The School Review, Volume 26

Cornell University, 1918

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Página 72 - $1.20. The Yale Shakespeare. The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Edited by Jack Randall Crawford. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1917. Pp. 203. $0.50. The Yale Shakespeare. The Chronicle History of the Life and Death of King Lear and His Three Daughters. Edited by William Lyon Phelps. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1917. Pp. 154. $0.50.
Página 755 - This Court, taking into consideration the great neglect in many parents and masters in training up their children in learning, and labor, and other imployments which may bee profitable to the common wealth, do hearupon order and decree, that in every towne the chosen men appointed for managing the prudenciall affaires of the same shall
Página 761 - either in husbandry, or some other trade profitable for themselves, and the Common-wealth if they will not or can not train them up in learning to fit them for higher imployments. And if any of the Select men after
Página 760 - The title page of the code reads: "Book of the General Lawes and Libertyes concerning the inhabitants of the Massachusetts collected out of the Records of the General Court for the severeal years wherein they were made and established. Cambridge, Printed according to order of the General Court, 1648. And are to be solde at the shop of Hezekiah Usher in Boston.
Página 1 - University, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, University of Missouri, University of Nebraska, New York University, Oberlin College, Ohio State University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, University of Rochester, Tufts College, Tulane University, University of Virginia, University of Washington, Western Reserve University, Williams College, University of Wisconsin,
Página 761 - and girls eighteen years of age compleat) which will more strictly look into and force them to submit unto government according to the rules of this order, if by fair means and former instructions they will not be drawn unto it.
Página 422 - About the first of February, 1917, the writer, working under the auspices of the School of Commerce and Administration of the University of Chicago, addressed a questionnaire to the principals of 225 high schools throughout the United States. The high schools were
Página 628 - The American Home Economics Association recently held its annual meeting at the University of Chicago and at Hull House, Chicago. The membership of the Association is composed of men and women who are interested in improving conditions of living in the home, the institutional household, and the community. It
Página 755 - of such as they shall find not to bee able and fit to imply and bring them up, nor shall take course to dispose of them themselves; and they are to take care that such as are set to keep cattle bee set to some other impliment withall, as spinning up on the rock, kniting, weveing tape, etc.;
Página 481 - $1.40. An introduction to the philosophy of education. The author "endeavors to detect and state the ideas implied in a democratic society, and to apply these ideas to the problems of the enterprise of education.

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