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LIX. If any Subscriber suffer any Person, not being of his own family, to procure books from the Library in his name, or leave his Annual Subscription unpaid for fifteen months (see law 58), or refuse to pay the fines imposed upon him, he shall forfeit his share in the Institution.

LX. Immediately on the receipt of any new books into the Library, the day of reception shall be dated thereon, and they shall be cut open and laid upon a table in the Reading-room, there to remain for the use of Subscribers frequenting the room, for one calendar month from the day of reception, (except any particular works concerning which the Committee shall see fit to order otherwise).


LXI. All the Subscribers, as being contributors equally to the support of the Institution, shall have their rights, powers, and privileges the same, (except in such cases as are herein specified:) their voices shall in all cases be of equal weight: and they shall all, without distinction, be eligible to any office.

LXII. Duplicates of works, and such temporary publications as the Committee may judge proper to be disposed of, shall annually in March be parcelled out into lots, and exposed for sale in the Library, to the highest bidder, among Subscribers only; the bidding to be made in sealed notes, addressed to the Committee, for their decision at the monthly meeting in April; the lots that remain after the end of April, may be sold in such manner as the Committee may deem most eligible; but no other books or publications shall be'disposed of, without the consent of two-thirds of the Subscribers at a General Meeting.

LXIII. Duplicates of arly Reviews on the table of the Reading-room, may be provided for the use of the Committee, to an amount not exceeding five pounds annually.

LXIV. All new laws shall be copied within one week after they are passed, signed by the President, and hung up in the Reading-room until they are printed.

LXV. An abstract of the accompts shall be appended to the annual circular letter, particularizing the sums expended in each branch of literature.

LXVI. A list of the books admitted by the Committee shall annually be printed and sent to the Subscribers.

LXVII. If any case occur, that is not expressly provided for by these laws, it shall be provisionally determined by the Committee until the next General Meeting; and their transactions and determinations shall be recorded in a book kept for the purpose.

LXVIII. No Person shall have any right, interest, or property whatever in this Institution, who does not submit to these laws and regulations, and to such other laws and regulations as may be made, in such manner as is herein before mentioned.


LXIX. The Institution having borrowed money (towards paying for their buildings) in Loan Shares of £31 5s. each, at an interest of £4 per cent per annum, it is declared that such Loan Shares shall be deemed a charge upon the buildings and property of the Institution.

LXX. The Committee shall pay off annually by lot one or more of the Loan Shares; but if the lot shall fall on any shareholder who would prefer not having his share paid off, he shall be at liberty to find a substitute amongst the other shareholders, if he can.


LXXI. Five Subscribers shall be elected, (in the same way as the General Committee are elected,) who, with the President and Treasurer of the Library for the time being, (if not previously of such five persons,) shall form a Committee for supplying the Library, as opportunity may occur, and in such ways as to them shall seem best, with any Standard Works in which the Library may be deficient, but limited not to order any work, the first edition of which has been published within the then preceding seven years; that Committee shall not be restricted as to the mode of ordering books, and may rescind any order for purchase made by them, or entrust the purchasing of books by auction or otherwise, to any sub-agent, and in all other respects use those advantages which a private individual does in collecting a Library; and these regulations shall not prevent the General Committee from ordering any Works as heretofore, nor otherwise diminish their powers.

LXXII. Two of such five persons shall annually go out by lot (but capable of being re-elected), and two shall be elected by each Annual Meeting to fill the vacancies; such election to be in the form for electing the General Committee.

LXXIII. The expenditure of such Committee shall be limited to such sums as shall, from time to time, be granted to them by General Meetings, out of any monies unappropriated by the General Committee; and the sums so granted shall, at the Bankers, be placed in a separate fund to the account of the Hull Subscription Library Standard Work Committee, and be drawn upon by the President for the time being of such Committee, and one other Member, at least, of the Standard Work Committee, as occasion shall require.

LXXIV. The Standard Work Committee shall enter, in a book to be kept for that purpose, a minute of every Work ordered by them, which book shall be laid before the General Committee at each of their meetings; they shall also report to every Annual Meeting, the Works purchased by them, the sum expended in the year, and the balance then in their hands.

LXXV. A book shall be opened and lie on the Library table, in which any Subscriber may suggest, for the consideration of the Standard Work Committee, any Work he may wish to have purchased, with any particulars of time, place, or price, at which it may be obtained; but the Committee shall not be limited to purchase only Works so entered.

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