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to remain six months: also, shall make out, and from time to time fill up, lists of all books received into the Library in each year, and such list shall be hung up in the Librarian's room for two years, from the date of the reception of the earliest book mentioned therein, for the inspection of the Subscribers at large.

XXXV. A salary of one hundred pounds per annum shall be allowed to the Librarian. A Sub-Librarian may be also appointed by the Committee, and his salary fixed by them, but subject to the approval of the next General Meeting. And an assistant boy shall be provided by the Committee, with a remuneration out of the funds of the Library, to be settled by them, but not exceeding six shillings a week.


XXXVI. An Annual General Meeting shall be held on the first Wednesday in December, f the anniversary of the establishment of the Society in 1775) at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, in the Library-room, and a notice of such General Meeting shall be sent by the Librarian to each Subscriber, in the preceding week, containing a list of the Subscribers, an abstract of the accompts of the last year, (see law 65): a list of books admitted, (see law 66); and a copy of any such propositions as may have been made, agreeably to law 39. The President of the Society shall take the chair at half-past eleven o'clock precisely; and in case of his absence at that hour, the Subscribers present shall choose a Chairman, and proceed to business. A General Meeting may also be held at any time between the Annual Meetings, agreeably to laws 24 and 25; previous to which a copy of any propositions that may have been duly made shall be sent to each Subscriber.

XXXVII. All questions which come before the Society, except such as relate to the alteration or repeal of laws, shall be determined by the majority of the Subscribers present .

XXXVIII. No law, once established, shall be repealed or altered, except at a General Meeting, and by two-thirds of the Subscribers present.

XXXIX. Any proposed new law, repeal or alteration, shall be fairly written out, and signed by the Proposer, and shall be hung up in the Library, for the inspection of the Subscribers, at least one month previous to a General Meeting.

XL. The sense of the Subscribers on all questions shall be ascertained by a shew of hands, or, upon demand being made, by an actual division. When the numbers are equal, the President or Chairman shall have a casting vote.

XLI. Ladies only shall be admitted into the gallery during the holding of a General Meeting.

XLII. No books shall be delivered out or sent in on the day of General Meeting, and all books which would fall due on that day shall not be deemed to be due till the following day.

XLIII. The transactions of the General Meetings, from the establishment of the Institution in 1775, to 1810, having been fairly copied into a book . and declared to be a correct transcript of the former books, the resolutions of General Meetings only shall be inserted therein, under the inspection of, and signed by, the President; and the said book shall be referred to in all cases, as the only authentic record of the transactions of the Society. The annual accompts, after being approved of by the Annual Meeting, shall be entered in the cash-book, (containing an account of the receipts and expenditure of the Library from its establishment,) and signed by the President in testimony of such approval. The general-meeting-book and the cashbook,-together with the title deeds, policy of insurance, notes and receipts belonging to the Library, shall be deposited in an iron chest, provided for the purpose, one key of which shall be kept by the President, and the other by the Treasurer for the time being. A duplicate copy of the generalmeeting-book shall also be provided and laid upon the table.

XLI V. In case of any mistake or stain occurring in any book of record of the Society, neither the leaf on which it has occurred, nor any leaf whatever, shall be cut out or cancelled, except at a General Meeting; and then the reason of such mutilation shall be assigned, and testified by the signature of the President, on behalf of such General Meeting.

(See also Standard Works' Committee.)


XLV. Any Subscriber may propose what books he pleases, by entering the titles in a poll book kept for that purpose in the Library, which the Librarian shall lay before the Committee at every monthly meeting, for their decision by ballot, and such poll book shall be closed at'four o'clock in the afternoon of the day before the regular monthly meeting of the Committee, and no book shall be inserted by any person whatever until the said Committee shall have finished their monthly ballot and regularly adjourned.

XLVI. The Library shall be kept open for the delivery and receipt of books from the hour of ten in the; forenoon to that of six in the afternoon. The Subscribers shall have access to the Gallery from the 31st March to the 1st October until six o'clock only; and from the 1st October to the 1st April until four o'clock only. The Reading-room shall be further kept open until . 9 o'clock, and books may be taken out from six until nine, on payment of two pence each to the Librarian.

XLVII. Works during the first three years after they have been admitted into the Library, shall be deemed new works, all others old works; and each Subscriber shall be entitled to have out the following quantities of books, viz.:—

Of any Old Work,

Not exceeding 2 vols, folio, or 2 ditto quarto, or 4 ditto octavo, or 4 ditto duodecimo, and in addition thereto, and at the same time therewith, (or without the above if he see fit) he shall also be entitled to have out,

Of any other Work, New or Old, Not exceeding 1 vol. folio., or 1 ditto quarto, or 3 ditto octavo, or 3 ditto duodecimo.

Provided that in every case where more volumes than one of any work are had out at the same time, they shall not be kept longer than the time allowed for reading one; and no Subscriber shall have out volumes of two new works at the same time. A Review may be taken out with any other book, but no Subscriber shall be allowed to take out a book upon promise of returning those which he already has out, or before they be actually returned to the Library; and whoever is discovered taking out more or other than his quota allowed by law, shall be fined two shillings.

XLVIII. Subscribers residing in the country may keep their books until the first Tuesday or Friday after the time allowed for reading them expires; and they shall also have the privilege of taking out, Of any Old Work,

Not exceeding 4 vols, folio, or 4 ditto quarto, or 4 ditto octavo, or 6 ditto duodecimo, and in addition thereto, and at the same time therewith, they shall be entitled to have out,


Of any other Work, New or Old, Not exceeding 2 vols, folio, or 2 ditto quarto, or 3 ditto octavo, or 3 ditto duodecimo; keeping them no longer than the time allowed for reading one volume of each work.

XLIX. Whoever keeps any book longer than the time limited, shall be fined as follows:—For a duodecimo, or octavo, two pence per day; for a quarto, or folio, three pence; and for a review, six pence; but no such fine shall exceed the value of the book. If the time allowed for reading a book expire on a Sunday, it shall become due on the following day.

L. Each Subscriber may take out, in addition to the above, a volume for reference, (which shall be distinctly stated as such to the Librarian at the time it is taken out, or otherwise incur the fine for taking out more than the quota allowed,) not being of the same work as may at the same time be entered to him in the Librarian's books. One day only shall be allowed for such volume; if not returned on the day after that on which it is taken out, he shall incur a fine of one shilling, and also one shilling per day for as long as it may be kept; and such volume shall in no case be re-entered to the same Person for reference until three days after it has been returned.

LI. No book, within the first year of its circulation, shall be re-entered to the same Person, until it has remained in the Library at least one week; any other book may be re-entered once to a Subscriber, if it be not enquired for by another, during the time he has had it out, without producing it; but on a second re-entry, the book must be brought back and shewn to the Librarian.

LII. No Subscriber shall be allowed to lend a book to any Person out of his own family—or to take out a book from the Library, without its being entered by the Librarian, or to bring one back and place it in the gallery, without the Librarian's knowledge, on pain of forfeiting ten shillings for every book so lent, taken out, or replaced.

LIII. If any Subscriber alter or erase the number of days allowed for reading a book, and inserted therein, according to law 17, he shall be fined five shillings; and in case of any scribbling in, or dirt or damage happening to, a book, a fine shall be imposed at the discretion of the Committee. •

LIV. If any book be lost, the Person to whom it was delivered shall pay the full value of it as fixed by the Committee; and if the book lost be one of a set, the Person who lost it shall take the remaining volumes, and provide a new set of equal value, or pay the amount thereof to the Librarian.

LV. All the pamphlets shall remain in the Reading-room for one month, and each set of Reviews and Periodical Magazines shall remain in the Reading-room until the succeeding set shall have been received; and whoever shall take any of them away during that time, shall be fined ten shillings.

LVI. No Subscriber shall be allowed to have a book from the Library who neglects to pay his fines, after application has been made for them by the Librarian.

LVII. The following printed form shall be delivered to snch Subscribers as send for a book before their fines are paid:—

You are indebted to the Library in fines to the amount of for

you are, therefore, by the bbth late, not allowed to have another book until you have paid the same.

By order,


Any Person objecting to pay his fines to the Librarian, after the above notice, may appeal to the Committee, who may mitigate or annul any fine where they are satisfied the circumstances of the case render it proper so to do; and should he be dissatisfied with their decision, he may, conforming thereto in the mean time, make a further appeal to the Annual Meeting.

LVIII. The Annual Subscription of twenty-five shillings shall become due in advance, at the Annual Meeting. Whoever does not pay his subscription on or before the first of January following, shall pay one shilling additional, and also one shilling per month, for every month afterwards that he shall continue in arrear; and if he neglect to pay it before the next Annual Meeting, notice shall then be given to him that unless it be paid on or before the 1st of March following, his share in the Institution shall be forfeited.

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