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It follows in the 11, 12, and 13 th Verses, They J)allspeak of the Glory of thy Kingdom, and talk of thy Poxer ', to make known to the Son of Men his mighty ABs, and thegloricus Majesty of his Kingdom, Thy Kingdom it an Everlasting Kingdom, and thy Dominion endureth throughout all Generations. This is not to be limited to the Kingdom of his Grace, under the Dispensation of the Gospel •, but must certainly have a respect to the Kivgdom~Glory of Christ, with his Saints, in the Latter Days. Ihen it is that the Children of God shall speak to each other of the Glory of his Person, of the Glory of his Righteousness, and the Glory of his Kingdom, far beyond whatever they have yet done, or were capable to do, because of Sin, Weakness, and Mortality, which doth attend the Best of the Children of God, in this Life. But when all these Imperfections come to be removed from the Saints, as they shall in that Day -, then the Mysteries of the Kingdom will be opened, and Enlargement of Hearts given. Then it is that they shall speak, in a wonderful manner, without Offence, of the Glory of.Christ, and his blessed Kingdnm; whose Kingdom is said to be everlasting, or throughout allGeneratior.i.

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Chap. III.

Christ will reign amongst his Saints in Jerujalam,

I. Great Men, is ungodly, whether Khigs os the Earth, or ethers, will be astamed or confounded. 2. The Lord will personally reign with his People, eonfsting both of Jews and Gentiles.

I Shall take notice of 2 or 3 Places in Isaiah, which hath a Reference to this Time, tho' indeed the whole Prophecy is full of them. And the First is in the 24th Chapter, Verse 23. Then the Moon Jball be covjouvdcd, and the Sun astamed, when the Lord os Hosts stall reign in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, and before his Ancients gloriously. What a Text is this; which if duely consider'd, one would think none could have aWord to fay against Christ's having a visible Kingdom in this World \ Tl en the Moon, 8cc Then'.IVhen? When those dreadful Judgments and Calamities shall come upon the Wicked, which you read of in the preceding


Verses: Then it is that the Moo?t stall be confounded. By the Moon I understand in this Place ma/ be meant the World, or Wicked and Ungodly Men, that are ruling, in it, be they in never so great Posts and high Offices; they stall then be confounded to a purpose. By the Sun, earthly Princbs and great Potentates may be signify'd •, as they are sometimes call'd in the Scriptures. These will be both ashamed and confounded in that Day, to their eternal sorrow, who {hall be found ungodly, when the Lord Jesus Christ shall come to take the Power of Government into his own Hands. But I fee no Absurdity, if we take the Word in the very Letter of the Text; and so understand by it the two great Luminaries of the Heavens, that do enlighten the Earth, both by Day and Night; for they will, as it were, draw in their Beams, when the Sun of Righteousness begins to arise: They will be ashansd and confounded, when Christ comes to appear in his Glory ; he will so far exceed, as a thousand times to outshine their Brightness •, which will so eclipse their Light, as that they may he said to be ashamed.

But-when is this to be > JHjen the Lord of Hosts shall reign in Mount Zion, and in Jerusalem, helm his Ancients gloriously. By the Lord of Hosts must be understood the Lord Jests Christ. By Mount Zion, and Jerusalem, is sometimes meant spiritually the Chu'ch of God, under the Gospel; s metimes literally for Zion, that was in Jerusah'n, where the Temple stood •, an-1 I fee no Reason why it may not be so taken in this Placo; because it is said he shall reign b fore his Ancients. Now by the Word Ancient is generally meant the People pie of the Jen s. Here it is that the Lord will reign in a glorious, visible, personal Manner •> which cannot be understood of his Reigning in Heaven, because it is said he shall reign in Jerusalem •, neither must it be meant of his Reigning cy his Spirit in the Hearts of his People-, for so he always reigned ever since he had a Church in the World. Besides this Interpretation would be a downright forcing of the Text, contrary to the Sense it expresseth it self in Therefore it must be understood, as \\ is in the Words, That Christ will reign in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, bes> re his ancient People the Jews, not excluding but including the convertedGentiles yet I do not understand that the whole Extent of this Prophecy will have its Fulfilment, immediately upon the Conversion of the Jews, and bringing in of the Gevt'il Nations because there will be some time for that Spiritual Glory to continue: But when the whole mystical Body of Christ is compleated; then it is that he will reign, when he shall come to be glorified in his Saints, and to be admired in aU them that believe, as it is 2 Thess. Ch. i. ver. io.


Chap. IV.

The Sun shall give a Sevenfold Light, as the Light of Seven Days, in the time of Christ's Personal Reign.

I. A wonderful Plenitude os Gospel-Grace, which will overflow many Nations. 2. The gnat Mysteries of the Kingdom, like high Mountains and Hills. 3. The Lord will destroy bis Enemies, when becomes to set up bis Kingdom. 4. By the Number 7, a Number of PerfeSion is signify d% to stew that when the Sun is sevenfold, it will be aPerfeB State. %.All Wounds and Breaches st>all then be healed. 6. i« the Kingdom of Christ will be the Time of a viiible Blotting out of all Sin. 7. These Words have a respect, First, Unto the Spirit; Secondly, Ta Christ'* Personal Coming.

AGAIN, look into the 30th Chapter of Isaiah, and the 25 and 26th Verse; And there fiall be upon every high Mountain, and upon every high Hill, Rivers and Streams of Waters •, in the Day of the great Slaughter, when the lowers fall. Moreover, the Light of the Moon stall be as the Light of the Sun; and the Light of the Sun pall be sevenfold, as the Light of the Seven Days: In the Day that the Lord bindetb up the Breach of his People, ant 1 D bealttb

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