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(when Christ hath reigned) be taken up into the Kingdom of Eternal Glory.

o,dly, TheTime when they expected this Kingdom to be restored; and that was then when they put thisQuestion untoChrist,Wilt thou at this time restore the Kingdom unto Israel ? Herein they were indeed mistaken, and therefore were by Christ reprehended for being too curious to enquire into that which was to be kept secret in the Father's Power, and for limiting the Restoration of the Kingdom to their Time; whereas there were many Ages to pass out 6xft,whereinthe Gospel was to be preached for a Witness unto aU. Nations, before the End stall come, Mat. xxiv. 14. and many other things to be fulfilled. I fay it was for this, and only for this, that they were by Gmst rebuked, and not for the Reality of a Kingdom to be restored; which otherwise is confirmed (as before) by the Answer of Christ, in saying. It is not for you to know the Time er Season which is kept secret in the Breast of the Father.

Fourthly, The Persons unto whom this Kingdom is to be restor'd; and that is unto Israel: Wilt thou at this time restore the Kingdom unto Israel ? By the Word Israel the People of the Jews are generally understood, they being frequently call'dso, from Israel their Father. Therefore I understand when this Kingdom comes to be restored unto Israel, in the First Part and Branch of that Kingdom, the Jews will be converted by. the Pouring down of the Spirit : And the converted Gentiles gathered cut of all Nations, will be joined with them. But the Latter Part or Branch of that Kingdom restored to J Israel, will take in and comprehend the whole Election or Mystical Body of Christ} at the time of

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yov: Ter when the Time of the Saints Reigrint is corne^jieithjryoujior we fialljyign aloie, but vt stall 11 reign together with Christ. This is promised;

It ij wejnjfer, wejlall also reign with him. 2Tinv v. 12. Now if this be not the Sense of the ?rds, what is it that the Aptstle can mean when 1, And I would to God ye did reigns tha. we mtgbt ragn with you. What other Sense can the "Words fairly be taken in, if he does not mean the! Reigning of all the Saints with Christ in his Kingdom. And certainly the Ap' stle would never have wished nor so earnestly desired, the Corinthians Reigning, that We might reign with them, if there Was not such a Time to be, wherein they should reign as Kings: And if so where is it that they U reigv, if not in the Kingdom of Christ.

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This glorious Kingdom of Christ will be the Time of the Restoration of the Creation into its Paradisical State.

I. The high Privilege os the Saints appears from their relation unto God as Children, i. Tho' their Sufferings be great in this World, yet the Glory which is to be put upon th.m, will be infinitely greater. 3. AH the Creatures that were for the Use of Man created, are waiting for the Manifestation if the Sons of God. 4. The Lord over-rules the Vanity which is in the Creatures, by a secret Hope that \is in them of being delivered. 5. There has been, avd is ft ill a Groaning in all these Creatures for this blessed Time. 6. When the Wicked are cut of for their Wickedness, then it is that the Saints stall inherit the Earth.

IN the next place I shall give a few hints upon some Verses in the 8th of the Ramans, which d( es wonderfully hold forth the Glory of Christs £- Kingdom

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