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Chalmers' (Thomas, D.D.) Discourses on the Christian

Revelation, &c. Sermons ; (vide p. 42,) vol. 4th. 1823. Commission and consequent Duties of the Clergy, in a Series

of Discourses, preached before the University of Cambridge, in April, 1826; by Hugh James Rose, B. D.

1831. Comparative Value of the Evidences usually adduced in

Support of the Claims of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures ; by Isaac Taylor.

1827. History of the Transmission of Ancient Books. Correspondence of Moses Mendelshon, the Jewish Philo

sopher, on the Christian Religion, &c. 1825. Memoirs. Difficulties of Romanism ; by George Stanley Faber, B. D.,

together with a Supplement in reply to an Answer to the Difficulties of Romanism ; by the Right Rev. J. F. M. Trevern, D. D.

1826-28. Discourse of Natural Theology : shewing the Nature of the

Evidence and the advantages of the Study ; by Henry
Lord Brougham, F. R. S. 2nd Edition.

1835. - on the Authenticity and Divine Origin of the Old Testament, with Notes and Illustrations : translated from the French of J. E. Cellerier ; by the Rev. John Reynell Wreeford.

1830. - on the the Studies of the University ; by Adam Sedgwick, M. A. F. R. S.

Camb. 1834.
Evidences of Christianity stated in a Popular and Practical

Manner: in a course of Lectures delivered in the Parish
Church of St. Mary, Islington, in the years 1827-28-29
and 30; by Daniel Wilson, D. D., Vicar, now Bishop of
Calcutta. 2 vols.

Errors regarding Religion ; by James Douglass. Edin. 1830.
Essay on Human Liberty ; by the late Rev. Isaac Milner,
D. D.

1824. - on the Creation of the Universe, and Evidences of the

Existence of God; by Charles Doyne. Edin. 1830. Free Enquiry into the Miraculous Powers which are supposed

to have subsisted in the Christian Church from the earliest Ages through several successive Centuries. To which is added a Letter from Rome, shewing an exact con

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formity between Popery and Paganism ; by Conyers Middleton, D. D.

1825. 10 || Gibbon's Account of Christianity considered, with Strictures

on Hume's Dialogues on Natural Religion ; by the Rev. T. Milner, M. A.

York, 1781.

See Hume's Essays and Treatises, page 191, with the several Publications

relating thereto, and Gibbon's History with the Essays, Strictures, &c., page 282, under Ancient History.

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Instance of Moral Demonstration ; or, A Congregation of

Probabilities proving that the Religion of Jesus Christ is from God; by Bishop Taylor.

1818. Law of Moses: Viewed in connection with the History and

Character of the Jews, with a defence of the Book of
Joshua against Professor Lee, of Berlin, being the
Hulsean Lectures, for 1833 ; by Henry John Rose, B. D.,
Fellow of St. John's College.

1834. Litera Sacræ ; or, the Doctrines of Moral Philosophy and Scriptural Christianity Compared: in a Series of Letters.

1825. Mahometanism Unveiled: an Inquiry in which that Arch

Heresy ; its Diffusion and Continuance are examiñed on a new principle, tending to confirm the Evidences, and aid the Propogation of the Christian Faith ; by the Rev. Charles Forster, B. D. 2 vols.

1829. Milner's (Joseph, M. A.) Practical Sermons, (vide p. 50), vol. 3.

1823. Moral Tendency of Divine Revelation, asserted and illus

trated in 8 Discourses, at the Bampton Lecture, 1821 ; by the Rev. John Jones, M. A.

Oxford, 1821. Natural Theology; or, Essays on the Existence of Deity, and

of Providence, on the Immatenality of the Soul, and a Future State ; by the Rev. Alexander Crombie, L.L. D. 2 vols.

1829. Necessity of the Revelation of the Being and Will of God, and

the adaptation of the Present Revelation to that Necessity; by the Rev. Antony Norman, A. B.

1826. Power communicated by God to the Prince, and the Obedience

required of the Subject: briefly laid down and confirmed

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out of the Holy Scriptures, the Testimony of the Primitive Church, the dictates of right reason, and the opinion of the wisest among Heathen Writers ; by the Most Rev. Father in God, James, late Lord Bishop of Armagh.

1683. Rees's (Abraham, D. D.) Practical Sermons, (vide p. 53.)Vols. 3 and 4.

1821. Reflections adapted to the Holy Seasons of the Christian and

Ecclesiastical Year ; by John Brewster, A.M. 1834. Remarks on the late Count Volney's New Researches into

Ancient History: to which are added general Remarks

on Infidelity ; by the Rev. J. B. Emmett. 1823. Revealed Characteristics of God, in a Series of Essays ; by G. B. Kidd, Minister of Roe-Street Chapel, Macclesfield.

1835. Saturday Evening ; by the Author of “ Natural History of Enthusiasm ;" (by Mr. – Newnham ?)

1832. Scripture Testimony of the Messiah: An Inquiry, with a View

to a satisfactory Determination of the Doctrine taught in in the Holy Scriptures concerning the Person of Christ : including a careful Examination of the Rev. Thomas Belsham's Calm Inquiry, and of other Unitarian Works

on the same subject; by T. P. Smith. 2 vols. 1818-21. Sermons ; by Henry. Melvell, M. A., Minister of Camden Chapel, Camberwell. Second Edition.

1834. - chiefly Masonic; A Vindication of Christianity against Deism and Infidelity: and a Treatise on Education; by the Rev. G. Oliver, Vicar of Clee. Barton, 1816. - (Two) occasioned by a Passage in the Inaugural Discourse of Henry Brougham, Esq. M. P., on his Installation as Lord Rector of the University of Glasgow; by the Rev. R. Wardlaw, D. D.

Glasgow, 1825.

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The Inaugural Discourse here referred to will be found in Section 4, Class


2379 o.

3143 0.

Socinian Controversy at Manchester; with introductory remarks and an Appendix.

1825. Spiritual Despotism; by the Author of “Natural History of Enthusiam." (Mr. - Newnham?)


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21 | Summary of the Principles and History of Popery, in Five

Lectures, on the Pretensions and Abuses of the Church of
Rome; by John Birt.

1823. Testimonies of the Anti-Nicene Fathers to the Divinity of

Christ; by the Rev. E. Burton, A. M., Oxford. 1826. Test of Truth; by Mary Jane Graham.

1833. Treatise on Christian Doctrine: compiled from the Holy

Scriptures alone, by John Milton; translated from the

Original, by Charles R. Summer, M. A. Camb. 1825. 20 - on True Religion, Heresy, Schism, Toleration, and

what best means may be used against the growth of Popery, by John Milton, 1673, with a Preface, &c.; by Thomas Bayes, D. D., Bishop of Salisbury. 1826.

- on the Nature and Causes of Doubt in Religious Questions, (with a particular reference to Christianity) : with an Appendix on some Common Difficulties, Lists of Books, &c.

1831. Truths of Religion ; by James Douglass, Esq. Edin. 1830. Veracity of the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles, argued from

the undesigned Coincidences to be found in them when compared first with each other, and secondly with Josephus; by the Rev. J.J. Blunt.

1828. Wellwood's (Sir H. Moncrieff, D. D.) Sermons (vide p. 58,) Vol. 2.

Edin. 1822. For Sermons connected with this Section, see the next.

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5.--Sermons, Discourses, Charges, Lectures, fc. Charge in the Diocese of Bristol, 1821 ; by Bishop Kaye.

1822. -- of Landaff, 1821; by Bishop Van Mildert.

1822. Dealtry's (Wm., B. D.) Sermons, chiefly Practical; preached

in the Parish Church of Clapham, Surrey. 1827. Middleton's (Right Rev. Father in God, T. Fanhsaw), Ser

mons and Charges : with Memoirs of his Life; by H. K. Bonney, D.D.

1824. Outlines of Lectures on the Book of Daniel; by the Rev. F. A. Cox, L.L. D.


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Rennell's (Rev. Thomas, B. D.) Sermons on Various Subjects.

1825. Smith's (John Pye, D. D.) Four Discourses on the Sacrifice

and Priesthood of Jesus Christ; and on Atonement and Redemption.

1828. 17 Sermon preached before the Prayer Book and Homily Society,

at Christ Church, Newgate-Street, on Thursday, May 4th, 1820; by the Rev. J. Scott, A. M.

1820. - at the Coronation of King George IV. in the Abbey Church of Westminster, July 19th, 1821 ; by Arch. Vernon.

1821. 17 | Sermons (Two) occasioned by the death of the Rev. Thomas

Scott, late Rector of Ashton Sandford, Bucks; preached at St. John's, Bedford-Row; by the Rev. Daniel Wilson, A. M.

1821. 2,3 Watson's (Rev. Richard) Sermons, 1834.

Works. Wrangham's (Rev. Francis, M. A.) Sermons, Dissertations, Translations, Seaton Poems, &c. 3 vols.


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: 6.-Propagation of the Gospel.

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Account of the American Baptist Mission to the Birman

Empire, in a Series of Letters, addressed to a Gentleman

in London; by Ann H. Judson. Christian Researches in the Mediterranean, from 1815 to 1820,

in furtherance of the Church Missionary Society; by the Rev. W. Jowitt, M. A. 2 vols.

1822. 20 | Defence of the Missions in the South Sea and Sandwich

Islands, against the Misrepresentations contained in a late Number of the Quarterly Review ; by Wm. Orme.

1827. Detailed Accounts of the Christian Mission to South Africa;

by the Rev. J. Phillip, D. D., 1828. Resea, in S. Africa. Memoir (Seventh) respecting the Translations of the Holy

Scriptures into the Languages of India, conducted by the
Brethren at Serampore.

1820. Missionary Journal and Memoir of the Rev. Joseph Wolf, Missionary to the Jews; written by himself. 3 vols.


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