Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society, Volume 3

The Society, 1880

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Página 125 - ... now mentioned ; and this augmentation evidently can proceed from nothing but the constant and slow disintegration of the rocks. In the permanence, therefore, of a coat of vegetable mould on the surface of the earth, we have a demonstrative proof of the continual destruction of the rocks...
Página 139 - Director of the Geological Survey of Ireland, and Professor of Geology in the Royal College of Science, Dublin. MONTAGUE RHO[)ES JAMES, MA, Litt.D., Fellow and Dean of King's College, and Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. Rev. CHW JOHNS, MA, Queens
Página 258 - In the North-western provinces of Canada wheat often produces 40 and 50 bushels to the acre, while in South Minnesota 20 bushels is the average crop, in Wisconsin only 14, in Pennsylvania and Ohio 15. The fact established by climatologists that the cultivated plants yield the greatest products near the northernmost limit at which they grow, is fully illustrated in the productions of the Canadian territories...
Página 110 - This ridge, at the distance of about seven and a half miles from the sea at Salthouse-head, attains an inland distance of about five miles from the coast opposite Slains. The flints are met with on the surface at various points along that line. The ridge is bare and moorish, but covered with peat and heather, and this prevents the flints from being accurately traced.
Página 112 - Echini family, occasionally entire, but more frequently only small portions of the impressions ol these shells are found. Single spines frequently occur and are well marked. The Innoceramus, Pecten, and Terebratula abound.
Página 142 - Soc." i. 1838, p. 175". 7. Notice of the Discovery of some Remains of the Ichthyosaurus in Ireland. " Phil. Mag." xx.' 1842, p. 83. 8. Notices of the Geology of the Island of Bute.
Página 117 - ... near their highest, and at an equal elevation, the various bays and promontories, it requires no great stretch of imagination to conceive of the waves of the German Ocean as having once rolled even hither, bearing with them, and depositing on their innermost bounds, the rounded flints that mark their ancient shore. But it may be argued, The greensand beds lay right in the way, and must have suffered also from the denuding power of the waves. If future examination shows that these beds are in...
Página 150 - ... for a little, so as to melt it before proceeding to use the lamp. After use, and while the wax is melted, the wick should be pulled up about £ of an inch with a pair of tweezers before the wax solidifies, otherwise the wick will be too short to allow of trimming before the next operation. VIII. — Historical Notes on the Occurrence of Gold in the South of Scotland.
Página 110 - Buchanness, and stretching across the country for eight or ten miles ; at its eastern extremity it branches. One of the forks terminates south of Buchanness, in the mass of granite known as Stirling Hill. The other runs north of Buchanness and may be said to terminate in the granitic escarpment of the Black Hills. All along the shore between these points, wherever the rocks admit 'of a beach, quantities of water-worn flints are found mingled with the other pebbles, evidently brought there by the...
Página 133 - Forbes' classification of rocks into Ingenite rocks (born, bred, or created within or below), and second, Derivative rocks, " since directly or indirectly they are all derived from the destruction of the former," the initial letters I and D might serve as major parts of our symbols, along with either a smaller letter to denote chemical composition, and another geological conditions. Thus the plug at Arthur's Seat might be represented If ; and the beds on Calton Hill thus...

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