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Rambles in Madeira and in Portugal, in the early part of 1826; with an Appendix of Details, illustrative of the Climate, Produce, and Civil History of the Island. 1827.

Recollections of the Peninsula; by the Author of " Sketches of India." 1824.

Spain in 1830; by Henry D. Inglis. 2 vols. 1831.

—, a Visit to; detailing the Transactions which occurred,

during a Residence in that Country, in the latter part of 1822, and the first four months of 1823; with General Notices of the Manners, Customs, Costumes, and Music of the Country; by Michael J. Quin. 1823.

——, a Year in; by a Young American. 2 vols. 1831.

Spanish Revolution, Historical Review of: including some Account of Religion, Manners, and Literature, in Spain; by Edw. Blaquiere, Esq. 1822.

Some Account of the Prisons in Spain and Portugal; by J. Bowring, Esq. 1824.

Traits and Traditions of Portugal; collected during a Residence in that Country; by Miss Pardoe. 2 vols.


8.—Holland, the Netherlands, Germany, Prussia, Hanover, Silesia, Bavaria, Hungary, Transylvania, Bohemia, §c.

Annals of the House of Hanover; collected and arranged by Sir Andrew Halliday, M.D. 2 vols. 1826.

(AUo Genealogy.)

Austria as it is: or, Sketches of Continental Courts; by an

Eye Witness. 1828. Adventures in the Rifle Brigade, in the Peninsula, France,

and the Netherlands, from 1809 to 1815; by Capt . J.

Kincaid. 1830. Belgium and Western Germany, in 1833 : including Visits to

Baden, Wiesbaden, Cassel, Hanover, &c.; by Mrs.

Trollope. 2 vols. 1834. Bubbles from the Brunnens of Nassau; by an Old Man.

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History of My Own Times; of the Seven Years' War, &c.; by Frederic II., King of Prussia. Works, 1789.

Journal of a Nobleman: comprising an Account of his Travels, and Narrative of his Residence at Vienna, during the Congress. 2 vols. 1831.

of an Excursion to Antwerp, during the Siege of the

Citadel, in December, 1832; by Capt . the Hon. C. S.
Worfley. 1833.

Letters from Mecklenburg and Holstein: comprising an Ac-
count of the Free Cities of Hamburg and Lubeck; by
G. Downs, A. B. 1822.

Life of Hugh Grotius: with brief Minutes of the Civilr Ecclesiastical, and Literary History of the Netherlands; by Chas. Butler, Esq. 1826.

Memoirs and Recollections of Count Segur, Ambassador from
France to the Courts of Russia and Prussia, &c.; written
by Himself. 3 vols. 1825-6-7-

Narrative of a Journey to Brussels and Coblentz, in 1791; by
Louis XVIII. 1823.

(Alto France.)

Notes and Reflections, during a Ramble in Germany; by the
Author of " Recollections of the Peninsula." 1826.

Sketches of the State of Society in Holland and Germany, in
the 17th Century; by Miss Benger. 1825.

Mem. of Eliz. Stuart.

Steam Voyage down the Danube: with Sketches of Hungary, Wallachia, and Turkey; by M. J. Quin, Author of "A Visit to Spain." 2 vols. 1835.

Tour in Germany, Holland, and England, in the years 1826, 27, and 28: with Remarks on the Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants, and Anecdotes of Distinguished Public Living Characters, in a Series of Letters; by a German Prince (Puckler Muskau). 4 vols.


■ and some of the Southern Provinces of the

Austrian Empire, in the years 1820, 21, 22; by John
Russell, Esq. 2 vols. Edin. 1825.

and the Netherlands, in the Summer of

1826; by S. W. Stephenson. 2 vols. 1827

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Travels in Russia, Prussia, and Hanover, in 1822,. 23, 24;

by James Holman, R. N. 2 vols. 1825. Two Hundred and Nine Days: or, the Journal of a Traveller

on the Continent; by Tho. Jefferson Hogg. 2 vols.


Tyrol; with a Glance at Bavaria; by Henry D. Inglis. 2 vols. 1833.

Visit to Germany and the Low Countries, in the years
1829, 30, and 34-, by Sir Arthur Brooke Faulkner. 2
vols. 1833.

Wanderings by the Loire; by Leitch Ritchie, Esq.: with
Twenty-one Engravings, from Drawings by J. R. W.
Turner, Esq., R. A 1833.
( Travel* in Holland, Germany, ttstHtrlm&s, tfc, see See. F. 10.J

9.—Italy, Switzerland, Savoy, the Sicilies, Malta, Elba, Sfc.

Alpenstock: or, Sketches of Scenery and Manners, in the years 1825-26; by Chas. Joseph Latrobe. 1829.

Civil History of the Kingdom of Naples ; by Pietro Giannoni. 2 vols. 1729.

Description of the Antiquities and other Curiosities of Rome; by the Rev. Ed. Burton, M. A. Oxford, 1821.

Diary of an Invalid: being the Journal of a Tour in Pursuit of Health, in Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, and France, in 1817, 18, and 19; by H. Matthews, A.M. 2 vols.


Glance at some of the Beauties and Sublimities of Switzer-
land: with excursive Remarks on the various Objects of
Interest presented during a Tour through its Picturesque
Scenery; by John Murray, F. S. A. 1829.

History of Switzerland, from its Earliest Origin to the Present
Time. A Popular Description and Faithful Picture of
the Gradual Rise and Progress of the Swiss Nation; from
the German, by Heinrich Zschokke.' 1834.

Italy; with Sketches of Spain and Portugal; by Wm. Beckford, Esq. 2 vols. 1834.

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Journal of Excursions in the Alps, the Pennine, Graian,
Cottian, Rhetian, Lepontian, and Bernese; by Wm.
Brockedon. 1833.

Letters; containing some Account of a Tour through parts
of the Netherlands, Switzerland, Northern Italy, and
France; by the Rev. D. Wilson. 2 vols. 1824.

Letters from Switzerland and Italy, during a late Tour; by
T. Carnes. 1834.

Memoir, descriptive of the Resources, Inhabitants, and Hy-
drography of Sicily and its Islands, interspersed with
Antiquarian and other Notices; by Capt. William Henry
Smith, R.N. 1824.

Narrative of a Three Years' Residence in Italy, in the years
1819,21,22; with Illustrations of the Present State of
Religion in that Country. 1828.

of an Excursion to the Mountains of Piemont, in

the year 1823; and Researches among the Vaudois, or Waldenses, Protestant Inhabitants of the Cottian Alps; by W. S. Gilly, M.A. 1825.

Observations on Italy; by the late John Bell. Edin, 1825.

Olympia Morata, her Times, Life, and Writings; arranged from Contemporary and other Authorities; by the Author of " Selwy n." 1834.

On the Piedmontese Revolution; by Count Santa Rosa.


Pompeiana: the Topography, Edifices, and Ornaments of
Pompeii; the Result of Excavations since 1819; by Sir
Wm. Gell. 2 vols. 1832.

Relation des Evinemens Politiques, et Militaires, qui ont eu
lieu h. Naples en 1820 et 1821; par Gen. G. Pepe. 1834.

Rome in the Nineteenth Century; containing a Complete Account of the Ruins of the Ancient City, the Remains of the Middle Ages, and the Monuments of Modern Times: with Remarks on the Fine Arts, &c.; written during a Residence at Rome in 1817-18; by Miss Waldie. 3 vols. Edin. 1820.

Sketches descriptive of Italy in the years 1816 and 1817; with a brief Account of Travels in various parts of France and Switzerland in the same years. 4 vols. 1820.


Slight Reminiscences of the Rhine, Switzerland, and a corner of Italy. 2 vols. 1834.

Switzerland and Auvergne, &c., Travels in, in 1820, 21, and 22; by R. Bakewell. 2 vols. 1823.

CSec. V.,ffo. \\,aln.) ■ :or, a Journal of a Tour and Residence in that Country in 1817-18-19; followed by an Historical Sketch of the Manners and Customs of Ancient and Modern. Helvetia, in which the Events of our Time are fully detailed: by Louis Simond. 2 vols. 1823.

Topography of Rome and its Vicinity; by Sir Wm. Gell, M. A., F. R. S., F. S. A., Author of the "Itinerary of Greece." 2 vols. 1834.

Tour in France, Savoy, Northern Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, in the Summer of 1825: including some Observations on the Scenery of the Neckar and the Rhine ; by Seth W. Stephenson. 2 vols. 1827

Tour in Italy and Sicily ; by L. Simond, Author of a Tour in Switzerland, &c. 1828.

Vestiges of Ancient Manners and Customs, discoverable in Modern Italy and Sicily; by the Rev. John J. Blount.


f Refer to Two Hundred and Nine Day» of Tho. Jefferson Hogg, Sec. Holland, Ao. 2489, O.

10.—Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Spilzberffen, Greenland, Lapland, Finland, Russia, Poland, Livonia.

Character of the Russians, and a detailed History of Moscow: with a Dissertation on the Russian Language, and an Appendix, containing Tables, Political, Statistical, and Historical, &c.; by Robt. Lyall, M. D. 1823.

Excursions in the North of Europe, through parts of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, in the years 1830-33; by John Barrow, junr. 1834.

Journal of a Voyage to the Northern Whale Fishery) including Researches and Discoveries on the Eastern.

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