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es Uzziab King of Judah: And the Lord my God Jhallcome, avd ah. the Saints with thee. This whole Prophecy of Zechariah is full of Latter Day Promises, with respect unto the Glory of Christ's Kingdom, in this World:, which, for Brevity fake, I omit. The Fiist Verse of this Chapter begins with the Coming of this great and awful Day. Hehold the Day of the Lord cometh! Behold, observe, and take a particular notice of this Time! And the Spoil shall be divided, &c. There will be a Parting and Dividing of the Spoils of their Enemies. Fpr J wiU gather all Nations against Jerusalem, to JSattel, ver. 2. It can by no means be allowed that these things have been fulfilled; however something appeared like this Second Verse, when the City was taken by Antiochus Epiphanes, and afterwards by the Armies of Titus Vefafian•, yet the Effects that are here spoken of, did not then follow, nor have to this Day; and therefore remain still to have their Accomplishment. The Letter of these Words, with many others, doth shew what a terrible Day the Beginning of this Time will be; a Time of Trouble, such as neverwas since there was a Nation, Dan. xii.l. Mat. xxiv. 21. Luke xxi. 25. And there stall be Signs in the Sun, and in the Moon, and in the Stars, and upon the Earth, Distress of Nations with Perplexity: The Sea and the Waves roaring, Mens Hearts failing them for Fear,Sec. Now tho' there was great Trouble upon the Jews, in the Destruction of Jerusalem -, yet it was not that Trouble here spoken of, because there were not those great and extraordinary things then, that are immediately to follow those Troubles. But to return, all\Nations are to gather themselves together against Jerusalem -, that is, the Jews: And then


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that Mount, wherein these wonderful Effects are to follow. Thirdly, Upon the Cleaving of the Mount: There will at this Time be a great Confternaticn upon the Spirits of Men, being signify'd by their fleeing to the Valley of the Mountains, as Persons in a fright, not knowing where to run for Safety. And ye stall flee, like as ye fled from before the Earthquake, as in the Days of Lzziah, King of Judah. There was a terrible Earthquake in Uzziah's Time •, as appears in these Words, to which the Spirit of God alludes, to shew what a Shaking of the Earth there will be, when these Mountains stall cleave afinder. Fourthly, What does this Mountain cleave asunder for? Certainly there is some Reason for it -, And if I may humbly give my Thoughts, it. will be for the Enlargement of the Place, to make room for the Saints that are there to be gathered together. And there stall be a very great Valley ; for half of the Mountain stall remove to the North, and half toward the South ; for the Valley of the Mountain stall reach unto Azal. Azal being the Name of a certain Place, is doubtless to ihew the Greatr ness of this Valley, by extending it self at so great distance. Surely then this must be for the enlarging of the Borders of Canaan. Compare this with Isaiah liv. 2. where we have this Exhortation; Enlarge the Place of thy Tent, and let them stretch forth the Curtains of thine Habitation: Spare not, lengthe7i thy Cords, and strengthen thy Stakes. The Reason is render'd, why this Enlargement must be made, in Verse 3. For thoustalt break forth en thy Right Hand, a*d on the Left. This is spoke of the Glory that shall be upon the Jewist Church; which will cause a multitude of the converted


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Qentiles to flock unto her, as follows j and thy Seed pall inhabit the Gentiles, and make the desolate Cities to be inhabited. . *

Verse 5. Then we read, And the Lord thy God jhall come, and all the Saints with thee. And therefore the Time of Christ's Feet standing upon Mount Olives, is not to be (according to these Words) until this great Earthquake; and the Mountain cleaving in two •, which must be referred unto his Second personal Coming, with all the Saints. But in speaking to this, I shall enquire, First, Who it is that stall come? Secondly, Who they be that stall come with him? Thirdly, From whence he will come? Fourthly, The Place where he will come? Fifthly, The manner how. And sixthly, TheTime when he will come. First, Who it is that will come? And that is in these Words, The Lord thy God. Whose God is this? It is the God of Sion; called the Lord thy God, by way of Peculiarity; he is indeed the God of all the Armies in Earth and Heaven, the Lord of Hosts; but thy God in a peculiar special Covenant Way. Jer. xxxi. 3 3. And therefore we are said to be a peculiar People unto him, that we should stew forth the Praises of himt who hath called us out of Darkness into his marvellous Light; 1 Ep. of Pet. ii. 9. This God is our God for ever and ever, and will be cur Guide even vnto Death. Psalm xlviii. 14. Oh what Grace is it to be interested in such a God as this is, and especially at such a Time as is here spoken off! Well, 5 is the Person that will come, who is the God lis People, the Lord Jehovah, or God in the [ediator, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is over all, God blessed for ever. Amen, Rom, ix. This is . 1 . -: • the

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