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Yes and No, a Tale of the Day; by Lord Normandy. 2 vols.

1828. Yesterday in Ireland; by the Author of “To-Day in Ireland” (Mr. Crowe). 3 vols.

1829. Young Duke ; by the Author of Vivian Grey (Mr. D’Israeli). 3 vols.

1831. Young Rifleman's Comrade ; a Narrative of his Military Adventures, Captivity, and Shipwreck.

1826. Youth and Manhood of Cyril Thornton. 3 vols.

Edin, 1827. Zillah, a Tale of the Holy City ; by the Author of Brambletye House (Horace Smith). 4 vols.

1828. Zohrab, the Hostage; by the Author of Hajji Baba (James Morier, Esq.). 3 vols.


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7.-Auctores Classici, Græci et Latini.

(Vide p. 598.)

Apuleii Opera Omnia ex editione Oudendorpiana, cum notis

et Interpretatione in usum Delphini variis Lectionibus notis Variorum, etc.

1825. Aurelii Victoris Historia Romana ex editione Th. Chr. Harlesii, cum notis, etc.

1829. Ausonii (D. Magni) Burdigalensis Opera Omnia, ex editione Bipontina, cum notis, ete.

1823. Boethii de Consolatione Philosophiæ Libri Quinque ex editione Valpiana, cum notis, etc.

1823. Cæsaris (C. Julii) Opera Omnia ex editione Oberliniana, cum notis, etc.

1819. Catulli (C. Valerii) Opera Omnia ex editione F. C. Doeringii, cum notis, etc.

1822. Ciceronis (M. Tullii) Opera Omnia ex editione Jo. Aug. Ernesti, cum notis, etc.

1830. Claudiani (Claudii) Opera Omnia ex editione P. Burmanni Secundi, cum notis, etc.


Curtii (Quinti) de Rebus Gestis Alexandri Magni, Libri Superstites, ex editione Fred. Schmider.

1825. Dictys Cretensis et Dares Phrygius de Bello Trojano, ex editione Sam. Artopæi, cum notis, etc.

1825. Eutropii Breviarium Historiæ Romanæ, ex editione Henrici

Verheyk, cum notis et interpretatione, etc. 1821. Festi (Pompeii) de Verborum Significatione Libri 20, et M.

Verrii Flacci quæ extant, ex editione Andreæ Dacerii, cum notis, etc.

1826. Flori (L. Annæi) Epitome Rerum Romanarum, ex editione J. Fr. Fischeri, cum notis, etc.

1822. Gellii (Auli) Noctes Atticæ, ex editione Jac. Gronovii, cum notis, etc.

1824. Horatii Flacci (Quinti) Opera Omnia, ex editione J. C. Zeunii, cum notis, etc.

1825. Justini Historiæ Philippicæ, ex editione Abrahami Gronovii, cum notis, etc.

1822. Juvenalis (D. Junii) Opera Omnia, ex editione Rupertiana, cum notis, etc.

1820. Livii (T. Patavini) Historiarum Libri qui Supersunt, ex editione G. A. Ruperti, cum supplementis, notis, etc.

1827-28. Lucretii Cari De Rerum Natura Libri Sex, ex editione Gilberti Wakefieldi, cum notis, etc.

1823. Manilii Astronomicon, ex editione Bentleiana, cum notis, etc.

1828. Martialis (Marci Valerii) Epigrammata, ex editione Bipontina, cum notis, etc.

1823. Nepotis (Cornelii) Vitæ Excellentium Imperatorum, ex editione J. Fr. Fischeri, cum notis, etc.

1822. Ovidii (P. Nasonis) Opera Omnia, ex editione Burmanniana, cum notis, etc.

1821. Panegyrici Veteres, ex editionibus Chr. G. Schwarzii et Arntzeniorum, cum notis, etc.

1828. Paterculi (C. Velleii) Historia Romana, ex editione J. C. H. Crausii, cum notis, etc.

1822. Persii Flacci (Auli) Opera Omnia, ex editione G. L. Kænig. (See Juvenal. Vol. III.)


Phædri Augusti Liberti Fabulæ Æsopiæ, ex editione J. G. S.
Schwabii, cum notis, etc.

1822. Plauti (M. Accii) Comædiæ, ex editione J. F. Gronovii, cum notis, etc.

1829. Plinii Secundi (C.) Naturalis Historiæ Libri 37, ex editione Gabrielis Brotier, cum notis, etc.

1826. Propertii (Sexti Aurelii) Opera Omnia, ex editione Ch. Th. Kuinoelis.

1822. Prudentii (Aurelii) Clementis V.C. Opera Omnia, ex editione Parmensi, cum notis, etc.

1824. Sallustii (C. Crispi) Opera Omnia, ex editione Gottlieb Cortii, cum notis, etc.

1820. Statii (P. Papinii) Opera Omnia, ex editione Bipontina, cum

notis, etc. Suetonii Tranquilli Opera Omnia, ex editione BaumgartenCrusii, cum notis, etc.

1826. Taciti (C. Cornelii) Opera Omnia, ex editione Oberliniana, cum notis, etc.

1820-21. Terentii (Pub. Afri) Comædiæ Sex, ex editione Westerhoviana, cum notis, etc.

1824. Tibulli (Albii) Opera Omnia, ex editione I. G. Huschkii, cum notis, etc.

1822. Valerii Maximi Factorum Dictorumque Memorabilium Libri Novem, ex editione Johannis Kappii, cum notis, etc.

1823. Virgilii (P. Maronis) Opera Omnia, ex editione Heyniana, cum notis, etc.



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Acharnenses of Aristophanes; with Notes, Critical and Ex

planatory, adapted to the Use of Schools and Universities; by T. Mitchell, A.M.

1835. Æschyli Prometheus Vinctus, ad fidem Manuscriptorum

emendavit, Notas et Glossarium adjecit Carolus Jacobus Blomfield, S.T.B.

Cant. 1819.


Aristophanes, Comedies of; by T. Mitchell, A.M. 2 vols.

1820-22. Ciceronis De Re Publica Qvae Svpersvnt; Edente Angelo Maio.

Romæ et Londini, 1823.

8.- Translations from the Greek and Latin Classical


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36 Q. 41 || Account of the Proceedings at a Public Meeting held at the

City of York, 19th January, 1827, to take into considera-
tion the Expediency of Petitioning Parliament on the
Subject of the Immolation of Hindoo Widows in British

York, 1827. 2398 0.

Adventures of a young Rifleman in the French and English

Armies during the War in Spain and Portugal, from 1806 to 1816; written by himself.

1826. 1270. 19 || Anticipation (Richard Tickell’s), containing the Substance of

his Majesty's Speech on the Opening of Parliament, 1778, and a full and authentic Account of the Debates, &c.; with Notes.

1822. 2938 0. Bridgewater Treatises on the Power, Wisdom, and Goodness

of God, as manifested in the Creation; 8 Treatises. (Each Treatise will be found under its proper Head.)

1833-35. 1183 D. Cambrian Superstitions, comprising Ghosts, Omens, Witch

craft, Traditions, &c.; to which are added: A concise View of the Manners and Customs of the Principality, and some Fugitive Pieces; by W. Howell.

Tipton, 1831.



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Cautions to Continental Travellers ; by the Rev. J. W. Cunningham, M.A.

1823. Characteristics of Women; Moral, Practical, and Historical ; by Mrs. Jameson. 2 vols.

1832. Chimney Sweeper's Friend ; by James Montgomery. 1824. Comments on Corpulency, Lineaments of Leanness, Mems on Diet and Dietetics; by William Wadd, Esq., F.L.S.

1829. Confessions of an English Opium Eater.

1832. D. Conjurations des Espagnols contre la République de Venise et

des Gracques; précédés de Sept Discours sur l'usage de l'Histoire ; par Saint Réal.

Par. 1803. Consolations in Travel, or the last Days of a Philosopher; by Sir H. Davy.

1831. 0.4 to 6 || Curiosities of Literature ; by Isaac D’Israeli (vide p. 611); 2nd Series. 3 vols.

1823. Death's Doings, consisting of numerous Original Compositions in Prose and Verse, with 24 Plates ; by R. Dagley.

1826. Doctor. 3 vols.

1834. Dutchman's Fireside ; by the Author of " Letters from the South.” 2 vols.

1830. Edinburgh Fugitive Pieces; with Letters containing a Com

parative View of the Modes of Living, Arts, Commerce, Literature, Manners, &c., of Edinburgh at different Periods; by William Creech, Esq.; to which is prefixed an Account of his Life.

Edin. 1815. D. Emma de Lissau, a Narrative of striking Vicissitudes and

peculiar Trials, with Notes illustrative of the Manners and Customs of the Jews; by the Author of “ Sophia de Lissau.”' 2 vols.

1830. 0. England and the English ; by E. L. Bulwer. 2 vols.

1833. Eventful Life of a Soldier, Continuation of the Recollections of. 2 vols.

Glasgow, 1825. Fables for the Holy Alliance, Rhymes on the Road, &c.; by Tho. Brown the Younger (Tho. Moore).

1823. Genius of Judaism.

1833. 0. Gold-headed Cane (by Dr. Macmichael).







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