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Proceedings of Court Martial, 8fc.

Proceedings of a Court Martial at Malta, on Lieut . George Francis Dawson, March 1, 1824, for hesitating to assist in the Ceremonies of the Romish Church: with subsequent Proceedings, and an Appendix. 1823.

3.—Government and Politics.

Address to the People of England in the Cause of the Greeks, occasioned by the late inhuman Massacres in the Isle of Scio, &c.; by the Rev. T. S. Hughes. 1822.

Letter to the Rev. T. S. Hughes, occasioned by the perusal of the preceding Address; by E. H. Barker. 1822.

Appeal to the People of Great Britain on the subject of Confederated Greece; by Lord Thos. Erskine. 1824.

Case of Ireland in 1823: an Argument for the Repeal of the Union between that Country and Great Britain. 1823.

Church and State in America; inscribed to the Bishop of London; by C. Colton, A. M. 1834.

Considerations on the Greek Revolution; with a Vindication of the Author's "Address to the People of England," from the Attack of Mr. C. B. Sheridan; by the Rev. T. S. Hughes. 1823.

Financial Reform; by Sir H. Parnell, Bart. 3rd Edition.—


History of the Right Hon. Wm. Pitt, Earl of Chatham: containinghis Speeches, &c.; by the Rev. Francis Thackeray, A.M. 2vols. 1827.

of the Boroughs and Municipal Corporations of the

United Kingdom, from the earliest to the present time: with an examination of Charters, Records, and other Documents, illustrative of their Constitution and Powers: by Henry A. Merewether, Sergeantat-Law, and A. J. Stephens, M. A., F. R. S., Barrister-at-Law. 3 vols. 1835.

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India; or, Facts submitted to illustrate the Character and
Condition of the Native Inhabitants: with suggestions
for Reforming the present System of Government: by R.
Rickards, Esq. 2 vols. 1829-32.

Ireland; its Evils and their Remedies: being a Refutation of
the Errors of the Emigration Committee and others
touching that Country: by M. T. Sadler. 1828.

La Grece en 1821 et 1822. Correspondence Politique Publiee par un Grec. 1823.

Les Cabinets et les Peuples, depuis 1815, jusque a la fin de
1822; par M. Bignon. 1823.

Letter on the Subjects of Retrenchment and Parliamentary
Reform; by a Gentleman Farmer. 1821.

(First and Second) to the Freeholders of the County

of York, on Negro Slavery: being an Enquiry into the Claims of the West Indians for Equitable Compensation; by the Right Hon. R. Wilmot Horton. 1830.

to the Right Hon. Geo. Canning, on the Bill of 1825,

for removing the Disqualifications of his Majesty's Roman Catholic Subjects, and on his Speech in Support of the same; by the Rev. H. Phillpotts, D.D., Rector of Stanhope. 5th Edition. 1827.

to the Right Hon. Geo. Canning, M. P., on the Policy

of Recognizing the Independence of the South American States: by John Lowes. 1823.

to the Right Hon. Wm. Pitt, on his Apostacy from the

Cause of Parliamentary Reform; with a Proposal for a
Constitutional Reform: founded on Property and Sub-
versive of Oligarchy and Ochlocracy. 1822.

Letters from Ireland on the present Political, Religious, and
Moral State of that Country. 1825.

on the State of Ireland: addressed by J. K. L. to a

friend in England. Dublin, 1825.

Memoirs of Theobald Wolfe Tone, written by himself: comprising a complete Journal of his Negotiations to procure the Aid of the French for the Liberation of Ireland, &c. Edited by his son, Theo. Wolfe Tone. 2 vols. 1827

Naval Speculation and Maritime Politics: being a Modest and Brief Discourse of the Royal Navy of England: of its Economy and Government, and a projection for an everlasting Seminary of Seamen, by a Royal Maritime Hospital: with a project for a Royal Fishery: also necessary Measures in the present War with France; by Henry Maydman. 1691.


On the Necessity of Appointing a British Diplomatic Agent to the Senate of the Free Town of Cracow: with an Appendix; extracted from Polonia, for Nov., 1832. 1832.

On the Rise, Progress, and present State of Public Opinion in Great Britain and other parts of the World. 1828.

Opinions as to the Real State of the Nation: with Strictures on a Pamphlet intitled "The Administration of the Affairs of Great Britain, &c."; by the Ghost of the Marquis of Londonderry. 1823.

Plan of Church Reform; 7th Edition : containing the Union of Dr. Burton's and Lord Henley's Plans for the Augmentation of Small Livings. 1832.

Letter to Lord Henley on the Dejiciences of his Plan of Church Reform; by R. M. Beverley,Esq. Z?euer. 1833.

Plan for reducing the Capital and the Annual Charge of the National Debt; by John J. Brickwood. 1821.

Political History of India, from 1784 to 1823; by Major General Sir John Malcolm, G. C. B. 2 vols. 1826.

State of Ireland in 1822; by Thomas Reid, 1823.—

Travels in Ireland.

Practical Scheme for the Reduction of the Public Debt and Taxation without individual Sacrifice; by Jonathan Wilks.


Presbyter's Letters on the West India Question, addressd to the Right Hon. Sir Geo. Murray, G. C. B., M. P.; by Henry Duncan, D. D. 1830.

Rationale of Political Representation; by the Author of "Essays on the Formation of Opinion." 1835.

Reform, in Two Parts; by Philo Junius. Part 1.—An Introductory Letter to John George Lambton, Esq., M. P.: with a Form for a Proposed Bill for a General Reform in the Commons' House of Parliament . Part 2.—Observations on the present System of Elections. 1824.

Remarks on the increased Power and Jurisdiction of the


Justices of the Peace : in a Letter to Lord Viscount Folkeston; by R. B. Comyn, Esq. 1823.

Reply to the Sixth Edition of a Pamphlet (supposed official) on the State of the Nation at the Commencement of 1822, &c.; by Joshua Colliers. 1822.

Session of Parliament for 1825 : exhibiting the State of Parties and Interests, the Debates and Enactments, and the whole Proceedings of both Houses of the British Legislature during that Period. 1825.

Short Discussion of the Spanish Question; Original. 1823.

Speech in the House of Commons, on moving for a Committee to Consider the State of the Representation: with a Bill for a Reform of Parliament; by John G. Lambton. 1822.

Substance of Lord Grenville's Speech in the House of Lords, 30th Nov. 1819, on the Marquis of Lansdown's Motion to inquire into the State of the Country. 1820.

Right Hon. George Canning's Speech in the House of Commons on Parliamentary Reform, 1822. 1822.

Speeches delivered on Public

Occasions, at Liverpool. Liverpool, 1825.

Suggestions and Conclusion on Church Reform; by Thomas Webster, B. D., Vicar of Oakington. 1834.

Suttees' Cry to Britain: containing Extracts from Essays published in India, and Parliamentary Papers on the Burning of Hindoo Widows, &c., and soliciting the interference of the British Government to suppress this suicidal practice; by J. Peggs, late Missionary at Cullack, Orissa. 1827"

Taxation, Revenue, Expenditure, Power, Statistics, and Debt of the whole British Empire: their Origin, Progress, and present State: with an Estimate of the Capital and Resources of the Empire; and a Practical Plan for applying them to the Liquidation of the National Debt: the whole founded on and illustrated by official Tables and Authentic Documents; by Pablo Pebrer. 1833.

Thoughts on Secondary Punishments, in a letter to Earl Grey; by Richard Whately, D. D. 1832.

on Liberty and the Rights of Englishmen; by Basil

Montague. 1822.

Vindicia Britannica; Christianity interested in the Dismissal

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of Ministers: a Vindication of the People from the Charge of Blasphemy, and a Defence of the Freedom of the Press; in Six Letters, to William Wilberforce, Esq., and the Religious Public; by Christophilus. 1821-22.

See various Treatises under Government and State of the Church, &c.; British and Foreign Lav; and Political Economy; »n which Observations on existing British Laws, Ike. are accompanied by Suggestions to the Legislature, for the improvement of them. See also the Sessional Parliamentary Papers; Section, British Dominions, Class, H»story.

Ai there are some Works with respect to which it is »lifficult to decide, whether they belong more properly to Politics or Political h'conomy, both Sections should be referred to when the Book sought does not appear in the one first examined.

4.Political Economy.

Finance, Money, Trade, and Commerce, (except the East Indian and Slave Trades, J Police, Population, State of the Poor, and t/te Laws connected therewith, tfc.

Address to the House of Lords and Commons, in Defence of the Corn Laws; by Godfrey Higgins, Esq. 1826.

to the Land Owners of England on the Corn Laws;

5th edition; by Viscount Milton. 1832.

Appeal to the British Nation on the Humanity and Policy of
Forming a National Institution for the Preservation of
Lives and Property from Shipwreck; by Sir W. Hillary.


Second Edition of An Appeal to the British Nation; by the same Author.

Attempt to explain, from facts, the Effect of the Issues of the
Bank of England upon its own Interests, Public Credit,
and Country Banks; by Robert Mushet. 1826.

Christian and Civic Economy of Large Towns; by Thomas
Chalmers, D. D. 3 vols. Glasgow, 1821.

Collection of Conflicting Opinions upon the Corn Laws; by
Edward Buckton. 1826.

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