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This Text may be referred both to the Spiritual and Personal Reign of Christ.

I. The Lord Jesus being invested with all Tower, will display his Regal Authority, in his Kingdom. 2. AU Enemies will bt bnwed at Christ'* Feet. 3. The Grates of the Spirit, or the Garments of Christ's Righteousness, will appear glorious in that Day. 4. There will be different Degrees of Glory put upon the Saints in Christy Ringr dom. 5. Nothing ought to be so near, dear, and precious to the Soul, as Jesus Christ. 6. The Saints will l'e perfe8, when they, with Christ, Jball enter the Gates of the New Jerusalem. 7. The Tforks which God will do in that Day, will be great and wonderful. ...

AGain the 45th Psalm is a full Prophecy of Christ's glorious Reign. I speak os things vhicb I have made touching the King. This King Can be no other but he, who above all deserves that


Name •, and that is Jesus Christ -. Therefore it follows in the 2d Verse; Thou art fairer than the Children of Men •, Orace is poured into thy Lip; God hath blessed thee for ever. Now this must be granted, that it is Christ only who is fairer than all created Beings, both with respect to his Divine and Human Nature. The 3d Verse; Qird thy Sword vpon thy Thigh, 0 most Mighty, with thy Glcry and Majesty! This Appellation cannot be given to any meer Creature: Tho'others maybe mighty,. yet none most Mighty, but the Lord Jefvs Christ. w\ 11' It is he that is to have his Sword girded upon his Thighs which respects the Power, Glory, av,d Majesty, that the Father hath invested him with; and which he will display in the Kingdom-Glor , when he shall shew himself to be the only Potentate, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. 4. And in thy Majesty ride profperousty; because of Truth, and Meekness, and Righteousness •, Ahid thy Right Hand stall teach thee terrible things. Here I observe that the Lord Jesus Christ, in the Glory of his Kingdom will ride forth with such Power, Glory, and Majesty, that he will conquer, subdue, and bring all his Enemies under him! Some shall be bowed by his Mercy; others he will bow by his Judgments •, which is signify'd bjr his Meekness unto the one, and by his Terriblenefs to the other: This appears more fully in the ?th Verse; Thine Arrows are starp in the Hearts of the King's Enemies, whereby People fall tinder thee. Oh what a number.of Converts will there fall at Christ s Feet, when he shall ride forth in the Chariot of his Grace, by. the Preaching of the Everlasting Gospel, in the Accomplishment of the Latter Day Prophesies.

C But . But to pass on Consider the Eighth,

Ninth, Tenth, &c. Verses: AU thy Garmenti (that is, Christ's Garments) smell os Myrrh, and Aloes, and Casta, out of the Ivory Palaces; whereby they have made thee glad. Oh what a Perfume ! How sweet do these beautiful Garments of Christ's Righteousness smell, both to the Father and the Saints! King's Daughters were among thy honourable Women, upon thy Right Hand did stand the Queen in Gold of Ophir. By King's Daughters, honourable Vromerty and the Queen, I humbly conceive no other is meant than the Elect of Go-1, or the Mystical Body of Christ, which only is his Spouse, expressed here, and distinguished in their Diversity of Orders, as they shall appear each one in their proper Places, in the Administration of that glorious Reign. Some will appear in that Day as Kings D xnghters, some a^honnurable Women, some as the Queen, at the Right Hand of Christ, in a different Degree of Glory.

It is a Point disputed among Good Men; whether there shall be any Degrees of Glory among the Saints in Heaven ? I shall not determine how it may be in the ultimate Glory, but I dare be bold toaffirmthis, That there will be a Difference in Christ's Kingdom; Some will be in greater Posts, and put into higher Offices, than others; according as they have acted for God in the "World: For there will certainly be Rewards of "Works in the King d om of Christ, though Salvation and the Promise os Eternal Life, is by absolute Grace.

It follows, Hearken, 0 Daughter, and consider and incline thine Ear! Forget also thine own People, and thy Father's House: So stall theKing greatly desire thy Beauty : For he is thy Lord •■, and worstip tbou bint. Hearken, 0 Daughter, avd consider what great things 1 have promis'd, and will do for you in that Day: Forget thy People, and allthat may be near and dear to thee, besides me } or that may stand in the way as a Hindrance to thy En joy r rnent of my Presence : Let thy Heart, Mind, and Affections, be upon me, who only deserve to have jt, in consideration of my great Love to thee, and what I have done for thee. So stall the Kinggreatly desire thy Beauty, who loves to sec his Children appear before him, in that Beauty and Excellency which he hath put upon them.

And theDaughters of Tyres! aE he there withGists: Even the Rich among the People flail intreat thy Far vour. This looks, with some other Texts of Scripture, as if the Converted Jews would have thePrecedence of the Gentiles, in that Day of the Messiah's Kingdom: Aid they siall be there vith Gifts•, that is, the Rich among the Gentiles: They whose Hearts God hath touched, stall come and intreat thy Love, Favour,' and Kindness, to be shewed unto them. The Kings Daughter (that is every Convert or tjue Believer, may be understood) is all glorious within; her Cloathing is of wrought Gold. The Church of God i? all glcricus, in respect of the Imputation of Righteousness, and Implantation of Grace: Glorious wph\n $ because God the Father, Son, and- Spirit, dwell there: Glori us without; because she is clothed with the Righteousness of God. She stall he brought unto the King in Raiment of Needle-work s The Virgins, her Compandors, that follow her, stall be brought unto thee; with Gladness and Rejoicings: all they be brought; they stall enter into the King's Palaces. This Raiment of Needle-work doubtless does respect the pure and spotless Robe of thrift's Righteousness, imputed by Grace, received by Faith : But yet I humbly conceive that the Garments of Gl ry and Jmmoitality, a;e signified, which shall be put upon the Saints in that Day, when ste stall be brought to the King. Oh with what Joy and Gladness will she enter the King's Palace, or the Gates of the New Jerusalem \ when she {hall thus shine in Christ's Glory. This can be no less than the-perfect Kingdom-State, at Christy personal Appearance, when bis Tf ije the Bride pall baie made herself ready.

The 145 Psalm is full for the Proof of this: You rray read the whole, and consider how it treats upon this blessed Time. But I must not take notice of so many Verses, lest I exceed the Bounds that I have designed: Therefo:e I fha'l begin at Ver. 10. A-l thy Works stall praise thse, OLord^andtby Saints stall bless thee. All thy Works; not only the "Works of Creation, Redemption, and Divine Providence, but the Works that Grd will do, when he comes to set up his Kingdom: .And that is to destroy Antichrist, to convert the Jews, and lfring them again into their own Land, by drying up the River of Euphrates, or destroying the Turkistt Power, and bringing in the Fulness of the Gentiles, the Accomplishing of all the Latter Day Prophesies. These are some of the Works which God will do in that Day -, which indeed will declare and wrnderfully shew forth his Praise; for which the Saints all of them will bless and magnifie the Lord, that they should be thus deliver'd from all their Enemies, forever, and be Partakers of that Glory, which then they stall be instill poffestom of. • It

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