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Rev. iii. 12. and to him that cvercometh (which takes in every Child of God) will I wake a Pillar in the Temple os my God, and he stall go no more out (his blessed State is eternally secured) and I will write upon him the Name os my Gcd ( Oh what a Name is that! ) New Jerusalem, which cometh down out os Heaven, from my God, and I will write upon him my new Name. How often is this promised > I" will, and I will, three times in these Words -, which shews the Certainty of the Promise: In that Day when Christ and the Saints {hall appear in Glory. Well! As Christ's Name shall be one, so will the Spouse's Name be one with him, from that Oneness there is betwixt Christ and his People. This doth further (hew what an Oneness! What an Agreement! What a Concord! What an Unity there will be at this time, between Christ and the Saints! Yea betwixt the Saints and one another! From that Oneness and Heartiness of Love, which will run with a free Fountain through every Vein of all the Inhabitants of the New Jerusalem; in that Day when the Lord shall be King over all the Earth, and there stall be one Lord, and his Name one.

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Chap. XI.

Here is a Kingdom promised by the Lord Jesus, unto his Disciples, wherein they shall sit on Thrones, judging the twelve Tribes of Israel,

I. They that stall be accounted worthy to obtain that vetp World, call'd The World to come, stall never die. 2. The Sons of ZebeJee defrcd of Christ that they might si*, the one at his Right, the other at his Left Hand in his Kingdom.

O W having taken so many Texts of Scripture out of the Old Testament, for the Proof of Ciri/s Spiritual Vzst ble, and Personal Kingdom, in this «World ^ I shall proceed to a further Consideration of some in the New. But having had occasion to hint upon several of them before, I shall not be so large on some of these. Luke.


Luke xxii. 28, 29. Te are they which have continued with me in myTemptation. And I appoint unto you a Kingdom, as my Father hath appointed unto me. That ye may eat and drink at Table' in my Kingdom, and Jit on Thrones, judging the twelve Tribes of Ifr*el.

These are Christ's Words unto his Disciples, who well knew what a Kingdom there was to be given by the Father, possessed and enjoyed by him and the Saints, at the Time appointed: And therefore promiseth in this Text unto (not only) his Disci pies then present, but all that have, or should follow and continue with him in hisTemptation,that he hath appointed unto them a Kingdom, as iheFatber had appointed nwrohim. Now what a Kingdom can we suppose this to be, which the Father hath appointed unto Christ, and Christ hath appointed for the Saints? It is most certain that this cannot be understood of the Grace of Christ within us, nor of the Dispensation under the Gospel. Because our Lord plainly distinguifheth betwixt the Time of this Kingdom, and the Time of Temptation; to shew that this Kingdom is not to'be given unto the Saints, until the Time of Temptation is ended ; and therefore promised unto them, for their Encouragement, to continue with him in his or their T mptation. *

Secondly, Neither can this be meant cf theKing* dam in the eternal Heavens, appears very plain also-, because they will not then fit upon the Thrones, to judge the twelve Tribes of Israel. There will be no judging of any Persons in Heaven: No Thrones or Seats of Judgment to be set up for the Saints, at that time. I think there is none that will or dare lay fb. Well! Seeing that this Kingdom cannot with any Shew of Reason be apply'd neither to a Kingdom of Grace under the Gospel, nor to a State in the Ultimate Glory; but will be a Kingdom distinct, in respect of the Time and Manner of it, from both: Then the Kingdom here promised, and that which the Saints are yet to take possession of, must begin at the Time of Christ's personal Coming from Heaven which will continue until the Lord Jesus shall have delivered up the Kingdom to the Father, after the Last Judgment is ended. And therefore this glorious State will be in this World j not as it is now, but when it {hall be changed. This is called Christ's Kingdom, as appointed unto him and the Saints by the Father. Well! I appoint unto you a Kingdom, faith Christ : And again, That ye may eat and drink at my Table in my Kingdom. Oh what a Table will the Lord spread for the Saints at this time, upon which will meet all the Dainties and Variet ies that Heaven and Earth can assord •, yea, that God in the Mediator can give or bestow upon his Children \ which will yield infinite Happiness, Delight, and eternal Satisfaction, unto all those that shall be counted worthy to Jit with Christ at hisTable in his Kingdom. Whether these Words Eating and Drinking are to be understood properly or figuratively I shall leave to Men of better Judgments: Yet there be some that take them so. because Christ after his ResurreQion did eat with his Disciples and in Luke xiv. 1 our Lord is shewing what a Recompence there shall be given at theResurrection of the Jusi:, to such who had been chato the poor Saints ^ one makes answer and



faith, Blessed is he that stall eat Bread in the Kingdom of God, Again, t hose Words do give a look this way, where our Lord faith that he would drink no more of the Fruit of the Vine, until the Day that he would drivk it new in the Kingdom qf God. But let this be how it will, it is enough for me that the Glory of a Visible Kingdom of Christ is held forth in this Text.

See again in Luke xx. 35,26. But they which stall le accounted worthy to 'btain that Wtrld, avdtheRefurrecliott from theDead, neither marry nor are given in Marriage: Neither can they die my mere •, for they are equal unto the Angels, and are the Children of God, being the Children of the Refurrellion. These Words are an Answer of Christ unto that Objection made by the Sadducees against the RefurreBion; which was, How a Man should know his own Wife&t that time, when some of them have had several Huslands. OnrLord tells them that they erred, not knowing th'e ,Scriptures; nor the Power of God: For in the RefurreBion there would be no such thing as marrying and giving in marriage-, because they should be equal to the Angels in respect of Spirituality ;tho' under some Considerations they shall exceed the Angels in Glory. But in this they may be said to be equal, because they will have no more need of marrying than the Argeh in Heaven h^ave. For they which stall be accounted worthy to obtain that World and the RefurreBion from the Bead, neither marry nor are given in Marriage, Sec. I shall observe from these Words; First, That here will be some accounted worthy to obtain that Ifcrld and the Resurrection from the TJead. This appears very plain in the Text, See Luke xxi. 36. There we are


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