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of his Feet standing there. It is to be in that Day, that great and glorious Day, in which such great and wonderful Things are to be done; in that Day which the Spirit of God points out unto us in a way ofEminency, or Peculiarity, to be distinguished from ail other Days: In that Day (when Christ jball come to destroy his Enemies, as in Verse 3, and set up his Kingdom, as in Verse 9,) that his Feet shall stand upon the Mount of Olives. Now where is this Mount that Christ in that Day will stand upon? It is not in Heaven, nor yet in the Air, but before Jerusalem, in the Land of Promise, and therefore upon this Earth. Again in Joel iii. 2. I will also gather all Nations, and will bring them down into the Galley of Jehoshaphat: and will plead with them there, for my People, and for my Heritage Israel* And the 12th Verse, Let the Heathen be awakened^ and come up to the Valley of Jehoshaphat; for there will I ft to judge all the Heathen round about. In these Words, I ihall observe, First, That this Personal Appellation I is to be understood of God himself, or God in the Mediator, it is the Lord that speaks here by the Prophet, I will gather all Nations, 8cc.

idly, All Nations, anJ the Heathen, does respect all Sorts of Persons, both those that have lived under the Gospel, and those who have never beard of it. All Sorts of People, in what Part or Age of the World soever it was that they lived, must all come down to the Valley of Jehostaphat.

rdly, The Reason why the Heathen must awake, and come up to this Valley, is, because there the Lord Jesus Christ will sit to jud^e the Heathen, with all Nations round about.

4. This


q.tbly, This shews us that the Time of the gather ing of all Nations, and awakening of the Heathen, will be the Time of the Judgment, wherein those that are living, or Jiball be found alive when Christ comes, stall be judged or vunisted, at the Beginning of Christ'* Reign: And all that ever have been, are, or shall be of the wicked, shall be judged and punished at the latter End of that Reign or Kingdom, when the Heathen and all others stall awake and come out of their Graves, to appear before the Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ.

$thly, Here is another Thing to be took Notice of, and that is the Difference betwixt those two Phrases, in Verse 2. They stall come down, cr I will bring them down to the Vplley. And in Verse 12. Let the Heathen awake and come up to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. This second Verse may respect: the Number of those wicked that shall be found living upon the Earth, in the Beginning of that spiritual Glory, which at this Time will appear upon Zion, as agreeing with the Gogani. Magog Army, spoke of in the 28th ofEzek. which shall be gar thered out of many Nations into this Valley, for to fight against Israel; as we may further fee by comparing of these two Places, which 1 look upon will be first, before Christ's Personal Coming from Heaven, or the thousand Years Reign mentioned in the 20th of Revelations, because this Gog in Ezekiel, and that in the Revelation, are not to be understood of one and the fame Army •, neither will they appear upon the Stage at one and the fame Time, this appearing at the Beginning, and the other not until the End of the thousand Years -, (but I shall speak more to this hereafter.) So that;.


the Lord's gathering of these Nations into this Valley; and his Pleading with them there, will be in Order unto their Punishment and Destruction, which at this Time will come upon them. Now a Valley being the lowest Part of the Ground, they may upon their gathering be said to be brought down into the Valley of Jehofiaphat. But in the 12th Verse, when the Heathen with all Nations are to awake, or to be awakened, that they may come up to this Valley to be judged j must certainly be referred unto the last Judgment at the End of the thousand Years, when the rest of the Dead are to live again j because they are not to be judged under this Consideration until then. Now the Lord Jesus Christ having set his Throne of Judgment, or the highest Court of Judicature in this Valley; which will be placed above the People: And having all the Saints on i each Side of him, sitting in that Day with Christ upon Thrones to judge the World, the Angels will stand in a ready Posture, waiting to do his Commands i then it is that the wicked shall be brought to Judgment, and appear before Christ and the Saints in this High-Court of Justice: And so may be said under this Consideration to awake and come up to the Valley of Jehosaphat. Sixthly, "Rut why is thisValley, more than others, called the Valley of Jehofiaphat? Firs, Because it is thought to be the Place where the Children of Ammon, Moab, and Edom were discomfited j when they gathered themselves together to fight against Israel. 2dly, In thisValley it was where the Lord gave Jehofiaphat a compleat Victory over his Enemies. 3ily, Because here Jehofiaphat, and the


Children of Israel, assembled, the fourth Day after the Fight was over (for they were three Days in gathering the Spoil) to bless and praise the Lord, for his Mercy in this great and wonderful Deliverance: Wherefore they called it the Valley of Be* rackah, that is the Valley of Blessing •, 2 Chron. xi. 26. Upon this Account I apprehended it was called the Valley of Jebostiapbat. Here it is that the Loid will sit to judge the Heathen, with all Nations round about. But then it may be demanded, why the Lord should sit in Judgment here, more than another Place? If it be the Will and Pleasure of God, that is a sufficient Reason: And that it is his Will, this ?d of Joel is a full Proof. But some may again object and say, How is it possible that the Number of all the wicked should be gathered together in such a Valley? In Answer to that, I do not say that the Number of all tlie wicked shall be gathered together in this Valley all at once. It is certain there will be room enough for Christ to erect his Throne j and for the Saints to sit upon their Thrones on each Side of him: And it is certain also that there shall be room enough for the wicked in the adjoining Parts and Places of the World, for them to stand and appear in the Sight of Christ and all the Saints, who shall be called, each one in their particular Order, before the Julgment-Seat of Jesus Christ. However, whether it be in this Valley, or in any other Place, as long as it is in this World, or upon this Earth, my Argument stands good. Neither am I discouraged, if Persons call this a Whim, a Fancy, a Fiction, or what they please -, seeing I affirm no more than \^hat God in his Word hath


affirmed. Do not the Scriptures speak plain,that this State and Time will be upon the Earth, when Christ and the Saints {hall reign in his Kingdom. Rev. v. ic. And hath made us unto our God Kings aid Priests, avd we stall reign on the Earth. Again, how full is that Text in Job xix. 2?5 26. For I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that he stall Jtani at the latter Day upon the Earth. A*d though after my Skin, Worms destroy this Body, yet in my Flest stall I fee God; whom I stall fee for my self, and my Eyes stall behold, and not another; though my Reins be confwned within me. In these Words Job expresseth the Greatness of his Faith. First, That Christ was his Redeemer : For most certain it is, that this cannot be understood of any other. Secondly, That his Redeemer lived-, that is, as Mediator in a way of Covenant with his Father from everlasting; which Job then had a Sight of by an Eye of Faith.

Thirdly, That he stall stand at the latter Day upen the Earth. Now Christ standing upon the Earth, cannot, in these Words, be understood of his first Coming, because this is not to be until the latter Day; though the whole Time from Christ's first, unto his second Coming, is in the New Testament called the last Days :, Heb. i. 2. Hath in these last Days spoken unto us by his Son, 8cc. Yet the latter Day cannot be so taken; for when the Spirit of God speaks of the last Day, or the latter Day, in the singular Number, it doth doubtless signify unto us the last of all Time. . Besides, what follrweth doth more fully confirm the Explanation, an:! that is, Though after my Skin, Worms destroy this'; yet in my Fist stall I fee God. Tins following so

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