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We may observe, First, Here is a great Question asked of Christ by the Disciples, and that was the Restoration of the Kingdom. Secondly, The lime when they ask'd that Question; and that was when they were to meet together after Christ s Resurrection. In the Question there are 4 things to be considered, First, That there is a Kingdom to be. restored. Secondly, Their Eyes were upon Christ for the Restoration of it j Wilt thou, Sec. Thirdly, TheTime they expected its immediate Restoration; Wilt thou at this Time? Fourthly, The Persons to whom the Kingdom is to be restored -, and that is Israel. I {hall first enquire what we are to understand by this Kingdom which is to be restored. It cannot be the spiritual Kingdom of Grace under the Dispensation of the Gospel, because that was then in being; not only a spiritual Kingdom which had been in the Hearts of all the Faithful, from the Fall of Adam; but that Kingdom which Christ and. his Disciples preached was at hand, saying, Repent, for the Kingdom os Heaven is at hand, Mat.ii. 2. I say this Kingdom was begun, when Christ went up and down doing good, when the $>\ind received their Sight, and the Lame walked, the Lepers were cleansed, and the Deaf heard, the .Dead were.. raised vp, and the Poor had the Gospel preached to them, Mat. xi. j. When the Lord Jesus Christ had poured out his Soul unto Death, and pfrered up himself as the great atoning Sacrifice for Sin; when he hai accomplished that great Work of our Redemption, and now was risen again from the Dead, for our Justification, and just ready to ascend up to Heaven, to pour down the Spirit upon the Apostles, for the preaching of the glorious ; ■ |U2 Gospel,

Gospel, and the wonderful Effects it should have in the Conversion of the Jews and Gentiles. This being in a measure then begun, cannot be that Kingdom which was to be restored •, the Disciples would not have asked Christ, Wilt thou at this time restore the Kingdom? if they had meant that spiritual Kingdom which was already begun: Neither can it be meant of the glorious Effects which the Gospel had, upon the pouring down of the Spirit on the Apostles and the Primitive Churches: This was not the Kingdom contained in the Question, as appears from the Answer of Christ; It is not for yeu to know the Times and Seasons which the Fatherhath put in his own power. Certainly if that Glory which came npon the Apostles and primitive Saints, had been the Kingdom meant in the Question, which' spiritual Glory was just ready to break out; our Lord would never have deferred their Thoughts from an Expectation, with a Saying, It is not for you to know the Time or Season, which is kept secret in the Breast of the Father: Therefore this is not the Kingdom.

Secondly, Neither can it be meant of the Kingdom in the eternal Heavens, because that Kingdom cannot be restored to Israel, that is, the Believing Jews any more than the Believing Gentiles; the whole Election having an equal Interest and Property in that Kingdom. If this had been the Meaning of the "Words, the Question would rather have run ihns,Lvrd wilt thou at this time rest ore,or give the Kingdom of Heaven to thine EleB? If the Disciple's had meant a Kingdom to be enjoyed in the Imperial Heavens, then it would have been as much as if they should have asked Christy Lord wilt thou at this time take us and all the Saints vp to Heaven with thee? Certainly this Question would have look'd ridiculous in the very Nature of it.

But affirmatively, this Kingdom then which they expected, must be a Visible, Personal, and Glorious Kingdom, to be poflesieil and enjoyed by Christ and the Saints in this World, or under the whole Hea^ vens. This was certainly that Kingdom they were looking for, and asked whether this should be the Time of its being restored? Yea those that are the most against such a Kingdom to be in this World, have granted (some of them) that the Disciples did mean and expect such a Kingdom as this, from the Faith and general Expectation of the JewJ,,for such zTime (it being held forth in so many clear Promises and Prophesies of the Old Testament) but only they think that the Disciples missed it, and were out in their Thoughts about the manner of that Kingdom: And this they would gather from the Reprehension of Christ, when he said unto them, It is not for you to know the Time and Season. But it is a wonder to me how such who haveKnowledge and Understanding in the Scriptures, should think any suchr thing as that the Disciples were mistaken about the Kingdom, from the Reprehension of Christ; whereas that Reprehension does certainly carry a Confirmation in the very Bowels of it, that there is such a Kingdom to be, which they asked Christ about •, there being nothing in the Answer that Christ reprehends them for", but their Curiosity, for enquiring into the Time; which was altogether unseasonable when they alked this thing, because it was not then to be; neither had they any thing to do to enquire into that which


was to he kept secret until the Time appointed. This is all that Christ rebukes them for: Otherwise, as to the Reality of such a Kingdom to be restored, 'tis granted in the Answer of Christ to them: And their Duty was to wait in the mean time at Jerusalem, until tbeyfwuld be erdued with Tower from on high -, that they might be fitted for that "Work which did then more immediately concern them, in preaching of the glorious Gospel, and converting of Sinners unto Jesus Christ.

These Words being thus considers, what Person is there that can, from any reasonable Ground, question the Truth or Certainty of such a Kingdom to be in this World. Have we not more ground to believe that if the Disciples had been mistaken in this matter, our Lord would have restify'd their Mistake, and reproved them for their expecting of, and looking for that which he had never promised to them? Can any Person (I say) reasonably think that our dear Lord (whose TFork it was to lead his Children into all Truth) would have let hisDisciples gone on in such a gross Mistake about something that was never like to be; and not inform'd their Judgment; when he was personally present with them, and they had put the Question to him? Surely he would. Therefore may we rest satissy'd from Christ's own Word, as to the Certainty of a Visible Kingdom in this World, to be restored unto Israel at the Time appointed.

Secondly, Their Eyes were upcn Christ for the Restoration of it; Wilt thou, Sec. They believed that the Lord Jesvs was invested,with al'ower and Sufficiency from the Father, for the restoring of the Kingdom. This Word Restored does fliew that it

will be, for the Nature and Place of it, a Visible Kingdom in this World, as the preceding Kingdoms of Israel were; and so eminently typed out by the Kingdom of David and Solomon, both in the First avi Secwd Branch of it: 1 ho' abundantly more glorious it will be than any of the Kingdoms of Israel have ever been. Then does it not undeniably appear, that as sure as the Kingdoms of Israel were real and visible in this World, so must the Kingdom of Christ: Otherwise how could it be said to be restored.

This Regal Power and Kingly Authority, that so long continued among the Jews was now lost or departed from them, about this Time of Christ's First Coming-, according to the Prediction\ The Scepter stall not depart from Judah, nor the Lawgiver from between his Feet, mtil Shiloe come. Well! This we have seen fulfilled; but stiall not see it restored again until the Time of his Second personal Appearance, or in the great and wonderful Pouring down of the Spirit, which will be the Beginning or First Restoration of the Kingdom.

Now their Eyes being upon Christ for the Restoration of this Regal Power,does (hew that heistobe the King and Governor in this glorious Kingdom, where he is to sit upon theThrone of his Father David, who is said to be his Father according to the Flesh or Human Nature : As the Angel told Mary intheFirstof Luke,Ver. ii.JIe stall be great, and stall be called the Son of the Highest •, and the Lord God stall give unto him the Throne of his Father David: And he stall reipi over the House of Jacob for ever. This is explained in the next Words; Avd of his Kingdom there stall be no End : Because it shall at last


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