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Comparative View of the Industrial Situation of Great Britain from the Year 1775 to the present time: with an Examination of the Causes of her Distress; by Alex. Mundell, Esq. 1832.

of the Institutions for the Assurance of

Lives; by Chas. Babbage, Esq. 1826.

Considerations of the Police Report of 1816, with a Plan for Effectually Suppressing the Trade of Thievery: with a few words inducing towards the Discovery of Perpetual Motion, perhaps the Actual Discovery thereof. 1822.

. on the Currency and Banking System of the

United States; by Albert Gallatine. 1831.

on the Expediency of Sinking Capital in Railways; by John Vallance. 1825.

on the State of the Currency; by Thomas

Tooke, F. R. S. 1826.

Copy of the Correspondence between the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Bank of England, relative to the Renewal of the Charter. 1833.

Corn and Currency: in an Address to Land Owners: by Sir James Graham, Bart., M. P. 1828.

Dictionary: Practical, Theoretical, and Historical of Commerce and Commercial Navigation: illustrated with Maps; by J. R. M'Culloch, Esq. 1832.

Discourse on the Rise, Progress, Peculiar Objects, and Importance of Political Economy, &c.; by J. R. M'Culloch, Esq. Edin. 1825.

Some Illustrations of Mr. ATCulloch's Principles of Political Economy; by Mordecai Mullion. 1826.

Elements of Political Economy; by James Mill, Esq. 1826.

Emigration and Colonization: A Speech delivered at a General Meeting of the National Colonization Society, June, 1830; by Wm. Hutt, Esq. 1832.

England and Venice Compared: An Argument on the Policy of England towards her Colonies; by James Kennedy, Esq. '1827

Errors in our Funding System, and the Management of our Money Concerns. 1823.

Extracts from the Information received by His Majesty's Commissioners as to the Administration and Operation of the Poor Laws; published by Authority. 1833. Few Observations on Friendly Societies and their Influence on Public Morals; by the Rev. J. W. Cunningham, A. M.



Financial Reform; by Sir H. Parnell, Bart. 1830.

Guide to Marine Insurances; containing the Policies of the Principal Commercial Towns in the World: with the Details of Clauses proper to be inserted therein, in order to avoid the Inconveniences that might result from Particular Laws and Customs, or from any Omission of Conditions in the Printed Contract: also Remarks on the Mutual Relation between Insured and Insurers: and Comparative Tables, exhibiting at a glance, the Principal Conditions of the several Policies and the Risks warranted by them; by J. Vaucher, Esq. 1834.

History of the Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain: with a Notice of its Early History in the East, and in all quarters of the Globe. A Description of the Great Mechanical Inventions which have causedits unexampled extension in Britain, and a View of the present State of the Manufacture, and the Condition of the Classes engaged in its several Departments: by Edward Baines, Jun. 1835.

Historical Enquiry into the Production and Consumption of

the Precious Metals; by Wm. Jacob, Esq., F. S. A. 2 vols. 1831.

Sketch of the Bank of England, with an Examination of the Question as to the Prolongation of the exclusive Privileges of that Establishment . 1831.

Householders in Danger from the Populace; by Edward Gibbon Wakefield. No Date.

Illustrations of Political Economy; by Harriet Martineau.— 9 vols. 1832-34.

of Taxation; by Harriet Martineau. 1834.

Inquiry into the Merits of the American Colonization Society, and a Reply to the Charges brought against it: with an Account of the African Colonization Society; by Thos. Hodgkin, M. D. 1833


Inquiry into the Origin and Management of the Hospitals, Alms-Houses, and other Charities of Kingston-uponHull; by Thos. White. 1833.

John Hopkins' Notions of Political Economy; by the Author of Conversations on Chemistry. 1833.

Law of Population: a Treatise in Six Books: in disproof of the Super-fecundity of Human Beings, and developing the real principle of their Increase; by Michael Thomas Sadler. 2 vols. 1830.

A Refutation of an Article in the Edinburgh Review, (No. CII.), entitled " Sadler's Law of Population, and Disproof of Human Super-fecundity;" containing also additional proofs of the Principle enunciated in that Treatise ; founded on the Censuses of different Countries, recently published; by M. T. Sadler, M. P. 1830.

Lecture (Introductory) and Syllabus to a Course delivered in the University of Cambridge, on the Principles of Political Economy; by Geo. Pryme, Esq., M. A. 1823.

Lectures on the Elements of Political Economy; by Thomas Cooper, M.D. 1831.

(Introductory) on Political Economy: being part

of a Course delivered in Easter Term, 1831; by Richard Whately, D. D. 183K

Letter to Lord Liverpool on the Agricultural Distress; by James Richards. 1822.

to Sir Cox Hippisley, Bart, on the Mischiefs incidental

to the Tread-wheel, as an instrument of Prison Discipline; by John Mason Good. 1824.

to the Electors of Bridgenorth, upon the Corn Laws;

by W. W. Whitmore, Esq. 1826.

(Mr. John Travers') to the Editor of the Courier

Newspaper, &c.,on the Tea Duties. 1834.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd to the Editor of the Edinburgh

Weekly Journal, on the Proposed Change of Currency, &c.; by Malachi Malagrowther. Edin. 1826.

Two Letters on Scottish Affairs to Malachi Malagrowther; by E. B. Waverley, Esq. 1826.

(Second) to the Right Hon. Fred. J. Robinson, on

the present State of the Currency. 1821.


Measure of Value stated and illustrated; by the Rev. T. R. Malthus. 1823.

Observations addressed to the Shipping, the Agricultural, and the Commercial Interests, on the Impolicy of the Free Trade System pursued by His Majesty's Ministers.

Newcastle, 1826.

Tables printed for the purpose of illustrating the Nature and Extent of our Shipping and Commercial Dealings, and the Increase of Tonnage. Newcastle, 1826.

A Series of Maritime and Mercantile Tables, illustrative of the Shipping, as connected with the Trade and Commerce of Great Britain, especially as related to those Nations with whom we have Reciprocity Treaties: carefully compiled from authentic Parliamentary Documents, and accompanied with explanatory Notes; by Wm. Richardson. Newcastle, 1833.

Observations on Trade: considered in reference particularly to the Public Debt, and to the Agriculture of the United Kingdom; by Richard Heathfield. 1822.

on the Present State of the Police of the

Metropolis: by George B. Mainwaring. 1822.

upon the Corn Laws, addressed to the Farmers

and Manufacturers of Yorkshire; by Geo. Strickland, Esq. Leeds, 1826.

On Circulating Credit: with Hints for Improving the Banking System of Britain; and Preliminary Observations on some of the Modern Doctrines of Political Economy; by a Scottish Banker. Edin. 1832.

Political Economy, in connection with the Moral State

and Moral Prospects of Society; by Thomas Chalmers, D. D. Glasgow, 1832.

the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures; by

Charles Babbage, Esq., A. M. 1832.

the Use and Abuse of Literary and Ecclesiastical

Endowments; by Thos. Chalmers, D. D. Glasgow. 1827.

Opinions of the late M. Ricardo and of Adam Smith, on some of the leading Doctrines of Political Economy, stated and compared. 1824.

Origin and Progress of the Hospital for Sick and Diseased


Seamen in the Port of London, established in 1831. 1831. Poor Laws and Paupers illustrated; by Harriet Martineau.


Postscript to Observations (in the 17th vol.) on the present Agricultural and National Distress; addressed to a Noble Lord; by Vindex. 1823.

Present State of England with regard to Agriculture, Trade, and Finance: with a comparison of the Prospects of England and France; by Joseph Lowe. 1822.

Principles of Political Economy: with a Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the Science; by J. R. M'Culloch, Esq.

Edin. 1825.

Progress of Society; by the late Robert Hamilton, L.L. D. F. R. S. 1830.

Remarks on the Cultivation of the Silk Worm, &c.; by John Murray, F. S. A. Glasgow, 1825.

Reply to the Misrepresentations which have been put forth respecting Female Emigration to Australia; by John Marshall, Agent to the Emigration Committee, 8th July, 1834. 1834.

Report from the Select Committee of the House of Lords, appointed to enquire into the Price at which Foreign Grain may be Shipped at Foreign Ports: the Quantity of such Grain, and the Price at which such Grain can be imported into this Country, &c. 1827.

(Fourth) of the American Temperance Society, May,

1831. Boston, reprint London. 1831.

(First) of the Committee of the General Shipowners'

Society, presented to a General Meeting held at the City of London Tavern, Tuesday, 22nd January, 1833. (Also the Report for 1834.) 1833.

of the Committee of the Society for the Relief of

Distressed Settlers in South Africa, &c. 1824.

of the Committee of the Society for the Improvement

of Prison Discipline. (Also 5th Report.) 1820.

on the Trade in Foreign Corn, and on the Agriculture

of the North of Europe; by William Jacob; to which is added an Appendix of Official Documents, Average of Prices, Shipments, &c. 2 vols. 1826.

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