 14 years; by Joseph Roberts. 1835. 0.| II Reasons of the Laws of Moses, from the "More Novochim" of Maimonides, with Notes, Dissertations, and a Life of the Author; by James Townley, D. D. 1827. Reccnsio Synoptica Annotationes Sacra, being a Critical Digest, and Synoptical Arrangement of the Most Important Annotations on the New Testaments, Exegetical, Philogical, and Doctrinal: carefully collected and condensed from the best Commentators, both Ancient and Modern, and so digested as to form one consistent Body of Annotations, in which each portion is Systematically attributed to its respective Author, and the Foreign Matter translated into English, the whole accompanied with a copious body of Original Annotations; by the Rev. S. T. Bloomfield. 8 vols. 1826-28. Sacred History of the World, as Displayed in the Creation, and Subsequent Events to the Deluge; by Sharon Turner. F.S. A. 2 vols. 1833. D.| | Signs of the Times, as denoted by the Fulfilment of Historical

Predictions traced down from the Babylonish Captivity to the present Time; by the Rev. Alex. Keith. 2 vols.

Ed in. 1833.

0,| , State of the printed Hebrew Text of the Old Testament con

sidered ;—two Dissertations; by the Rev. B. Kcnnicott, D. D. . Or ford, 1/53-59.

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Theology of the early Patriarchs, illustrated by an Appeal to
subsequent Parts of the Holy Scriptures, in a Series of
Letters to a Friend; by the Rev. Thomas T. Biddulph,
M.A. 2 vols. Bristol, 1825.

Treatise on the Origin of Expiatory Sacrifice; by George
Stanley Faber, D. D. 1827.

Vindication of John, ch. i. v. 7, from the objections of M.
Griesbach, in which is given a new view of the external
evidence, with Greek Authorities for the Authenticity of
the verse; by the Bishop of St . David's. 1821.

Veracity of the Five Books of Moses, argued from the undesigned Coincidences to be found in them when compared in their several parts; by the Rev. J. J. Blunt.


See alio Cox'» Oullina of Lectures on the Book of Job, and Smith'i Pour MmM on the Sacrifice and Priesthood of Jena Christ, Section 5.— Some Publication* under Section 4, will alio be found connected with the above, al!o Sfemoiri respecting the tranilation of the Holy Scriptures into the Language! of India, Sec. 6, and Milner'i Church Bistory, Sec. t.

4.—Defences of Natural and Revealed Religion;
Theoretic, Practical, and Miscellaneous Divinity.

Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, &c.; by Josiah
Butler, L.L. D.; with an introductory Essay, by the Rev.
Daniel Wilson. Glasgow, 1824.

An Argument to Prove the Trnth of the Christian Revelation;
by the Earl of Rosse. 1834.

Book of Churches and Sects; or, The Opinions of all Deno-
minations of Christians differing from the Church of
England, traced to their Source, by an exposition of the
Various Translations, and Interpretations of the Sacred
Writings, to which is added a brief refutation of Unita-
rianism, and an Arrangement of Texts in support of the
Tenets of the Church of England; by the Rev. Charles
Boone, B. A. 1826.

of the Priesthood, an Argument in Three Parts, by

the Rev. Thomas Stratten. 1830.

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Book of the Roman Catholic Church, in a Series of Letters,
addressed to Robert Southey, Esq., L.L. D., on his Book
of the Church; by Charles Butler. 1825.

(See Book <W the Church under Ecclesiastical History, Sec. 8, of
this Claa.)

Accusations of History against the Church of Home,
examined, in remarks of many of the Principal Obser-
vations in the Work of Mr. Charles Butler, entitled the
"Book of the Roman Catholic Church;" by the Rev.
George Townsend, M. A. 1825.
Vindication of the Book of the Roman Catholic Church,
against the Rev. George Townsend1 s "Accusations of
History against the Church of Rome, cj-c.;" by Charles
Butler, Esq. 1826.
Practical and Internal Evidence against Catholicism, with
occasional Strictures on Mr. Butler's Book of the Roman
Catholic Church, in Six Letters; by the Rev. J. B.
White, M. A. B. D. 1825.
Vindicioz Ecclesios Anglicanae, Letters to Charles Butler,
Esq., comprising Essays on the Romish Religion, and
vindicating the "Book of the Church;" by Robert
Southey, Esq., L.L. D., Poet Laureat. 1826.
Letters to Charles Butler, Esq., on the Theological Parts of
his Book of the Roman Catholic Church, with remarks
on certain Works of Dr. Milner and Dr. Lingard, fyc.;
by the Rev. H. Phillpots, D. D. 1826.
Letter to Charles Butler, Esq., on his Notice of the " Prac-
tical and Internal Evidence against Catholicism;" by
the Rev. J. Blanco, M. A. 1826.
Botanical Theology; or, Evidences of the Existence and
Attributes of the Deity; collected from the Appearances
of Nature. Oxford, 1826.

Bridgewater Treatises; On the Adaptation of External Nature to the Moral and Intellectual Constitution of Man; by the Rev. Thomas Chalmers, D. D. 2 vols. 1833. Causes of the Corruption of Christianity; by the Rev. R. Vaughan, Professor of Ancient and Modern History in the University of London. 1834.

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