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Actors in that Assembly, with Plates; by the Rev. Joseph Mendham, A. M. 1834. D. I Reformation in England; by the Rev. J. Blunt. Camb. 1832.

O. I Retrospect of the first ten years of the Protestant Mission to

China, &c.; by W. Milne. Malacca, 1820.

O.I || Sketch of the History of the Church of England, to the Re-
volution, 1688; by Thomas V. Short, B. D., Student of
Christ Church, &c. 2 vols. 1832.
Summary of the History of the English Church, &c.; by the
Rev. Johnson Grant, M. A., (vide p. 92), vols. 3 and 4 to
the Reign of Geo. III. 1820-25.
Translation of the Epistles of Clement of Rome, Polycarp and
Ignatius; and of the Apologus of Justin Martyr and
Tertullian; with an Introduction and brief Notes, illus-
trative of the Ecclesiastical History of the First Two
Centuries; by the Rev. Temple Chevallier, B. D. 1833.

See also, under Particular Biography—Lives of Arminius, Bunyan,
Cranmer, Doddridge, Grotius, Rowland Hill, Felix Neff, Watts,
Wealcy, Wickliffe, as illustrative of Ecclesiastical History-

9.—Makomcdan, Hindu, and Pagan Theology.

2%7 | 0.| || Translation of several Principal Books, Passages and Texts, of the Veds, and of some Controversial Works on Brahminical Theology; by Rajah Rammohun Roy. 1832.

See also, lUalumelanism Unveiled, Sec. 4, of (Ms Class; Adventures of
Xaufragus, including a general description of the Hindoo Superstitions,
Idolatry, and Sacrifices; Wonders of Elora; Crichton's History of
Arabia, Ancient and Modern; Wilson's Historical and Descriptive
Account of Hrilish India; Observations on the Mtusulmaum of India;
with some other works found in Sec. 5, No. 11, 12,13, Class History.



1.—History and Study of the Law.Law of Nations.
British and Foreign Law.


Act for Making and Establishing Public Ways and Wharfs, at Kingston-upon-Hull. 1796.

for Making and Maintaining a New Turnpike-road from

the Town of Kingston-upon-Hull to Hedon. 1830.

———— a Railway from the Town of Leeds to the River Ouse, within the Parish of Selby. 1830.

Bill, and Act for better Regulating the Pilotage of the Port of Kingston-upon-Hull, and of the River Humber, and for other purposes. 1831-32.

for Amending the several Acts passed for making Basins,

Docks, and other Works in the Town and Port of Kingston-upon-Hull, and for making additional Docks and other Works in the said Town and Port, &c. (Ent . 1821.)

Brief Account of some of the most Important Proceedings in
Parliament, relative to the Defects in the Administration
of Justice in the Court of Chancery, the House of Lords,
and the Court of Commissioners of Bankrupts, &c.; by
C. P. Cooper. 1828.

Collection of Statutes relating to the Town of Kingston-upon-
Hull, the County of the same Town, and the Parish of
Sculcoates, in the County of York, &c.; by William
Woolley. 1830.

Essay on Criminal Jurisprudence; by J. T. B. Beaumont,
concluded, (see 127-0-18). 1821.

on the Right of Hindoos over Ancestral Property,

according to the Law of Bengal: second edition, with an Appendix containing Letters on the Hindoo Law of Inheritance; by Rajah Rammohun Roy. Calcutta, 1830.


History of the Penal Laws against the Irish Catholics, from the Treaty of Limerick to the Union, 1822; by Sir Henry Parnell. (Continued in the same vol., and concluded in vol. 21.) 1822.


Inquiry into the present State of the Civil Law of England; by John Miller, Esq. 1825.

Justice of Peace and Parish Officer; by the Rev. Richard Burns, L.L. D. (Vide p. 100.) Vol. 6th, a Supplement; by George Chetwynd. 1823.

Lettres sur la Cour de la Chancellerie d'Angleterre, et sur quelques points de la Jurisprudence Anglaise; enrichees de notes et Appendices par M. C. P. Cooper et publiees avec une Introduction par M. P. Royer-Collard.—

Pari'», 1830.

Letters to the Right Hon. Lord Tenderden, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench, &c., on the Bill for Establishing Courts of Local Jurisdiction; by William Raines, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn. 1831.

Observations on the Actual State of the English Laws of Real Property, with the Outlines of a Code; by Jas. Humphreys, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn. 1826.

Letter to James Humphreys, Esq., on his Proposal to Repeal the Laws of Real Property, and Substitute a New Code, (3rd Edition); by E. B. Sugden, Esq. 1827.

to Edward B. Sugden, Esq., in Reply to his Remarks

on the Alterations Proposed by James Humphreys, Esq. in the English Laws of Real Property. 1827.

On the Legality of Impressing Seamen; by Charles Butler, F. S. A.: with Additions, partly by Lord Sandwich.—


Remarks on the British Quarantine Laws, and the so called Sanitary Laws of the Continental Nations of Europe, especially those of Spain; by Chas. Maclean, M.D. 1823.

Report upon the Scotch Judicature Bill intitled "An Act for better regulating the Forms of Process in the Courts of Law in Scotland:" containing objections to the Bill, &c.: by a Committee of the Faculty of Procurators before the High Court of Admiralty. Edin. 1824.

Scofs Law Chronicle; or, Journal of Jurisprudence and Legislation. Edin. 1829.

Speech of Henry Brougham, Esq., M. P., on the present State
of Law. Spoken in the House of Commons on Thursday,
Feb. 7th, 1828. 2nd Edition. 1828.
Statutes at Large, from Magna Charta, &c., (vide p. 103).—
60 Geo. III. to 7 Geo. IV. 3 vols, by John Raithby.
7 Geo. IV. to 5 Wm. IV. 3 vols, by N. Simons.

See the Statutes published by the Government under the head of Records,
Sjc.—Cuss H»story.

The Statutes and Orders of the Court of Chancery, and the
Statute Law of Real Property of the State of New York,
recently revised and amended: with a brief Account of
the Equity, Jurisdictions, and Law of Real Property and
Registrations in the United States, North America; by
Joseph Parkes. 1830.

See also the Parliamentary Papers on this head.

2.—Term Reports, Collections of Trials, Single Trials, Proceedings of Court Martials, Sfc.

Term Reports.

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Barnewall's (R. V.) and E. H. Alderson's King's Bench, from
Michaelmas Term, &c., (vide p. 105). Vols. 4 & 5.—


Barnewall's and C. Cresswell's Reports. 10 vols. 1823-32.
Barnewall's and J. L. Adolphus's Reports. 5 vols. 1831-35.
Adolphus's and T. F. Ellis's Reports. Vol. 1, part3rd. 1831.

Cases decided in the Court of Session Jury Court and High-
Court of Justiciary, from March 13th to July 1 Ith, 1829.
Reported by George Deas, Esq., A. M., Advocate: and
James Anderson, Esq., Advocate. Vol. I. Edin. 1829.

Collections of Trials, Sfc.

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Collection (complete) of State Trials, (vide p. 106). Vols. 31 to 34. Vol. 34 being an Index to the whole; by T. B. Howell and Thomas Jones Howell. 1823-28.

State Trials; or, a Collection of the most interesting Trials prior to the Revolution of 1688; Reviewed and Illustrated; by Samuel March Phillips, Esq. 2 vols. 1826.

Single Trials.

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126 2782

182 |I Authentic Copy of the Minutes of Evidence on the Trial of John Smith, a Missionary in Demarara, on the 13th Oct . 1823, and 27 following days: on a Charge of inciting the Negroes to Rebellion: with an Appendix. 1824. 0.| || Citation and Examination of W. Shakespeare, Euseby Treen, and Silas Gough, Clerk, before the Worshipful Sir Thos. Lucy, Knight, touching Deer Stealing, on the 19th day of September, in the Year of Grace, 1582: now first published from Original Papers. 1834. Genuine Account of the Trial of Eugene Aram, for the Murder of Daniel Clark: taken from the Original Depositions, Papers, and M. S. S. of Eugene Aram. 1832. O.l 23 || Remarkable Trial and Defence of Eugene Aram of Knaresborough, executed for the Murder of Daniel Clark, committed on the 8th Feb. 1744-5. 1824. 0.| 5 || Notes of a Trial, Morton v. Barclay and Others, for an In. fringement of a Patent Slip. Leith, 1824.

0.| || Report of the Trial of Thomas Bent Hodgson, Esq. and Others, charged with a Conspiracy, at the Court of King's Bench, Guildhall, London, the 21st and 22nd December, 1831; by a Special Jury, before the Right Hon. Lord Tenderden; by W. B. Gurney, Esq. 1831.

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