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exhorted to watch and pray always, that we may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that hall come to pass, and to stand before the Sen of Man. But upon what account fiaU we be accounted worthy? For our "Watching and Praying? No verily, but upon the Account, and for the Sake of Christ's Worthiness, which is imputed, made over, and accounted, by an Act of Free Grace, as our Purity, or as our Righteousness; Yet it is ourDuty both to watch and pray. This doth shew then that here shall te some accounted worthy to partake of the Glory of that "World to come.

ily, Who are they that shall be accounted worthy? Such as the Lord will count worthy are those who have believed in Christ, all that are interested by Faith in the Person, Blood, -and Righteousness of Jesus Christ all the Saints, all the Children of God, all they shall be accounted worthy, as having part in the First Resurrection, Rev.xx. 6. Blessed and holy is he that hath a part in the First ResurreBion: On such the Second Death hath no Power but they stall be Priests os God and os Christ, ard stall reign with him a thousand Teari. These are they" that stall be accounted worthy to obtain that World, mi the Resurretlion from the Dead.

Thirdly, What is meant by that World ? Our Lord does not mean tins present World in which we live, because it is distinguished from it, being called that World: It cannot be this World (that is) in its sinful, sorrowful, and afflicted State •, which the best of the Saints have so great an Experience o£ and which that World will be altogether free from, the Saints then being perfect, sinless, immortal, and incorruptible. Otherwise, in respect

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of Place, it will be in this World, when changed, as it will be at that time, Heb. i. ic. but not in this sinful corruptible Condition as it is now in; and therefore distinguished from it.

Neither can it be referred to the State of the Saints in Heaven after the Last Judgment, in which Sense too many (without a due Consideration) are ready to take it: Which will appear very plain, if we compare this World here spoken of, with that in Heb. ii. 5. which is the very fame. For unto the Angels hath he not put brto subjeBion the World to come, whereof we speak. This World to come is not put in subjeBion unto the Angels. To whom then? Why unto Jesus Christ: As it is in the 8th Verse, 7hou hast put all things in subjeBion under his Feet •, that k, God the Father hath put all things in subjeBion under Christ; for in that he pxit all things in subjeBion under him (by Covenant Grant) he lest nothing that is -not put under him. 'now we fee not yet all things put under him, World to come then is put (among all other jj) in subjeBion unto Christ. By th;s World to cannot be understood the Ultimate Glory, use that is not to be put in subjection under Christ at that time; tho' all things are said to be ■put under him asMediator,and therefore he must and will reign, until he hath put all Enemies undy his Feet : Yet when he faith all things are-put undtr him, it is manifest that he is excepted which did put all things tinder him. And when all things shall be subdued unto him fas they will be in their due Order and Time, (then it is that Christ will deliver up the Kingdom unto the Father. But when is it that he will deliver up this Kingdom ? Not until the End of

^ the the Last Judgment. Then the End, v. 24. So I understand it is read : 1 he Word cometh mt being in the Original, is put into the Text in smaller Characters; but the Sense seems to be fuller without it. Then the End. Then! When > When he shall deliver up the Kingdom to God, even the Father: When he shall have put down all Rule, all Authority and Power. So that the End of Christ's Kingdom will not be until the last Act is performed by Christ, in delivering up the Kingdom. Then in* deed, but not till then, will he put down all Rule, Authority, and Power: And therefore until then it is most certain Christ must reign, as in Verse 2 >>For he mvst reign till he hath put all Enemies -under his Feet: Not as he reigns in his providential Kingdom, by upholding and governing of the World ^ nor yet as he reigns by his Spirit in the Hearts of the Saints, are we to understand it; for so he always reigned ever since he had a People upon the Earth: But Christ must reign in a glorious, visible and personal manner, in his Kingdom according to what the Spirit of God hath asserted in many Scripture Promises and Prophesies, • he must reign with his People in that World call'd the World to come-, which by the Father is put into fkbj«8ion under Christ. Now then when the Lord Jesus, as God Man Mediator, hath reigned, and all things are subdued unto him; and the last Enemy (which is Death) is destroyed: Which will not be until Death and Hell (the direful Effects of Sin) are cast into the Lal e that burns with Fire audBrimftove, after the Last Judgment is over: Then will he deliver vp the Kingdom to the Father: Thenfhall re Son also himself be subject (as Man) unto him




that did put all things under him, that God may be all in all, 1 Ccr. xv. 24, 25. Well then! If these things be but considered, it will evidently appear, that the Kingdom of Eternal Glory cannot be that World to come whereof we speak, because, as has been shewn, that is not then subjected unto Christ, but he himself as RUn will be a Subject in that Kingdom.

Secondhand, affirmatively, By that World which \ our Lord speaketh of, or as it is called in the Second Chapter of the Hebrews, The World to come, which is to be put insubjeHion unto Christ, and in which he is to reign with his Saints, can be no other than a perfect personal Reign and Kingdom of Christ, in the Ghry es the Thousand Tears. Which I have been, and stiall give further proof (when I come to speak of this by it self) will be upon this Earth, or in this World, after it is refined and purged by the Fire of the Last Day. It cannot be this World in its present State and Condition -, and therefore called the World to come: Neither is it a State in the Eternal Heavens, as appears from the Reasons aforegiven -. Then it must be a World betwixt these two, a World that will begin at the time of Christ's personal Appearance, when he stall come (and all the Saints with him) from Heaven, with Power and great Glory: Which will continue throughout the Thousand Tears Reign, and will not have an end until the Period of the Last Judgment, when he stiall deliver up the Kingdo?ntoGod, even the, Father. And if so, then certainly this, must be the fame World expressed in Luke, that World, to shew that it is not this. Besides, that World is not to commence or appear vistble, until



the Jlesurreflion and Glorification of the Saints: Which we fee is the fame with theWorld to come, subjected (as before) only to Jesus Christ and all those who are in union with him. Oh what a World will this appear to be in that Day when the Lord shall be King over all the Earth. Sure this can be no less than the New Heaven and the New Earth wherein dwelleth Righteousness: And therefore none butRighteoiisPerlbns shall dwell therein. No Sin shall enter into .this glorious City: Nothing that worketh Abomination or maketh a Lie, Only those whose Names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life, stall be accounted worthy to obtainthat World, or to participate of the Glory of this World to come, Isa. Ixv. 17. 2 Pet. iii. 13. Rev. xxi. 27. Oh happy then, yea for ever happy are they, who mail be counted worthy, thro' the Worthiness of Christ, to obtain that World, that new World, wherein all*hings shall be made new, And he that sat upon tie Throne said unto me, Behold I make all things new. And he said unto we, Write; for these Words are true and jaithfnl. Thus we fee all things are to be made new in this World to come -, NewHeavens, a New Earth, New Habitations, and New Inhabitants: Not in respect of the Substance but in respect of the Change that will be upon them. Oh what a glorious Change will there be in that Day, upon the Heavens, upon the Earth, upon the Saints, and upon all things that the Saints shall be conversant about. In this State it is that the Saints shall be equal to the Angels •, which will be a perfect Sinless State, openly, visibly, and gloriously appearing to be the ChilJren of God, being tha Children of the First- Resurrection: And * therefore

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