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said- as it is in Malacbi iii. 2. But who may abide the Day oshh comivg, aviwho Jhall stand when he appeareth: For he is like a Refiner's Fire, that will burn upon Sin and the Sinner. For behold the Day cometh, that Jhall burn as an Oven, and all the Brood -, yea, and all that do. wickedly stall be as Stubble, and stall burn them up, faith the Lord of Hosts. Will not this be a dreadful Day, a terrible Coming of the Lord, unto all Christlefs and graceless Souls.: Oh that poor Sinners might seriously consider this! Thus I have briefly shewn the manner of Christ's Coming, in Respect of his personal Glory. But,

Seventhly and Lastly, The Time when he will come ?, Now, I do not mean, when I enquire into the Time, as if it were possible for me, or any Man-, no, nor Angels neither, to know the Hour, Day, or Year, when the Lord Jesus Christ will come with Power and great Glory-, because that is a Secret which lies hid in the Breast of God : But I mean that the Time when Christ will personally appear from Heaven, will not be until the finish' ing of the Image, that was of Gold, Silver, Brass, and Iron, (which comprehends the four Monarchies> is over, and causes them to become as the Chaff of the Summer threshing Flour so as no Place in this World shall be found any more for them: The Time of Christ's Coming will not be until the Destruction of Antichrist, the Conversion of Jews and Gentiles, and the accomplishing of the Latter Bay Prophesies, which have a Respect unto the first Branch of his Spiritual Kingdom: Christ will not come in his personal Glory, until the whole Number of all the Elect are brought Home to hirrv


by regenerating Grace, and the mystical Body os Christ made ready: Then! It is not till then, that I expect Christ will come from Heaven; when all the Saints, both the dead and living, shall be raised and changed into a State of Immortality: Because when the Lord our God shall come, it is said that all the Saints stall come with him; and then will he erect or set vp the Thrones of Judgment in his Kingdom. Indeed Christ may be said to come, according to the Language of many Scripture Prophesies j when the Spirit of God shall be poured down upon all Flesti, when your Sons and Daughters, Servants and Handmaids stiall prophesy, &c. For the Coming of Christ is to be taken under various Considerations j sometimes it respects the Lord's Coming in a way of Mercy, to bestow' some particular Favour upon a Person, or a People -, sometimes it respects his Coming in a way of Wrath or Judgment to a Kingdom or a Nation, when he comes to punish them for their Wickedness: Which Coming we are still looking for, when he will come to destroy his Enemies. -Again, sometimes it may be taken for the Day of Death, because then it will be the Coming of the Lord, or the End of the World to that Soul. May not the great Day of the Spirit's pouring down, and such great Things which are at that Time to be done in the DestmBhn os Babylon, and the setting vp os the Kingdom of Christ, be much more called} the Coming of the great Day of the Lord, wherein many Scripture Promises, relating to the first Branch of that spiritual Glory, are to be fulfilled •, which will be antecedent unto his personal Coming: And then it is, and not until then, that the Lord



Jesas Christ will openly and visibly shew himself to be the only Potentate, King of Kings, andlxrd of Lords. This will be the Time that he will take upon him his great Power and Reign, when he shall declare himself to be King over all the Earth, Zecb. iiv. 9. Aniinthat Day there stall be but one Lori, arid his Name one.' The Lord Jehovah, the Lord Jesus Christ, shall in that Day be King, not o- • ver some part, but over all the Earth. And why over the Earth, more than Heaven? To shew that tho' Christ is King both in Earth and Heaven, yet Earth is the Place only mentioned in this Prophecy, because upon Earth it is, that he will (as the Son of Man) display his Regal Power and Kingly Authority. For then Saviours shall come upon Mount Ziotr, to judge the Mount of Esauand the. Kingdom stall be the Lords. Here we read of ,v'avioursin the Plural, to shew how God will in that Day multiply Salvation unto his People-, or to signifie some eminent Instruments which theLord will raise «p and spirit for that Woik, to deliver Zh,n, which in the Beginning of this Time, or upon the first Breaking forth of Ch/ists Kingdom, will be in trouble. Again, it may be taken for all theSaints or especially for such who shall be more eminent in Christs Kiugdom, that may be call'd Saviours, in respect of theCreatness cf their Salvation,which thro' Christ their Saviour they are and will more openly appear at this time to be made Partakers of-, who then may be said to come upon Mount Zi„n, when she shall be advanced in her ewhedState, to judge the Mount of Esau. Or it may beapply'd unto that joint Agreement there if, and will in that Day appear to be,-between the father, Son, and Svint,

in the Salvation and Delivery of the Saints; who {hall (when the Kingdom shall be the Lord's) come upon Mount Zion, to judge or punish the Mount of Esau; by which the Wicked are to be understood, Obadiah, v. 21. shewing, as I have often expressed, that in this glorious Kingdom it will be both a Time of judging and a Time of reigning.

Well then! It is in that Day, in that great and glorious Day of Christ's Reign, that there stall he one Lord, and his Name one. One Lord may some fay; why there is hut one Lord now, oneGod and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all. Eph. iv. 6. It is true - but yet we are not free, whilst in this imperfect State, from Idolatry j we are still incident to adulterate in our Affections and to run after other Lovers; there are too many Idols still cleaving to us: And this the primitive Saints were not altogether free from. Wherefore faith the Apostle John in his First Epistle,. Little Children keep your selves from Idols. All these Idols shall be utterly abolished in that Day, whentheLord alone Jl)all be exalted, Isa. ii. 17. And then it is, when this Kingdom shall be put into the Hands of Christ and the Saints, or when this Kingdom shall openly and visibly appear to be the Lord's that the Children of God all of them shall have a more clear, full, and perfectSight: That there is but one God, oneLord, and his Name one.We shall in thatDaj know, believe, profess, love, and enjoy hut one God in the Mediator : We shall then, beyond what we have 3^ done, see, feel, and experience but one God; and that is in the human Nature of Christ. We believe but in oneGod now; but then we shall have a more peculiar, distinct, and glorious Disco

very of this one Mediator, God over all, blessed for ever: One Lord to the Jews and Gentiles; yea they shall be but as one People, ore Nation, one Kingdom one Sheepfold, Joh.x. One Wife, Bride, and Spouse of Christ: And she shall have but one Head, one Husband, one Saviour, one Redeemer, one Lord, and one King: And so but one Natae, which is the Name of the City, Jehovah Shamviah, The Lord's there, or, The Lord our Righteousness. The fame Name that our Hujiand is called by, is put upon theSpouse. And this is the Name wherewith she shall be called, The Lord our Righteousness, Jeremiah xixiii. 16. In one Place it is He (^that is, Jesus Christ) in the other She (that is the Church or Spouse) shall be called The Lord our Righteousness, Jer. xxiii. 6. Both these Places speak of the Latter Day Glory: In his Days, in the Days of Christ's Reign, Judah stall be saved, and Israel stall dwell safely, perfectly free From all Harms and Dangers for ever.

Thus we fee then how his Name shall be o«e,*and her Name, that is theSpouse, shall be one also-, the fame Name, yea both but one Name: As the Woman when espoused unto the Man, loseth her own, and is called by the Name of her Husband •, so it is, aud will more abundantly appear with theSpouse in that great Day oF the Marriage-Glory; when there shall be an open and visible Solemnization of the Marriage, in the open Face of Heaven and Earth, betwixt Christ and all the Saints, in tljis glorious Kingdom; which slieweth what a near and conjugal relation there is, an.1 how every Believer standsin union unto Jesus Christ.

Sur I this must be that new Name we read of in

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